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@jaicelemar @DecodnLyfe @Lavelle1215This is it. This the tweet. @strictlychamp @DecodnLyfe @Lavelle1215 @jaicelemar 😂 also @strictlychamp @DecodnLyfelove yourself so others can effectively.
Retweeted by ᴅᴀɴʙʏ ғᴜʀɢᴇ, pнd – ṡє×ȏʟȏɢıṡṭ @RandomlyAnt Relatable content.I wonder how many horses were harmed in the making of this film. #VerzuzWhat sign is this? was definitely 12 y/o me.
@bluecomp1ex Lmao I’m the one in the center @eightywone Say that, friend.Generally speaking, I think folks who lived through T9 have a much healthier sense of appropriate text messaging etiquette.
Retweeted by ᴅᴀɴʙʏ ғᴜʀɢᴇ, pнd – ṡє×ȏʟȏɢıṡṭ
@jaicelemar 👀
Retweeted by ᴅᴀɴʙʏ ғᴜʀɢᴇ, pнd – ṡє×ȏʟȏɢıṡṭ @TheJohnJohnShow It makes sense. You appear to have the endomorphic body type. @finallyKindred You ain’t seen my friends. eat so fucking weird y’all…but I get full quick. 🥵 Lunch today: 1 cup cooked collard greens 1 cutie ¼ cup of hom…… …these collard greens? 🤤 I’m mad I didn’t pack more. (cc: @DecodnLyfe) @eightywone Let this moment hit you, friend: @DecodnLyfe @FeliciaNews @Unknown_Comics @LordRetail
@DecodnLyfe @LordRetail can you put that in his box? @DecodnLyfe @jaicelemar @Lavelle215 @DecodnLyfe ‘member this?…and I still stunt on you hoes. Imagine being a fine ass ugly friend. Hmm. My friends > Yours You hate to see it. ever sit back and be like: “…damn…my friends are fine asf.” …and then your next thought is, “…wait…am I? ...i… “Why doesn’t #WANDAVISION have end credit scenes?” Y’all... #WANDAVISION *is* ONE big end credit scene:… @trapcry Addendum: …and if the ONLY MLK quote you can find is the one’s used as a MISQUOTE to pacify Black people,… therapy... …got my ass crying at this episode of #Oz in @hbomax. @thedeanwinters & #ScottWinters y’all di… @iDavey Oh…? 👀 @DecodnLyfe Boy! Gimme your phone. 👏🏽 😂#PS4share
@DecodnLyfe @Finesseca101 Ain’t that it!! 💀#IYKYK on my TL got the vaccine yet? I'm tryna see something
Retweeted by ᴅᴀɴʙʏ ғᴜʀɢᴇ, pнd – ṡє×ȏʟȏɢıṡṭ @Dinobat2020 This is so laughable! 😂 @Tanner_Slavin I—… @jaicelemar @DecodnLyfe @Lavelle1215 💀 @_Glintofsilver This one of your character’s, @jaicelemar? (cc: @Lavelle1215) @Lavelle1215 You did NOT need that 😂
Tryna figure out wtf is happening here. o_o; #SNES #NintendoSwitch y/o me: “If I can’t get him outta these streets… 🎶 🎵…then he don’t need to be with me.”… @_ShowtimeRX is a bass bass. It was the “Step Into the Badside” for me. @_ShowtimeRX I need a sample in my inbox. @RobotJQ @Dwadethechief @DecodnLyfe @RobotJQ Oooooh!!! @_ShowtimeRX Whew. The toxicity. You hate to see it.Absolutely not. Your long term partner should be one of your best friends. Never your only.
