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obSESSED with this sequence about the camera as a tool of arousal, which completely obscures the naked woman in fav…
Retweeted by eric, at homeI found JU-ON: ORIGINS to be deeply unsettling and difficult to watch. It's likely to be extremely triggering to an…"In The Grip of Powerful Rage" — on rape-revenge and on-screen trauma in Netflix's new Grudge prequel series, JU-ON… that said @KillerFilms and was like “Hmmm, that’s unusual, but I’m intrigued!” @kvpi image is so chilling to me. How can you go out for a meal, sit there with no mask on, see that this is the per…
Retweeted by eric, at homeI don't think I've ever seen Ellen Barkin with this much hair when i tweet in the shower what is this hat!!!! with this sequence about the camera as a tool of arousal, which completely obscures the naked woman in fav… @FionaUnderhill I think this is only #21 for me somehow!I’ve been slacking on my mission to watch Paul Newman’s filmography, so I’m #NowWatching HARRY & SON (1984), which… @hwatysehun Wasn’t she like 21 here we're gonna miss out on Halloween being on a Saturday......omg if we miss out on Halloween being on a Saturday..............Netflix's new reboot of Unsolved Mysteries hopes to use true-crime fandom for good. But given how the genre has shi… Public Health told us we’re hitting 1 in 70 Angelenos having coronavirus this week, Eric. How the fuck is that n…
Retweeted by eric, at home @JonMcLaughlin Can’t wait for your new song 7UP SOFTDRINK!
Facebook's Advertising wing... really killing it these days! many things about this are enraging, starting with the fact that this is how we've lost control of Covid-19 and…
Retweeted by eric, at homeJoined Scribd because I don’t know what I did with my copy of MEN, WOMEN, AND CHAIN SAWS. I *will* finish this JU-…"Who do you blame for Trump's rise to power?"
Retweeted by eric, at home @thecinemadoctor I thought you meant Toby Mac the white Christian rapper and was even more confused. @thecinemadoctor what is a cardroomWe now have a very visible indicator of just how many people go through life willing to say, literally *to your fac… the mistake of looking at the comments on an article about Pennsylvania mandating masks in public spaces. The… @GaylyDreadful Thank you for everything you do!!HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ and Seattle police today:
Retweeted by eric, at home @TheGregoryE Full re-closure 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼“THEY NEVER BRIEFED ME!” “THEY TOTALLY JUST TOLD ME THEY NEVER BRIEFED ME!” “ok I have now been briefed on the fa… all these "zero censorship" sites discover what people actually do if left unattended online will never no…
Retweeted by eric, at home @RottenInDenmark VigilantCitizen is still around!? I know that site primarily from its dissections of Gaga/Rihanna/… @mnrmg so that I can think about them in bed? lol no thanksTucker Carlson only blinked one time in these 52 seconds. be like “I Know A Place” and then perform one of the best, most cathartic pop songs of the Trump era.…
Retweeted by eric, at homeanyone who thinks "nobody actually thinks smashing random windows is good politics" is an accurate assessment of ci…
Retweeted by eric, at home @tomhardly W.H.A.T. @cinementalist And he’s never bothered playing against type even once afaik, unlike your Sandlers and your StillersI’m open about it: I don’t tolerate intolerance, which is what modern conservatism boils down to, so... 🤷🏻‍♂️ @simoncurtis But do you listen to the Manifestos too, is the question
How many words of have I written of my JU-ON: ORIGINS review despite mulling it over for a week, trying to find a w… @poppysdaddi And he's just hiding every single reply telling him what a ridiculous tweet this is... 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴trying to get around the ratio by deleting the original tweet and just tweeting it all over again... 🥴 reboot of #UnsolvedMysteries hits Netflix tomorrow! Check out my review here, a consideration of whether there'… my #1 movie of the year so far, handily, is Pablo Larrain's EMA. As @TheOrionHunter said, I would have watched… THE LODGE. Saw this last year and saw it again in theaters the second it was wide-released. Was worried it would… DA 5 BLOODS. An epic in every sense of the word that excavates and reclaims the idea of American tragedy as spec… CIRCUS OF BOOKS. A vital document of a gay history nearly lost to time and the pressures of capitalism. Fun, fun… CLIMATE OF THE HUNTER. A witty, high-camp, impossibly-glamorous domestic-horror melodrama about vampires. (Maybe… THE BEACH HOUSE. A brilliantly-unsettling, constantly-mutating horror film that moves seamlessly between eerily… THE INVISIBLE MAN. One of my favorite movie monsters, updated for the modern age. Saw it in theaters twice and w… JUMBO. Noémie Merlant falls in love with an amusement park ride, proving that PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE was no… DISCLOSURE. A crucial, kaleidoscopic look at trans representation on screen throughout history. A fascinating lo… UNDERWATER. Seeing this movie in the theater knowing nothing but "Kristen Stewart is underwater" was a real tre…'s an end-of-June tradition! Here are my Top 10 favorite movies of the year so far, roughly in order but not necessarily.Wait what does he think an absentee ballot is @crayolaawonderr Standalone horror movies (except for ‘Pooka’ and ‘Pooka Lives!’), each themed around a holiday. Yo…🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ @KevinLFerguson @thecinemadoctor That’s a weird one.YES YES YES!! #Disclosure watching DISCLOSURE and the first two clips are SENSE8 and THE OA and I’m emotional already.
