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Andrew Kozlowsky @MrKoz31 Silver Spring, MD

Father. Husband. Thinker. Learner. APUSH & ESOL Educator. Excellence is a habit!

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Who's going to the boundary analysis meeting TOMORROW MORNING at White Oak Middle School?
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What I really love about the Star Wars prequels is the tragic nature of Anakin’s life. I’m a sucker for an epic tra… education leaders have the ability to take all the language, initiatives and projects to be done and synthesi…
Retweeted by Andrew Kozlowsky“Consequences are most successful if they are focused on developing the child’s social-emotional and self-regulatio…
Retweeted by Andrew KozlowskyThis isn’t the first time that toy makers were caught flat-footed over consumer demand for @starwars. Wonder how th…
Retweeted by Andrew Kozlowsky @TheKevinMCline @Screencastify Check out @lessig He’s got so@e fantastic ideas about campaign finance reform! He has a new book I believe. @TheKevinMCline @Screencastify Of course!!! @TheKevinMCline @Screencastify I’d like to see a bracket of just 20/21st century cases. Marburg is hard to beat bec… @TheKevinMCline @Screencastify I had Citizens United as a dark horse champion!! 😞Yes!!!! @QuinceOrchardTV The Maryland Goatman is just a poor man’s Jersey Devil. @PonderEducation I don’t think any teacher (at least any Ive met) uses “my kids” in a literal way.Opening doors so others can come in, especially for #BIPOC, should be our daily goal. Perseverance & determination…
Retweeted by Andrew Kozlowsky @PonderEducation Dude, you were called out for a bad take. Stop deflecting and reflect. This is an opportunity for growth. @PonderEducation Ryan. You got a lot of great feedback in that thread. You stepped over the line a bit. It’s ok tho… @MsHolmesTeach @gimkit I don’t think so (not like Kahoot). It may be possible with the premium mode but even then,…!!! out the new @gimkit “Winter Event” Great way to build community and collaboration skills on a Friday!!! @PonderEducation I think this is a bad take. I’d be much more concerned with the teachers who use the phrase “those… my opinion, the moneyed interests who are willfully allowing corporations to destroy the planet are evil, not st…
Retweeted by Andrew KozlowskyMy reaction when an ex walks into a restaurant I’m in... Watching Star Wars with my daughter. Her: Why is that man climbing inside that animal? Me: To keep warm! Her… @CHSiddons Were you a good boy this year???? just 54 days, Americans cast the first votes in Iowa for President. Join legal titan @lessig at @InternetArchive
Retweeted by Andrew Kozlowsky @MatRyanELATeach I know a guy who had a similar philosophy about books. Didn't work out too well...GOP: We need a fall man who’s going to disrupt/delay impeachment hearings as much as possible. They’ll lose all cre… @MrsDurhamteach @irvspanish @SFecich Here's my old one from about 5-6 years ago. Hasn't been updated in forever as… @MrsDurhamteach @irvspanish @SFecich Philosophy of teaching, resume, best lessons, unit plans, hobbies, awards etc.… @MrsDurhamteach @irvspanish @SFecich Have you thought about a digital binder? I love the idea of creating a portfol… you @SHEG_Stanford for creating all of these amazing free resources. I modified your lesson "Sedition in Worl…
@cara__jackson just put some hot sauce on her taco!!! @adam_alba @jedikermit 😂😂😂My reaction when my 1/2 Guatemalan/Cuban daughter asked for ketchup on her taco. QO people. Check out this awesome Netflix assignment template made by @MeehanEDU Great for any content area!!!… @EdsNotDeadPC Great episode!! I was thinking about the neutrality debate as I planned my Civil War unit. A neutral… goals!! @GoughTeaches @42ThinkDeep people crowding the cafeteria at Julius West MS in Rockville for a meeting on MCPS’ school boundary analysis—ou…
Retweeted by Andrew KozlowskyTo say that I’m disappointed tonight is an understatement. I’ve never witnessed such immature and disrespectful beh…
Retweeted by Andrew KozlowskyMy reaction when I get a note from a sub that says “This was the worst class I’ve ever seen.” @Tribby80 That’s for my other US class (non-APUSH).I get to start another of my favorite lessons tomorrow too! The Harlem Renaissance Interactive Museum!!! This is li… @socialstudiestx @ReinkeKristi @ecasey77 @CHitch94 @cheffernan75 @CareyUSHistory @Tkohlmann25 @moler3031 @MrMadison needs to be seen. Don't tell me your vote doesn't matter with crazies like this out there! @MoriartyHistory @StudentsHistory Cool!! @socialstudiestx @ReinkeKristi @ecasey77 @CHitch94 @cheffernan75 @CareyUSHistory @Tkohlmann25 @moler3031 @MrMadison @MoriartyHistory Great idea!!!! How did you create 3D slides though????? So awesome!! @TomRichey has won a 2020 duPont-Columbia Award! It's an honor to be included since this award acknowledges…
Retweeted by Andrew KozlowskyIt's about that time of year for one of my absolute favorite #APUSH lessons!!! John Brown Funko Pop figures!!! Than…
@benshapiro is the type of classroom culture I hope to create! it! And I love talking about ways to give students more opportunities to take high level classes. AP should be… Old idea. Long roots. Very bad outcomes.
