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M. @MrBlindPenguin Lurking around Washington D.C.

Horror nerd. Post-punk enthusiast. Army vet. Former English major. Contract editor by day, amateur horror writer by night. #horrorfam #amwriting

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@tarekbahaa1 @AFizgig She's the reason I've seen the Matrix Reloaded more than once. @slothrop420 @Spacemonkey907 @Lorraine_Kay13 @streetXXtrash @Lisacaines841 She's certainly a North American! @Lorraine_Kay13 @IHaveOneTopLip @neilbelieves Ha! Great scene! @LadyDominion5 @iammikeythepoet @Christi60278624 @neff_goldblum @davenewworld_2 I'm going to miss his inability to articulate....anything. @TheGiftofGabbe Your hair is the perfectest. I had to use a superlative that isn't even a word because it's so damn good! @dukefan1909 Stand up for what you believe in, Carla! @Sheena_655321 @Captaincartoon2 @TheTripp21 @oona_423 @Castlesvania @Braden_groovy_ @CleosLogic @fernand74482221 @kerri_HD @Lorraine_Kay13 @Lorraine_Kay13 I do not miss upstate NY one bit. @Spacemonkey907 @slothrop420 We'll call it that as a reference point. @Spacemonkey907 @slothrop420 be like: I made a taco, demmit! @ThePopDarling @Spacemonkey907 @slothrop420 Your cruelty knows no boundaries. @Spacemonkey907 @ThePopDarling @slothrop420 I am a witness to your evolution. @Spacemonkey907 I'm the minority here but stop the sloth. Fuck, that's a great slogan. @Spacemonkey907 @ThePopDarling @slothrop420 The GIF. It disturbs me. @ShayRaeInGame The Wayans Brothers are to be treasured. @Spacemonkey907 @ThePopDarling @slothrop420 That's almost as disturbing as Rita's demon monkey. @Spacemonkey907 @ThePopDarling @slothrop420 Well I never thought you were dumb, so we're clear. @Spacemonkey907 @ThePopDarling @slothrop420 How do you have better sloth pics than @slothrop420? I think you're evolving, Monkey. @ThePopDarling @Spacemonkey907 @slothrop420 @irishlad444 One of Hooper's best. @Reen073 @realsusandixon They still make Mars bars?If you know, you know. @Fartfisttheorc Hahaha. @evil_toast916 It surveys every tale of the werewolf mythos IMO. That also includes fairy tales. I always thought t… @JayRodz34 So this one is an anthology horror but the practical effects are right up your alley. I didn't appreciat… @ThePopDarling I am not as versed of that golden age as you are, but I absolutely love the classic noir films. I've… @ThePopDarling Still love this pic. This has to be from The Lady from Shanghai, no? @ThePopDarling @slothrop420 True. Toys back then were just nightmare fuel. @ThePopDarling @slothrop420 For real, Wtf was she into? "Packing list for my beach trip: towel, lunch, umbrella, t…'s a werewolf movie that no one talks about! Neil Jordan is amazing! @ThePopDarling @slothrop420 Even if you post pictures of beautiful women next to terrifying monkeys. @ThePopDarling @slothrop420 Your commentary is wonderful and always appreciated! @JayRodz34 If they were behind it there would've been at least a cameo of one of them. I don't recall that. @JayRodz34 It makes a lot of sense now. I think you're right. @slothrop420 Whenever I see this I think of @ThePopDarling's quote, "taco creation." It's branded in my mind foreve… @JayRodz34 I didn't know that! Thanks, Jay! @JayRodz34 I can do the first one. My sister loves the second one. I like the third because of the great Leslie Nie… @JayRodz34 Still though, it all comes down to In Living Color. Like and Key and Peele when they did MadTV. @JayRodz34 I'm a jaded prick so I thought Scary Movie was tolerable. Nothing compared to what they used to be. But I get your point. @JayRodz34 It's not sad. It's great fucking satire. That's a good thing! @JayRodz34 The Austin Powers of blaxploitation. @JayRodz34 Dude, I know you've seen, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka. I love that one too. @JayRodz34 @CopenaceTyler @JayRodz34 Such a classic! I know you're a In Living Color fan too! Haha. @HmJileswrites They dichotomy between father and son just seemed more realistic to me and Cuba's performance was so… @CopenaceTyler @HmJileswrites Though I don't think