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MrFury @MrFuryRevenge New York, NY

21 ☆彡 @TheMob ~ I Build PCs ~ DM Me to have me Build You a PC $richyyC

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@Whyte_Fang Meow @fluctraa LMAO @Froste and Courage! @bugkrusher 👀 lol text me
@Ceice 30 seconds if you format @xoxabstract Try being a D1 athlete @xoxabstract if i wasn't on scholarship i would've dropped out. So stoopid. @HarryButAverage whats your next account? @Boy1drr @lexieyuh :) @HarryButAverage @rickyreapers @lexieyuh Sent @lexieyuh 👀 @dracubina nothing gets your heartrate higher, then sliding inches away from a telephone poll praying for traction. @lyssiu secure your bag @Doc_Gore Velkase is smallest PC that fits GPU in world, and some other small Itx SFF options. Could always disguis… @Doc_Gore I can help with building a Tiny portable PC, and having an invoice with financing. Not sure what else I could recommend. @Dexerto Rumors say C.E.O @Froste brokered the deal and won the CDL spot in a Poker game. @LittleMissFURY @TheSmithPlays 👀 @Froste Who Gunna tell him... @ashbuni Get an IPS panel. Do not buy a TN panel if you care about your work @JERMAlNE So sick! @Class @Froste @Froste @Froste @Froste @Laaur Happy anniversary to you two💜 @ZeeNotZuh i block MFers who ask for free PCs and h0es @Amayaalol this is Cap @ZeeNotZuh LMFAOOO @ZeeNotZuh where can i check this? Im probably in the hundreds @parientesad @Froste DM Me @Boy1drr dont kknow what u talking about @Froste @CouRageJD lock your doors @Froste @JERMAlNE @ripxRain I carry a PC in my backpack at all times. Never catch me lackin cuh @JERMAlNE @ripxRain and me, right? @StefanSlaps Tap In @lyssiu Hi High, I'm Richie @aweynu Ordering one RN @may_wedda yo @Boy1drr @TommyThroatEm yo
@scarrfries Y'all getting real good with photoshop... @Litallica Happy birthday my slime @JoeyTheSuperJew Tap InWho tryna be a member of the Houston PogChamp Gaming House? @KaleiRenay Thanks. Paying extra for the in-depth review was so worth it @keelybug_ oh no... @Class @Nadeshot @Froste Froste might've even taken a monthly shower for the occasion @fluctraa save more. Trust me. @fluctraa save for 350z @ripxRain @Oreologyst @KohiiVII unlike this @Class oh no... @kidfromnyc Bro... you are so stupid @ripxRain @LazasBautista i bet your doctor says it too @ripxRain @Oreologyst ... @xoxabstract This you? @Whyte_Fang Was looking at houses 20 minutes outside of Houston too👀 @xoxabstract HeyBuyer took apartment off market. Should i get NYC 1bedroom co-op, or a 5 bedroom house in texas for same price?
@KaleiRenay "Super Epic Poggers E-Girl Outplays NickMercs GONE WRONG" @KaleiRenay @LuluLuvely alt+enter and make sure G-sync/freesync is on for windowed and full screen. @wildwik yoCan someone link me a Queen Size race car bed? @CorinnaKopf done @may_wedda ? @Class Poggie Woggie Dub Dub! @Class Off the dome Banger! @Laaur @DvnGGs W! @MxjdTV that was to Corina in the 3rd grade @scarrfries I'm deadass trying to hire one RN that's crazy @MxjdTV I had got one and traded one for an Anorack Wind breaker💯 then ended up just buying another one. @MxjdTV This just reminded me I blocked my best friend 3 weeks ago and haven't unblocked... @gntlvlnc Hi Sav :) What's the move on this fine night? @realJBA @HarryButAverage @DNPthree @itsWaddles_ @CyraxGG @MrBeastYT bro you forgot to say Bits. I thought he went crazy CRAZY @scarrfries ok @gntlvlnc hi Gamer @Boy1drr W @Numbzeh @Blake_Creasser id expect nothing less from Bighink @22lexi22_ @may_wedda why not? @Numbzeh @Blake_Creasser They all are actually cool. Makes me want a tattoo on my ass @rickyreapers yeah hardtop. I offered just under asking price. Just have to drive it halfway across the country back if accepted. @rickyreapers e93 (i dont want a convertible but they are about 10k less)I just put in a cash offer on a NYC Apartment and a M3 today :) @22lexi22_ no @iCS96_ Doesn't get much better then this! Enjoy your second build of the month! @dracubina Happy Birthday Ma'am!Another build by @MrFuryRevenge My guy is a PC Wizard!
Retweeted by MrFury @JERMAlNE @WhosBreezyUK @lexieyuh Make-A-Wish came thru @WhosBreezyUK @realJBA @lexieyuh you were saying you were waiting for Ava's old PC @BWAMatt @Xouped ? @realJBA @WhosBreezyUK @lexieyuh I ain't ever tell a lie. He said we wanted to wait till he got one for free. @WhosBreezyUK @lexieyuh too bad i lost you as a potential customer. Tuff @WhosBreezyUK @lexieyuh I offered to build you a PC for just shipping, but ok go off @moonsuedo @lexieyuh never resubbing to your OF again @WhosBreezyUK @lexieyuh Ain't you using a broken Laptop RN? @lexieyuh a MrFuryRevenge built Gaming PC💯 #ad @mooxanax DM @A_Renee321 I got you. DMs @tfetttt Tap In📲 I got you @xHitan @Boy1drr ? @Class @TheMob @GamersOutreach @watchvenn @Froste @Bugzvii @Tubasuki 💜 @SamManlol @Boy1drr @LazasBautista @fucksherwin @TheSamsman Does this earn you back? @Boy1drr @LazasBautista @fucksherwin @TheSamsman @SamManlol K @LazasBautista @fucksherwin @TheSamsman Prove them wrong and Tap In for a new PC💯