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Dan Walker @mrdanwalker Writing A Book Somewhere

TV bloke who is currently writing a book called ‘Remarkable People’ - out on October 29th. Info & pre-order here👇🏻

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I hope you’re having a cracking Sunday good people of the twittersphere reason to admire @rogerfederer. Gets asked for accreditation... waits patiently 👏🏻 @pmg08 @chrishoy @JWWads2011 @HOYbikes Evans cycles 👍🏻 @pmg08 @chrishoy @JWWads2011 @HOYbikes Hello. Ours is also 11 and that is a 26 inch wheel one. There is a 24 but th…
@chrishoy @JWWads2011 @HOYbikes We have made out fair share of mistakes with poor purchases in the past 😂🤪 This lit… @JWWads2011 @chrishoy @HOYbikes Hey boss. They are expensive - correct - but we have bought 3 and sold them on for… @chrishoy @HOYbikes We’ve been moving up through the Hoy bikes models with our kids. They are great machines 👏🏻Test cricket 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 What a quality battle #ENGvsPAKCRICKET!!!! #ENGvPAK @AndreaEllaway @BBCBreakfast Great to hear. I got an email from Lee and passed it on to the team at breakfast. Glad…
Beat Real Madrid home and away #MCIRMA all the 5 yard crisp passing... City score a HUGE goal via a big hoik forward from Rodri and a beautiful nudge from Jesus 👏🏻 #MCIRMASome serious talent. Who are you going for? that London is... RIDICULOHOT 🥵 Watch says 35 degrees Body says boil in the bag @bglendenning @DineshDSouza @Polymathically What colour? Thigh-dye? @bglendenning @DineshDSouza @Polymathically 👍🏻😂😂 I’ll get you a gift to make up for it. I’m popping out to Thigh-Rack today 👔😬What a day that was... and what a series 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 @DineshDSouza @Polymathically It really isn’t. If you called it ‘Thighland’ in England every single person would sa… think I would have chosen somewhere else on the range 😬
@ChefTomKerridge Hey fella. Have you done a book for your barbecue series on Good Food?Come on... you know you want to 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 @JasonManford Same here #FamilyWagon 👏🏻
Brooks Koepka is 76 under par in the majors since 2016! The next best is Jordan Spieth at 25 under par. Wowsers!…
6 years! Unbelievable. a bit sorry for Brentford after such a great season. Well played Fulham. See you in the PL next season 👍🏻Horrific. I really hope it isn’t as devastating as it looks. really is a fascinating conversation. I’m on my 5th viewing... @RickShielsPGA “It’s all about tempo” @BBCJonSopel @realDonaldTrump 🤔Not sure about ‘most athletic’ but this is a mightily impressive combination of poise & technique. Also makes me wa… @blandsteve All about the @MotocaddyGolf big manThis is wonderful
@Dee_the_Saint Started in 1890 apparentlyWhen you remove an old built-in wardrobe and you discover the previous owners had some natty colour schemes 👌🏻 Foun… yourself a slice of the Monsal Trail #SchoolHolidays #Staycation slayed the #MonsalTrail today. What a brilliant place. The kids love those tunnels @Hassopstation @monsaltrail news. Tony was such a lovely bloke and part of the tv furniture in the north west. Much love to his family. @Dani_MasDyer 😂 You saw my ‘shapes’ on Kilimanjaro. The nation isn’t ready for it ❌🕺🏻❌🤣🤣🤣 suppose we should be thankful they spelt their names correctly 😳 If they’d known about @MattFitz94’s 5 wins and L… @Steve_Crossman Well done Steve. I hope it has helped to share this too.
