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can't make this stuff up
Retweeted by Stan. @ElenaPewtress Grilled.What’s a race tribunal? Laura Inghram is a pathological joke can’t believe people take her seriously
Retweeted by Stan.Reopening schools should be the last thing parents have to worry about during this tough times. It’s hard to fathom… @yashar @nypost are mad that it was disclosed than be investigating how big businesses got the aid meant for small businesses 😒 it’s me that needs to give up plastic never get on a plane save water turn my lights off only buy second hand e…
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@XXL Fuck these mfsJews, Somalia and Noam Chomsky trending all together is never a good sign..Kylie used white color font over a light background, color m no expert but you don’t just do that, it doesn’t come… @PhillyD hello @ps4irondrift_ @TheOminousBlade @TheMysterZ @HotWalkerScott @theodd1sout Or the elevator @kylegriffin1 @yashar didn’t see that coming Bolsanaro tests positive for COVID 19 ellen d in a better place now 🥺❤️
Target is the new walmart lmaoI’ve been watching PBS Art class videos one after the other and I can’t stop. Very informative, and articulate @artassignment 😊
Brian Schatz just shut up Shaun King @VinMan17 I’d support doof over him @yashar OH MY GOD 😣 Someone walks into your house and starts smearing shit all over the walls, you tell them to st… @yseultofficiel 🥺❤️ @Jake_Vig c’est personnes blanc
Amanda @luvu2golka is so genuine with everything she talks about and it shows. I’m glad Lindsay was able to get her…
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Boeing should spend more time firing executives involved in the 737 Max debacle and those who ruined a great Americ…
Retweeted by Stan.We need to support our artists ❤️
@rudy_betrayed's the most common thing said in your #MicrosoftTeams meetings? Vote ⬇️
Retweeted by Stan.When #AllLivesMatters is trending for the 20th time within the same month just how much the camera shakes gives me anxiety lmao
The new iPhones won’t ship with a charger I can’t wait to see how Apple Bullshits their way outta this one folksthis is big, the first direct quote from the virus.
Retweeted by Stan.These gender reveal parties are getting out of hand
Retweeted by Stan.Shane Dawson didn’t just write a “support” message for himself from his cats accountRoses are red, money is green,
Retweeted by Stan. @JesseFeller91 Please raise your standards of what you call journalism. He’s a joke! It may be entertaining but it’… Cuomo is a joke of a journalist. When he should be questioning the governor of New York, he was busy cosying… @Mediaite Amazing how basic science is a partisan issue in this country
@atdanwhite that’s a lot of emailsA group of experts knowwhat they are talking about Rand Paul you on the other hand are king of shitGovernor DeSantis knowingly chose the words of the president over the experts. He should know that he does not serv…
boses be like, “I know a spot” and then bring you here two New Yorks on display today.
Retweeted by Stan. @adultswim @BaseballBrit Jesus Christ i saw this while I was in bed I can say for sure that I’m totally awakeWow an organization filled with white people from editorial to management is racist???! Who would’ve seen that coming.. BarstoolWhy do Chase Rice fans act like they have free healthcare?The @nytimes found at least 70 people died in law enforcement custody after saying “I can’t breathe.” The majority…
Retweeted by Stan. @ProjectLincoln @joemcadam @atdanwhite Guarding racismme being told white women being to do laundry asked to wear a mask when i was 13…
Retweeted by Stan.Amanda seales is so despicable omg
This is the first year I’m not going to Fiji because of COVID-19. 🥺 Normally, I do not go because I am poor.
Retweeted by Stan.Using TaskRabbit and Venmo, a Silicon Valley investor and his business partner had workers repackage non-medical KN…
Retweeted by Stan. @guns123 life before autocorrect ^ @thomasfewings @Number10cat We like to be optimistic @CNN guess her folks didn’t want her home... lmao
Autocorrect is being a pain in the as lately and I can’t even ducking curse at it properly @Number10cat District of ColumbiaTrisha Paytas talking about accountability is like Mark Zukerberg talking about privacy. Same energy.
@TheAVClub “Monkey Christ” sounds about right what a Darwin would sayMike Pence needs a reality check. A plain Google search would suffice. Honestly! Real people are suffering because… walked in that mf and said “hear ye hear ye, UNHAND thy currency😭"
Retweeted by Stan.Microsoft stores are shutting down for better or for worst, I’m thinking about their employees and their family. @Number10cat Every timeThe biggest irony of Biden saying 120 million Americans died due to coronavirus is that Trump correcting him only a… a simple explaination to all those who don’t want ot read pages after pages of legislation, Obamacare aka Af…
@TonyBeast1957 ohbhamaghetui’m giving fox news 3 days to announce manny from diary of a wimpy kid as an antifa terrorist symbol
Retweeted by Stan.Okay so if Kristen Bell isn’t voicing Molly, can Molly not have peanut allergy?? 😭😭 #CentralParkCat Twitter we need ya @BitchestheCat @Number10cat @iammoshow @OutwoodsCat
How far are we from the day Shaun King declares himself as black?
The sheer incompetence of the executive is monumental! THIS IS INSANITY IN PLAIN SIGHT! H-1B’s with this guy and grabbing stuff? @ProjectLincoln to Sign Order Suspending Many Foreign Work Visas The sheer incompetence of the executive is monumental! THI… Sur #WWDC @MKBHD I dunno man, looks childishBig Sur lmao sounds like a something you could get a over the counter pill for #WWDC2020we have reached phase 4 of pretending the pandemic is overWhat did y’all do now? “Chernobyl”
@johncusack @kenolin1 Maniacwhat a magnificent plot twist... I’m sure Shonda is writing this. #TrumpsCoronavirusRally this doesn’t make you mad I don’t know what will
Retweeted by Stan.i wish microsoft names their search engine “Edge” would be so cool saying “I edged Nathaniel Hawthorne” @OutwoodsCat 🐌🥺😍Holy cow! the Attotney general just tried to stifle an ongoing investigation into the executive #SDNY @Skoog cursed comments @NewYorker didn’t his folks encourage “sacrificing” the old to “save” the economy just a few months ago.
Gotta love Jim Acosta, the press secretary repeatedly tried to make him refer to CNN in first person but the level…’s a mf named hurricane Chris??informative and emotional, great episode on #Juneteenth Thank you Dr Daina Berry, @mikiebarb for this lesson 💯 👍🏻A tv show could make a more genuine looking CNN headline than the POTUS Manipulated Media 😪
For all those wondering, this is my son Nestor. We share no blood but he is my life. He came from Cuba (legally, o… @AIRSTEVEJOBS I swear watching white people do all this makes me cringe so hardToday is a day of victory for everyone. Kids who came to America, don’t know another home, they were raised AMERICA…’m boycotting Taco Bell you can take your chalupas you ain’t getting my business #RIPTacoBell“Beethoven was black” The hood reacts
@Independent Fuck these people..... I feel really sorry for her kid what they must now live with for the rest of their livesProsecutor: Officers stood on Rayshard Brooks' shoulder, kicked him while he lay on the ground struggling for life
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