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@BarstoolChief @chorizy Javon Wims was wide open but BDN went limp @scozei @chorizy lol!! Rams stopped trying to score @barstoolcarl that's how he keeps his edgeSheesh!!!Need a Johnny Hekker to shank one hereBears D!!! coverage sack at the goal line down 21.....fucking beautiful @Jason1Goff @HashTagWhiteSox blocked field goal that turned it ALL AROUND... @cth71 @chorizy ugh! @chorizy I need to bet a few of those next weekend.....see how quick I can deplete my balanceThis seems to be going really well.... we need right here is a hand off to Patterson for a loss of 3. Perfect Nagy play call
Retweeted by BeefLoaf 🥩 @KingMac1129 @KenWo4LiFe Fred Sanford gif are for the people @Afrikan_Viking Maybe Ryan Pace will trade for some starting pitching at the deadlineWorst 5-2 team ever? @House_423 Yea, that was rough @MrDelicious13 the Bears playbook was leaked online
Retweeted by BeefLoaf 🥩 for the #Bears to activate pass interference offense @thisdanstevens lol @EddieBarstool lol...he looked like he was having brunch, sitting on the benchSince I already voted, I should be allowed to skip these political commercialsRams punting game is tightNeeded Mike Brown out there to scoop up that fumble @TheInfamousMarv 😂🤣😂A nice half-time treat the rush of information and analytics that has sprung forth in all sports over the last 20 years how the hell…
Retweeted by BeefLoaf 🥩The Bears should use a timeout on defense, give them an extra 90 seconds of halftime rest.What we need right here is a hand off to Patterson for a loss of 3. Perfect Nagy play call @CJSixWords He's probably recording more "music" lol @Frank_The_K D already tired af with this paceIf I had a dollar for every time.....never mind @MrDelicious13 @MailmanJack65 @_AlohaMrHand @SouthsideZo I'm not sure your "War and Peace" joke fell on deaf ears.…
Retweeted by BeefLoaf 🥩 @KFidds @MailmanJack65 @_AlohaMrHand @SouthsideZo lmfao!!! fucking typical in my householdSteve Levy is very excitable when the play clock gets low @SouthsideZo @MailmanJack65 @_AlohaMrHand @KFidds I'm sorry, @_AlohaMrHand calling me "MeatLoaf" got me fired up @House_423 Classic! @MailmanJack65 @_AlohaMrHand @KFidds @SouthsideZo #BrothersInShots #108ing #BearDown Kmet looking like prime Cap Boso!!!nice play by Cole Kmet! @Annkoz5 shit!! Wtf was that???HEY ESPN, PLEASE LEAVE THE BABY YODA OUTTA MY SPORTS!!! @SoxNerd lol!! I love those commercials! @markmorow @markmorow I'm shy....check my only fans page in my profile. @HaHaBennyBlades lol!I just ate 2 Reese's Peanut Butter cups and 1 mini Almond Joy, feels like I could go on a candy eating rampage tonight've spent less on lattes and avocado toast imo
Retweeted by BeefLoaf 🥩 @DannyJConrad @DogWalkBarstool lol!! The "Burrata Gang" that does strike fear to the heart
@barstoolWSD @skellteam6 @JamesFox917 @stevestone Both of them... @TonyDaMimbo @TonyDaMimbo lmfao!! Paulie Walnuts in a baseball uniform would be ridiculous....he'd have to sit the cap on the t… @kimcheesal lol!! The fact that I didn't trade for Bundy, nor @chorizy for Cueto in our Off-Season plans makes you…’re going to make a HUGE splash on the free agent pitching market this winter! Who should our primary target be?…
Retweeted by BeefLoaf 🥩 @kimcheesal yea, I think Stoney brought that idea up on the broadcast and then someone asked about it on the… @Sleepy_Harold_ @Dzikhead @soxmachine_josh Not really......although I do miss the OTB that was right above it on the 2nd floor, now that was a seedy place. @soxmachine_josh thank you. sheesh they are dragging their feet, don't they know some of us are hurting out here!?!?!? @bwrchicago @Aussiesoxfan 🤣😂🤣 @KenWo4LiFe lol!! He should've challenged you to a fart off to prove who did it..... OLine... take notes
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Retweeted by BeefLoaf 🥩 @barstoolWSD @barstoolchicago @DannyJConrad Yea, I read the blog, that's why I said "ALMOST"...haha..but that is gr… @barstoolWSD Which member of the @barstoolchicago team most wants to kick your ass right now for almost infecting t… @dhammer312 lmfao!! thank you!!#WuTangIsForever sign in Top Notch Tattoo in downtown Elgin. #morningwalk
Retweeted by BeefLoaf 🥩 @Mookie1119 haha!! that's the way to live a good life, dgaf what everyone else thinks... @Mookie1119 I was legit thinking about doing this too.....get the tree up before Halloween....fuck it!! Nice job! @pitsshady @fromthe108 A+ @JoeC2879 bet your ass it is!! @DSnyds14 @kyyle23 lolThis feels like a "drink coffee all day until the #Bears game starts" kinda dayMax Muncy was a scrap head FA, dats what I'd like our fearless GM to Max Muncy or in my own words, his…
Retweeted by BeefLoaf 🥩BIG GAME TONIGHT!!! Need to get down!?!?!?! Check out this blog post PROMO CODE: 108ing And join the 108ers at… @fromthe108 Not sure why people would want to buy Illini shirts for the bears game but I hope you sell a lot of the…
Retweeted by BeefLoaf 🥩With the #Bears bout to kick the Rams ass on MNF tonight, how's about hitting up the 108 store and grabbing our "Or…
Retweeted by BeefLoaf 🥩NEW!!! I wish for a certain kind of success for our fearless GM #WhiteSox #108ing #Bears
Retweeted by BeefLoaf 🥩 just 1 game away...As we head into the winter months, the toughest winter I’d assume most of us have endured, I want to remind us all…
Retweeted by BeefLoaf 🥩 @kimcheesal @kimcheesal Good call....I'll add it to our list of stuff to tackle during the off-season. @kimcheesal We r doin #3Things on Thursday & I am worried, they'd announce it before we do that & make it weird tha… @BobbyBrownEye5 lol @KingMac1129 Not particularly..... @House_423 yea, McCann was a good one!!Max Muncy was a scrap head FA, dats what I'd like our fearless GM to Max Muncy or in my own words, his… Muncy imo“Why is he on 3rd base, Todd??” “I DON’T KNOW, MARGOT!!” @moderndaygrswld
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