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@spillersrecords @SarathyKorwar This is sooooo well deserved. It was only yesterday I was blasting this out at work… @TheLeafLabel @SarathyKorwar Mango into bar? @Bookishcrick Thankfully, after 5 or so hours of (some epic) rain, the temp has dropped in Hereford! @Mole_9 @VinylStupidity Definitely records... especially as I have a *lot* of singles. @BehemothMusic Most definitely not! Co-incidentally, Madeleine from The Outback was round earlier this evening for… @RolandBates12 Great album. Hand on heart, Anthony Braxton Quartet w. Marilyn Crispell at The Jazz Café in 1991 com… @LedburyBooks Embarrassing admission: I bought this from you when it came out... and *still* haven't read it! @ECMJazz @aparksmusic No, Korean, no. I think it's patly because I like lullabies as a song style, plus her voice,…
@ECMJazz @aparksmusic I've somewhere in the region of 1,200 ECM albums and, I kid you not, this is one of my most played! @tonicook4 @Aggersbls Seriously, seriously impressed! @Aggersbls MrsMarches was always impressed when we used to watch it on a B&W TV (you're too young) and I could tell… @SarathyKorwar Seems an appropriate time to remind ourselves how much more vibrant the UK is as a resul… @JudithASawyer I'm keeping a low profile, just in case. @GreenManFest There's just two of you, then!? @tracey_thorn Hi Tracey. Is there any way for those of us that don't do Spotify to hear this? Thanks! @JudithASawyer Please tell me that this isn't true! @petepaphides @sohoradio That's the Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal, unless I am very much mistaken! Enjoy your trip, Pete!!
@albrunt @SueHarveyCT Tomato plants so tall you need a telescope to see the ones at the top!? 😉
@RolandBates12 Is this already out? Must order! @niki_boho @2faceddance Thanks Niki! I hope you are all well? @dandyriver @GreenManFest @ijmather @Sweet_Babs @missbarton @richard_king @petepaphides @gruffingtonpost Thanks Dan…
@2faceddance Thanks...many beers! @richard_king @GreenManFest @ijmather @Sweet_Babs @missbarton @petepaphides @gruffingtonpost Too many beers? What i… @richard_king @GreenManFest @ijmather @Sweet_Babs @missbarton @petepaphides @gruffingtonpost Thanks Richard... beer… @jamesyorkston It would not be the same without you!This was taken in the garden on Thursday morning before setting off for @GreenManFest 2010. We’d planned to wear th… joined by @jamesyorkston and Nabokov (!?) @i_am_mill_i_am @PictishTrail @domcw_ @flora_jules @BigJeffJohns @rocking_bob A cracking quiz from the last 10 yea… @GreenManFest themed 60th Birthday party thanks to @ijmather ... missing @Sweet_Babs @missbarton @jazzsnob99 I knew you would know! Thanks Gary!!#NowPlaying 1960 1960 @dollboyuk @ClayPipeMusic Thanks Oliver. 60 years young!#NowPlaying Getting closer to 7th August 1960. @ClayPipeMusic @dollboyuk I almost forgot in the excitement of my Birthday, but have managed to order Over the Trac…'ve got records that sound very similar to this! Today I am only listening to music recorded in 1960. Feel free to make suggestions, Twitter friends. Do… @firstandforest Well, it's possible that I might have missed the odd short story! @_stephen_benson Birthday thanks from your, officially, old friend. Thanks to to Clare, Fran and Patrick. A Moomin… @_stephen_benson Stop it... I appear to have something in my eye.
@firstandforest Alasdair Gray, Joyce, Nabokov, Proust, Richard Powers, Peter Carey, Edmund White, Murakami... just… @andylong @Idster65 @themenorahknows @Misterquartet Strongly tempted! @Misterquartet @themenorahknows Perhaps a better pressing too? I prevaricated (for too long) when the Deutsche 3 an… @themenorahknows @Misterquartet UK to US and US to UK shipping has gone through the roof. I used to regularly buy s… @Misterquartet Spooky... I almost ordered this from the PG website yesterday!Saw this and thought of you @ijmather @popty_ping_ Try not to be careless and lose a second...