@JackhollowsJack Thanks Jack. God bless you 🤗😂 @DEANHDAVID @justcolin1975 A few years ago I asked LVG about his future at Manchester United after the FA cup final… was socially distanced, there were face coverings, screens and no singing but - after 4 months of virtual servic… @justcolin1975 Hey boss. I know where you are coming from but it was my job to ask. I would not have got any more t… it a draw? 😂 was a real pleasure to speak to the @Arsenal goalkeeper @emimartinezz1 both before and after the #FACupFinal yes…
@rhysjamesy @marksmithstuff “What are they feeding you?”Just look how much the FA Cup win means to Arsenal keeper Emiliano Martinez 👏 #facupfinal #bbcfacup
Retweeted by Dan Walker @rhysjamesy @marksmithstuff Enjoying how angry this is making people. Purposefully produced the worst Joey impression in history 😂 @boydhilton Thanks fella. Arteta seemed quite confident you can hold on to PEA. Big win today.Thanks for watching. Congratulations Arsenal. Aubameyang the match winner... again. Everything that could have gone… @Sidneykidney4 Hi Sid. Game was 12 minutes longer than expected, we were running 9 minutes longer than scheduled an… was clearly too emotional to talk. Shows you what it means #FACupFinal have played in 15% of all FA Cup finals. They’ve now won 14 of them #FACupFinalObviously straight reds on the Chelsea bench at the second yellow for Kovacic. For those asking, it wasn’t checked by VAR because… class from Aubameyang. Arsenal take the lead and Arteta leaps about 5ft in the air #FACupFinalArteta questioning the 4th official as to why it wasn’t a red card for Azpilicueta. If the challenge had been outsi… have been inspired by the Joey impression 😂😳😂 #ItWasMeantToBeRubbish #FACupFinal to hear Abide With Me sung in an empty Wembley. Little ripple of applause at the end from a sparsely popula… @liamblyth @BBCBreakfast @BBCFrediani 😂😂😂It wasn’t me... it was Joey from Friends 😂😂😂 started on August 9th 2019 with 736 teams... today we are down to 2. It’s @Arsenal v @ChelseaFC live on BBC1 &…'s a massive game for Arsenal today in more reasons than one... Here's why: #FACupFinal #bbcfootball #FACup #AFC
Retweeted by Dan Walker @TVNaga01 People 😳🤪Arsenal players have gone for suits, Chelsea players are track suited for the #FACupFinal pitch walk @BBCSport @BBCMOTD Nice picture :) @Chris_Stark Get me a helicopter 🚁Nobody... the winning captain will pick it up off a table on the pitch #FACupFinal @jsoverend @LouLouSutton @5liveSport We will miss her on #FootballFocus but she’ll be great at @bbc5live 👏🏻👏🏻Thanks so much for watching #FootballFocus this season. It’s been the longest one we’ve ever done but it’s been gre… @BillyBondsStand Thanks for the correction. All British. Glad you enjoyed it. @CharlieFitzh @BBC @ChelseaFC You what? Were you watching the same show? 😂😂😂The lines at Wembley are being painted ready for the #FACupFinal #FootballFocus have a packed #FootballFocus coming your way from midday. @AlexScott & @DionDublinsDube are ready for action. It…’ll try and send you off in style's this and much more #FACupFinal build-up today on Football Focus 👍 Join @mrdanwalker, @AlexScott and…
Retweeted by Dan WalkerEarly warning... @elisjames & @nomadicrevery feature on the end of season best bits of #FootballFocus today 😂🚑😂 #GroinTremendous 😂 way Hector Bellerin says "suited and booted" is reason enough to watch #FACupFinal day Football Focus! Join…
Retweeted by Dan WalkerSuns up over @wembleystadium on @FACupFinal day @Arsenal vs @ChelseaFC but as the world watches on there will be no…
Retweeted by Dan Walker
Help Sheffield Children's win £100,000! Please vote for The Children's Hospital Charity by clicking here…
Retweeted by Dan WalkerStruggling to get me head around the Sheffield Wednesday decision - points to be deducted next season. I smell a le… @StephStephi62 Hi Steph. It’s my job to cover the game and present Football Focus before hand. Very privileged to d… @richpinner1971 Sorry Richard. It wasn’t meant like that at all. Hope you enjoy the game tomorrow.Off to WembleyAnyone know what happens to the snooker fans who are currently sitting in the crucible? #HandsFaceSpaceProfessor Chris Whitty with the key quote suggesting we have “reached the limits of opening up society”. The Chief…
@tracyjaneBaker Good idea. I’ve written most of it now. Just checking and rewriting. @MatthewSilk9 Hold on... I’ll just add it up for you... nothing plus nothing is... £0 🤪😂 @yernaninakettle You win on both counts 👏🏻😂 @Greyingbeard79 😂😂😂I sent the first few finished chapters of my book to the publishers last night. It felt like a big moment. Today we…
@William17247658 Hey there William Bunchofnumbers 👋🏻 I hope you’re having a lovely day 😂Top stat of the season: how many points did both sides pick up after that 9-0 in October 2019? Leicester: 42 Southa…