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Break em on down Break em on down Break em on down These walls between us.

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@BenWard26978915 @Strickomaster @mberry SWBAT = American lingo for "Students will be able to..." For a long time,… @Strickomaster @BenWard26978915 @mberry I was following this to find your eventual answer here. Agree. "SWBAT" sta…
Fed projections imply that: - The "natural rate" of unemployment has fallen to 4.1% - Unemployment will rise gradua…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrain @davidlawson_10 Real American People or Not Real American People? I can't keep it straight.I'm getting really tired of politicians of all sorts trying to tell me who the "real Americans" are... and talking…'s on "Whistleblower." More news in 3 months than most people make in a decade.
Volcker’s mantra, one he told me again and again through 2008-9 was that in a crisis the only asset you have is you…
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@MrMachSpalding That's what I thought when I started reading the headlines... Heard this before!Paul A. Volcker, Fed chairman who curbed inflation by raising interest rates, dies at 92
Kind of telling that we can now get a blockbuster jobs report and nobody thinks it is hawkish for Fed policy, given…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrainAverage hourly earnings +3.1% year-over-year. Still no acceleration there.
Retweeted by Mr. McGrainThe resilience of this expansion is just amazing. Since 2011, the economy has pretty consistently produced around 1…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrainJOBS DAY Payrolls grew a monster 266k. (Remember, this is inflated by about Xk because of the end of the auto strik…
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The bailout to farmers the past two years has cost $28bn.This change will save approx $5bn over 5 years... The deficit increased $200bn this year, approaching $1tr. SNAP…
I was thinking this. Turley said SCOTUS changed/narrowed the definition of bribery. In reality, they narrowed the d… @english_maven Got it. I have tried to increase my communication home, but have always found once per week overwhel… @soiziclc @EnserMark @imagineinquiry Thanks for this response; was thinking much the same. Low-stakes practice te… @english_maven How often do you send them?OMB = Office of Management and Budget. It's the executive branch's budgetary group - in charge of spending alloca… @ASHSCavaliers AcademicCavs hosted more than 50 students from 9 other schools today in the monthly meeting of the C…
I just got out of a conference where engineering companies said they have no problem finding engineers, but can’t f…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrainManufacturing jobs are down in key swing states in past year. Michigan: -26,800 Wisconsin: -7,700 Pennsylvania: -4,…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrain @MrGmpls Certainly; and I am not meaning to accuse you of ignoring it. As I said, I mostly seek a middle ground.… @Fultonofscience @hsphysicstchr @MrGmpls @CovingtonAHS I think this gets to some of that middle ground, though. The… @Fultonofscience @hsphysicstchr @MrGmpls @CovingtonAHS I guess I struggle with the necessity of order. Can't the st…
@Fultonofscience @hsphysicstchr @MrGmpls @CovingtonAHS I am sure that is not what you mean - memorize just to memor… @Fultonofscience @hsphysicstchr @MrGmpls @CovingtonAHS I don't attend to have any answers to this, but doesn't it m…
@Anfieldexile @greg_ashman I appreciate you did this work. In a later post he (she?) explains he wants to ensure hi… of the Trump administration’s latest trade-war bailout for farmers went to just a 10th of recipients in the pr…
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@HeyMissSmith @MrHteaching I certainly solicit feedback from kids in lots of ways... But not like that. @MonteSyrie HS. All grades and levels. Private school. Started "ups and downs" this year. It has faded a bit under… @MrHteaching @HeyMissSmith I've only seen this in the context of encouraging teachers to reflect with each other, n… @nay_sanch We had to have a series of convos with preschool this year too... They listened, mostly.This story is WILD ICE created a fake university, then: - enticed foreign-born students to attend - charged them…
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@english_maven Unfortunately my first thought is: then we'd get the same crappy ideas backed by "Having been in the… now says he did not ask Giuliani to investigate Ukraine issues. His "perfect transcript" says directly, mul… @AlcovyE "I would like him to call you" ... "I will ask him to call you" ... "If you could speak with him that woul… does this square with the perfect transcript that references taking to Rudy? have risen from approx $500bn per year to $1tr per year in his first term so far. That's a record for an e…
@Sam_Koch4 After averaging 80 punts a year for the last decade, is the key enjoying a rest these days? @Ravens Can we get a #SamKoch cam? A little behind-the-scenes footage? What's Sam up to? Jenga? Cooking lessons? gimme something!Kennedy's statement is idiotic and demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of American history.
