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@ReadBerserk1 Great to have you back @animetiddeez I remember reading the last panel and being like wow, what an amazing series.
@Sugartooth98 She's cool but I disagreeAn underrated panel where Berserk discusses the roots of human conflict. Curious to see if Miura offers some kind…
Retweeted by LyleRead Chapter 103 of Yakusoku no Neverland ( #AniList #約束のネバーランドAraragi made the right choice😁 @ShaKing807 Happily surprised that Hunter X Hunter still does while despite still being on Hiatus. @ColdCriti Wait What @JoeyBotttt I'm super excited as well @AngstIncarnate Thanks to your dad for his service
Happy Birthday Kiritsugu Emiya, The Best Fate Protagonist @EdrenGatari @Omar2017__ @Uhhh__Anthony You've never seen breaking bad👀?!Serious and emotional anime have become the staple of anime. @AllDayAnimee @Hiding_n_Public Nice pic! @8bitkevin My favorite straw hatI really love the design of these swords
Retweeted by Lyle @IsabellaKouppi @JoJoTalks2Much @islamctear @SloanTheOtaku @ScottReport9 @cuchallain I was so hyped because I love… @KissShotCris Happy birthday @AnimexHollow @NoBlackForces 🤝He's the GOAT. whenever I see dope 3x3s/favorite collages:
Retweeted by Lyle- Hirohiko Araki when he was writing Steel Ball Run - Kentaro Miura when he was writing Berserk - Naoki Urasawa whe… Parasite!! It's absolutely brilliant and Definitely should be nominated for Best Picture & win at the next Os… wrote two of the greatest anime ever 🐐
Retweeted by Lyle @eff_fume Great choices @MozillaFennekin Doesn't matter, Congratulations on 400 followers. @JTEmoviethinks What a lovely list @SmashTohr @ShaKing807 Are you a nami guy? @ShaKing807 Great choices. Around what episode did gintama become a 10/10 for you?Series: Fate/Zero, Hunter x Hunter(2011), Baccano, Cowboy Bebop, FMAB Movies: Perfect Blue, End of Evangelion and K… @FateSteelTaylor congratulations!😀
@Hobartastic01 Gone girl was my second or third because I saw it around the same time as fight club. Thought It was… @FateSteelTaylor Great choices. Glad to know Hidive has many amazing shows on it. @Hobartastic01 Same. I was 11 and I was like why they making a Facebook movie then I saw it and my mind was blown.… @notsohumbleace Yeah, I love Andy Serkis as Ceasar. I wish the academy respected motion capture performances. He deserves a oscar.The Planet of the Apes Trilogy( War is my favorite) Whiplash The Social Network Mad Max: Fury RoadMy Favorite Films of the 2010s: @SirCroc3D2Y Dio: 8 Aizen:9 Doflamingo:10 Mueruem:9.5 @EdrenGatari Yeah @Aleczandxr I have super curious about 3.0 + 1.0, I have no idea what to expect after 3.0Oregairu Season 3 is scheduled for Spring 2020.
Retweeted by Lyle @ShaKing807 I did especially the introduction by @FateSteelTaylor 😉 @tokyopodfathers Great episode. Can't wait for Part 2. @Treyarch Happy Anniversary to one of the best COD Games out there. Kino do toten will always have a special place in heart. @hadixd Part 7: A Masterpiece.Me when I showed my friend Fate/Zero. @FateSteelTaylor @SentaiFilmworks If they were on different sides, would you be able to pick a side? @SentaiFilmworks
Really liked the episode this week. Can't wait to see the war get started, and I hope Alice gets some cool scenes n… Episode 5 of Sword Art Online: Alicization - War... ( #AniList #sao_animeI think Crunchyroll wants people to fail No Nut November every time I have to wait for the next BEASTARS episode.
Retweeted by Lyle @Aleczandxr NANI?! @Aleczandxr I didn't see your recent tweets, but I hope everything is alright. @Aleczandxr Yes it is, can't wait to check out your video later
Retweeted by Lyle @araraginn Cant wait for you to meet kira @ColdCriti "I can feel it in my bones", of course you can they made the anime. @AryTheDoggo 7>4>6>2>3>5>1 @WaifuPimp Oikawa Is the GOAT @tylersorayori89 @gbshiller Lucky @gbshiller Its 39 in NYC @islamctear @ShaKing807 @Jacklekins @FateSteelTaylor Yes! Watch Bloom into You, it's great @ShaKing807 @JoeyBotttt Is it from Act-age? I haven't read yet, heard great things @SubtitledAnime Is it standalone or do I have to watch the latest film trilogy @Spytrue Cant wait to see some of my favorite scenes from the VN finally animated! @SmashTohr @ShaKing807 Nice!, I see what you did thereI go to school in NYC, and couldn't think of anything creative.
Happy Birthday Masashi Kishimoto. I wouldn't be the anime fan I am today if it wasn't for Naruto. @gbshiller What happened? @Aleczandxr Cause times flys, just like my boys in haikyuu @AfroSenju Fate/zero @Hobartastic01 Happy anniversary @Hobartastic01 I like all these anime but for me quality wise Gurran Lagaan=One Piece ,Promare=Naruto, Kill la Kill=Bleach.
@RottenTomatoes @jojorabbitmovie @TaikaWaititi @StephenMerchant @foxsearchlight 78% is way to low, it should at lea… @ShaKing807 @FateSteelTaylor It's an SOS, he's been kidnapped! @ShaKing807 Yeah, there isn't much of a selection on Twitter unfortunately :( @Hobartastic01 Yeah, I saw it twice in theaters. It was great both times around. Love seeing it on the big screen @ShaKing807 Yeah, they have no idea how amazing Lio is. feel bad for those poor unfortunate souls. At least you can watch it at home on Feburary 5th. @ShaKing807 Can't wait for it to drop. I'm hyped for tomorrow. @PryoSenju Erza is the hottest and best character in fairy tail @tokyopodfathers Magnum opus👀?! Sounds intriguingI really wish twitter had an edit button.....
Retweeted by Lyle @notverybased @tokyopodfathers Right here @Hiding_n_Public One of us!! @KorewaEden_ 🤣. This killed meI might have to read KnY, after I catch up with TPN. @eff_fume Hope it keeps getting higher. @Aleczandxr I would tooNah, Kagura is easily one of my favorites, especially after the mini backstory arc with umibouzu. @ShaKing807 @EdrenGatari Ha, this is kinda funny @steelballrvn Its the clowns from tokyo ghoul. It's the ultimate crossover, suck it endgame. @EdrenGatari Oh, I just read your latest tweets. Good one @EdrenGatari Hope you enjoy it. @EdrenGatari I wouldn't recommend that.So, I finally read the latest Attack on Titan and well.... it's was amazing especially the last panel. I'm eagerly… Chapter 123 of Shingeki no Kyojin ( #AniList @SnowyNix @Painsuki_ Congratulations on 100 followers.🎊 @Malcom_Ghost @trill_nathan Cause Joesph and Ceasar are amazing.