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@Corpse_Husband It was fun :)I hope you enjoyed the stream 🥺YouTube Gaming was popping today 🤪 spent 24 hours in ice, go watch on the main channel! @CursedOfGames Cause I took a screenshot of his tweet 😂In 2 hours I will be live-streaming Among Us with Pewdiepie, Jack, Corpse, etc. on my gaming channel! This will be… @CallmeQ_TTS BOOBSStreaming Among Us on YouTube tomorrow, Thursday 12PM PST / 3PM EST Pewdiepie Valkyrae Sykkuno Pokimane Mr Beast J…
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@LinusTech 😂 @Dream Owning a baby is this hard @Lazarbeam It’s made me hate you @sammathews @FNATIC Naw but can you take a year off when I make my team? Like go on a long vacation or something 😂 @Astralisgg Naw, we’ll throw around some money and get some good players :) @reedjd_ 🥺🥺🥺 @theactualfenix I’d tell you guys if I was.Yo @reedjd_ how long do I have to wait to own a team? I want one 🥺One of my goals in life is to own a league team one dayIf you never played Wizard 101 don’t talk to me. @ItsWulfe I did but then I played a game, and um, yeah 😂League of Legends is honestly the best game ever created. @KarlJacobs_ I’ve asked like 5 times lol
Retweeted by MrBeast @Slasher @CouRageJD Idc, I just won’t play them then lolAnyone want to play league of legends? None of my friends like it 😂 @CyberpunkGame What if they kept delaying it until 2077? Lmao
@CouRageJD Same with CSGO. I’ll never play a game that has rampant cheating, it literally ruins all the fun for me… is truly a mind-blowing new gaming experience for the iPhone. The hardware AND software are absolutely phe…
Retweeted by MrBeast @Valkyrae Epic @Fwiz @TwitterGaming @Corpse_Husband @RdotChadha Vouch @Quackity @The_Eret OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… @KarlJacobs_ @Valkyrae Sit behind me and help me 🥺 @Corpse_Husband 🤪
Happy birthday, @teamtreesofficl! @MrBeastYT and @MarkRober, thank you for showing us that big things can happen wh…
Retweeted by MrBeastIf you are remotely interested in YouTube, you should watch our podcast with @MrBeastYT. His obsession shows throug…
Retweeted by MrBeast @SypherPK Lol. What do you think of the podcast? 🤪 @SypherPK He should have gave you the car
Retweeted by MrBeastBRB, requesting a ride until we have you as our driver. 🙌
Retweeted by MrBeast @LifeNoggin I’m down :) @KSI And you have a mega banger on the way 😮🤪
@KarlJacobs_ Saying what? @TubboLive Did u win the $50,000? @Sehyoons_Girl_X Anything that isn’t a verified MrBeast account or the number I just tweeted is fake! @KarlJacobs_ Best squad ever 🤪 @KarlJacobs_ @Quackity @TubboLive Kind of vouch @Dream Case #4 is the winner+1(917)259-6364Text me here and I’ll reply to a few of you and also keep you updated on all things MrBeast :) +1 (917) 259-6364 @BriainHickey Thank you for this much needed information.TODAY IS THE ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF TEAMTREES 🥺 @KarlJacobs_ True Alpha
@Corpse_Husband It’d be funny if this reply ratio’d me again 😂And since the BTS community put in so much effort and this was all in good fun I’ll also give them $10,000. GGs all… IS UP! @Corpse_Husband barely beat the BTS community and manage to win! He said he wanted his $10,000 donated…’S SO CLOSE AND ONLY 27 MINUTES LEFT! @Corpse_Husband It’s so close! @whoisaddison @GeorgeNotFound @jamescharles @Quackity @KarlJacobs_ @ChrisO2_ @ChandlerHallow Thank you. @jackblack video isn’t sponsored so plz watch 😂 @BDG_JB Stop @Jetting_Up Bought lolI bought every car in a car lot and then became an Uber driver. At the end of all my rides I gave the passenger the car lol! GO WATCH!The battle is fierce on this one! The likes are neck and neck 😮 off is exactly 24 hours after I tweeted the original tweet!Hey Kpop fans, you about to let Minecraft youtubers show you up like this? Are they the new biggest fan base? 🤪
@cm5871 This is what it meansTomorrow I’m going to give whoever ratios me the hardest on this tweet $10,000I got YouTube down but when it comes to insta I got 0 idea what I’m doing. Bare with me everyoneStop @Dream Lies
@mcuban I wish we had a way where you could vote for an independent and select a party. So if the independent doesn… @BangBangClick Quad? @BangBangClick Oh boy, dare we go for the triple ratio? @BangBangClick Can we also ratio with my reply to my ratio attempt? @Fwiz We Stan @BangBangClick Can I jump in and also ratio? @Dream Proud of youThese three videos did really well, I kind of want to do them again but much bigger..🤪 miss the doggos from this 🥺
@pwnyygaming Wow, replying to bump this since I tweeted about it lolBaby Shark is about to pass Despacito as the most viewed YouTube video! @Casey Someone needs to do the exact same thing but this time with digital creators. It’d be gg @Dream You were a sleepy boi @Lazarbeam Yup lol @Memeulous 😘We played Among Us on the gaming channel but whoever won the game got $10,000! It’s epic 🤪 out of my house I don’t want your insurance! @saradietschy For 100 mil I bet I could have made a few dozen massive must see viral videos. @saradietschy The second I went to chrome cast the one show I found interesting to my tv and it said they don’t sup… @tommyinnit 😍
@DolanDark TheifLet’s make the replies to this tweet look like the YouTube comment section
SO FAR IT’S WORKING @dreamwastaken2 🥵 @crazy_kennedy24 HOW DID YOU KNOWMY FRIEND TOLD ME IF I TWEETED IN ALL CAPS I’D GET MORE ENGAGEMENT, LET’S SEE IF HE’S RIGHT4 million on Twitter!!!! thank u so much!! only 96 million more until 1 billion!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄
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Hand* Someone make an app that spells checks tweets for me. I’ll give you everything I ownNext week’s video is amazing, I started Uber driving random people for fun but at the end of every ride I had peopl… criticism is noted and I’ll definitely keep all the teams the same size next time! 100% my b ❤️