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@bittybitbit86 @BaronAtreides so... both! @SniperZero i miss the tiny lizards fleeing as i walked towards my aptPartyline Chat w/ @derose VS @jallywhiskey via @_shawars; @mrbrockvond @inertiahere @uytcow
Retweeted by brockvond @SniperZero @ashtoshii been a while for me. @RAZ0RFIST The Rock is just another Hollywood Bot @adamscrabble hah Top Gun. @Biscuithammer0 @Joezee420 @TheQuartering yes of course... he sucks lmao. @mtracey The Rock is a Hollywood Bot. @Biscuithammer0 @Joezee420 @TheQuartering that's your reply... the dude who can only get a movie role in his best f… but Gold... [] @OuterRender @scrowder ok bot. @Biscuithammer0 @Joezee420 @TheQuartering YES... and their agents - Quite Literally - CONTROL their public opinions… @Biscuithammer0 @Joezee420 @TheQuartering lol @scrowder the rock is another Hollywood Bot
Retweeted by brockvond @Biscuithammer0 @Joezee420 @TheQuartering you'd have to talk to celebrities to know this. know any? @scrowder the rock is another Hollywood BotEarly Voting in FL: After today, Ds lead by 17. Yesterday they led by 18. A few days ago, 30. They have cannibali…
Retweeted by brockvondThe Hollywood Bot Army is about to drop a gear... @Joezee420 @Biscuithammer0 @TheQuartering Most aren’t allowed by their agent company @Biscuithammer0 @TheQuartering if you're a high paid movie star, yes ... of course. lolexcuse my language but you dont live here so shut the fuck up about it lmao... @Biscuithammer0 @TheQuartering it takes courage to go against the grain. it takes nothing to say something your en… @Biscuithammer0 @TheQuartering one would be courageous and the other mindless. @TheDanRae @starlin33148550 @TheQuartering @TheRock @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris giving who a pass on what? @TheDanRae @starlin33148550 @TheQuartering @TheRock @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris giving who a pass? @TheQuartering @TheRock @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris Hollywood Bot needs to trend... NOW. Genius. @TheDanRae @starlin33148550 @TheQuartering @TheRock @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris if you want her to spill what she knows… BOT @uytcow pretty sure this is true... i'll try to find srcNo existe la palabra “Latinx,” deja de inventar chingaderas gringas que nos hacen parecer débiles. Andate a la co…
Retweeted by brockvond @uytcow No. Breyer and uh... Kennedy flopped a coin on who could retire last time rumor is... The other rumor is… and Thomas in term 2. LFG @NLpadresmlb @mtgreenee @MariaPisciotta @aubrey_huff LolWho did this?! 🤣
Retweeted by brockvond @laissez_claire @DrIbram Seriously ... what a price of trash😂 @politicalelle its clear who the dangerous one is lolSkype school is a failure
Retweeted by brockvond @ComfortablySmug Look at her looking up to mommy!
Retweeted by brockvond @uytcow @archillect @muratpak shorthand?
@WeirdNPissdOff probably lol @art_not_found @CryptoCharles__ that's awesome. congrats! @junseth not showing up would be the best. they only did this to get the SOE and they got it so... smarter to not… @junseth he's the funniest lol @ZacharyFaria most people, I think, would allow the lawsuit if you read the details of that particular case. @acmtix @MalwareJake yes. by a white guy and his black comedian friend... also... the leader of the proud boys in… disgusting that NFL players put this man's name on their helmets
Retweeted by brockvond...ICONIC @BitcoinOverdose @ImLuffs @Zanyard_TTV @Bnzify @GFuelEnergy Hm. That’s a lotta watermelon @Doc_Crypto23 lol who me?this is pure uncut cringe @MeVsTheVolcano see you in hell for liking that tweet. @MeVsTheVolcano or that scene from the accused @MeVsTheVolcano haha yes @MeVsTheVolcano its like a sex offender's own personal theme music
🏆 @Brittany_207 DogPussy vibin’ Kamala Harris?“At least we had Herschel in between...” lmfao... @thegreenwhale2 #helpposting @ali @VirusJoeKnows Yes @ali this is great so far: @bankoferyka based @MarkKen98022808 @SMunkittrick @moreygain3 @MZHemingway i think she's facepalming the situation? @MarkKen98022808 @moreygain3 @SMunkittrick @MZHemingway agree except i think everyone knows it when the MSM has to… @MarkKen98022808 @moreygain3 @SMunkittrick @MZHemingway Brennan is an interesting possibility but... doubtful @MarkKen98022808 @moreygain3 @SMunkittrick @MZHemingway yeah. but we wont see those charges... Andy, James... maybe. Lynch and up? no.oh.. oh my. its vin diesel ... music.'t wait for Gary Lamb to be on @Timcast cc: @sourpatchlyds @GaryZ18727026 @RubinReport @Cernovich he might just want out of his contract lol @chrissanders88 also good! @chrissanders88 have you tried Flavor God?IT happened before cc: @iamWolbyhm @pearsonified @_Kenziepuff @_Kenziepuff Literally the opposite is true @iamWolby @camerongrey she prob tries but he's super busy... [] @iamWolby @camerongrey its key. @iamWolby @camerongrey he just left a Latino roundtable... in FL headed to ATL for a Black Empowerment Talk... and… @iamWolby @camerongrey i guess you can't stop IT @iamWolby @camerongrey 🤣🍻 meanwhile... he's on the clock... for FREE. [] @iamWolby @camerongrey yeah - he's bright... he's capable to processing well. he's not fact-riddled... i guess is… @iamWolby @camerongrey he's not super bright - but he knows how to sort info, delegate and remove problem people...… @iamWolby well. Trump is the avatar for a group of intel agencies that have had it with the CIA/NSA/FBI... that's… @StixWhatley @SMunkittrick @MZHemingway as soon as more intel staff feel confident to speak on the record... this s… @StixWhatley @SMunkittrick @MZHemingway tbh... not until CNN and MSNBC are forced to report about it but... we're getting close I think @iamWolby Why did Devin Nunes pull a midnight run to the White House? it was to read something... Why did Trump m… @iamWolby Mid East Peace plans by day Rallies all over the country by night @iamWolby @camerongrey and Trump learned all this in the week following his win in 2016... as POTUS elect... he get… @iamWolby @camerongrey think about it... .the impeachment nonsense was like Plan D! lol @iamWolby @camerongrey its the most important news story of my lifetime for sure. they tried to remove a president… @camerongrey @iamWolby imagine how much better the last 4 years would have been if it wasn't for the nation's OS un… @camerongrey @iamWolby biggest scandal in US history @RAZ0RFIST prob just for engagement @socrypt @basedkarbon bidenposting @TeddD40 Good luck bro