Retweeted by ᴅᴀɴʙʏ ғᴜʀɢᴇ, pнd – ṡє×ȏʟȏɢıṡṭ @DecodnLyfe I— 😬
@Lavelle1215 @DecodnLyfe @JayNedaj It’s the trash bag for me 😂 @DecodnLyfe @PrimeVideo @leslieodomjr We were on the same page! @PeterParker357 Right!!! @DecodnLyfe Lmaooooo get her out!………🙄
—Signed, 「Your Top 3, Who’s Not #3」 P.S. - Actively Not Toxic @iDavey Meh. 😌
@DecodnLyfe @MTFIII He’s held one before and deserves it back! @TheePusha What you tryna say? 👀 😅 @whydontusayso_ These alligator GIFs though. (cc: @DecodnLyfe @jaicelemar @Lavelle1215)habits to prioritize rest just as much as work itself. Having time to relax and rest is a big part of productivity.…
Retweeted by ᴅᴀɴʙʏ ғᴜʀɢᴇ, pнd – ṡє×ȏʟȏɢıṡṭThroughout this transit, you may find that the things you struggled with previously are getting easier to deal with…
Retweeted by ᴅᴀɴʙʏ ғᴜʀɢᴇ, pнd – ṡє×ȏʟȏɢıṡṭ🌑 New Moon in Capricorn 🌑 Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn This new moon will be highlighting the areas where you l…
Retweeted by ᴅᴀɴʙʏ ғᴜʀɢᴇ, pнd – ṡє×ȏʟȏɢıṡṭOoooh! THAT’S a word! Let go; and let GROW. @Lavelle1215 @OnTheDownLoTho Htf @eightywone Good morning, handsome. 😌You know you want some mo’, come on! 🎶 @DecodnLyfe Alexa: play “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy.” 😌 @SaintCointe Moral of the Story: Don’t worry how the bank looks, if you don’t have much to deposit in it.… @Barbiebx4 @iTweetRealSh_t @SaintCointe They got him already 💀 @DecodnLyfe (cc: @jaicelemar @Lavelle1215)What’s your station? …I wanna hear you.
Rebellion…Reflection…Rebirth There is power in these planets. #Astrology @Lavelle1215 @Lavelle1215 Does something need to be handled? @Rey_X_Reyes Fax is fax! #IYKYK @DecodnLyfe 💀 dick really do be just dicking. 🥵 There’s a part of me that’s like: “😬 this is horrible… *covers u… 👏🏽 damn 👏🏽 time 👏🏽 @J91Pyro @Lavelle1215 @DecodnLyfe @ChildshGamnegro @jus_julius @jaicelemar AF lmaoooo
@DecodnLyfe @reina_rose29 Hahah face and all! @DecodnLyfe @vloids Oh this is dope! @DecodnLyfe @ABC Wow! We did, but I’m interested in this reboot. 👀“Your mouth ain’t shy of no fork” “You’ve been eating good”
Retweeted by ᴅᴀɴʙʏ ғᴜʀɢᴇ, pнd – ṡє×ȏʟȏɢıṡṭThose clothes are young on you ain’t they?
Retweeted by ᴅᴀɴʙʏ ғᴜʀɢᴇ, pнd – ṡє×ȏʟȏɢıṡṭWell.. you’re looking healthy!
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@Chibestman It is. And imma find out. I’m headed over in a minute to help him and my sister out. @RandomlyAnt why niggas get left on read. And then wanna complain about getting ghosted. How was your day? Me: It was long. Ended with me discovering my bro-in-law got into a car accident. Them: W… @theRabid_1 Where’s this test? @DecodnLyfe @SpiderMan I’m wondering how and why 😂My family is way too out of pocket to say anything other than 'Damn you gettin fat'. My grandpa once asked my sis…
Retweeted by ᴅᴀɴʙʏ ғᴜʀɢᴇ, pнd – ṡє×ȏʟȏɢıṡṭ“Oh you been eatin good huh” 😩😩😩
Retweeted by ᴅᴀɴʙʏ ғᴜʀɢᴇ, pнd – ṡє×ȏʟȏɢıṡṭ“you must be eating good.”
Retweeted by ᴅᴀɴʙʏ ғᴜʀɢᴇ, pнd – ṡє×ȏʟȏɢıṡṭOoo look at all that leanage
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