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Bumbling idiot. 🐸 Comedy with @therhexperience 🎨 Lead Designer 👨‍🏫 Teach improv & clown @hooplaimpro 🎧 Play records @AAJADeptford he/him

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Also this. I mean massively this. One can only dream! 🙏 desperate plea to all comedians starting to think about their Edinburgh posters... please get your pictures taken… moodymann mood tooday.
.@RupaSenBiswas1 almost threw out her copy of Disco Jazz Only after her son Googled it did she realize it was sell…
Retweeted by jattski! @gillespeterson Locked. Very much enjoying! @BITheatre I'm excited to see you!!! 💖Wow! Only halfway through the latest Leon Ware album and had to share. The artwork couldn't be more accurate! Hit p…! This Friday we're bringing our ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ show Stuck back to Bristol for one night only!!! 😀 @Ornsack @xFAWNx @AajaDeptford please do. 🙏 @xFAWNx @Ornsack @AajaDeptford hopefully it means the show'll be dead good @Ornsack @AajaDeptford If that's the pic you're gonna use... with that posture?! Get lost!!!! @Ornsack @AajaDeptford I swear this is second time you've tweeted me this! 😂Back at @AajaDeptford this Sunday 26th, 6-8PM, with my first show of 2020. Going to be hitting reset and playing re…
@JimSterling @eops Is... is that @WillDixonUK ? @SwitchedOnPop Always my boys 💖One of my favourite @SwitchedOnPop's in a while! Touching on recent releases from Mac Miller, Future, Drake, and Bi…
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@JonDBarker @izzienaylor 🙄😂Floating Points on NTS right now. I have no socks. They have been blown off. 🧦
I have been told I look like Conor McGregor 8 times this weekend now. Does that make me a knockout?
@eops @SOTUSOHO Ahhh it’s killer 😍 @julings Go on then, lets have another.This should have been “think my uber driver is taking the piss” but ah well. 🤷‍♂️
Ah yes, my favourite place to meet my driver. 🧐 @SaimaFerdows WELL I'M NOT GONNA CRY ON MY OWN AM I?!Challenging, refreshing and very sad. 😭🤍 Let's hit play on the new Mac Miller then. 🖤 @objectivlyfunny 🤔🧐😇😈 @JonDBarker @helloiambing what's it all about?!Here's a some of what I've been listening to so far in January too... already nice and busy!👂 ✨ oi! In case you're after some Friday tunes I thought I'd share my December 2019 show one last time. 📻 Had quite… listening to an EP called 'Illegal Jazz' which is brilliant but could also very much be the title of a lo…
@eops I liked this, but I didn’t actually like it. Ya know. @mar_tin_wil_lis is lint boy, pass it ondoctor: describe your average night me: they wear suits of armor doctor: no I mean at bedtime me: they probably take it off
Retweeted by jattski!Just in case you fancied listening to some of the tunes that made it into the show with out me chatting over them t…
We're taking part in Comedy Swingers! 🔑 12 brand new sketch groups are randomly created. The only rule? They can’t…
Retweeted by jattski! @JonDBarker what is this game?You heard them! 25% off our show in Bristol next Friday folks!!! 💪 feel like I say this every week but LeFtO has seriously taken no prisoners this show. 👮‍♂️🕺💃 Half an hour left.… @alisontheaskot What do I keep saying about you playing Cruella de Vil!Orla coming in heavy! 🥊💔 shit graphic design in 2020. You have budget to pay all these other people but you want a discount on the main…
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Blake covering one of my favourite tunes on Blonde. 🖤 7" is back for our seventh and final show!
Retweeted by jattski! @Secret7s Oh my goodness!!! One Step!!!! 😍
Here’s the video just for you, Twitter
Retweeted by jattski! @WillDixonUK I’m here man, where are you?Should also say that the wonderful @WillDixonUK is providing beautiful guitar this evening too. 💖Doing this absolutely lovely gig later tonight! Music and comedy and me! 🐌 Free entry! 7PM! The Finsbury! 💖
Retweeted by jattski!Doing this absolutely lovely gig later tonight! Music and comedy and me! 🐌 Free entry! 7PM! The Finsbury! 💖
@eops Let’s get that hang in the diary innit!!! 💕 @eops Vol 1 is ace. Not explored the others ace much as should have!
