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Educational Consultant & Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Author, former Administrator, Digital Wellness Coach, Married to @reneeaggie98, Dad of 3.

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@Maire_from_NJ @misterwashburn @AndyLeiser @bhodgesEDU @TechChef4u It’s really not as bad as it looks. Not a cult… @misterwashburn @ClassTechTips She destroyed us.
Packed house for trivia night! You have 5 minutes to come and join the fun! #impactEDU19 YOU READY?!? Team trivia starts at 4:30 in the Exhibit Hall #ImpactEDU - Come grab a beverage, form a team and… @JeremyMikla What a great group! #DoingtheBacon @tlzimmel Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!Starting in 5 minutes! Come ready to learn and move! the scenes at the @OnEducationPod booth at @sourcewelltech #impactEDU19 @misterwashburn night is coming. Bring your knowledge and your may or may not turn into a sing along...(hint, hin… @TxTechChick You are amazing and awesome!!! @TxTechChick Congrats! My Master’s alma mater!It’s time to make an Impact!! Just landed and ready for #IMpactEDU! @sourcewelltech Ummm.... just one problem. It…
I am excited and honored to be apart of this panel! I am truly proud to share all of the great things WFISD has goi…
Retweeted by Carl HookerBroke out some @GoogleForEdu Expeditions today and @tkellysci tested out a guided trip to the Precambrian period on… @Maire_from_NJ While I get the gist of what you are saying here, I’m not sure how productive it is to shame/judge t…
Students in @12cdouglas’s “Dog Tank” class preview their commercials for selling their latest products. Amazing stu… @Laidlaw101 Winter Fest! #WSD101 #Laidlaw101
Retweeted by Carl HookerKindergarteners participating in #HourofCode2019 using @kodable Lots of fun and helping each other!
Retweeted by Carl HookerHour of Code is going strong in grade 3!!!! #FieldPark101 #WSD101
Retweeted by Carl Hooker @misterwashburn Better know a WIDE range of music. That’s all I’m going to say...Honored to get to work with this amazing team of Tech Integration Specialists at @WSD101! @FHTechTeacher are super excited @MrHooker is coming back to Minnesota for the #impactEDU19 Check his sessions out…
Retweeted by Carl Hooker @pernilleripp The last 5 years in my role, I paid my own travel and took days off. It didn’t bother me because even…
Kickstarting the day at @McClureLLC with the students who run the “McClure on the Mic” Podcast playing their podcas… #PLN: follow @ambarnes8 & the hashtags #esslove & #loveastro witness some amazing work Angela & her students a…
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How Do You Model Risk-Taking – (w/ @mrhooker) YouTube: #SlateInWI
Retweeted by Carl HookerCongrats to one of the best in the biz. I’ve had the pleasure to work along side Joe, and can tell you this is extr…
It was a pleasure to break bread with Dave, Shelley and a “powerhouse” crew this week. Great post here and lots of… @ValeriaTeaches Omg. These are awesome!
@shareski I’ve been demoing a lot of different brain breaks and movement based activities for both curriculum reinf…
That's right! Come bring your brain, form a team, put away your phone, and loosen your vocal cords at Trivia Night… is dedicated leadership! Love the risk-taking :) #wsd101 #topten reasons to attend #impactEDU19 Reason 8 - Capture an extra day of impact with our Sunday Conference day…
Retweeted by Carl HookerHey @ipevo @sphero @PlayOsmo. #BlackFridayEDU is an opportunity to give back to education. Check out…
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Well deserved honor sir! @LisaCasas @Flipgrid @bhodgesEDU It's the small things in life that make all the difference. I will admit, I cheate… saw that my good friend and fellow ADE @askMsQ is going to be keynoting at #IDEACon and I will get to be there… your #IDEAcon Tuesday lineup! Honored to have the support of such amazing educators. Don’t miss it!…
Retweeted by Carl HookerToday I accomplished something tremendous. I was able to successful fold and put away a @Flipgrid pop-up pod withou… @texastovegas Awesome sauce - just wait until the @EdPoets get a hold of them. A movement felt, not heard. Encaps… little rainbow behind my @SouthwestAir flight from San Diego today to say...this group from #FutureReady are an inspiring and supportive group that I consider family. What a gre…
So excited to hear from @JulieEvans_PT from @ProjectTomorrow sharing data, truths, myths, and conversations around… this! #techxpert you hear about Mondays featured speakers at #IDEAcon? They are AMAZING! @TheTechRabbi @SJEducate
