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I want to make the world a better place before I die.

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MrBeast:If you don't scream for 2 minutes you get $10,000 Chandler:
Retweeted by MrBeast @kingvader Yeah, this makes no sense. Giant plot hole.
@Casey I used to live in a house like that and I only paid $720 a month for rent. It was worth only $80k here 😂
Holy cow the views have been crazy on the @MrBeastYT channel 🥺💕
Retweeted by MrBeast“If this video gets 1,000,000 likes I’ll make this weird thing our profile picture” Mistakes were made lol @NoahJ456 I used to be the same and I’ve tried super hard recently to just look at data objectively instead of emot…
Go give him a watch! I promise his content will be the best on the platform in 6 months to a year. He wants to make… brother didn’t upload for 3 months because he was learning how to edit, studying YouTube videos for hours everyd… @cum_and_runn Nope, he has to win 🤪
@Lazarbeam Let’s try minimalism together 🥺 @ItsTydee LOL that’s at the office. I allow myself to game if we record it hahaI want to eventually get a terrible car and remove even more stuff. I really don’t want to live a materialistic lif… few months ago I got rid of my gaming computer and all distractions in my house that took me away from making vid…’s been 3 super long days but I think we just filmed the best video in the history of the channel. One ups everything 🙌🏻 @Lethamyr_RL @RocketLeague Send me a contract and I’ll do it.
@blakeir @harleyf @Shopify I’m looking for the same lolReply to this tweet with a screenshot of your YouTube watch history. I’m curious what you watched today
@vidIQ Wasn’t me but I’m down to hear any advice if you have someShout out to 17 year old me hooking current me up with a banger. My mom was forcing me to study for a history test… I had 8,000 subscribers I made a video and scheduled it to go public 5 years later and I tried to guess how ma… @CouRageJD @muselk @Lazarbeam We are racing to 10 million subscribers! @muselk @Lazarbeam Sure @DreamWasTaken help me kick Lazarbeam’s butt @Lazarbeam Bring. It. On. 😈 @Lazarbeam How about this, 100 of my fans vs 100 of your fans in a duel and the loser has to do something embarrassing.. 🤪 @Lazarbeam I’ll share the juice, let’s do something big together!mrbeast gaming channel bouta destroy us all
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@Movieunleashers This needs to become a meme 😂Renaming Mr Beast videos is now my new favorite thing to do.
Retweeted by MrBeast @MattA_Official We no throw TuckerI find this old clip of Chris seeing if a baby doll is better then a rock at smashing a window extra funny now beca… @TheAn1meMan You can have both but it’s still important as a society that we acknowledge dogs are more dope.I’ll prove it, vote for your favDogs > Cats
@ColinandSamir Right is def better but I’d blur the background a bit more, move me more to the right so my head is…, if you’re a car company I kind of want to open another free car dealership. Send me like 100 cars plz ❤️ @reggiegolbrock 🥺❤️ @reggiegolbrock Which one?Dear literally any company in the world, give me a few million dollars because I have this really cool idea but it’… @MarkRober Ohhhhh
@Kwebbelkop I check all these
It didn’t work lol Watch!I might have bought the largest firework ever made and launched it in the new video.. 😁 4 winners have been contacted and will get their money. Lots of people time traveled messing with their setting… 2 of the $20,000 winners in a phone call lol Everyone in the final 10 was streaming btw! Glad a robot didn’t w… TO SLEEP!$20,000* sorry about that extra 0 lolDear the four remaining contestants with your finger still on the app, I’m ending it here. Three days is insane! Yo… another person to take their finger off the app for $10,000! 4 players remain him $10,000 and he took his finger off!!! Only 5 people remain now! it, I’m upping it to half the prize pool now. Take your finger off within the next 6 minutes and I’ll give yo… @pwnyygaming $17kDear the six people that still have their finger on the app, I’ll give you $5,000 if you take your finger off within the next 10 minutes.Offered him $5,000 and he took his finger off the app! 9 people remain. @chandlerandjimy Can you link them?I offered this guy $5,000 to take his finger off the app and he did! 11 people remain. a real offer.. lol isn’t an offer 😂 the number I called you onDear everyone with their finger still on the app, I’m willing to make some deals, text me an offer..Wait!!! SOMEONE GOT OUT, WAS IT BECAUSE OF MY CALL? OMGI called all 13 people with their finger still on the app! 4 of them answered (they gave different numbers then w… this guy $2,000 to take his finger off the app and he said no! 3 more of the 13 to call 😅 another one of them to pick up lol’m calling all the 13 remaining contestants in the finger on the app challenge and one of them put their mom’s pho… was surprisingly happyAs a test I called the 14th person who just got out and she answered. Phone numbers do work, gonna keep going hahaSixth, straight to voicemailFifth, voicemail. Looks like you guys used do not disturb! Gonna keep going.Fourth, voicemail againThird no answer againSecond sent to voicemailFirst person didn’t answerGonna do it now, 13 people remaining!
Should I call each of the remaining 15 players with their finger on the app to try and get some out? LolWe are down to the final 20! Idk how this person is still going 😅
@fencahxd They arnt as far as I can tell. We can see patterns/pressure and robots are repetitive which none of the… of the 54 people with their finger still on the app are streaming and I have them all on my monitor lol guy went from 4 followers to 300,000 by vlogging his progress in the challenge 😮😂 Congrats! 60 still remain :) @LuzuGames I might.. ;) @SaiyanJoJo ❤️ @DominikJerabek We started with over a million lolIt’s only been 19 hours and only 200 people still have their finger on the app!“Hey Z Ree” is the biggest troll of 2020Here is a montage of people losing the finger on the app challenge because of Siri 😅 @MrBeastYT
Retweeted by MrBeastThis guy has 4,000 people watching him keep his finger on the app lol Only 1,500 players remain! Let’s see who win… streaming the @MrBeastYT challenge got a dono and it read “Hey Siri” out loud and he lost LMFAOOO
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450,000 players left! @OfficialJlipper Fascinating @Mako Expensive sneezeHow long did you keep your finger on the app? I lost 😅 @thatswattsup I think the player counter is a little delayed but yeah, we had a lot of people come out :))Get in here!!! to take finger off the app wins $25,000 starts in 14 minutes!!!! Don’t worry a cheater won’t win ;) Good luck!27 minutes until the challenge begins!!!!!!!!!!! GET IN HERE WHILE YOU CAN! far this year we’ve spent over 10 million dollars on content.. if you told me 3 years ago that’d my channel woul… I wonder how I haven’t run out of money yet lol