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@TrudiGilfillian Well that brings back memories. Our two childhood dogs were a Shetland sheepdog and a Yorkshire terrier. @TrudiGilfillian You’re welcome. Hopefully more to come. @boltyboy Thanks.Happy 50th to Doddie Weir - loved him as a player and love the way he has taken on his life challenge. Two ways to…
@MummywithM @DoddieWeir5 Hope you enjoy it and certainly enjoy your 40th.In readiness for the great man’s 50th birthday tomorrow, Doddie Weir’s autobiography is now available as an audiobo… @gapuppie Thanks. There may end up being other options for buying the book in the US as well. @Kathrynimrie1 @Beany25 That’s a lot of dog. I understand why the toy squirrel looks so traumatised. @gapuppie Oh, it certainly does ship to the USA.
@davinawest Good boy Yogi. So pleased with himself. @ailsa1973 Sorry about that and glad they help. @bradgate Hope it’s still positive after the book comes out.... @devonnagle That’s a good plan. @salopchap That sounds like a beautiful way for her to go. @savagecookie Thank you Jenny - hope you enjoy it. @Sian567 No reason for it to end then. @Therese86395490 Goodness - thank you very much. For that size of order you get your own photo. Even if they’re not… @charlie_lawson1 I have let Mabel know of Rex’s interest. @ImJGood Perhaps it should have said ‘have been’ @kathym329 No wonder - consummate professional @alicearnold1 @RealLucyDavis Thanks Lucy. I’m going to book you for the next project. @JenniferPerie Thanks Jennifer.
@LauraLeslie1985 Sam posing well. @sgpyle In my head, yes. @theiaincameron I join you in your sobbing. @msrchaplain Thank you. I will try and make it acceptable (always aiming high). @shakirakelly Ah - the cone won't be for long Bosco. @JoyceAnnHeflin Thank you. @BoganCorinne Ah - lovely. Sorry to hear. @peyron30 I have been doing The Pepper Pod with Eddie Pepperell but not possible to do an independent with Iain. @HughLeslie3 Yes - it is an understatement. Think of the good times and perhaps look forward to getting another. @peyron30 @iaincartergolf Sadly not as The BBC didn’t want one any more. @sarahjhoran_j Hopefully it can happen. @do3_dodds Book out in October. Film only in my head. @michmaclean Thank you - sensible. They’re all in one enormous YouTube playlist as well. @LyndaMBarron I recognise that dynamic.... @daykin_ruth Thank you. @DyfanRees Cheers. I vaguely remember sport.... @barneyloverboy Good boy Barney. @CozzeJ I'm not sure - they are handsome boys. @alisonstones He is very handsome. Although Olive thinks he's starting a comb over. @Gribbley09 Great to hear. @Jennie_V31 Sorry to hear that but glad Olive and Mabel helped a bit. @CpaFrantic I confess that it did. @JillADouglas Not until they get offered the Pyramid Stage. @pcaseysafc @EilidhBarbour I’ll get Olive to also eat your restraining order. @ElaineFear Whatever happened to Baby Mabel? @EilidhBarbour She ate his number by mistake and now can’t remember it. @francypants1234 Thank you Helen. @Realdawnsteele Poor acting on my part Dawn.
A couple of things to clear up on this: Yes, there’s more to come from us. And yes, I put microphones on them. @EmmaSearchForD1 @BroughtToBook Not at all. Fingers crossed. @tranmerekiwi Another detail. @towers_cathy I wasn’t even kidding about that.... @nickhardman Thank you Nick. @neph_ning That’s what she SAYS.... @tranmerekiwi Yes - there are some things that might need a few views.Looking forward to working with these two again soon. It hasn't always been easy.
Retweeted by Andrew Cotter @bendirs1 Cheers Dirsy. @Alexandrafunfit Oh.... I’m so sorry to hear that. Awful. I’m glad a bit of dog silliness helped.If you work in either Asda or Tesco (Brighton - Eastbourne)... Tesco say 'down to individual store manager' re disp…
Retweeted by Andrew Cotter @BroughtToBook Apologies - I have missed a lot of things coming in. Hope he’s found soon. @hilarystephens We have all come to an agreement that we will definitely be working together again. @theiaincameron Actually now that I think about it that might have been the day she started to go off the rails.Looking forward to working with these two again soon. It hasn't always been easy. @dianabuist What a great place to be. And Leo? has strong hints of Mabel about him.
@NowMrsWatson You may still end up discovering that you don’t need it, but many thanks. @rcostello3018 Thanks Rianne. @Helen291265 Thank you - hope you enjoy it. @julieashers Thanks Julie..... @CedarWych Very kind of you both. Olive and Mabel will prepare their inked-paws. @ShufordAlex Merde. @charlieob Ah yes. I’m well aware of Bradshaw but another of the many, many oversights in that game.... Glad you like the pod.
@JennyJellyJoy That’s what I thought. Olive is displeased. @kathwmail Nice. Mabel needed consoling at the time of that photo. One of her first hill walks. @radkind1 Thank you. So much pressure.... @bgrove1213 Thanks Bonnie.
@dramybutler I’m just doing this again because I should have used the subjunctive: Wish I were in snowy mountains with them now. @JoyceAnnHeflin Thank you very much Joyce. @jaxgadd Thanks. Now you don’t need to email though as the order can be done direct through the website. @pkpreston Didn’t like that episode too much. Better than ‘Masks’ though. @ann71490906 That is brilliant. What a good boy Henry. @pennierose I LOVE Patrick Stewart.Going through some older photos for the book. Reminded of when Mabel used to do her impression of Patrick Stewart.
@_FloFoster_ You may be the first Swiss order. Thank you. @AlisonOliver58 Thank you. @alison_brett Definitely, if possible (pawssible). They’ve already enjoyed the beaches there. @AlisonOliver58 Well, thank you for the interest in the book. @AlisonOliver58 Hi - seems to be working ok just now. @KathrynKT Stay tuned. @goingracing So sorry to hear that Amanda. Lara looks like she was a great companion.
@janey2316 So sorry to hear that Jane. It’s a miserable time and there’s not much to make it better, but hopefully… @c38033 Many thanks. @PepperellEddie @shanksgolfpro Stance socks? @slcoopr Thank you. @AshmanDoug They look up for the task. @monkeygal76 Love the photo. Thanks. @NicVernalWood Give it to Tom. He’ll do the best disappointed face. @TheTodaysGolfer Trouble is I’ve changed my mind since writing it. This happens a lot.... @DestructoCats Yes you certainly can.