@RottenInDenmark You know who ELSE slept with lots of women, many of whom were too young? Donald Trump. Therefore h… @sodapopandpunk Yay!! Link, by any chance?Given how quickly we pivot to attacking our own any time the right does anything evil, she’s probably right., EXTREMELY WICKED, SHOCKINGLY EVIL AND VILE uses Zac Efron’s heartthrob image to make Ted Bundy’s thrilli… thing to come to mind was Penn Badgley in YOU, a performance that absolutely relies on knowing him from GOSSI… hard for men to argue that masks make them look stupid when chris pine is giving off this energy in a mask
Retweeted by eric, at home*Gaga A-YO voice* Heeeeere we go! starting early on both coasts today!! Bay Area vs NYC. are the fireworks starting before 10am today in LA... @ntonjerray Here too wtf @oldfilmsflicker Omg I thought I was going crazy I mean, I am, but at least I’m not hallucinatingAnd that’s what you missed on Glee!'d have thought the primary use of the reply restriction feature would be to disseminate misinformation
Retweeted by eric, at home @TyleKurner Too real!! @eeikuobaj the way I immediately understood that without even thinking about itDetroit Police Department drove into 10-12 protesters including myself. Multiple people are going to the hospital.…
Retweeted by eric, at home @chriismolina Oh yes, alwaysA motorcycle just drove past, revving so loudly as it went that it set off multiple car alarms in its wake to have contributed an article to @GaylyDreadful for this fundraiser! Still time to donate if you are able!… THIS OUT: Brian, Tricia and Brady Hurt were fishing in Northern Wisconsin when they spotted this bear with a…
Retweeted by eric, at home @henryevil Same... I mean, not directly because of that, but that's pretty much what I'll be doing between now and then anyway.Conservatives tweeting about making accounts on Parler @noabournexo right, like she deserves the dragging sure, but surely there are more pressing, more deserving people at this moment? hahaWhy did everyone spontaneously decide to drag Lena Dunham over a 2017 article about a show that premiered in 2012?…
@derektbh_ @whereisMUNA Saaaame, I think I cried. You can tell in that video, it was so euphoric live... I saw them… police are hitting and arresting people from @queermarch by Washington square
Retweeted by eric, at homeBreaking! @GavinNewsom orders bars closed in Los Angeles and 6 other counties
Retweeted by eric, at home @breezybaldwin @whereisMUNA Meeee too. I had a great 2019 overall (esp compared to this year 🙄) but their concert p… be like “I Know A Place” and then perform one of the best, most cathartic pop songs of the Trump era.… in “liberal” Los Angeles....
Retweeted by eric, at homePhew, finally an interview with a media studies person who studies COPS, half an hour into the show! to Running From COPS, a podcast about the TV show COPS. The performative ~whAaT, wE’rE taking reality TV… @BET @airwickus #AirWickBETScentYourSpace + #Giveaway @thecinemadoctor @DanStadnik @ScottWamplerBMD Yeah you haven’t even really met Dan Stevens at that point, he’s phenomenal @bygrantjacobs 💀💀💀💀