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My new collection, SEFIRA AND OTHER BETRAYALS, was published in early 2019. I live in the Mid-Hudson Valley with my family.

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Retweeted by John Langan“The barriers to women writing are often put in place at a very early age and in very basic ways.” —Margaret Atwood
Retweeted by John Langan @RayCluley I enjoyed the heck out of this book.
Good morning.
Retweeted by John Langanjfc what is the Senate even doing at this point? He just confessed fer chrissakes
Retweeted by John LanganWord.
Retweeted by John Langan @paulGtremblay Oh man--sorry to hear it. @TheNuminous1 @AkashicBooks @JoyceCarolOates Congratulations! @ramseycampbell1 What a lovely phrasing.This is a terrific book. @LairdBarron True dat.Congratulations to all the writers on the Preliminary Ballot for the 2019 Bram Stoker Awards. We're excited to see…
Retweeted by John LanganHere's the latest patreon podcast, with @LairdBarron, @MrGaunt, and me: Enjoy! And if you'…
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@KLA_HVL Thanks! @PatLacey Thanks! @MattFini Thanks! @TheSinsOfCinema @thesmoothzilla Ooh... @Jon__Padgett Thank you! @MichaelTCisco Thank you! @_MattCardin Thanks! @TheNuminous1 Thanks! @SPMiskowski @JessLandry28 @trepidatiopub Congratulations! @TheSinsOfCinema @thesmoothzilla Hmmm. Noted and filed away... @SadieHartmann @JoshMalerman Slap fight! @PenParentis Thanks very much! @thesmoothzilla Thanks very much!
@KatWithSword 🙃 @JoshMalerman Congratulations!"I think if King was alive today, he'd agree with me politically, because he was a good person, and I'm a good pers…
Retweeted by John Langan @Ginger_Clark Likewise. @Ginger_Clark Condolences.Tomorrow night. The Aesthetics of Horror. This looks like a blast and one of the panelists will be the talented…
Retweeted by John Langan @KatWithSword Congratulations!I am stunned and delighted to find my most recent collection, SEFIRA AND OTHER BETRAYALS, on this list, alongside m… don't mind paying more taxes than people who don't have as much as I do. America has been good to me, and I want…
Retweeted by John LanganWe have 7 books (including biographies, novels and King’s final written work) that paint a complete picture of Mart…
Retweeted by John LanganThey stand uncertainly underneath immense skies, and everything about them is drowned.
Retweeted by John LanganWe have copies available of these beauties. Buy them both and save postage. Message me for pricing.
Retweeted by John LanganAmerican hero.
Retweeted by John Langan"Everything fell apart in me. How are things with you?"
Retweeted by John Langan @lyndaerucker @dlbowman76 @zawngoddess Thank you!#Parasite has become the first foreign-language film to ever win Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Pict…
Retweeted by John Langan @StefanDz11 What a delight."Some of my dreams are so big they would scare you." Happy birthday, the indomitable Dolly Parton... Photo: Harry…
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I am so glad that I could interview John Langan - @MrGaunt - about his latest book "Sefira and Other Betrayals" fro…
Retweeted by John Langan“Proust has been an influence on me, all my life—an influence so deep it frightens me.” —Nadine Gordimer
Retweeted by John Langan @flightofsand er, "Weir"... @flightofsand I have a volume of his collected stories that I've been making my way through at irregular intervals.… nightmares await💀 @theandydavidson @PimpMyShoggoth @premeesaurus @almakatsu
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@flightofsand I agree--he's one of those writers whose work I find more in the more I read it. @Sshh_ImReading @LooseXCannon @bookish_mommy @tracy_reads79 @sjgomzi @SadieHartmann @paulGtremblay @Gabino_Iglesias just got an advance copy of the new Bentley Little novel, THE BANK, and it goes right to the top of the pile. Mr.…
Retweeted by John Langan @MuneravenMN Thanks very much!
