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@mr_jscott65 YES SIR!!!!!! GO AHEAD AND EAT!#DegenSam 🔮 really can’t do this during Monday night football 😩
We Partnered up with a home renovation startup to giveaway $100 to one lucky listener for the most recent episode t…
Retweeted by SamI stole a grip of pomegranate from a random persons tree yesterday on my walk, which means I have officially comple…
@AlwaysN_Trouble GO AHEAD AND EAT THEN! @mr_jscott65 NOT TAKING FREE MONEY!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Sam @courtneylove4ya ME TO THE PROMISE LAND! Free money sundays BYKEEEEEE !!!💰
Retweeted by SamMy bad for doubting you. I know nothing. *walks to kitchen* 🚶🏾‍♀️
Retweeted by Sam @mr_jscott65 What a hell of a strong finish to end the first half. @Way2FengShui !!! @ryanla24 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭WE LIVEEEEE BABYYYYYY @CCLewis8 I’m sorry 😔 @courtneylove4ya The defense is normally good! I definitely have no hope for the clown QB to bring them back though lol @ryanla24 Yeah, exactly 😂 @ryanla24 Lmaoooo hoping for a crazy colts comebackThis is already not looking good 😩’s Sunday, 10am my bro’s and bro-ettes. That means #DegenSam has now been activated. I have provided week’s Degen… @mr_jscott65 TO THE BANK WE GO, MY GUY 🤞🏽
🗣HE. DON’T. MISS.🔥🔥🔥 @hi_blackbar LMAOOOOOOO😂😂😂😂😂This might be the greatest tweet I’ve ever seen Justin was a different breed
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@Way2FengShui 🔮 🔮🔮 almost 2 years, I have recently updated my ‘drake time zone’ songs power ranking list to: 1. 9am Dallas free… @luigiluciano Maybe to the THRILZZ’s way less successful brother.... chino lol
Retweeted by SamLambo. He picked the Lambo.
@KwarantinKwake I’m honestly not sure but I can probably make one? Lol @KwarantinKwake Send it all, bro. I’m here for it @KwarantinKwake I’m like 10 years behind on most music projects, so I feel it. But yeah, Alina Baraz is niiiiiiiiceeee @theejamieson Yeah but if I sell, it would allow me to finally have enough money to build the 10 unit project in Po… @theejamieson It’s perfect for anyone who wants to pay me a lot more money than what I initially paid for it lol #RunTheCheck @introBRUCEme It’s really lookin like it, man @KwarantinKwake I’m still going to give this one some time to grow on me. I’m pretty mehhh about it so far.I can’t believe Pomona real estate prices keep going up this much. I really might have to flip this house and be out, y’all 👀 @Ron_XXI I think all football fans are hoping it’s the Honda lolYou get to choose between a Honda, Lambo, or Lexus. Which one you picking?
@NoMoJays You already know, my guy. Thank you! 🙏🏽 @JayKayEl_ Yoooo I appreciate you, man. Thank you! @winningperson_ You know what... my bad, let me fix that. Making sure WE* are having a great day 💰 🙏🏽$TSLA & $NIO making sure I have a great day today @mr_jscott65 I appreciate you , Father Josh 🙏🏽 @BrenStott Thanks brother! Super hyped this morning! @Ron_XXI Uhm... yeah that’s a ROBO cop! Good looksFull article link: @theejamieson @introBRUCEme You’re right. Let me add the links under that tweet. @introBRUCEme We workin’ man! @Ron_XXI That’s really been my mood all morning lol. I appreciate you, man 🙏🏽MAMA, WE MADE IT!!! 🙏🏽 @winningperson_ I legit watch my own IG stories on loop more than I watch most people I follow 😂🗣SUUUUUBBBBBBB!!!
*screenshots the bathroom for later use*, Berta was my real life spirit animal. RIP 😔 @introBRUCEme Not smart, just tired of workin 😂 whatever the hell path that is going to lead me to early retirement, I’m all ears 👂🏼 @introBRUCEme Once these companies realize they can still function with WFM without needing to pay for massive comm… @introBRUCEme That theory is exactly whats happening in the market right now and its why I'm even more pleased with…, already saw something. Here it is. 7% increase from last year. #TexasRealEstateBoomin' now do Leander, Texas next. Trying to see something 👀 is a 10 minute guided breathing technique that I do every morning to help with stress in case anyone else need…
A plot twist: is it $350 to fly to Texas but $300 to fly to Barcelona, @ god ?INJECT. THIS. IN. MY. VEINS. 💉 SO CRAZY THAT LEBRON JAMES CAN JUST CHOOSE WHATEVER CITY HE WANTS TO BRING A CHAMPIONSHIP TO BECAUSE HE IS THE… WAS JUST WONDERING IF ANY OF YOU HAD A MOMENT TO TALK ABOUT MY LORD AND SAVIOR LEBRON JAMES REAL QUICK?Hello? Is this thing on? Mic check*begins stretching my Twitter fingers*
@mr_jscott65 That’s a good call. You need to do that from now on🗣THIS IS THE CONTENT I AM HERE FOR @BrenStott People are on their own when that happens. I just help with the winning part lolUncle Sam gives Sam’s everywhere a bad name, 🗣BUT ALL I DO IS HAND OUT FREE MONEY ON SUNDAYS. COME GET YOU SOME! NFL has to force mahomes to make every 1st down 20 yards instead of 10 because this just isn’t fair anymore @mr_jscott65 Lmaoooo you’re absolutely right. That’s on meTease the Texans and Rams if you guys want to make free money today. You’re welcome.NOW WAIT ONE DAMN MINUTE! 😳🔥
@natalienor_ I haven’t yelled at you since you left my Halloween party early that one year (😒) so.... *clears thro…’s so interesting because I saw the same thing with my eyes, but Twitter is trying to tell me something differe…
@ryanla24 I’d sell all the persian rugs in this house before I ever get rid of that jersey. That’s my.. @ryanla24 I thought floor seat season ticket holders could get access to all current and former lakers phone number… you guys are charging your phones throughout the day for the Twitter parade tonight. Need y’all at max capacity.As someone who already talks a lot of shit, I’m dropping some news next week that’s going to make me unbearable on… you, Rick Ross @makeitjain24 your spots 🎯 Andrews still got it huh? My lord.
At some point I think it’s time we start talking about why there are so many Tristan Thompson quotes lately. Who ke…’10 But this tweet is everything 😂😂💀💀
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Now do LAX to Marrakesh next please 🙏🏽😭 is an insane statistic. are we watching Lebron James 4th championship victory at @VanessaHudgens ? @theejamieson Really? I figured the real estate market for mansions wouldn't be hot during a pandemic, but I guess… @Ron_XXI She called twice yesterday and I didn't answer, so I had to turn up.Idk wtf is going on around here but I'm getting calls/letters/etc weekly to sell. Gentrify TF out of Pomona so I ca…*phone rings* Me: Hello Her: Are you interested in selling your house? Me: I'm interested if the first number star… @JaleFountaine This dude is a fraud for leaving Pomona. #CouldntBeMe @_Cheeems I’m already icing my Twitter fingers in preparation. They are about to be working overtime all weekend.