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Break em on down Break em on down Break em on down These walls between us.

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This is already the law. employers also pay a portion of payroll taxes. But the same result here: this is not a tax break/m…
Friendly reminder: payroll taxes are only paid by... employed people. This does very little to help the 20m+ Ameri… @CovingtonAHS I'm just going to go back to saying you should move to Maryland. @CovingtonAHS Unbelievable. In a normal year we get at least 4-5 days before welcoming only freshmen. New staff get…
@idahotyler This is all bananas, but somehow schools are exempt from other county directives???
On rubrics... I don’t rely on rubric ramble to engage my kids in learning conversations. We establish the success c…
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@dpriester I use his work in my social studies classes. I didn't realize when I was in high school how unusual it w… First, let's spend the money to get class sizes down to 12 and provide adequate materials to teachers and sc…
@celeste_perilla I haven't been to PaperMoon in forever. What are the crazy rules there?
@agtk @CuttsOfHoney @nate_bowling Those under 18 make up about 24% of the population. Under 21 is about 30% Over 6… @nate_bowling Counter Proposal: 65 is too old to vote. They receive government benefits while no longer contributin… @JonBoeckenstedt Summation: If the SAT/ACT do what is proposed, and do so well/accurately, then the person in this… @spencerideas My school heading this way too. I'm aiming for apps/programs that both groups can use easily, like Fo…
As with all recessions, this recession is hitting folks who already are worse off economically the hardest. The fol…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrain @booksarefire @JeanJosey @danmartin_7 I also think it matters what you mean by "stop cheating." If you mean punitiv… @jaisalnoor @jonathanvswan "let me explain..." 😂 @aj_wade 8. You haven't ever just enjoyed learning something on your own, without the pressure to keep up or be told how to do it...Fantastic discussion around US GDP over the past day. However it’s important to be clear that even a 10% growth rat…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrainRain delay 😂, yes, compiling "intelligence reports" on journalists sharing unclassified material. Totally legit and not fasci…
Counter-cyclical policy calls for INCREASING spending too help out... Cutting local spending just makes things wors… @MrKoz31 Yeah, the less-bad-for-us is how it find its way into the kitchen... But they aren't supposed to like it more! 😂My children were recently introduced to turkey bacon and have declared they like it more than regular bacon. Where… is... bad. How bad? In 2008 the economy dropped a combined total of about 5% over the course of a year. can make a pot of soup to feed six for about £3.50. But only because I already have a good soup pot, knives, a s…
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We miss you, Mo.
Retweeted by Mr. McGrain @poetpedagogue I'm not in NY and my eventual spot was an independent school, which was not the plan either... But i… @poetpedagogue I eventually too a long term sub job that turned into a full position - 11 years later, still there! @poetpedagogue I graduated in the 08 recession and had two pretty rough summers of "job search" in the teaching wor… GABA you have brought so much joy to so many people. You legacy will live on as a positive young man who never m…
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@nahaltoosi Cities sinking into the sea - up to you if it's just because or maybe you can blame it on an earthquake or something.
@AlcovyE I was going to ask you that!Figured this would follow. If Marlins can't play today, they can't play tomorrow... Assuming the whole series is to… mask is not a yellow star. Such a comparison is disrespectful to Jews humiliated by it during the Holocaust. Wea…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrainRead elsewhere more than 10 positive tests on the Marlins yesterday. Not being dramatic when I say: not sure if MLB… @Matt_Halpern @CovingtonAHS With you.
Students: first assignment... If you will be 18 before election day in November 3, you need to register to vote. No… have a joke about reopening schools in the fall, but I’m a teacher so no one cares.
Retweeted by Mr. McGrain @ReiersonShanna @PresidentPat Vary dramatically. In higher paying states, many start around 45k and can make up to…
12/ Everything I just mentioned is gone now. Mid-pandemic, here's what face-to-face schools look like: 1⃣ kids una…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrain @jayacoop I've seen this for other states; I thought Texas was an all or nothing post. But glad to know if that's the case.Tracking virus data is so frustrating and makes clear the problems of our entire approach. Yesterday Texas has 800… @JackRice_Loyola Kids loved it. And the WWE videos... 🤷‍♂️
@Sk8obsesd @rlraven @nytimes Bavaria and Baden average to 350/100k total - not daily/average. @Sk8obsesd @rlraven @nytimes That number is total cases per 100k in the most affected regions, based on nyt data. N… we sure it's the Democrats trying to destroy the economy to beat Trump and not his own party? Cause if you want… @Hey_Lanier Every. Single. Minute.
