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@GOPLeader @powerglobalus Ha. Heard this on @WarRoom2020 earlier today! @C0inAlchemist FR @BraveTheWorld if you wanna bring a pie.. bring a shepherd's pie. @GFuelEnergy @7eleven @AnthonyKarrick @112 yea - is nice.Product idea: CSS library that actually centers things
Retweeted by BryanSup. is the best marketing...😂
Retweeted by Bryan @ali @NLpadresmlb i have no questions... that looks perfect so far
what this person totally misses, in order to self-praise... is the VERY persuasive perception that Trump wasn't put… are all VERY early... @PolitiKurd people on his staff def watch. @EmilyKath319 YesThere are two types of European entrepreneurs in America: Those who recognize the cultural, political, and economic…
Retweeted by Bryan @windowlesssolid @incoherent_rage @casiichandler oh yeah - that is epic. there's a lot of those "history of" ones and they are great. @JewhadiTM this was the best of the day imo. @TaylorWGME ctrl-p! @ali @realDonaldTrump when necessarywow. Pam Bondi took care of most of this lol.😩
Retweeted by Bryanthe city that can't keep poop off the street is going to prepare for batsoup flu... right... with threatening auras: 🎧On🎧
Retweeted by Bryan @OverdoseOnTwitr Dershowitz is on now which is cool to watch.bullish $BTC
@realjuliasong @DAVIDFERNANDES8 @CassandraRules juuuuust kidding. @realjuliasong @DAVIDFERNANDES8 @CassandraRules ... Unfollowed! @MartinaMarkota @realjuliasong @CassandraRules already follow! @realjuliasong @CassandraRules followed!lmao. tuned into impeachment arguments... heard "fast and furious" within 1 min... has today been lol?The story behind why Kobe used a private helicopter in and around Los Angeles...🖤💔🏀🌎🖤
Retweeted by Bryanthis one hit me hard. this is how I live my life... in "one steady invasion" of worry. hope you all have a great d… @DonnyCrypto literally seconds... @luisjgomez Why aren’t these people tweeting at ari? Why they bother you bout it? Tf?🙏🏼 @YesThatAnna Yeah there’s a door reflection on the windshield or something... not a parking lot lolme: I wonder what would be sacrificial to give up for Lent this year God: caffeine me: what am I attached to that…
Retweeted by Bryan @C0inAlchemist Wow. What shit. @LastmanOnFire good luck! @OldCraig Aw yea.No quotes or smart things to say. Just love each other.
Retweeted by Bryan
@MLChristiansen she clearly calls them that like... in her head and at home... its the only explanation lol @JoeSPalmer @feliciasonmez its gonna be amazing @bronzeboomhower @feliciasonmez ... yes. @ali @passantino @KateNocera oh. allow me to present... this is what they will do for th… @feliciasonmez I know everyone is upset about this but if @feliciasonmez does not get her twitter dopamine ... she'll die too. @C0inAlchemist now that... is #vile @randi_eitzman awesome lol @katzfan71 @CynChamplin just hoping none of them were on it too. @RNR_0 @CryptoPahmp @ObiObvi i mean... unwarranted. sure. but add china's trustworthiness and how hard this is to screen f… @JackPosobiec WMMR thing in the background... nice. @ObiObvi totally absurd these soft cocks in gov haven't halted all travel and mail from China. any US citizens shou… @urbanarson Vice Blogger has spoken!! @BullyEsq look harderBloomberg wants to have a threesome with... William Macy and Laura Dern? .... @JamesOKeefeIII nope! @SharylAttkisson @parscale @realDonaldTrump yes @joeydiblasi yeah - order avocado toast ... you get the bill you deserve. @ali Stop all freight, flights, and mail. Now. @OverdoseOnTwitr Haha wowdamn... so superhero John McCain knew and did... nothing. ok! thanks, Cindy! @NLpadresmlb that other chick was like "wtf she doin' ... oh shit!"Placing a bet shouldn't be unlawful.
Retweeted by Bryan @1rootSV @jcbstwsk @C0inAlchemist twin peaks. it's the black lodge waiting room lol @chrismezzz @C0inAlchemist thats 2! @ScottAdamsSays this article mentions it: @GFuelEnergy - hello. 2 ideas: versions of everything with no caffeine more canned flavors ty @C0inAlchemist sedona, az
@Zeussce @BigDaddyLinux @gabsmashh @SniperZero 1/10 @Styx666Official buuuut Joe Rogan is more popular than CNN lmaoooo... @SniperZero is that mayo? 0/10anyone i know try this thing yet? @marco_peereboom @duhproject oh yeah. some of these counter-top ovens will do a lot now.. roast, broil, convection… @marco_peereboom @duhproject the duxtop is induction... uses a magnet or something... you do need to have particula… @UviziusNurquan wow ty @UviziusNurquan what site/map you using here? @duhproject @marco_peereboom i mean ... i make it work... but there's stuff i have to do in an oven still. the du… @KobbeMalak that's racist. lol @duhproject @marco_peereboom take a look at the DuxTop induction burner... its on par with the AirFryer, InstaPot,… @BigDaddyLinux @gabsmashh nope! five guys is better... your grill is better. wayback burgers are better... whata…’s enough internet for today
Retweeted by Bryan @murphsicles awesome. thank you for that advice. I'll look at the Sony but... i hate spending money lol @Styx666Official this has been twetch'd with @twetchapp im gonna make money on it... but tbh... you should. @DDayCobra i just bought all the books including the Silmarillion and all the Blu-Ray extendeds.... the commentary… @CassandraRules b-but Rogan is more popular than Moveon... lmao @ewarren stop calling him your daddy... you're old af. @OverdoseOnTwitr "please clap"this is the entire movie industry right now... @Cernovich BASTA! @gwen_farr @OverdoseOnTwitr @d1rtydan it sucks. @d1rtydan @OverdoseOnTwitr run up and key one! @OverdoseOnTwitr @d1rtydan imagine spending money on a lambo when you could have owl soup @CRFlixxx also have ND and polarizing filters etc... used to love taking pics