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Award losing non creative junior developer. May have something to do with @threejs_org.

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Samplr for Touchbar. Audio sampler and musical instrument for the MacBook Touch Bar. Download it here:…
Retweeted by Mr.doob @Biernacki Wow! @thiskilder Excellent production work! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ @michaelhazani @threejs_org It used to be .distanceToManhattan 😁 @alexanderdanilo In all browsers?
강아지 κ±·λŠ” μžμ„Έ 탐라에 λ°•μ œ
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@0xca0a @lewy_blue @edankwan Don't you run out of uniforms when composing big postprocessing shaders? IOS used to n… @0xca0a Yep! Thank you! It always felt weird but I never got to think about it. Makes it much more powerful πŸ‘Œ @Pat_Hg @nicolas_rek Hi πŸ‘‹ Excellent is always! πŸ˜€Hello πŸ‘‹ Take a look to my new portfolio designed by @nicolas_rek ❀️ ↳ #portfolio #threejs…
Retweeted by Mr.doob @0xca0a Nice! This would be like defining the ambient color term in the post filter right? /me adds to the TODO list
@Daganev @Harald3DCV @threejs_org @aframevr Correct πŸ‘ @Daganev @Harald3DCV @threejs_org @aframevr Can you rephrase my concerns just to make sure you understood where I'm coming from? @Daganev @Harald3DCV @threejs_org @aframevr What do you think of my concerns? Is that something you empathise with? @Daganev @Harald3DCV @threejs_org @aframevr I respect your opinion. @Harald3DCV @Daganev @threejs_org @aframevr Yes, that'd be better. But, again, tests are not going to solve the pr… @Harald3DCV @Daganev @threejs_org @aframevr The less cognitive load the better.
@evanwallace 😍 @maxweisel @benz145 @thedak @ID_AA_Carmack It's nice to see he changed his mind though. @maxweisel @benz145 @thedak Very little investment by big corporations. @ID_AA_Carmack's comments about WebGL and… @Harald3DCV @Daganev @threejs_org @aframevr I want to encourage people to focus on making projects that make others… @Harald3DCV @Daganev @threejs_org @aframevr I understand what you are saying but I don't think you understand what I'm saying. @jonofyi @Daganev @Harald3DCV @threejs_org @aframevr We don't have a robustness problem. We have a problem of code that does… @DonKramerATL Haha. I'd be curious to see πŸ€“ @GMikelenas @dalmaer #Unreal2010 @as3gamegears @deadlocked_d Appreciate the offer! I feel like it's too early for adding that to the project though πŸ€”
Even change logs ✊ @evanwallace Ah, I thought you were using Linux. I was going to suggest Epiphany Technology Preview. @evanwallace What OS do you use? @bobbydigitales @alteredq Hmm... Maybe I'll actually *use* the tool and I'll create some demos/videos next πŸ˜€Fixed! @bobbydigitales @alteredq I think that did the trick! πŸ˜€ @yasincelik @aquarian Yep. That sure has been a influence over the years. @alteredq I'll give it a try πŸ™
@deadlocked_d Ah, wouldn't want to commit to Frame.js editor much... I know people will ask for importing videos in no time. @bai0 Niiice! @smfr @rsms @jensimmons And here: @felixturner Thanks! @bobbydigitales Need to take a break from API design from time to time πŸ€“ @fernandojsg three.rust.worker.wasm! @felixturner This one took half an hour to render? I have not done offline rendering for decades so I didn't know i… @thespite @DasSurma @tamat Yes @floppleton No audio... @DasSurma @thespite @tamat Can I add a mp3 to the stream? @tamat I've looked at the API... I'd rather go with the wasm approach for a change. @thespite @tamat Also, I guess it's not implemented in Safari? @Zavie @aquarian @EdisonDemoparty Tempting! πŸ€“ @tamat As far as I understand, MediaRecording is like rendering an After Effects video using Quicktime Screen