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Happy Friday! We've made it to 20 Throwing Shapes mixes too! Hour long weekly mixtapes curated by musicians and DJs…
Retweeted by jattski!And the suns just come out..! Join me and Ruben B2B at Paperworks for their last ever Friday session tonight 5 - 10…
@TheRstott Used to work there and you’d be amazed at how often people would say they had been and then they’d sit t…🚨🚨🚨 #showreel 2020 🚨🚨🚨 plz share! new work, old work, nice work if it pleases you. Any #edit #motion #design
Retweeted by jattski!I never thought I'd DJ a Boiler Room but anything can happen in a pandemic! Here's my set from last week, in my liv…
Retweeted by jattski!New daily show bizness. 10-12 every day. Live now on! 💖
I want Moses to win so badly! Such a wicked album.
I was teaching the first week of a 6 week course recently and went to say “make breakout rooms” and instead said “m… forward to hosting this conversation tomorrow over on the @shapeslewisham Instagram! the mpc quantizes ur shit perfectly 🙏🏾
Retweeted by jattski!Our bar’s now open from 10am Monday to Saturday, whoop whoop 🙌 see you here for your iced coffees, your lattes and…
Retweeted by jattski!Then on Saturday, Corsica Studios' resident party makers, Trouble Vision join us to soak up the last of the sunshin…
Retweeted by jattski!Since it's the final weekend, we intend to go out in style. Helping us do that will be South East London dance even…
Retweeted by jattski!As we prepare ourselves for the final weekend of The Paperworks, we take a look back at how it all began. Watch the…
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@lukespillane @molly_martian @PaddyFreeland @gldematteis What the fuck! do you?! That’s disgusting.
Excited to play records in the real world on 25th Sep at @the_paperworks! Honoured to go B2B with @ResidentCochons @JonDBarker @itsjackmace Oh my god again @JonDBarker Oh my god
@jazzemu_ Howling.Gwen Stefani's backing singer can't spell
Retweeted by jattski!No no of *course* your new boyfriend is welcome in our rule of six
Retweeted by jattski! @Jack_Sachs @ashens probably does!
It's time to throw some shapes as we reach number 20 in our weekly mixtape series! 🏅 Neal Chauhan is behind the co…
Retweeted by jattski!On it
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Live until 1PM on @AajaDeptford! A nice mixed bag today. Bit of Fela Kuti right now! Pop in or listen live at… @KNICKERBOCKERDJ The day I discovered they take PayPal credit... aiaiaiaiii
A public announcement for RS supporters in the age of Corona & beyond! We want to tell you about 𝙍𝙎 𝘽𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙘𝙖𝙢𝙥 𝙈𝙚𝙢𝙗𝙚𝙧…
Retweeted by jattski!This was such an ace episode. Kim continuing to push boundaries in the most brilliant and absurd way possible! @davidarrondelle Hmm you’ve confirmed my fear with what I’ve seen of it!
PSA: Make sure your ready for the first of our Early Bird residencies tomorrow from 7am - @noanunoparty waking you…
Retweeted by jattski! @LizGuterbock The final three notes had me cackling.Coming up in a few, my 4-hour radio show 'World of Echoes' will start on @worldwidefm . Tune in!…
Retweeted by jattski! @Stric @BeccaOGT Ah cheers! ✌️😊Live on its @MrJattski
Retweeted by jattski!Thanks Becca! One hour left on! Going until 1PM! 💖 huge soothing yes to this favourite being played on @aajadept by @MrJattski
Retweeted by jattski!Live from the arch until 1pm! Listen live at!
@EmmaLWarren capturing eternity in a moment
Retweeted by jattski!I absolutely loved doing this @AajaDeptford breakfast show... great atmosphere in the arch... great crew in the cha… Monday everyone! What are you working on this week? Send us some photos and we’ll RT! 🖼 🎵 🎭
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Couple spots left on the Tuesday course still! 💙 Set. Championship. Naomi Osaka secures her 2nd #USOpen title 🏆
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Got rid of Ganon.I’m in the castle. And oh my goodness the music!Also can I just say I’ve loved the subtleties of the soundtrack throughout and approaching the castle is just so ace. @JonDBarker Cheers bro!!!Bad time for a blood moon to happen! 😩Gonna go get rid of Ganon for the first time in BOTW. Wish me luck! 🗡AreYouOkBobby.mp3
Retweeted by jattski!R.I.P Ace Hotel. I had way too many amazing times there. We did our first @trenchmag party there 🥳 a while back a…
Retweeted by jattski! @KNICKERBOCKERDJ So perfect innit! It’s for new host. Assume it’ll have new captains as well though! @KNICKERBOCKERDJ Man you’d be so ace. Co hosts?This is probably my dream job. Excited it’s coming back! 🤩, I've just tried this out. This is amazing. This is how I'm going to judge all music from now onwards...
