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@hartel30 Thanks John for making #XPLAP this week. @MrPowley Wishing them luck. But I am not sure they need it, as they have you. Peace Adam! @mrsjamiehalsey So glad you could make it. It was a blast learning with you tonight. What a different topic. Thanks… @TBerndhauser Thanks for making it back. Love learning with you Thomas. @tishrich Thanks for checking it out tonight. It is such a great crew! #XPLAP @Coach_Stephans Um Yes! Let's make this happen.Thanks for making it out in the weather tonight #XPLAP crew. You guys are the best. I had a blast with this topic.… @HofmannEDU Thanks so much for joining in the fun tonight Fabian. #XPLAP @MrHExperience That is so fantastic! Way to go Jason. #XPLAP @mrsjamiehalsey That is so awesome! I love this picture so much. The sense of pride not only in themselves, but in… @TBerndhauser Agreed. I love it. It really opens up a whole world of possibilities when designing lessons. #XPLAP @Coach_Stephans Kudos, Ryan! I am so glad they are enjoying the process. #XPLAPA3: So many good stories over the years. But the best recurring theme that emerges is that joy that my class brings… @MrJHemphill Congrats my friend. #XPLAPQ3: Sunny days are here on #XPLAP Let's keep the good times rolling. The shrine of fate... It's a building they can place their avatar. Once a week I will let them get an item from… @Math2TheFuture Dave, that is hilarious! I love that story. Keep rolling those dice kiddos... Soon it will be snake eyes. #XPLAP @MrBillingsclass Oh I have a bunch... Good to know you are using them. We should alk sometime. #XPLAP @MrsBarker4 I know right. The kids love this stuff and it just takes a bit of creativity on our part. Let's all thi… @mrmatera Thank you Michael 😊 I announced a boss battle today and the kids all cheered. Cheered. For. A. Quiz. I'm…
Retweeted by Michael MateraQ2: Snow is glistening... Let's hear what you got! #XPLAP Using Spotify Deep Calm playlist has helped a ton too. #XPLAPA1: Big fan of using our projector and the sound that comes with it for simulated sound effects. Like a fire, the wilderness etc. #XPLAP @tishrich Excited to have Tisha here too. Yeah! #XPLAP @MrsLedford6Eng Love it! @MrsLedford6Eng made it in the house tonight. Yeah! Packed #XPLAP @MrJHemphill Where is the #BowTie for #BowtieTuesday #XPLAP @MrsBarker4 Welcome back to #XPLAP Heather. Thanks for being such an active member. @MrsBarker4 Love! #XPLAP @MrPowley That is great! @TBerndhauser Honored that you stop by here. If you want more to consume, check out my YouTube channel and website. On #Xplap... it's raining and I can't wait to hear what you think of this one. @MrBillingsclass Thanks so much Jordan... Means a lot! #XPLAP @mrsjamiehalsey That is fun when you start to notice the sun staying up longer... #XPLAP @MrPowley Adam, glad to have you here tonight. Thanks for stopping by. Hope all is well with the family. How is the littlest Powley? #XPLAP @MrHExperience Hello Jason! Glad to have you here. #XPLAP @TBerndhauser Welcome back Thomas... Two weeks back to back. Thanks for making #XPLAP again. @missmac100 Ouch... I can't even imagine. #XPLAP @MrBillingsclass Hello Jordan. Welcome back to #XPLAP @MrHentzen So agree Jay. I love the big flakes. So much fun and such beauty. #XPLAP @Coach_Stephans Love it! #XPLAP @jimmyjt3 I am with you Jimmy. #XPLAP Thanks for joining in tonight.Hello #XPLAP My name is Michael Matera I teach 6th grade, I am from Wisco and love board games. My favorite weath… @missmac100 Sounds like you need to move up here to Wisco... Plenty of cool days up here. #XPLAPWelcome to #XPLAP Please introduce yourself and share your favorite type of weather! MeehanEDU: RT mrmatera: 😱😱😱 😱😱 😱 Have a look and see if this is what is stopping you from jumping into…
Retweeted by Michael Matera @MrBillingsclass @tishrich @themrdelle @mrsjamiehalsey @MrsBarker4 @Math2TheFuture @alextvalencic @Slapshot99 @TeamMonsieurSam @MrHebertPE @MeehanEDU Enjoy and I can't wait to hear how it goes! #XPLAP @MrPowley Ha! This is funny. I hope you guys enjoy the different chat... It just came to me and I rolled with it. #XPLAPJoin #XPLAP at 9 CST tonight... That is in like 1:30 hours. Excited about this different chat in a sea of sameness!… my #BowtieTuesday shot. This guy is a real champ!
