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Mr Lady @mrlady Far East Bay, CA.

I have an adjective, adjective noun that would verb your adjective noun so, so adverb. Raising an army with @officialjimlin.

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@dylan20 🤷‍♀️
@PAYOLETTER Flunked math in grade 6. Straight as in everything before and after. I still feel ashamed. This is stupidity. @zombyboy What a jam that song is
@thefarmerslife I DO THIS TOO!The *mac donalds was 21st century poetry @mbp817 🤦‍♀️CLAYMONT NATIVE REPRESENT #DemocraticDebate #delawarenative #wenevergettobrag #shutup @JoeBiden
But can @EvelynYang still run for #FLOTUS
@imaIilugly Correct. 10 points. @kaichoyce Dear lord I’m weepingShout out to all the guys that turned me down when I was hell bent on making some bad choices. Thanks for being a h… @thejuliemarsh No they do noti think “what would YOU do with the marketing budget of Shen Yun” at least once a day
Retweeted by Mr Lady @RikDrip A queen!The secret I have realized is that you never, ever want *all of your friends* in the same place at the same time, t… @geekandahalf @ECLamb I got the cheesecake but also the gravy see you soon @geekandahalf And now I have the same craving, this is how potlucks are born @Holt_Collin Correction: 24 miles. Closer than philly. So. DIA is so much better than the clusterfuck that was St… @Holt_Collin DIA is 29 miles from Lodo what are you even saying
@dylan20 @CTweney Thank you for this gift 💕 @dylan20 @CTweney Please rewrite this in the form of a poem thank you @Carhartt @Holt_Collin Dude I lived in Philly, back up. @Holt_Collin “How to identify a Denver transplant”
No. This is the only one and true answer. @ElisaC There is no greater joy (please don’t tell my kids) @ElisaC I literally only watch #catsoftiktok
@outsidevoice Concurred on all counts @dylan20 @OfficialJimLin Jim is GOOD @fingerbIaster 💯 VERY IMPORTANT HOLIDAY @GeorgeGSmithJr Dooode @perkins_manda @OfficialJimLin Yep this was like 6 years ago and I pretty much consider it our wedding @mbp817 WhatYou think you got the best #ValentinesDay present but then you learn that some d guy put a pic of him and his old g… @lyzl Goddamn homework @kinglolux but really 6 because no I have never gotten a peircing just these 19 piercings
@hankgreen Hallelujah @mbp817 @hannahorens Crusty.Noooooooooonnnnneeee Eeeeeevvvvaaaaaaahhhhh #stoptweetingaboutbooths
@dylan20 Oh man I’m so sorry. @tanis_eh I am that friend @awkwardlysocial I’m not at all! My grandmother was batshit crazy and showed up HUGE every year for that nonsense. It was epic @awkwardlysocial Contrary opinion: I had abusive, absentee parents and the one & only thing any family member ever… @JessicaGottlieb Someone wrote through clenched teeth, “things i DO like about Bernie Sanders” and it was v helpful
Am boycotting anything Rick Moranis that isn’t Spaceballs 2 @BeautySupreme @AITA_reddit This was my question. What exactly did the roommate have his hopes up about? Someone else’s lunch? @hello_minky @charliecapen @JessicaGottlieb I miss jello molds @wordmancopy Sympathies during this hard time @zachbraff
@BradleyWhitford Jesus H what a perfect tweet thank you for this moment of my lifeDo Flat Earthers reject the Harlem Globetrotters?
Retweeted by Mr LadyOMG OMG THE PRESIDENT OF THE US IS A LEGIT DUMBASS OMG OMG @outsidevoice My sister @JessicaGottlieb They understand they are in a highly competitive industry right? I am the most confused‘what made you decide to have the film in korean’ she asks the korean director who lives in korea and speaks korean…
Retweeted by Mr Lady @shitfoodblogger That was some elitist bullshit yes I know you’re the choir I’m preaching but DAMN @shitfoodblogger What the fuck did I just read @JessicaGottlieb They want to charge you WHAT
Thank you, @TheAcademy #Oscars #PARASITE
Retweeted by Mr LadyBREAKING: #Parasite becomes first foreign-language film to win best picture at #Oscars
Retweeted by Mr LadyIs internal organ...on these wholesome cookies? to Smoochy. Sadly, it’s never on.
@IssaDavis1980 CA is STAH-RICT about this license thing. If they catch you. I had my AZ license through Canada, Tex…
@mochamomma It’s an asian grocery store and if you can ever find one GO. It’s EPIC @mochamomma I will mail her panda supplies anytime @mochamomma @mochamomma Alternative: take her to 99Ranch and buy her these, then make something that humans can bake @AnneNahm Yeah he wasn’t the best“You’re so weak, you need pills to survive” - my ex, who had me spiraling so bad when he lost our car, and his job,… @adampknave Cool THIS IS HOW TRIGGERED I AM @adampknave Not clue dude
@apiksaitama am I here for #Yang rn? (I mean I’m aaaaalways 100% here for Mrs Yang for #FLOTUS but as much as I don’t care a… @phenom1984 Margaret is Penny. Nothing makes sense @Mom101 What a fact @rudekaty V nice. @victorious_me @pfpicardi My asian husband will claw his own flesh off rather than put lotion on. I do it in his sl… is the year 2020 and also all humans for millennia have been built with brains. Come the fuck ON. #epicfail
@JessicaGottlieb what @outsidevoice THIS one @outsidevoice The curate line has lots of flavors and they all taste like fruit, not flavoring. this one is good, too! @outsidevoice My go-to is vodka with this la croix. It actually tastes like something. @travisakers Watching Shrek 3 and it was so much better @kristysf I am confused when I wake up to no disastrous trending topic. CONFUSED @Dustin584 @Zudleymarie @WarBunni @sydneybraudrick @POTUS404 @DNServices2 @CarolynEast2 @MarkSimoneNY independent s…
@kinglolux I think it was the unconventional take that death maybe isn’t something to be feared, that maybe when it…
@rachelsteenblik Dollar coins if you can get them (our local car wash changed a $5 for 5 coins) otherwise $5. I hav…
@jamdef7 @HootPhD @EileenW60 think about how my Gen X friends once had to order takeout by calling the place and I admire their bravery.
Retweeted by Mr Lady @TheCLJ Cvs. I feel you. @RGA I mean the nine year old has seen *every* Tarantino movie 🤷‍♀️ @RGA 5 kids aged 21 to 9 and we do this at least 1x a month, sorry to ruin your tweet. @CaseyExplosion This was excessive
@SuzyQuzey This is a wonderful developmentThis cannot be true @GrissWarhound @queensryche @OfficialRJDio You are extremely fucking metal and I am here for itTHAAAAAAAAS