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@socialstudiestx @awfrench1 @ziz87 @teacheroffduty @StombockCara @harvie_lori @MadForMaple @lportnoy @Buggsnow @sziemnik2198 @villageproj This looked like a very special evening. @flipping_A_tchr Good looking group!! @sziemnik2198
@DrTLovesBooks needs to be addressed!! and honored! 👏🏼🐾❤️🏈
Retweeted by Andrew Kozlowsky @EthicsNValues To the OT.Read this in its entirety!!! @PBJellyGames @MatthewFarber @mr_isaacs @SimBadd64 @DaveRage @MrHebertPE @supervxn @mpilakow @mrmatera @MGrundel
@GeorgeHistory That heartbreaking moment when Anakin is filled with rage (literally and metaphorically burning) and… @Eldridge10th I was born after the OT (though I enjoyed them as a kid). I just love the tragedy of the prequels. Th… @historyherway your TEAM LEADER isn't also your teams MR/MS HUSTLE, you probably don't have much of either – HUSTLE or LEADERSHIP.
Retweeted by Andrew Kozlowsky @42ThinkDeep Than the OT. There, I said it! opinion: I like the Star Wars prequels better. @flipping_A_tchr No, lol. But I like the cut of their jib. @flipping_A_tchr I was thinking of buying my wife a Peleton. Any thoughts? @ModestTeacher the French and Spanish teachers are next door to each other. @OverthrowingEd @CovingtonAHS @AreteInstitute @AretePrepLA Looks amazing!!My English wife is watching aghast at the dystopian @drpepper halftime competition during #LSUvsUGA, in which 2 nee…
Retweeted by Andrew Kozlowsky @CovingtonAHS @AreteInstitute @OverthrowingEd As a fan of philosophy, anything with an arete label has to be “excellent” 👍Everyone you meet knows more about something than you. You can always learn something from everyone you meet. – Jay Bilas
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@HerbertHistory Every single time I walk by an Abercrombie. @jbf1755 As my students would say, "that's the tea!" @MeehanEDU Darth Jar Jar!!! Still time for this to come true!!!! lol @Rustin3000 @Larryferlazzo @MrJGarrett @AOTAshow I agree with getting rid of standardized tests for college entry.… leaders build up their people; bad leaders tear down their people. Good leaders are committed to the service… @MrTomRad Btw, loved the hidden history activity. I’m thinking of incorporating parts of that into my end of the ye… @TheKevinMCline @KevinMKruse @NatlHumanities How do you find these opportunities?!? @MrTomRad Most of the GreatSchool metrics (test scores & college readiness) are correlated with existing wealth (di… @TheKevinMCline @KevinMKruse @NatlHumanities Awesome!!! @MrTomRad I agree. And I don’t blame parents living in segregated, low-income communities for looking for a better… @MrTomRad I’ve read both but was referencing the Stewart piece that you retweeted. @MrTomRad Oh, I think I see where you’re coming from. So for example wealthy progressives extolling public schools… @MrTomRad I’ve seen you do lessons about redlining. I guess that I’m most surprised that you would support an artic… @MrTomRad I find this sentiment odd coming from you, Tom (So much so that I had to reread the article a few times).… @DrJHarmon @icivics I did the same with Oregon Trail!!“Being kind means responding to the needs of others—and people can be kind, no matter how old or young we are.”
Retweeted by Andrew Kozlowsky“It is not events that disturb people, it is their judgements concerning them.” —Epictetus
Retweeted by Andrew Kozlowsky @TomRichey Have you ever seen Ordinary Decent Criminal? The painting has a big role in the movie. It’s a very under…
It’s a well known fact that a loaf of fresh 🥖 from the supermarket has never lasted past midnight in the Kozlowsky… @QOHSPrin_Thomas @QOHSCounseling @MCPSCounseling @Mr_DRivera @QuinceOrchardHS So deserving!!!