it's aged as well as Boyz n the Hood. @HmJileswrites Agreed. @ShayRaeInGame Got in a conversation the other day of Reagan Era action movies. I feel ya. @CharsieLuxxx Definitely a movie made for the In Loving Color fans. @drklauser He has great taste! Reign in Blood was my favorite growing up, it's now Seasons in the Abyss. @JasonTselentis In a comparison of music and film, I view Tarantino as more of a DJ than your average artist. He re… @JasonTselentis I think that was the point. @ashleybee89 I still have a ghost book I picked up in Gettysburg. When I was stationed in NY I loved driving throug… @JasonTselentis It's an absolute love letter to the WW2 war movies of the 60s and 70s. Notice how he points to the… @ashleybee89 I need to revisit Gettysburg. Haven't been there since I was 9. I agree, it's a different part of Mary… @ashleybee89 I was there two years ago, doing a tour at the famous "Flying Dog" brewery. @ashleybee89 Frederick has come a long way! It's damn near a hipster hang out nowadays. @jayburke We're far (physically) but we make group chats where we watch movies and share the music we've been liste… @ashleybee89 It can be an absolute pain to find parking in Fells Point! My mother (originally from Korea but adopte… @ashleybee89 I'm lucky enough to have gone to college in Richmond, VA and then move close enough to Baltimore, MD.… @JayRodz34 Long as you got on the road back, brother. That's all that matters. Proud of you. ❤️ @Dark_Crowe_ Rams Head! Saw some great shows there! @ashleybee89 His poetry is just as haunting, romantic as hell, but haunting. @ashleybee89 You're a beautiful human, Ashley. Thank you for sharing! @CatEveryHour Yes. It's a cat with kittens. Show them love and they will do the same. @JayRodz34 That is sad. When I was in the Army I had to get rid of the cases of over 300 of my DVDs. That still hau… @slothrop420 I once made a pastrami and egg breakfast burrito and it was because I needed to go grocery shopping. D… @evil_toast916 @kerri_HD @tombscape I know that! @neff_goldblum My toxic trait is saying some smartass shit when I shouldn't. @evil_toast916 @kerri_HD @tombscape When I saw you had the same Misfits EP as me, I knew. And then you showed me yo… @ecto_fun @HmJileswrites @evil_toast916 @kerri_HD @tombscape And I'd love to see your vinyl collection one day. @evil_toast916 @kerri_HD @tombscape Love ya, Jackie. You have a good soul. @kerri_HD @tombscape @evil_toast916 Yeah, I was wondering about that too! Jackie! Where are you? @kerri_HD @tombscape @evil_toast916 Also, I completely forgot we were having this conversation on your thread,… @kerri_HD @tombscape @evil_toast916 I never noticed that, Kerri! Thank you! @tombscape @kerri_HD @evil_toast916 I'll have to check that out. It's sad but I typically don't browse Netflix for horror anymore. @SEASiberts Same (minus the association with PETA). Also, I'll keep watching South Park as long as it's around. @tombscape @kerri_HD @evil_toast916 Honestly, man, maybe it's just me but I can't remember the third one for the li… @olivergilbert01 So the answers no then, lol. At this stage in your life at least. @SEASiberts We don't know that! I'm just trying to figure out why a cat would move that way. It doesn't look like i… @olivergilbert01 Dark Star can be a tough one for a lot of people. If you decide to watch it, treat it like you wou… @olivergilbert01 Going back to Vampires, James Woods made that fucking movie for me. The guy who played the vampire… @olivergilbert01 Is there a JC movie you don't like? @olivergilbert01 Interesting. I love Christopher Reeves but thought the movie fell short. The Ward I just hated, lol. @SEASiberts Did someone pull that poor thing's tail?! Lol, I'm upset by this! @sub_socialite Okay, it's like stupid how hot you are. @Spacemonkey907 So watch that movie and then consider how Brandon Lee died and it will give you goosebumps. @tombscape @kerri_HD @evil_toast916 I really enjoyed the first two. I honestly can't recall the third even though I… @olivergilbert01 I have issues with the misogyny but I agree. It's a really cool vampire action flick and a far cry…