Retweeted by jattski!Billie Piper looking like she’s about to take her debut standup show to edinburgh fringe here. Nailing the classic… want times like this back
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And now soundtracking this lovely sunny evening. Come grab a drink or listen live! 📻 🌞 🍻👂Brilliant mix for your Friday afternoon listening right here! 👂 Gov announcements today it looks like all of our planned courses for Autumn can still go ahead. They alread…
Retweeted by jattski!Teaching a 'back to basics' drop in tomorrow for @hooplaimpro tomorrow! Online, over Zoom, 2-4PM. Suitable for tho… now! Enjoying a coffee and some tunes. Come say hi! ☕️Doing two shifts down at the @AajaDeptford arch tomorrow! 🕚 11:00 - 13:00 for the daily show 🕔 17:00 - 19:00 to st…
Retweeted by jattski! @julings Some tasty little snacks in there
Doing two shifts down at the @AajaDeptford arch tomorrow! 🕚 11:00 - 13:00 for the daily show 🕔 17:00 - 19:00 to st… @cherishkaya is joining @mikeydale for today's @100rhythm session. stay locked ☄️
Retweeted by jattski!Ooooh, there's obviously a lot of creative types feeling inspired today! We've had a whole bunch of new sign ups to…
Retweeted by jattski! @tinaedwardsdj Of course! 😊Subscribed. 👍 @JanineHarouni And can we talk about the suit please?! 🤩Live on with hot selections and even hotter pasties. 🔥 Trying to get that sponsorship mon…
Retweeted by jattski!“There’s been another lockdown in the UK, but for who Chris Kamara?”
Retweeted by jattski!No beard. Loads of tunes though. @AajaDeptford until 1pm listen live or pop in! 👋
Go on, have a peek 👀
Retweeted by jattski! @SaimaFerdows @AajaDeptford @DeptfordMktYard Ah no way!!! I’m here everyday! Haha!Beaming to you live from the mothership this morning! 🚀 I’m in the @AajaDeptford arch down in @DeptfordMktYard un…
@Zach_Zucker @808sndCarShakes @tomwalkerisgood I want to see @Zafarcakes do this.The beginning and end of the horse command
Retweeted by jattski!🙏
Retweeted by jattski!I am just loving watching Mawaan's career. 🤩 enjoyed my @AajaDeptford show last Friday! ✨ As per started off nice and easy and got a bit lively toward t… & her band making their Proms Debut tonight 🥳
Retweeted by jattski!Excited to start teaching a whole new bunch of improvisers this evening. Think there's still one or two spots left… for @JonjoNeeves. @paddy_delaney @ukgov @totally_rory So good!Incredible. I want and love this so much. 😍😍😍😍😍😍 @Secret7s Oh. My. God. I love this SO much. 😍Live until midday with @robgrundel! Listen live at or pop in to the arch! 👂
@reb_day @Irvine_TE Oh my god incredibleTogether - Soho Radio Compilation available on @Bandcamp, with 20 exclusive tracks from some of our roster of artis…
Retweeted by jattski! @grohs @lewisheriz @AajaDeptford Ace, innit.
@grohs @lewisheriz Oooh, how’d you two know each other?!the room next door - President Trump and the OTHER Room Next Door
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@KhanStopMe one of my favourite bits of the whole show to be honest! 🤩I'm running 2 @hooplaimpro beginner courses starting this Sep over Zoom. There's 3 spots left in each class! You… the gigs are disappearing BUT you can still grab a record! Big love to @Bandcamp for waiving the fees today 💕🥳…
Retweeted by jattski!On my way to the @aajadeptford arch to play an hour or two of records. Catch me after @mrjattski
Retweeted by jattski!Me and @djcosmicbob and DJ Toffee live from the @AajaDeptford arch this morning. Might just be some B2B action from…’ll explain the couple hundred emails in my inbox this morning then!
Inside "Nate," @natdogkatdog's weird, wonderful, gender-bending Netflix comedy special. @helen_e_shaw reports
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