We're doing new material tonight @therhexperience @themillerpub x
Retweeted by jattski!Actual music to my ears! 😍 Every time I play The Miller I hope this man is there too. The perfect after party to th… a lot of you have had the same idea as me. solo dance show this year. 🌞ruby yacht forever. the artist formerly known as milo puts out one of his finest. and gets in trouble for parking i… say I'm rather torn between taking a solo show up to Edinburgh this year or just dancing all summer.The new Mac Miller... "there's a whole lot more for me waiting on the other side"...😭 in for journalist, writer and broadcaster @EmmaLWarren's monthly show. She's joined by Slam The Poet for a cha…
Retweeted by jattski!And the funny continues tonight! 🤩 @sohotheatre @LegsComedy Can confirm: very daft. Very funny.
Doing a fantastic double @sohotheatre tonight! Seeing the amazing Trygve Wakenshaw followed by @legscomedy! 🤩 Some… the singles are anything to go by, this album is gonna be big. 🖤 & Friends returns this Friday 10th! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ comedy from us and our incredible lineup of @DimplePau,…
Retweeted by jattski!Sun's out. New @Yazmin_Lacey out. Could it get any better? 🌞💖
If you’re looking for a wicked soundtrack for your evening, Black Wax is your guy! 🖤 most importantly both of Stormzy’s tracks have ended with him blowing a raspberry so winner winner 🤷‍♂️Also, I have to say I agree with Wiley in that I think H.I.T.H. is kinda pants. But this just brings out the best in Stormzy. 🔥There’s been a murder. An actual. Murder. 2-0 Stormzy. 😱 @danattfield Ah I did find the track name but he did say he was playing some super rare acetates etc so that would… @danattfield Hmmmm not sure which one you mean?! I discovered this today: into hearing a song and falling in love with it and then finding out that it doesn't exist digitally and the 7"… @residentmusic @Mosesboydexodus @dinkededition @PatternsBTN @thehouseofjoy @orchtweets @oneinchbadge It looks amazing but wrong link! 😟Recently a lot of people have been accusing me of not actually living in Miami, FL. This song will put an end to th…
Retweeted by jattski! @jazzemu_ @jellycrone @mattdesmier Oooh jealous! I find myself going back to Speaking In Tongues or Remain In Light the most... or of cou…
@djshadow @BBC6Music Can confirm that this is just as beautiful returning to it now as it was on that very very sor…
This also contains my favourite wheel of 2019... just after the 49:50 mark... 😂 ...the scared rabbit! 🐰🎚️Starting this week isn’t thaaaat bad when you know you’ve got #RHandFriends to look forward to on Friday! 🤗🧡
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In case you were after a bit of Sunday evening listening I've just uploaded my December AAJA show, featuring some o… @edstockham “Move over ‘baby shoes never worn’” @edstockham fuck me is this the bleakest tweet? @AniaMags 👋
@jellycrone What... what is happening?Absolutely adoring @djshadow’s @BBC6Music show. Such beautiful selections. 😍 @eops Nice to just be playing to pals! No pressure...ish!!!! Loving! Here’s to more hangs in 2020! 💖
@eops Fire just out of shot 😰 of the decade vs the end of the decade
Retweeted by jattski!Ah, go on then. mafia name.
I'm back at @AajaDeptford this afternoon, 4-6PM, playing some of my favourite records of 2019! ✨ You listen live a…
Retweeted by jattski!I'm back at @AajaDeptford this afternoon, 4-6PM, playing some of my favourite records of 2019! ✨ You listen live a…
@studlygriff @AajaDeptford That I'm not and I'm a massive nerd?! 🤓 @AajaDeptford Tomorrow is a Sunday, by the way, just so everyone knows.I'm back at @AajaDeptford tomorrow, 29 Dec 4-6PM, playing some of my favourite records of 2019! ✨ You'll be able t…
@eops There’s always Bandcamp... 💖