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Elementary School Teacher. #Love360 Slowing down to listen. #EducationNeverDies Tweets belong only to me. Hab. 3:17-18 #70x7 #InspireLove

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@DustinPearson2 Haha!! I like that mask!!Stumbled across this. Help make America talk again | Celeste Headlee | TEDxSeattle via @YouTubeSomewhere over the rainbow, baseballs fly 🌈🌈
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@oceanteacherD I want to see it when you do, please!! Go Yankees!! ⚾️ @mrccheney Thanks, Chey!! There’s a few more layers to be peeled back to get at the root of my sentiments/feeling… @Tara_Desiderio @santiagoAM115 @tracyscottkelly @mmurphyBES @daveschmittou @TAYLOR_does_IT @mrccheney @PavWander @oceanteacherD Hehe!! My dad got it for me. 😎I don’t have any evidence to back it up, but my gut tells me science is way more often wrong (or naive, or ignorant… @MsBaerELA @ann177345 For sure!! @ann177345 I’m naturally a risk taker myself. I’m like so far in the minority on this, but I’d go back 100% “normal… @HandsOn4STEM Yep. In person is way more in my comfort zone for sure!! @JoshRBuckley Haha!! I’ll do the Sacramento Kings? 🤓 @ann177345 Exactly! Even with fabulous plans in place, I feel a HUGE disconnect with the Ss & their learning. It’s… a Distance Learning teacher isn’t my “thing.” Am I allowed to say that? And I don’t like wearing a mask. No…
@StaffPodcast @StoneyBeavers @Kbahri5 @laurabeess @henneld_edu @DHarrisEdS @RaeHughart @ann177345 @donna_mccance @lportnoy You are more than welcome!! As we move forward in education, I think it’s more critical now than ever tha…!! Heard that shout out @mrccheney & @PavWander!! One of my Old Favorite author studies for sure. 💙📚… @GiftedTawk That is 💯❌💯 fantastic!! @arikandersen08 @TheDriveVoicEd Oooo. What kind of beans are those? I’m liking the colors. 😋 #CoffeeCrewTuned in to Chey & Pav 📻@TheDriveVoicEd Live on @voicEdcanada #RevUpForTheDrive #CoffeeCrew I definitely know about…
Retweeted by 🤓 Tony Coppola 💙📚☕️Check out what @santiagoAM115 and I will be doing this morning (9:30 AM CST)! A Facebook live event discussing Teac…
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Retweeted by 🤓 Tony Coppola 💙📚☕️Yo!! @TheDriveVoicEd!! All this “Heat Wave” music reminded me of this fun book about a neighborhood coming togethe… @oceanteacherD @TheDriveVoicEd @Tara_Desiderio @TraciBrowder @saldanact @mmurphyBES @Shapiro_WTHS @PrincipalTam @santiagoAM115 @oceanteacherD @TheDriveVoicEd @Tara_Desiderio @TraciBrowder @saldanact @mmurphyBES @Shapiro_WTHS @santiagoAM115 @oceanteacherD @TheDriveVoicEd @Tara_Desiderio @TraciBrowder @saldanact @mmurphyBES @Shapiro_WTHS @oceanteacherD @TheDriveVoicEd @Tara_Desiderio @TraciBrowder @saldanact @mmurphyBES @Shapiro_WTHS @PrincipalTam @henneld_edu @oceanteacherD @TheDriveVoicEd @Tara_Desiderio @TraciBrowder @saldanact @mmurphyBES @Shapiro_WTHS @oceanteacherD @TheDriveVoicEd @Tara_Desiderio @TraciBrowder @saldanact @mmurphyBES @Shapiro_WTHS @PrincipalTam & Pav are in a 🔥🔥HEATWAVE 🔥🔥 Join us in ONE HOUR to listen to some HoT 🥵 tunes & fiery edu-talk on The Driv…
Retweeted by 🤓 Tony Coppola 💙📚☕️Come celebrate tomorrow morning with @mrccheney and @PavWander The theme for the week is: 🔥🔥HEATWAVE🔥🔥! 🎶 THE…
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Retweeted by 🤓 Tony Coppola 💙📚☕️ @TheDriveVoicEd Not sure how it fits in the theme, but ... you know ... 😎
@TheDriveVoicEd @teach_n_boots @Stephen_Hurley @JayWigmore @DHarrisEdS @amyvalentine555 @schnekser @alextvalencic ready #CoffeeCrew!?!👇🏼 @Mathemagician4U @EduNeverDies The guide on the side, for sure!! I’ll have to check out your document, Tom. Thanks… @SportandiAndres @katiemartinedu That’s a cool model, Andres!! I like how the student and learning is at the center… @Teacherchick27 Thanks, Jess!! We have a delta breeze that comes through so the chimes are playing quite often. Super peaceful for sure. 😊 @coachadam34 I like this idea, Adam. I’m definitely in tune with and experience what you are saying. I get “lost in… @StaffPodcast *friends @StaffPodcast This next year is going to have new and different struggles for all of us. Looking forward to figurin… @PavWander That’s a great quote, too. 