Retweeted by Carl HookerListening to @PaulGothold talk about San Diego County Schools - Love that they don’t use the phrase ELL or LOTE -… @JaimeDonally @steve_bambury @coby_mr @oculus @ICTEvangelist @alexrajohnson @thevrpodcast @bcarlton727 @EdSurge Gre… @SirKenRobinson - Sent you an email the other day on a project I'd like your input in. Love to hear your thoughts!Great lesson on equity and opportunity by @bhodgesEDU at #FutureReady #equity to all our #FutureReady partners! @thomascmurray kicks off day 2 of #FRSsummit in San Diego! take it back. pandora must have heard me as “Love Hurts” by Nazareth was the next song on the list....This 👇 #ARVRinEdu to my Rock Ballad station on @pandoramusic this morning. Is there any more Rock Ballad-y song than White… @bcarlton727 @steve_bambury @coby_mr @oculus @ICTEvangelist @alexrajohnson @thevrpodcast @JaimeDonally @12cdouglas @texastovegas @bhodgesEDU Knowing their teacher and her penchant for poetry slams, why not have them each submit a… is one way to proclaim a snow day. Love it!! hey Stoughton! Sending you this message from my current location. See you on Wednesday, Dec. 4th. Stay safe…
Retweeted by Carl Hooker @blairtheblur @lisaannrisch Let me know how I can help. Lisa is amazing and a great educator herself...appreciate the recommendation!Some of my favorite people - @k_shelton @ajjuliani @casas_jimmy and @KerryHawk02 all at the same event!?! A must at… @ECEplaycreate We might get snow this year, but in the meantime I’m heading to Chicago and Minnesota in the next tw… @texastovegas @bhodgesEDU Any particular subject? Or age level? Can it be design challenges? I’ve got some thoughts on this... @Meghan_Lawson @Katie_M_Ritter Aww! Thanks Meghan. It’s an awesome crew here in San Diego! @christypnovack Thanks Christy! It was a great group and lots of common issues to overcome around mindset. @ECEplaycreate So jeally
@ECEplaycreate What is that white stuff everywhere? @juouelle @castlestephanie @kellyed121 @_EdShare @itsallaboutart @klbeasley Thanks Justin. It was Equity maps. Couldn’t remember the name! @natrosshk @castlestephanie @kellyed121 @_EdShare @itsallaboutart @klbeasley That was it! Thanks all!!
@_EdShare @castlestephanie @kellyed121 @itsallaboutart @klbeasley I see what you did there. @thatruth36691 Sweet! They are usually around $15. Great deal! @thatruth36691 That's it!Just in time for the post-Thanksgiving break! Here's my Winter Guide to Heating Up Learning in the Classroom. In th… I was at #ADEHK - One of you showed me a tool that was great for student tracking of group work. What was it c…
@wrightsbatclass Thx Laura! @aaron_teach Congrats papa!
Just in time for the weeks in between Thanksgiving and Winter Break - Mr. Hooker's Winter Guide for Heating Up Lear… Hooker’s Winter Guide for Heating Up Learning in Your Classroom (and tragic) story by Tom Rinaldi this AM. As someone who has worked recently with schools near Auburn, (… @dgoble2001 @DonWettrick @edifiedlistener @mathycathy @wrightsbatclass @cordym @aaronmaureredu @JoyKirr @edifiedlistener Tried to make sure half my featured were from the classroom at #LearnFestATX or #iPadpalooza. I kn…
@mathycathy The perfect person to have on stage! Loved your reaction!
Spelling #Thanksgiving with who twitter recommends: T- @thomascmurray H- @bhodgesEDU A - @AndyLeiser N-… year’s losing Fantasy football league member must deliver poetry composed by other league members on stage at… an open mic poetry slam, sight unseen, composed from the other league members. @bhodgesEDU @KerryHawk02 @ClassTechTips @KDesjadon @KyleHamstra @cjgosselin @pegasus_springs @kylepace I’ll be at z…
@thatruth36691 Which one? @Gameboydrew Send it to me if you find it.Anyone else notice that Hallmark Christmas movies aren’t very diverse? #awkwardmalefistbump #whitechristmas
@mrhooker @kmishmael @arneduncan ?
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@wfryer @Flipgrid I wonder if you had students sing or make different sound effects if you could make up a weird song... @wfryer @Flipgrid This is awesome.This is simple yet brilliant. @JenWilliamsEdu @CateTolnai @LindseyBlass1 @iste Working on it. :) @ICTEvangelist @MRsalakas @SteveWheeler @OLewis_coaching @MrsWraithmell @robfmac @Lanny_Watkins @Mr_ALNCo @coby_mr think I just heard the NFL network go to commercial with Ghetto Boy’s “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” #OldSchool @paulajamieson Shout out to @TraciPiltz for some inspiration on this. She did her own adaption of this as well using drawing apps.Join us at #FutureReady San Diego on December 3-4! If you're a district leader, principal, instructional coach, lib…
Retweeted by Carl HookerJust learned ⁦@BookCreatorApp⁩ now supports direct importing of maps! #k20ili cc ⁦@sfryer⁩ ⁦@_MFreeland⁩ #iPadEd
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Also, Here’s some of their floats they designed and the coding map of the parade route they had to replicate.… are mixing in some STEAM to my daughter’s 1st grade class. After reading the book “Balloons Over Broadway” the c… @technolibrary Nail on head here. We too often feel like that's the case and I think with tech, it's especially the…