@mrsjamiehalsey Thanks for watching! Love sharing out ideas with you all.☃️❄️🏔 Baby it's cold outside... Baby it's cold outside! Come join me on #XPLAP as we are challenged to discuss ga… Myths of Getting Started With Gamification is a great video from @mrmatera. Check it out!
Retweeted by Michael Matera @misterwashburn proud of you my man!Dinging. Ringing. Singing. Played requests on the speaker and had fun for a great cause. @CESA6 @SalvationArmyUS
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😱😱😱 😱😱 😱 Have a look and see if this is what is stopping you from jumping into #Gamification in your classroom. V…
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@MrYennePaul Here for you Paul. Hope today is off to a good start. One thing is for sure... Kids are in good hands.
Thank you everyone that made #XPLAP this week. See you next week. on #Xplap is here. It is our last one. Really want some ideas for this one. @MrsBarker4 @Coach_Stephans @missmac100 Great game... You should talk with @MrsCford_tweets about this game. #XPLAPQ3 on #XPLAP BLASTS off... Can't wait to hear from ground control. I like to create fun challenges that groups/guilds can do to help each other bond. It is not always about movin… On #Xplap is here... Let's hear your ideas.... @TBerndhauser Welcome to #XPLAP great community of educators... Follow them and you will find some great ideas. @TBerndhauser Welcome Thomas, so nice to meet you. I love your answer and think you win! #XPLAPQ1 is coming to #XPLAP right now. Let's hear what you got! @missmac100 LOL... Love this answer @missmac100 thanks for sharing. #XPLAP @mrhagedorn That is fun Scott! Glad to see you here. #XPLAP @MrBillingsclass Hello Jordan. Love seeing you here. #XPLAP is a better place with you here. @Coach_Stephans Ryan, thanks for joining #XPLAP Love seeing you here each week. @themrdelle Great to have you here John! Thanks for joining in the #XPLAP fun tonight. @supervxn Welcome Noa! Glad to have you here. I will be tweeting from PW. In Wisco! #XPLAPWelcome to #XPLAP excited to have you all here. Please introduce yourself and share a bit about you! starting in 1 hour. See you soon! to have a great day! Try doing this... Have a look I am loving these… #bowtietuesday was a good one. Love these kiddos. @LifeAtUSM
See you tonight on #XPLAP as we chat about building teams in a #gamified classroom. #tlap #edchat #gamification #GBL
So excited to share my #onemonthgoals reflection video out with you all. It was a fantastic month focused on… @burgessdave @burgess_shelley @wenders88 @dbc_inc @TaraMartinEDU @jmattmiller @DitchThatTxtbk @MathDenisNJ! 5 for 50!! 2 bundles of #dbcincbooks to choose from!! Get ALL FIVE books in the bundle for $50 (plus FREE ship…
Retweeted by Michael Matera @LovelandLegend @classcraftgame This is so epic! Thanks for sharing with the #XPLAP community. I love how they all… @themrdelle John, I would be happy to help and chat with you about all those options... Truly all of them. It can b… @MrPowley So glad to have you at the chat. Can't way my friend. Love to record another episode with you too! #XPLAP @MrD_STL This is epic! I love what students can create when there is no limit. Way to inspire them to go beyond! Ke… @meredithakers Awesome!I’m ready for another awesome week. I’m ready to be present. I’m ready to be kind. I’m ready for today. Peace to… many lessons shared, so many people who have made a difference... Have a look: #XPLAP this week as we dive into making great teams! See you at 9 CST on Tuesday. #Games4ed #miched #mschat join #XPLAP this week as we talk about building teams in a #Gamified classroom and beyond. Starts at 9 CST.…
@PamelaNosbusch Watch: a look at my wrap-up of my #OneMonthGoals for month four. It was a good one. I loved t… for a walk and reflecting... This Vlog is a must attend if you want some fresh air in your mind and classroom…
Want to build relationships? Looking for a good Bulletin Board idea? Well Look no further. Build yourself a "Legacy…
@jimmyjt3 Glad you read #xplap I would suggest reading Play like a Pirate by @jedikermitGamification is low tech, high tech and even no tech... but here are tips and tricks for the online course.…
Want students to think outside the box... Well then you have to invite them to come outside of the box... Here is a…
Want a creative lesson or even a weekend idea for something to do with your children? Join me in this playful walk… @themrdelle Ha! No way... But big thanks! @themrdelle @Math2TheFuture You did an awesome job! Thank you so much for being part of the #XPLAP community.