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I spotted this out of the corner of my eye as I walked in and skidded to a halt
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!I love Pokemon Go
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!Capitalism is doing just fine
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!This one meme just shit on the entire planet
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop! @slowbeefsecrets I kinda look back on older stuff and go "geez, this artifacting could've been SEVERELY reduced" =\ @slowbeefsecrets Felt this way about a lot of the PS3-era LPs and onward. Basically I was doing a stupid workflow a… "Two legs good. Two feet tall better." @Jayalay I probably need to back up and re-read some stuff. For some reason I have issues keeping the sides/important people straightput that in your Funk & Wagnalls this was a king but I love making Geralt act like a total dumbass in front of some characters lmaoWitcher 3 update: Met a character who went on about the intricacies of sacrifices in chess, blood pumping in the pi… in Germany are being advised by their government not to wear a kippa in public. The utter complete disgrace.
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!Hey you, you’re finally awake. You were trying to cross the border right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush sa…
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!1957: Why the south must prevail 2019: Why the gay rat wedding is too realistic
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!oh my god look at his matching shorts and eyeshadow
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop! @VoidBurger "i call it a pretzza. that'll be $19.99" @damehasclass oh i accidentally bailed on the dungeon, dang oops whoops
I can appreciate bots that do good dance routines, a lovely washroom macaron, don’t mind if I do
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!Alright, I think we have just hit the "It Is Officially Time To Shit Your Pants" portion of the program.
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Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop! @synthsuccubus I always felt that it leaned way too hard on the importance/rarity of food, water, etc. I felt that… dang. Pathologic 2 came out but from what I'm reading, it's kind of a janky/overly-difficult affair like the first one?When a band dies their music catalog doesn’t disappear from stores, royalties are still paid. When game studios di…
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!Pre-Order: Dark Horse Deluxe The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt: Geralt in Bath Polyresin Statuette $72.13 via Amazon (…
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Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop! @yoYokaiy Sounds about right! :[ @yoYokaiy Prepping for the frigid texas summer @yoYokaiy I have so many shirtsOnly an hour left to snag a tee. ;w;
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!Me improvising to Theresa May’s resignation speech
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!please RT if you agree.
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!"ladies and gentlemen" ❌ unnecessarily gendered ❌ overly formal ❌ lengthy ❌ honestly i'm already dozing off "cowar…
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!Thinking of becoming an Elder Scrolls NPC
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop! @WarrenIsDead > Rumors⏩➕⏪ @damehasclass also why use a hideous gremlin when the perfect minion has already been implemented @damehasclass i'm an adult gremlin, why would i want a hideous baby oneblessed
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【音量注意】 撫でられたくてモジモジしてる猫
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop! @bobservo [BE SURE TO THROW THIS NOTE AWAY AFTER READING IT]tried to make a helpful chart
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!Thank you for looking at the picture! My wife and I are blessed by everyone and very happy!
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!hi who made this and how is it so good
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!thought that the live letter slide saying they wanted to emphasize "pure healing" was nuking healer DPS, but it tur…
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!"I need to run benchmarks for no real reason and you can't use this area" lmao eat it, I lost seven years' worth of… four weeks of having my hands tied: "Geop the network drive is up. An asshole contract worker wants it all to… @damehasclass Eyy! Same ceiling tiles! Finger-guns 👉👉
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!Years later, the ending of 'Dragon's Dogma' remains wonderfully weird and subversive.
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Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!JUST IN: The Department of Health and Human Services is proposing to roll back protections for transgender people in health care.
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!THREAD: Floyd Martin retires after nearly 35 years as a mailman tomorrow. I went with him on his route today.
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!Today's #tees are all about those people we play through hours and hours of video games just to save at the end. Un…
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!"Resting Place" by @yoYokaiy is $12 today
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop! @fowltown this Valentine's Day get her what she really wants tickets to Sonic the Hedgehog
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Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop! @taxiderby 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 @TomatoGrandpa Forged in the fires of battle and poor recess decisionswake up, sheep poll
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop! @ChipCheezum Good luck! It's a long haulI jumped off the top of some jungle gym and yelled I'M SUPERMAAAN before having a *very* rough landing. Oh, I wasn'… @LtSquigs @aurahack Oh god what is that#ff14 :deep breath: HEY in 5.x give us a three-part set of trials against Viera/Rabbitpeople bosses and call it the Warren Triad.
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Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!this is basically my character design process
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop! @aurahack I'm also super concerned about this 👀💦 in other news
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@MOOMANiBE I legitimately can't believe this mess @ffxivtoilets
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!0.1% wipe @ffxivtoilets
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!Oak, Pomeranian (5 y/o), 9th & 14th St., New York, NY • “Upside down is his natural position. I could put him on th…
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!#FF14 Changes to using Pets as Tanks, or as it should've been called, Heavy Pettingcurrent state of affairs @ffxivtoilets
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop! @VoidBurger Lookin forward to an emulated George Washington trying to plug the new value meal in a commercialAlways RT otter pockets.
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!His most chill and mundane version of the “I brought you a present” dance
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: my friend the wildlife biologist who goes to actual bird conventions thinks this is courting…
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!VITAL UPDATE: my road runner porch-buddy used to run away if I wanted a pic but now when he catches a lizard he KNO…
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!Imagine walking around somewhere you've never been before and then just see one of these on the ground but with you…
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Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!wake up, sheep poll @KrangTNelson we cut butter in our house with scissors fight me boomers
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop! @jaytholen I like how it popped up on my radar almost immediately after folks laid the Ouya to rest. It's almost as… @jongraywb puddin it in my dinner @KeithJCarberry @MOOMANiBE please come claim your incredibly aggressive cat. it's an exotic breed i thinksomeone in zandraverse linked this and I am: dead
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop! @darth Shooby is very comfortable with all of this attention. Shooby is always comfortable.
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!YouTube Video Essayist Spends 20 Minutes Explaining Concept of Hunger to Waiter Before Ordering
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop! @red_mercer "Arizona Highways" isn't the ideal text I'd pair with jewelry as it makes me think of roadkillJewelry for Uncles
Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop! @damehasclass 🧦👞👟🥾🥿👠👡👢⛸🎿s t e p p y
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Retweeted by (੭・෴・)੭ It's Geop!tl;dr: toxic masculinity is making men miserable because culturally restricting most male physical contact to sex,…
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