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2nd/3rd Grade Teacher. Growth Mindset, Grit, & Intervention. No Grades Allowed. Coffee, Tractors, and 🙏Kindness🙏. Oh, and messy desks. Matt. 6:33

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#Agents4Agency Trying to find ways to keep my students inspired to read, write, & solve problems! 😀 #822chatDoing more doesn’t require being inspired or dreaming. But doing more because of being inspired to dream means you…! Tony from California. 3 wishes 10 years from now, please. #822chat“It’s not about where our students start, or where they end. It’s about the growth they make while they’re with us.… #PatternsofPower
I think strong leadership skills are key to teacher morale. A clearly defined vision, backed by uncompromising deci… @awfrench1 @Kbahri5 @saldanact All of you, and so many other educators connected with you, are like having a Luis i… @Kbahri5 @saldanact @awfrench1 It’s truly baffling there isn’t an edit button!! 😩 Some days I wish I had an edit bu… @awfrench1 @Kbahri5 @saldanact I think you’re right! He reached his bottom staring into that freezer, didn’t he? So… @saldanact @Kbahri5 @awfrench1 I think his life changed the day Luis walked into his hut.I think this is the point where Reaf realizes the wisdom in trading the small pleasure he gets from putting his fee…
This is a great resource for developing reading/writing workshops. It is from a High School perspective, but there… @NAEmmanuele Thank you for sharing this! You are not alone, and your students can help. I hope you keep sharing thi… @LiteracyBoss Yes it is! 😊 So thankful to find people like you!! @Kbahri5 @biologygoddess @Drbilly7 Yes, yes, YES!! Grading EVERYTHING is still the norm where I’m from. Ugh. Authen… @conniehamilton I’ve noticed that overwhelmed admin who don’t listen yet respond when I notice something they do we… @LiteracyBoss Thank you for reading! @chattygaede Thank you for reading and sharing!
Hey #EAEBC! Why would someone like Reaf decide to go find “proof” for what he does? And why would someone like Reaf… Sill thinking about this Q. The most inspiring leaders I’ve followed had NO personal agenda. They’ve seen me as… @Crazedladychron Yes! The word “opportunity” implies we have a choice in the matter. It assumes we are on board sho…’m stuck on the word “ensure” with this question (I’ve not yet read A’s). I think it’s bc I’ve felt bullied at tim… @thewongways Oh wow! What a great balanced perspective! I tend to fearlessly try new things... I’m very used to fai… @chattygaede I like this. I think each of us has something to learn from other. I’m super confident in what I do. B… was fun! Looks like I have more folks to follow and learn from!! #CrazyPLNA4 I think communication is key here. I think staying focused on a few key goals, and bringing everything we do bac… I think we take our talents/gifts and use them to the best of our ability. Share our knowledge enthusiastically.… I think a servant leader needs to understand the culture of the organization and then find ways to support and i…! Tony, 2/3 combo class teacher from California just joining. #CrazyPLNTour guides are usually very knowledgeable about the subject, as well as enthusiastic. I think we show student work…
Would love to know what you think about this👇too! 🤓 @curriculumblog Oops. #edchat @curriculumblog 1. Listening to my students 2. Believing each & every student can achieve anything 3. Dedication to… I’m all ears on this one. Working to take the relationships I’ve built with my Ss to this next level!! #MasteryChatA5 it’s quite possible that each of my 24 students is working on something different anytime someone enters my room… I had a major shift in my vision 3 years ago; not the wording, but the interpretation. I’ve been saying for year… In my mind, the science of teaching is the research that supports best practices, while the art of teaching is h… there! Tony from California. Heading back to school for a play performance, but plan to check out the chat when I get home!!#MasteryChatThis is a terrific read about learning to follow the lead of students! Very encouraging too!! A Teaching Lesson Fro…
Hey #EAEBC! Wanted to let you know my name is Tony, Tony Coppola. I created the handle Mr. Coppola since that is ho… @saldanact @awfrench1 I think I’m on the same page with Abigail. I want to seek out and find my own PD. I typically… @Kbahri5 @Evo_Hannan @laurabeess @ChristineBemis2 @henneld_edu @maggiefay_ @kateboyer_3 @HalLRoberts @Hedreich @DisruptedTv I like this. 😊
@AlliciaSaldana @saldanact @Kbahri5 I agree. Moreover, I hope the coach has as her/his top skill the ability to ins… @Kbahri5 1 thing? What if Reaf did nothing other than let the kids read books they want to read? Would we still fee… @Kbahri5 Yes, I felt the same way. He gave them hope, but then didn’t follow through. Ugh.What is stopping them from getting an education on their own? Really though, what stops us from taking risks? Why d… feel like I could go in so many directions with this question. I’ve been identifying with Reaf mostly so I know t…
