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CHUNKY FRINGE 2020 IS GO! The official event page for this year’s amuse-bouche for Digitiser Live 2.0 is now up wit…
Retweeted by Paul Rose @drewschon @Ben_Mllr @SoozUK @PaulGannonShow @elisnoid Pruno they call it apparently. @LesDennisPM @elisnoid @SoozUK @PaulGannonShow Yeah, that side is red, because there's a red light shining on it. @sam_evaa @SoozUK @PaulGannonShow @elisnoid Sooz IS awesome. And I am happy that you liked this, Sam. @sam_evaa @WELollygagger This could work! @LesDennisPM @elisnoid @SoozUK @PaulGannonShow Hmm. Not heard this from anyone else, but we did lower the main whit… @JackBlackadder @PaulGannonShow They have ascended. @LukeFonFabreUK @SoozUK @PaulGannonShow @elisnoid Poor Beanus... 20 years hard beans. @Ben_Mllr @SoozUK @PaulGannonShow @elisnoid I wanted to do that... Genuinely! @WJD2owls @SoozUK @PaulGannonShow @elisnoid Please video this. @trequartbeasta @PaulGannonShow @SoozUK @elisnoid I'd eat that. @MrSandMrJ1 @Bunglepants_ #Beans @daph2theB Thanks, you! Much appreciated. @JackBlackadder I... no. Imagine it.Yup. Gross. Enjoy.
Retweeted by Paul Rose @daph2theB Thanks, Daph's mum! @WELollygagger Hola! Normally I give to Special Effect. If you're charging for drinks though... just be cautious, a… @shaneoid77 Amazingly, some people really don't! @SpectrumTinted Cheers, Tinty. @LesDennisPM @elisnoid @SoozUK @PaulGannonShow Hurrah! Let me know how you get on with the recipes. The lighting...… @ProgdorEva @PaulGannonShow Oooh, enjoy DT!In the first dazzling episode of Digitiser Deluxe, @SoozUK joins myself, @PaulGannonShow and @elisnoid to taste gen…
Retweeted by Paul RoseNew show, new set but the same brilliance and humour from @mrbiffo and @PaulGannonShow on this weeks Digi
Retweeted by Paul Rose @Blackout2222 @PaulGannonShow Thanks, Shane! @FizzVsTheWorld @PaulGannonShow @elisnoid @SoozUK Cheers, Michael!Should also add, if you've never watched anything on our channel, or you have and didn't like it... Please give thi… @jamesid @SoozUK @PaulGannonShow @elisnoid Pizzus likes pizzas.Well, these all sound absolutely vile. Wouldn't mind trying those crisps at the end though, tbh.
Retweeted by Paul Rose @cjjc @SoozUK @PaulGannonShow @elisnoid A sweet little vocal cameo.In the first dazzling episode of Digitiser Deluxe, @SoozUK joins myself, @PaulGannonShow and @elisnoid to taste gen… Shamers! Dreadful retro games from real hardware in aid of #GameBlast20 for SpecialEffect
Retweeted by Paul Rose @LesDennisPM I did consider it, but no... @LesDennisPM Yeah, I loved it, I just don't have any interest in doing a show about it. @LesDennisPM No and no. @eldergarb @TheCheapShowPod @standup_fanatic I didn't eat them. They were BROWN. @LesDennisPM @PaulGannonShow I insist he keeps everything on. @martingwilliams Thanks, Martin! @RolexTharsus @SoozUK Phew! Very pleased. @DaysOfTheGeek Looking goooooood! @IvyMcCat @TheCheapShowPod @standup_fanatic @LesDennisPM @PaulGannonShow No, just a sponge bath. @TheCheapShowPod @RunSirRun Deluxe kicks off this Sunday with our real prison food hacks taste test, and special guest @SoozUK
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@standup_fanatic @TheCheapShowPod Nom nom. @TheCheapShowPod @standup_fanatic I was thinking about this only today. I saw an American packet of sea salt flavou… @linopolis @PaulGannonShow Never mind the quality, feel the luxury. @RunSirRun Oh man... I'm going to have to give you that one. I thought it was me too. @TesseractUnfold @SoozUK Only when it's justified! @Dinomyte85 Retro gaming drama is all, which I am but on the periphery of. Wash your brain out. @RhylKatieKelly @NikkiAndBunty Hurrah! @NikkiAndBunty Oh gawd. Who have we upset? @catastroasho Love it!Hey folks, there are some Digi live tickets going spare, of you haven't been able to get one, drop us a line and we…
Retweeted by Paul RoseDigitiser Deluxe kicks off this Sunday with our real prison food hacks taste test, and special guest @SoozUK @LesDennisPM @PaulGannonShow We give him scraps. @yankytyke @Ryan_Livermore @mattgabriel21 Hopefully Ryan will be back on Digi sooner rather than later!