@JoshMalerman Congratulations! @molly_the_tanz Congratulations!Experience those thrilling days of yesteryear, when the West was weird, in Molly Tanzer’s Vermilion, “a unique, hea…
Retweeted by John Langan @BrianKeene I love his stuff.
Mitch McConnell: I hope that the vote to subpoena witnesses will pass, and on a large bipartisan basis.
Retweeted by John LanganDoes Consciousness Pervade the Universe? via @sciam
Retweeted by John LanganJRR Tolkien's son Christopher dies aged 95
Retweeted by John Langan“A novel is a gigantic, rambling, incredible thing. All you can do is start.” —Walter Mosley
Retweeted by John Langan @hannahselector @paulGtremblay @StephenChbosky @LBKroger @blakecrouch1 Thanks very much! @haszombiesinit @mat_johnson Are they eating it with their ear?
Love this album. know what? When it comes to horror, us Australians really aren’t messing around. Just scratching the surface he…
Retweeted by John Langan @johnfosterfic I don't know if it's my absolute favorite, but it's up there.My favorite Coen Bros line: "I'll show you the life of the mind!" - Barton Fink
Retweeted by John LanganWhat a wonderful conversation @BobPastorella and I had with @DamienAWalters on @ThisIsHorror Podcast.
Retweeted by John LanganI so wish I could make this--if you can, you should."I never worry that all hell will break loose. My worry is that only part of hell will break loose and be much hard…
Retweeted by John Langan“I take seriously Flaubert’s statement that we must love one another in our art as the mystics love one another in…
Retweeted by John Langan @Michael_Calia #FinalGRRRLS PUNK ROCK, Lost Experimental Film, #TheKingInYellow & 2019 in WEIRD HORROR CINEMA recapped…
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@SGJ72 @PatLacey And this is another story, of the website of bizarre phobias that you read and are infected with one of those phobias by.“You suffer from the oldest delusion in politics,” Alasdair Gray wrote in “Lanark.” “You think you can change the w…
Retweeted by John LanganYou’re in court *right now* trying to do away with the only thing that’s protecting pre-existing conditions, you ta…
Retweeted by John Langan#OTD 1817, Mary Shelley writes to Byron "Another incident has also occurred which will surprise you, perhaps but it…
Retweeted by John Langan @Zedistheend
You can enter to win 1 of 5 hardcover copies of The Dead Girls Club via Goodreads. #thedeadgirlsclub
Retweeted by John Langan @Gabino_Iglesias @ShannonCKirk 🙂 @76specialist @GrahamShein Thanks! @GrahamShein @76specialist Thank you! @imparliament @GrahamShein Thanks! @ShannonCKirk 🙂
@GrahamShein Thanks very much! @Inkwellmonster Congratulations!
This is cool. I've never had vertigo from a tweet before
Retweeted by John LanganRIP Neil Peart. @MisterMcLaren Actually, it was The Thing. Although Midsommar would have been hilarious, it's true.Looking forward to this one! 😃
Retweeted by John LanganWHAT?! I got Cabin at the End of the World - Paul Tremblay - What book should I read next? in on this! The book looks gorgeous, and given its author, you know it's going to be an amazing read!
Retweeted by John Langan❤️ Firefighters ❤️ in Australia continue to save animals, this time it was a baby kangaroo ❤️ #AustraliaFires
Retweeted by John LanganOh my God. These baby Kangaroos were rescued from the fires in Australia and people are now taking care of them 😭
Retweeted by John Langan @JeremiahCook1 Thanks very much!Dust rose to the stars together with every sad music on earth.
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@Ginger_Clark @vulture Oh man, her OSCAR AND LUCINDA is a favorite.Really loved this article on Gillian Armstrong on @vulture. I loved her LITTLE WOMEN, but also MY BRILLIANT CAREER…
Retweeted by John Langan @snarkbat @simonschuster Congratulations!