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Lyle @MrLA1234 New York, NY

Talks mostly about anime but also has a passion for Movies, TV and Video Games

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@micro_weiner 8 @Ruoson_ I have a feeling you might like Nana @CalicoGil W @animedaiily Congrats on 1.2k @zzClairezz Congrats on 200 followers @Mladen769 True. Also Bisky was a fun character introduced. @DaPixelPenguin Damn chika got a flow @romsvc Same, I look like a caveman rn @omniaki W @SaintRevent Congrats @guy_goldy I like they called each other by their first name @guy_goldy Oh you got there @DirtyDarkBird Berserk. @eff_fume TrueGTO, Tatami galaxy, Claymore, Bakuman and 20th century boys @CLANG_GANG Congrats on 1.5k! I Support the Garou agenda @guy_goldy Keep it up and will you like more and more.
@guy_goldy Same @SilverSakata1 Happy birthday @gbshiller I'm so hypedI have no idea. You tell me. @guy_goldy Yes @FateSteelTaylor It really don't @PuriusuKiraa Yeah, ngl mostly associate you with Knk and shiki @ShaKing807 Not in your generation but Zuko still Goated @YukinoSzn That easy your cleary an yui stan🙃 @seanbutts4 Molded badass, but I would go with her dad personally. @furuyaszn Nope @Tharizdun03 W @Mladen769 @edvangeIion And dog picks @Tharizdun03 Same @zzClairezz Wait your from Maine? If so nice @ShaKing807 This is true. It better than dominoes but still I hate to see it. @ShaKing807 @FateSteelTaylor Whats wawa @ShaKing807 I don't understand why NY would eat Sbarro when there are other authentic pizza options that are cheaper and better @zzClairezz Well keep grinding. Your almost done, good luck @guy_goldy W @zzClairezz You still have school? When do you end? @Yeagerashi W @Mladen769 Same. Are you March or April. @ShaKing807 Pretty cool, Garou is amazing. Got Griffith so I'm pleased as well @bentosekai Nice view @fuckpiIIar @YamaLvrr All these peak fiction @edvangeIion W @pepoxler Can relate. @TheAnimeDude Great tier list @KevinNyaa Congrats! Lucky you didn't have to take exams this semester. @YukinoSzn Great taste, nice to see F/Z here @AllenWalkerfan1 @edvangeIion What episode you on? @AllenWalkerfan1 @edvangeIion Unrelated but you starting gintama?Since I notice some of my mutuals use discord, Im gonna TRY to use it more. If anyone is interested in talking or b… @Omar2017__ Same, there so annoying @brus_vein Yep @STARTRAIN___ W @takasugii3 🤣 @FullmetalAry Congrats! And nice picture as well! @AllenWalkerfan1 @edvangeIion Do it @Tharizdun03 She lying about her age cause she doesn't want to say her actual age.2 people followed me // automatically checked by @nutking_ Gn @ShaKing807 Sick gif @FateSteelTaylor @ShaKing807 To see who's the better goat. But I do stan both @ShaKing807 @SubtitledAnime @FateSteelTaylor @_WEEXIAO Didn't know that. Glad she's so popular @FateSteelTaylor Facts. By the way it would be an awesome battle. @ShaKing807 Oh I was thinking more Character wise, but that was a fun response anyway @guy_goldy Wasn't a fan of koyomimonogatari except for the last ep, so I don't blame you @animedaiily I'll try to interact more, but glad to be on the tier list still @hollowsdrip W @AnnieDF97 W @bentosekai also this gif is cute asf @bentosekai I doubt Yui has ever gotten mad @bentosekai oh no! why does yui have a gun?! @OverallOtaku KilluGoat @DaPixelPenguin gintama @DirtyDarkBird true also the Sharingan gave people some crazy powers as well @zacho123 If I'm Into it:YES Fav Female Character: Chiyoko Fave Male Character: Simuji Overrated Character: Yuki Un… @animesvns @AllAnimeVibe Bebop but YYH still 🔥 @StormBaka You're not alone. I agree @Bleu75884573 Thanks @araraginn @Zerokirrua Peace peace @monkeydfaysal If their a real fan they wouldn't. @pepoxler Lmfao😂 @Bleu75884573 Oh that was an incident. I'm into it. @Tharizdun03 True Detective S1 @MozillaFennekin Very funny post, I like it. @Bleu75884573 If I'm Into it: Fav Female Character: Chika Fave Male Character: Shirogane Overrated Character: Lino… @SuperSaiyanBlu9 @ShaKing807 Killua is better for sure but do you think their can argument made for this case. @SuperSaiyanBlu9 I dont agree but I can understand your pov. Mikato Misaka is a great, but I love Killua more personally. @ThaProtagonist3 Naruto @karevangelion I still remember you didn't watch Spice and Wolf S2 @zzClairezz Yep I usually cut it when it gets long at this point but cause barbershops are closed rn, I don't really have a choice @zzClairezz No that was a picture of me last year when I was a sophomore in college and I didn't try to grow my bread out at the time. @maity0man Thanks @Exahkarribah If I'm Into it: Yes Fav Female Character: Senjougahara Fave Male Character: Kaiki Overrated Character… @TankiesOG If I'm Into it: Yes Fav Female Character: Saber Fave Male Character: Kiritsugu Overrated Character: Toki… @PuriusuKiraa If I'm Into it: Yes Fav Female Character: Claire Fave Male Character: Ladd Russo Overrated Character:… @8bitkevin If I'm Into it: Yes Fav Female Character: Robin Fave Male Character: Zoro Overrated Character: Buggy Und… Reply to me with a franchise and I'll say if: If I'm Into it: Fav Female Character: Fave Male Character: Overra…