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White Sox, Blackhawks, Bulls, Bears, Beers. Singing on Sunday won't save your soul.

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@barstoolcarl Barnaby’s is better.
@soxmachine_josh Preckwinkle probably which ain’t good either. @Ju9Letters I hear you. @C1McKnight What a cry baby response. So everyone in Illinois has to root for U of I? @Ju9Letters I hear you. But He’s 5’10 and can’t throw. Big ten isn’t an option league. Need a QB who can throw. @Ju9Letters Both QB’s suck. Doesn’t even matter. @BigMack_4 Mahomes just tweeted about him too. @JoeArredondo6 @barstoolcarl Makes no sense. They’re so close to each other. @JoeArredondo6 @barstoolcarl Ha. do they play each other this season? @barstoolcarl Hahaha. @JoeArredondo6 @barstoolcarl Lovie has to go. @LodiDodi17 And the other Isaiah Williams sucks too. He’s 5’10 and can’t throw. Can’t wait till next season.And Lovie is still in Champaign for what. 3 more years? #ILLvsWIS @barstoolcarl And Lovie is still there for like what. 3 more years on that deal? @TomFornelli Hopefully Lovie Smith too after the season is over.Where were the fucking defenders Lovie? #ILLvsWIS @Ecnerwal23 No way that was a first down. Such horse shit. He got half a yard. @barstoolWSD Illinois is just so bad.
@HOWIEwood312 @barstoolcarl @BeverlyMtGPatch Jesus. Fuck those people. @HOWIEwood312 @barstoolcarl @BeverlyMtGPatch That's pretty fucking nuts. @HOWIEwood312 @barstoolcarl @BeverlyMtGPatch i was thinking the same thing when Rosangelos went down. Made no sense… @HOWIEwood312 @barstoolcarl @BeverlyMtGPatch That is fucked @LinBrehmer @93XRT I'm a huge middle piece guy. That one looks amazing.
@randosoxfan @al3378 @soxmachine_josh He used to be good. He is not anymore. @randosoxfan @al3378 @soxmachine_josh Haha. Not a chance. @scottmerkin Never understood why he was sent down to Schaumburg instead of Yolmer after Madrigal got back from his injury. @al3378 @soxmachine_josh And why the hell was Yolmer on the club, while Medick was down in Schaumburg after Madrigal got back?
@BarstoolBigCat Mccaskeys know what they’re doing. @Schmutzie_ Hahaha @Schmutzie_ Amen to that. @dan_bernstein Bears football. Defense. Pray for offense. A Fucking Men. @Cpaul_J @Tramyers_NHL Haha. Seriously man. @Tramyers_NHL 2 horrible teams. @BarstoolBigCat @GasMoneyBob I can’t wait until Mitch comes in with a game winning drive in the 4th. It’s gonna be epic. @Reflog_18 Bears and Browns fans agree. @EddieBarstool It’s the Bears man. Organization had a fucking autistic man running it for 20 years. @LaonCamps I think you’re right. @LaonCamps Why can’t he run? He can catch and run. But when he gets a handoff he just doesn’t run.
@670TheScore @mullyhaugh Come on Hawk. Not that I’m shocked. @BarstoolBigCat Guy is just an absolute weasel.
@barstoolcarl The most underrated candy bar of all time is the Heath bar.
@BNightengale Please Christ no. @soxmachine_josh Is Cooper gone next?
@AdamHoge I think he yelled College Football!! Last time. @ChrisRongey The Ranger from the top rope!
@LinBrehmer @93XRT @Ecnerwal23 I mean it's not Barnaby's, but still looks good. @Canucks @Tramyers_NHL @Holts170 Hawks re-signed Subban though. So there.
@ByScottPowers So they are tanking next season?
@Ecnerwal23 Pete's on Western
@Wet_Bandit_ Game is over. Who cares. @TheLizGonzales Wow. Body bag. I love it. And I’m a Bears fan. Which is sad. @Schmutzie_ Haha. Sorry. I am too. Bad joke. @MattSpiegel670 Mccaskeys. Blame nobody else. They are the worst. @Schmutzie_ McCaskey knows what he’s doing. Irish idiot. @barstoolWSD Disgrace. @dan_bernstein This team doesn’t care. Just wow. @JDBuffone Doug is losing it up in heaven. Losing it. @GasMoneyBob It’s coming.... @JoeO670 How we doin? @ChrisTannehill Pretty good. @ChrisTannehill I hate you Chris. And I love you. @Schmutzie_ Haha. I laughed. @TeddyGreenstein This is on the coach. These play calls are atrocious @ChrisRongey The play calls. Just wow. Nagy needs to take a knee and let someone else call plays. @JamesFox917 Nobody on this team has any interest in playing. It’s pretty bad. @Schmutzie_ I think you’re right. @EddieBarstool He stepped out of bounds. Coming back. @DannyParkins Yep. That’s coming back. @JDBuffone Stepped out of bounds. It’ll come back i think. @semiwittybrad @aliwhitesox Yes. It’s that time. @aliwhitesox It’s time. @leilarahimi Montgomery is worthless. They should go back to Patterson. @AdamHoge Mitch time. @NHLBlackhawks So you traded nothing for nothing. Got it. @BarstoolBigCat Mitch will be in after the half. Book it. So Bears. @CEmma670 Where’s Mitch?? @liamgallagher Noel is on Sirius radio. Give it a listen old boy. @Ecnerwal23 Man they look lost out there. The D. Rivers is old and slow. Come on.
@KenWo4LiFe Someone fire Rick Hahn. Please god. Tatis is a god.
@FanSince09 the catholics think god will protect them from the virus. @jackmjenkins He thought God would protect him from the virus. @LuolDengMVP @BarstoolBigCat @_rone @nickturani @hen_ease @JeffDLowe well done @ChrisRongey Is Hahn still the white sox gm? @mike_petriello You should tag Rick Hahn in this. @SieraSantos There are very few left. @RegionRat14 @MrDelicious13 Fire Hahn. @soxmachine_josh Hahn knows what he’s doing. Trust the process. @soxmachine_josh But Hahn knows what he’s doing. Clearly after the white Sox get embarrassed today. @ChrisRongey Don’t tell Rick Hahn. @NickShepkowski Rick Hahn is still the Sox GM. @Chris_Cwik And a few Rick’s too.
@CST_soxvan Sign this man. But they won’t. @CST_soxvan They don’t want it. Sad. @CespedesBBQ Renteria is a clown @DanzerJeff @barstoolWSD Still very bad though, yes. @DanzerJeff @barstoolWSD Tommy John you can come back from, shoulder you cannot. @barstoolWSD At least it's not his shoulder.
@acvNC9 @danjm29 @barstoolcarl I have not seen someone wear this in years. It's always the old school smiling Oriol… @acvNC9 @danjm29 @barstoolcarl Ordered @danjm29 @barstoolcarl Those were dope. I don't even think you can get them anywhere anymore either.