@MartinHarris15 OMG! 16... a couple were guesses. @MartinHarris15 @66snafu I never got to see any of the acts live, apart from Kid Creole and The Coconuts at a small… @MartinHarris15 @66snafu Seconded! I got a little obsessed by Ze Records in the early 80s.Saw this and thought of you @_stephen_benson (if I'd not already bought your Birthday present...) @PeterFoolen It's got to be hot for pastis! @andylong Don't mention Peg!
@frozenreeds @dark_shark Nope, didn't get that... I'll start on the book this evening! @frankiecrisp1 You're a man obsessed! 😉 @PoetryBookSoc Allen Fisher springs to mind. @frankiecrisp1 Were sides c and d included in the Complete Capitol Masters box? @Idster65 @Dancing_Monk @andylong @linktonian @themenorahknows @WidowsSon7 @noiseresearch @CasingShow @Alderley @remake_scotland @Dancing_Monk You can borrow a banjo? Cool! @Mole_9 Watched Birdy last night, and now playing "Melt". Suddenly I am 20 years old again.
#NowPlaying (although it's really time to get some sleep) @Blackwing Many thanks... I'll keep my eyes open and ear to the ground! @Blackwing Were any of these sent to UK suppliers? @seventydys @adavidsouthard @HelenMcClory Dostoevsky's The Double?
@_stephen_benson In all honesty, I cannot think of a better album released this year to have on both formats! @_stephen_benson 😳 @_stephen_benson Oops! So sorry!! Still, does this mean you now have a copy, or did you get two? @NLFerries Wow! And a calmer sea than the last time we sailed on her! @CatcherMedia Nice to see Traffic included!Re-issue of the year... it's hardly been off the CD player (not turntable, #Heresy) since it arrive yesterday. More… @pitcarity @frankiecrisp1 This was why so many of us switched to CDs 30 years ago. When I started buying vinyl agai… @2faceddance Mind you, it's a bit of a shock seeing your office window when you've just finished a lazy Sunday breakfast!
@RolandBates12 How was the aubergine? @gondwanarecords Now looking forward to GOND07005! @Aggersbls Are you basically living there now? @elizabethalker If it keeps them quiet... @DWrabella I've never seen them live and never, knowingly, heard one of their albums. Somehow I seem to have ended… @WhiteHaywoodBnB And, to think they have the cheek to say that Yourkshire is God's Own County! It's the Shire!! @PeterFoolen One of the few birds I can confidently identify! @KirkdaleBooks Have you got a copy!? @i_am_mill_i_am Good to know it's still there. Their fried egg sandwiches assisted with many a hangover when I work… @arscottceramics Three legs good. @CatcherMedia @KermodeMovie I really want to watch Birdy again.
@RolandBates12 In your dreams! However, there must be a lot of them out there, somewhere! @Thirty3forty5 @Modern_Studies_ Ditto! @Mole_9 following you, @RefRecordings ! @Dancing_Monk Very fond of both composers. I discovered Arnold, as I guess many others have, through his Dances. Do… @Dancing_Monk Both known as "miniaturists", and I'm sure that Arnold revered Ives. @DrDavidVernon @larkingrumple @roseandfriends I used a Sony Sport Discman for many years, before finally getting an… @Dancing_Monk You're clearly not in Herefordshire 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞 @petepaphides Perhaps you should follow this up with Beware of Mr. Baker!? @emmaswiftsings Love the vest! @juderogers @disgwylfa @alexrossmusic
@Mole_9 @unclewald @colinphoenix @frankiecrisp1 We watched the Beiderbecke Trilogy and AVPP at the start of 2020, a… @frankiecrisp1 @DoomTripRecords @DrDavidVernon @larkingrumple Bearing in mind this was 13 years ago, after unloading the 25th or so box of CDs, the… @helloclangers Hank Wangford: "There are no Strangers - only Friends we don't recognise." @mark_sonic @cwfrith I'll have to pay more attention next time we are walking there!Saw this and thought of you @_stephen_benson !