@BombeDeChaton Plenty more over the coming weeks! @AlanJoans You won't have reached that part yet then... @AlanJoans Find out on Sunday.It's live NOW! Come on in and learn how to survive in an office, and a house full of... VAMPIRES? At NIGHT? With TR…
Retweeted by Paul RoseIn this Sunday's brand new Digitiser, who do you think asks the question "What is the opposite of going to jail?" @Melancholic4Evr Hurrah! This pleases me. I hope other people like it too. @retrounlim Ah, gotcha. I just remember not having time to do much beyond retweet.What's the sauce? Find out ya buggers!!!
Retweeted by Paul RoseI don't remember appearing in one of his videos, but - again - I might've done. Hard to say, but I used to do littl… not in the chummy, cosy, way that is implied in the statement. If I met him, he didn't leave much of an i… it's the year I'm thinking, I'd done a panel, then spent all day having meetings, setting stuff up for Digi The… may have met at retro conventions, but I've zero recollection of it. I meet a lot of people at those things when… @isildore @NikkiAndBunty @thatbunty @RetroPrincess1 @scatterkeir @AptGetSarah @JohnVenessUK @SadKennith @jimblimey @daph2theB @CommodoreBlog @Lord_Arse @spectrum48k @thatbunty @rexthedogge @retro_gerry @Deanydotcom
@ElectronicArse Oh, we got Ash to do plenty! @NeutrinoPhyre @bbcmicrobot Wahey! @ZoeKirkRobinson Enigmatic... @NeutrinoPhyre :-O @HermitOutsider The desk and blue wall will be back! These new eps will just be mixed in among the regular ones.What is Digitiser Deluxe? THIS is Digitiser Deluxe...
@LesDennisPM @SoozUK So much better! @ThePseudosapien @SoozUK Hah! @IvyMcCat @SoozUK Sooooon. @TheYunners @SoozUK Try the Kool-Aid... @Aquatic_Dan :-O @gamesreup The randomness shall prevail! @LesDennisPM Digi Live 2.0 spoiler there... @StuartKenny33 @elisnoid @PaulGannonShow Oooooh! The Special Crisps... @LukeFonFabreUK Nom!Today on the set of our brand new show Digitiser Deluxe, we were joined by the brilliant @SoozUK and I discussed th… @TeletextR Podcast is back for a new decade! Our latest episode is a discussion on the BBC Red Button text ser…
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@LukeFonFabreUK Heeee! @IvyMcCat Nooooo! @TesseractUnfold @toejamandearl @totallynotjon_ Yep. From our side of it, the whole physical rewards thing has been a bit of a nightmare. @soopytwist @LeeFogarty13 @azward72 S'okay. I did a big post last week on which is probably my last word on it all.WARNING: THIS GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUIZ IS CURSED! | Digitiser via @YouTube
Retweeted by Paul Rose @daneo3k @PaulGannonShow It's only temporary. @LeeFogarty13 @azward72 @soopytwist Fair do's! @coryoon One of my favourite things I've ever done. Weirdly, I did try to buy a new BW recently, but there were non… @coryoon Found Footage was always, in my mind, the true follow-up to Biffovision. @JAMOGRAD Fermented eggs this week... @LV54Spacemonkey Oh, you know us. We're keeping it as classy as ever... @LeeFogarty13 @azward72 @soopytwist Well, it has nothing to with me, but that was three years ago by the looks of it.What is Digitiser Deluxe? Well, more leg room for a start...
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