😉 @PavWander You will get there, Pav!! I believe in you!! @henneld_edu Hey David!! 😁 @iLearnDSilva @ColegioFDR Hehe!! We definitely like to have fun while we learn. 😁 @Mathemagician4U @JillDuBois22 @EduNeverDies Thanks, Tom!! Still making my way around the chat. Glad you were able to make it tonight!!😊 @Tara_Desiderio @EduNeverDies You know you inspire me every time you say that!! Hehe!! 😉 @Teacherchick27 Thanks for stopping by, Jess!! 😎 @JillDuBois22 @EduNeverDies Thanks, Julian!! Good stuff tonight!!😎 @devinecrash @EduNeverDies Oh, I like this Gif!! 💯💙 @santiagoAM115 @katiemartinedu Those two books are packed with good stuff!! 😀 @PavWander @Twitter @voxer @EduNeverDies You know I love learning from you, Pav!! 💯💙 @StaffPodcast @EduNeverDies @voxer Thanks for all your support and input!! You two are rock stars for sure!! @StaffPodcast @PavWander @lportnoy Let me know when you read Black Box Thinking; I want to be part of that discussion/learning!!🙏🏼😀 @ClarissaD005 @EduNeverDies I’ll keep my eye out for sure!! Tag me if you think of it; I’ve been buried with family… @ClarissaD005 @EduNeverDies Glad you could make it tonight, Clarissa!! I hope you are enjoying your summer break!! @PavWander @StaffPodcast @lportnoy It’s one of those you read more than once. I think the two books I shared are so… @awfrench1 I know you are, Abby!! And I know your kiddos are more than thriving too!! 💯 @TraciBrowder @EduNeverDies Thanks, Traci!! @ann177345 @EduNeverDies Thanks!! Glad you could make it tonight.😊 @mmurphyBES Thanks, Michael!! @iLearnDSilva @ColegioFDR Hey Daniela, Welcome!! 😊 @TingWallace @schoolrubric Thanks for coming by, Wallace!! @mcdonald_kecia @DrFloydCobb2 @JKrownapple Cool images too!! @mcdonald_kecia @DrFloydCobb2 @JKrownapple Hey Kecia!! Hope you are well!!😎 @saldanact Crazy busy!! But hanging in there. 😊Thanks to all of our wonderful #EducationNeverDies Chat Crew who were able to make the chat tonight!! A special th… @mrccheney Self Worth is HUGE!! 💯❌💯 @angecensoplano @EduNeverDies Hey Angela, Welcome!!😊Living with and towards passion!!👇🏼 #EducationNeverDies @theedepistolary @EduNeverDies Living your passions. Yep.💯😊 @awfrench1 Hey Abby!! I hope you are enjoying your summer break!!😎Love & Belinging are foundational in our classrooms & schools!!👇🏼 #EducationNeverDies @TingWallace Love and belonging are paramount, Wallace. Couldn’t agree more!! #EducationNeverDies @Teacherchick27 @EduNeverDies @TAYLOR_does_IT Oops. 😬 Check out my new mask!! @KarlOLeary4 @EduNeverDies Yep. We’ve got to learn about our Ss & families before we can fully serve them. 💯 @Toups_J That classroom environment looks great, Jerry!! 🚀 @mexusmx Classic!! 😂🤣 @saldanact Hey Cris!! Hope you are doing well my friend!! 😀 @JoyceMatthews_ Welcome, Joyce!! That GIF!!😂🤣 @TraciBrowder @EduNeverDies Traci ... I miss you.😊 @Teacherchick27 Look at that card, Jess!! 💯Awesome!! @KarlOLeary4 @EduNeverDies As an retired keeper, love that video!! Welcome tonight!! 😊A1b) I work to focus on the highest part of Maslow’s Model in my programming. Of course, this can only be achieve… @TingWallace @schoolrubric Welcome Wallace!!😁A1a) A major part of my programming is inspired by what I call Following the Lead of My Students. In my 20+ years… @ann177345 Hi Shelli Ann!! Always a blessing to “see” you!! 😃 @mmurphyBES @BrenhamElem @mrsmurphy95 Murphy!! 😁The 2nd resource I’d like to share is the book, “Designed to Learn,” by @lportnoy. In this book, Dr. Portnoy teach… @DustinPearson2 Hey Dustin. 😊 @EmilyManning1 Hey Emily, welcome!! 😊The first resource I’d like to share is the book, “Learner-Centered Innovation,” by @katiemartinedu. In this book,… @mrccheney Home run!! 🧐🤪😃 @PavWander @StaffPodcast @TheDriveVoicEd @TonyCoppola @EduNeverDies My friend. 💙💛 @Tara_Desiderio Famaglia!!💙💯INTRO: Welcom to the 2nd chat of our Summer Shorts Series! @MrCoppola is hosting tonight!! Please introduce your…
Retweeted by 🤓 Tony Coppola 💙📚☕️Here is an image of Maslow’s Model to help refresh our memories: the lower part of the model focusses on our physio… @santiagoAM115 Sup Meza!?! 😎 @McGuireLearning @FingerprintEdu Hey Monica! Welcome!!😊What’s up #EducationNeverDies Chat Crew!?! Feels good to be back and participating in/hosting our 2nd…