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For the last time: it's short for Geophysics. Pun Elemental. Av by @yoyokaiy, Top-banner by @chorocojo. He/him

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This reactionary propagandist doesn’t even realize that this photo is fucking awesome.
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...? @mcclure111 Roses are red Violets are blue Unregistered Hypercam 2
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?Flamin' Hot Cheetos Mac N Cheese Bundt Cake by @TheJoshElkin
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...? @HetzerGonnaHetz who gave blanka that sword🤔 (Ion Fury/Maiden)
Mom “Who is he? What are you ask him?” 193”Oh...Mom, He is Keanu Reeves-san. lol” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?i love her so much
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?when you see a mutual in the likes of a horny tweet
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?tfw you’re a millionaire with a patreon
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?do automatically unlock the skill of whistling with your fingers once u become a dad?
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?i am never deleting tik tok
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?Been a few weeks but we're getting back on that Nintendo Power stream! In about an hour we're going to solve the Ga…
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Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...? @tlarn i grew up playing on arrow keys and only recently resigned myself to using WASD haha @HazelMonforton Mood during the Holiday season. "hell yeah I'll get this $100 thing for a friend. Maybe one for his… @tlarn finally, someone who gets it @damehasclass never seen it tbh! @Micolithe i don't miss monitors with huge badonks which weigh more than a truck, whew @imbobswaget Letting it rest in the fridge overnight really helps, too!I appreciate both the fact that someone has an old clunker like this lying around, as well as how they recorded wit…, @PFTompkins! Thank you for alerting everyone to what is surely one of the greatest eBay descriptions of a McDon…
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?these three are so fucking funny i genuinely cannot take it. *edelgard voice* Terrible post everyone!
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...? @luulubuu "but i mean u do this for a hobby right" @reiley Ty for sharing this gift @ohhoe All i know is that 90% of then do that obnoxious "blown out speaker" volume jump and it brings out my dormant crankiness @allenstenhaus @mikamckinnon Was trying to find a pastebin I used, but all of these. It definitely worksMy mom sent me these pictures of her cat who has apparently just had enough of it
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?I shouldn't be this flabbergasted, but I mean... imagine the audacity to tell Art Seigelman, creator of THE Pulitze…
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?Pay very, very close attention to me: Comics, as medium, have never. Ever. NOT ONCE EVER. Been "apolitical."
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Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...? @keightdee it friday . dont @spacecoyotl oh no oh no no no was raped at age 12 and became pregnant. Her rapist was released from prison after less than a year. He the…
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?had to draw that scarecrow #btas #batman
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?you absolutely love to see it
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everytime windows updates youll find my dumb ass claiming that the user experience seems "smoother" now. you will beg me to shut the fuck up
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...? @kuvosa ahem @fioraesoterica :flips through clipboard: "Uhm... 'Eat better stuff'?? look i gotta go" @matt_sieker this whole thing has been a big reason behind me dragging my feet tbh. Hoping to pick things back up a… @drmagnificent the latter, absolutely:makes a high-pitched exasperated wheezing sound that only dogs can hear::Earlier this year: hey doc, for the past six months my voice is really fucked up and gives out at random. Also swa… @LetItMelo DUDE"How about it, Magus? Can't you give him a more fitting form?"
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?terrifying things millenials can bond over: - knowing we will never own a home - billionaires refusing to stop li…
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?Oh no
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...? @damehasclass Aw Lola =] (Almost didn't spot Pepper)When you're watching the second round of the NBA Draft.
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...? @Yelly_Suffers Rip @luulubuu One'a them mimikigurumi thingos外が大雨だから流石に可哀想だなって思って家の中に入れたけど、最初からここに住んでましたってレベルでくつろいでる…
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?dog's busy with school assignments! #drawdogs
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?just doing a little crotchet . wat do u all think
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...? @nellucnhoj I love them chicken boots#NationalTellAJokeDay
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...? @Kamiyana1 Toot*slorp
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...? @Kamiyana1 Having sleeping issues, so I'm grateful for opening twitter to all these good toilet tweets.when ppl on this website are like uwaahhh im so tiny-brained and have two brain cells >_< im like sorry cant relate…
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?look how instinctively the mother croc carries the baby in it’s mouth. nature is beautiful
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...? @HazelMonforton 👀💦💦Oh my god I love that Ion Fury references this.
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...? @PAMaster2 ?? Really?? Omgconservative: Greta Thunberg should be ignored. She's just a kid. She's no expert. me: Ok, so do you listen to the…
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?it's as if millions of affiliate links cried out in terror and were suddenly broken
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?fucking sucks that "amazon fc" refers to a bunch of weird corporate propaganda accounts for a cartoonishly evil com…
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?Tonight's a night for thinking about Sephirot 5000 again
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...? @PAMaster2 WHY HAVE I ONLY NOW DISCOVERED THIS @PAMaster2 exCUSE ME @PAMaster2 excuse meFUCK - ADMIN
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...? @PlushMayhem I only see tile floors. Humbug!
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...? @evilcrash9 love that dubjust doing my duty trying to spread awareness for the lupin iii part ii dub
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...? @PAMaster2 it's me, Shorts BrooderUncle Geop's Snickerdoodle recipe Read: into your heart, you know it to be true.
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The captain of an ICE facility almost killed Jewish citizens and their allies protesting government-run concentrati…
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?Did you know that the 90s X-Men theme song had lyrics? Here is the 90s X-Men theme song with lyrics. I recorded i…
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?It’s the easiest game mode yet since none of your actions seem to have any appreciable consequences.
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?Fab shorts
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...? @kuvosa o my next meeting is in 40 minutes lmao dang @kuvosa lemme get back to u about the high fivefalls in from the door foUR HouR meetinGS. love emIon Fury is out of early access?? 👀💦💦 one could have predicted that the lifelong failure-monkey who ran six casinos into the ground and ran an airline…
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...? @idesofmerch "Dad I know you're upset about mom so I'm here for a visit" "IT'S NO BIGGIE, JUNIOR. I'VE BEEN KEEPING… of the Night take: If I went to my dad's house to kick his ass, and then it was revealed that he was hidin…
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...? @spacecoyotl Is this a second-hand goods storecan't wait to go back to Japan and shop at my favourite chain
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...? @HazelMonforton Did it hissThis thread of Diana talking to an army of Amazon corporate propaganda accounts is SERIOUSLY WEIRD.
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?millennials to Gen Z as the recession nears
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...? @DazzlynReed @lulumilumi Ahimagine diving into one of these after a long day & u wake up in heaven..
Retweeted by (੭  ̄෴ ̄)੭ It's Geop...?#FF14 Post-workday mood the limit is 412 chicken nuggets
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This is still the most visceral expression of shock and fear I've ever seen on a human being and it's a screenshot…
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