If you want to be inspired to hone your listening and reflecting skills to benefit student learning, then I highly… @Mrs_Giordano So many good things in here! Wow. @Kbahri5 Now that you say that about Reaf, I think you’re right. I wonder if there are areas I’m still justifying r… @Kbahri5 @AlliciaSaldana I’ve been journaling quite a bit about my transformation over the last few years. Writing… is it that elementary school recess reminds me of Lord of the Flies? 🤔 @MelSideB I think it is we who should be thanking YOU!! Seriously though. Thank you for writing books so kids can read!!!!Check this out! @MelSideB @JENN_REAG @noellabickelart Hey! This is so cool!! So happy for you!!! @saldanact Now I do too! Ha! @BiscottiNicole Haha!! Me too, I guess. 😊 @BiscottiNicole You are always so positive! What a blessing!! I think it should be known that we are also continual…
@LisaRomanoEDU Couldn’t agree with you more! 💯“Reading volume is typically not addressed in Individual Education Plans (IEP) developed for pupils wi… read this for the first time. I think I’ll read it again. And then probably again. View of How reading volume… dog was growling at the window this morning. I got up, looked out the window and saw a sheepdog chasing a fatted… @BenWalksAway I don’t know the answer to that. My 2 daughters are in HS & they are often way too busy to read what… @BenWalksAway Yes! 🤓 @DillardSchool @TeacherOnTopic @aj_wade @NAEmmanuele Yes! I know what you mean! How do we disrupt the norms we know are wrong with… Ss soak in the new freedom, but some are leary of grades. Others taste the freedom & push for more. The quotes… Ss look forward to the quotes, whereas Reaf acts as if they are a distraction. He never erases them though. He… @TeacherOnTopic @aj_wade @NAEmmanuele Your ex is why I said “typically helpful” & “for the most part.” I too think… @curriculumblog This needs to be a K-12 effort. What if one T provides more than a years growth (documented) one ye… @GregSederberg @DrCaliGrit @BiscottiNicole @raspberryberet3 @DarrinPeppard @bethhill2829 @noasbobs @bbray27 @BenWalksAway Oh, & I often ask what inspired the writing. Was it another book? A personal story? Is it a retelling… @BenWalksAway So far, they haven’t been informal, but they have been pretty relaxing. It helps me to know what mini… @BenWalksAway With writing, I typically ask questions like, “What problem is in your story to help your reader stay… @BenWalksAway All this helps me connect them with more books, as well as other students with similar interests (reg… @BenWalksAway For reading, I try to find out what they notice or think about as they read. I encourage them to “tel… @BenWalksAway I’ve been doing both reading & writing conferences (about 5 Ss a day in each subject). I typically st… @skylarprimm Would love to hear more about the structure (or non-structure) of your conversations. For example, wha… @jessicazeller I’ve not considered this yet. My guess is the kids help you improve your pedagogy quite often. Wow.… @RawnBoulden I agree! I believe students do want to do well. I believe they even want to do their best! Figuring ou… @AaronSBlackwel1 Yes! I also like to say things like, “Have you thought about trying ___?” or “You know what might… @awfrench1 @creativeedtech I only ask students to read each night for HW. Many of my Ss take home math they want to… @MsHLye @jessicazeller @mrmakemathsense Oh wow! I am 💯 on board with this!A4 I’ve been “catching” Ss in the act of conferencing over their work more, now that I’ve been conferencing with Ss… @HumResPro I like this! We want reflective thinkers where learning is propelled forward and more deeply. @JeffreyBrinson Been trying to do this more! I think Ss let down their guard more with a conversation. They seem mo… arriving to read through Questions & Answers. Looks like a fantastic chat!! #tg2chat
@MrMinguela3 I think these types of things are coming from hearts in a good place. I, like you it sounds, feel unco… @aj_wade @NAEmmanuele In my experience, having a school-wide behavior plan is typically helpful. It’s nice to be on… @biologygoddess I wish I would have been a reader as a kid. The number of Sneak-Readers is growing in my class this… time to join the discussions! @AlliciaSaldana THEY are who sparked my fire, I should say. The motivated kids helped me to give up what I wanted t… @AlliciaSaldana Isn’t that the best? Having hope and showing undeserved grace? Thanks for that insight! The kids di… can’t win if you don’t run.I’m wondering which character each of us identifies with most as we read? This may shock you, but I put myself in M…
@MatRyanELATeach Hey there! If you’ve not already done so, I suggest reading The Book Whisperer & The Reading Zone.… that I’ve read the first week chapters, I have a few predictions about Luis, the janitor, the quotes on the boa…