Recording. @jonofyi My thought exactly 😁 @mrmaxm I think so. It takes a long time though. So far I have not ran out of memory.Hmm... The audio got lost... πŸ€”Another test. Rendered directly from @deadlocked_d For the editor? @roschler I'm not a game developer πŸ˜•This was the first render test: @arnputz @80Level @ErenKatsukagi @ShaderBits Not that I know of..Last weekend I learnt about ffmpeg.wasm. Turns out we can now generate videos without leaving the browser πŸ€©β€¦ @PabloRochat That's an expensive animation.. @_baku89 Don't worry, they are still dealing with "Gimp" 😁 @awesomekling @synth_ruiner Thanks to you, his effort writing that comment is not completely wasted :^) @brillhart My mother asked why there was a fly screen? Took me a while to understand she was referring to the screen door effect. @lewy_blue @donrmccurdy @0xca0a @rachelnabors @mironcatalin @expo @reactnative I've pending a proper conversion to… @lewy_blue @donrmccurdy @0xca0a @rachelnabors @mironcatalin @expo @reactnative I saw them being done and I reviewed them one by one πŸ˜‰
@ScieCode @MoldyMagnet @romainguy @donrmccurdy @threejs_org @WestLangley_ The idea is to have color inputs match "H… @MoldyMagnet @romainguy @donrmccurdy @threejs_org @WestLangley_ *Resists the urge of mocking confusing Maya UI* @romainguy @MoldyMagnet @donrmccurdy @threejs_org @WestLangley_ Yes. Also, 99% of users would probably not have to… @romainguy @donrmccurdy @threejs_org @WestLangley_ Ah! Okay, I'll proceed with that. Thanks! πŸ™ @romainguy @donrmccurdy @threejs_org @WestLangley_ What about... color.colorSpace = THREE.NoColorSpace; // Linear πŸ€” @donrmccurdy @0xca0a @rachelnabors @mironcatalin @expo @reactnative If I remember correctly, these were done in Maya. @blackpawn @opengl Happy #OpenGLDay Jim! πŸ™ŒThere are holidays for all kinds of things so why not graphics APIs? Happy #OpenGLDay graphics friends! @OpenGL is…
Retweeted by Mr.doobI'm delighted to introduce my new site! From today, I will be moving away from my alter ego Jocabola. However, this…
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@alteredq @won3d @m_schuetz @Tojiro No recollection of doing that 😁
@alteredq @won3d @m_schuetz @Tojiro I came up with that? Oh man, my brain is fried 😁 @Tojiro 😁😁😁 @ramonmva @aquarian Jaja! SΓ­ que es un poco HAL 9000 sΓ­ 😁 @mfnickster @swing_cpt Correct @MagnitudoOrg Love that solution! It also allows showing the selected one with outline πŸ‘Œ @MagnitudoOrg Haha! Will do! Well, depends on emoji colors. @Elyx0 Midi file πŸ€“It ran at 60fps on a Nexus 5 at the time. I should try it in VR now πŸ€”Found this unfinished video in a hard drive somewhere. Music by @aquarian @addyosmani @sarah_edo @JoshWComeau @threejs_org I will reach out πŸ€“ @sofianhnaide It's because people were high πŸ₯
@plasmarob Can't wait to see these three lines πŸ‘ @zelimirfedoran @Oneminusalpha My pleasure! πŸ˜€ @zelimirfedoran @Oneminusalpha Yep! @haeric @sarah_edo @addyosmani @JoshWComeau @threejs_org @Matterport 100 of these views are me moving around apartments in SF 😁 @Natzke @lennyjpg @sarah_edo @addyosmani @JoshWComeau @threejs_org /me adds Google Analytics to three.min.js 😈 @sarah_edo @addyosmani @JoshWComeau @threejs_org Thanks for the kind words πŸ™ @sarah_edo @addyosmani @JoshWComeau "IMO, just because it is harder to measure, doesn't mean it isn't impactful" T… @mori4you @alteredq I'm afraid you are missing the point. @mori4you @alteredq It's also in Space πŸš€ @Oneminusalpha Netscape saw it coming! @d__strukt @Oneminusalpha If the shaders don't compile they show an animated gif instead 😁 @technobaboo @michaelhazani @LiamBroza It'll happen. It's just that there were other priorities... @FredrickAven That tornado at the end though..!! @jordi_ros πŸ‘Œ