Another 2.3 million Americans filed for unemployment last week (regular state plus Pandemic Unemployment Assistance…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrainI never imagined the "Wag the Dog" plot would be adopted using a "war" IN our own country... (Then again, the War…
Watched Princess Bride with the kids ✅ Looked up some Andre the Giant videos for them ✅ Twitter only sending me WWE ads now ❌ @AlcovyE Something about Georgia's death numbers has never made sense relative to its cases... @gstew2 "Well, I think I'd argue..."Recommended reading
@marthagimbel This is like my Bat Signal...
@CovingtonAHS Chickenpox causes shingles... HPV causes cancer... Both viruses with Long-term effects. Could go on a…
@perilsofbirding @CmonMang @andishehnouraee The maps have been used to highlight "hot spots." But if the legend cha… @skylarprimm @CovingtonAHS @Ready4rigor "Hi, I'm Mr McGrain. Nice to meet you. How's your day been so far?" (Trademarked) @thomasbenwhite This too! Absolutely. Which makes the "follow safety guidelines" even MORE necessary for me to ima… time someone shares the "Public Health Experts Say Schools Should Open" story, I wonder if they read the part… inability to identify an arresting officer or soldier is an erosion of transparency and limits accountability.…
@TrevonDLogan Can I have Waldorf? @rlraven @nytimes Are there testing differences? Maybe, would love some precise data. But Germany is at 25 total d… @rlraven @nytimes Highest per 100k cases in a German territory: ~ 350 Most US states and Urban areas: ~ 1000, and rising @rlraven @nytimes I'd bet because their transmission rates and case numbers were already significantly lower than in the US...Do all (any) orders like this refer to the years since US independence? Honest q, I don't remember seeing it before… @thomasbenwhite @Sisyphus38 Endorse. Many people work hard, after hours, miss family events, etc. (All of that is b… John Lewis’ life by restoring the Voting Rights Act.
Retweeted by Mr. McGrainHow many teachers will quit because of school decisions this summer? How many will it take before schools are forced to close anyway?He never stopped fighting.
Retweeted by Mr. McGrain @Rosen Still today, years later... "WHERE'S MR FANCY NANCY?!??!?" @Rosen My children named ours Mr Fancy Nancy.
@HalfenDHS Something like that. I don't know the accounting law well enough to know specifically, but definitely shady... @CovingtonAHS @IAGovernor (Hint: it won't look very distanced)I wonder why there are so many payments that come in just under $10k instead of just one single payment each day??… is not acceptable. Demand change. the claim of "inalienable rights" in the Declaration of Independence apply to all men or only some? Did the Con…
Let's talk about unemployment benefits. The federal government is currently "employing" about 20 million Americans…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrainThis is the most important thing to understand about the economy right now. U.S. retail sales are back to pre-cris…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrainSend someone a nice email today, just because. @masnOrioles Planning to ever make yourself a channel available without me having to buy a massive cable package? Y…
@MrMachSpalding And also, what about a student who got a 3 or 4 but needs a higher score for credit? Why are they i… piece on who stands to take the hit if the $600 per week is allowed to expire. As Ryan notes, this would ta…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrain @alxnz1 @AndrewHClark @TrumpWarRoom And, per the article, they worked in pods of about 9 children to one adult, wit… @jaisalnoor You ever read the stories about the vehicles with thousands of dollars in unpaid camera fines in Maryla…
Without rapid and ready testing... There is no normal to return to. fact that our system premises access to healthcare on employment, and quality of employment, remains an absolut…, you know... That's just... as much last month as all of last year. In debt. It really only looks bad as one mo…'s the last 20 seconds: you can't emphasize "doing what's right" on a local level AND demand all schools open phy…
@Aya__Marie Long time swimmer, coach and lifeguard: learning as an adult is so so so hard. Congrats on getting there. Enjoy the water! @rloeperviti 4: Demonstrates exceptional levels of betterness of world across all standards. 3: Demonstrates adequa… @CovingtonAHS This is such a mess. I mean, most marking is made up... But this is a whole new level of just throwing numbers around. @Catrion30304335 @doxtdatorb The IA grading was also a mess as always. Scores on those were just all over the place, way outside of norm.
@MrMachSpalding There are sooooo many ways I could respond to this. But yes, I do remember that.
This confuses me on many levels. I don't understand any of it. But I do support a path to citizenship. shocked to learn opponent trying to beat her in election the Trump administration is turning legal immigrants into undocumented ones -- by, uhh, literally turning off…
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The permanent layoffs and UI intial claims continue to be indicative of an economy that is riding *into* a recessio…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrainI was reminded today that impeachment happened THIS YEAR. Holy moly, I feel like I've lived through several presidencies since then.😂😂😂😂😂😂