Retweeted by Mr. McGrain#apmacro teachers the CRFB @budgethawks has created a contest for students to explore and explain the consequences… do you think Sam Koch does with all his free time these days? #ravens
Wait for it.
"Acknowledge my termination" not "hereby resign" ...
I was in charge of the US embassy in London for much of Trump’s first year. We didn’t hang his picture either. Why?…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrainNEW: The Secret Service paid @realdonaldtrump's business ***$1,900 a day*** for his first 5 months in office, as ag…
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This sign means Schiff was following the rules yesterday.
Retweeted by Mr. McGrainOkay, so think about it this way. Naval Aviation decides -- for whatever reason -- someone isn't fit to fly. Th…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrain @MorningEdition @rachelnpr per interview with WH this morning - relevant to whether the President ever directed ai… month, for the first time since records began, the number of refugees resettled in the US hit zero.
Retweeted by Mr. McGrainHilarious quote from Sondland just now, referencing his $1 million donation to Trump: "I contributed to the inaugu…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrain1. It’s not an Apple plant 2. It was not just opened today 3. Apple has been manufacturing Mac Pros in Austin since…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrainThe timeline here cannot be more important. The "I want nothing" phone call was in September, after the entire thin… @bennyjohnson I'll answer for myself, yes, yes it was.
@bennyjohnson Wasn't this phone call in September, after the whistleblower made his report?
This is the note I left my successor. Really dispiriting to hear this from @PressSec, a person with whom I spent a…
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@english_maven Agree overall, but disagree on only allowing "one shot" on summative. To me, that says "if you didn'… sentences, speaking volumes. Federal Reserve Board - Statement on Chair Powell's meeting with the President and…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrainThis will prompt curiousity: “Finally, Chair Powell said that he and his colleagues ... will set monetary policy, a…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrainUnder President Trump, capital investment has now grown more slowly *after* tax cuts than before. ⁦@bencasselman⁩…
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Reminder: Americans pay tariffs and the "cash" for these farmers comes from somewhere... You.
Despite the boredom, btw, I think Dems are setting this up kinda nicely. First two days all about context, mindset.… days of hearings down. Republicans continue to mount a single defense based on "hearsay." How does the defense…"Runaway prosecutions" ... The US military is really known for labeling its own soldiers as war criminals, right?…
@bgsmithdc @tomcolicchio That's why not taking it up is easier. If they take the case, they have to sign on to an o… headlines are the best. 💯
Retweeted by Mr. McGrainStone was tried by the president's DoJ on charges that prosecutors said included lying to protect Trump.
Retweeted by Mr. McGrainAn Important Company Announcement from @tribpub: For all our employees' great work, we are rewarding... sharehold…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrainThat was a turning point in this hearing so far. She was already a sympathetic witness & the President’s tweet rip…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrain @Jessifer Have always found that more instructions lead to more "how exactly do I do this?" questions and less deep…
Dear Democrats, please be sure your hearings include a little more #clickbait to get our attention"Aid was only withheld for 55 days" ... and only released the day after the White House learned of the whistleblowe…
* Powell: New Normal Is Lower Interest Rates, Lower Inflation, Lower Growth All Over The World * Powell: Automatio…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrain @Reuters * Powell: Lower Interest Rates Does Not Mean Government Can Ignore Deficits * Powell: National Debt Is Gr…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrainThe SLPC has taken down the KKK, Aryan Nation and many other hate groups through meaningful and targeted use of the…
The breathtaking decline in child mortality across the world, 1900-2016. Maybe things aren't as bad as we think t…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrainThis is so touching.
Retweeted by Mr. McGrain @justicar @nate_bowling It relies on a belief that most are incredibly conflict-averse, which is probably true more often than it should be.
Patriots' Joejuan Williams lives off 10% of his income and says a high school #FinLit class taught him how to save…
Retweeted by Mr. McGrain @Whew_Chile @CovingtonAHS Yes. I was going to add that for math, science it is probably easier to align - though ev… @Whew_Chile @CovingtonAHS CB swears it designs courses and exams with college feedback. The problem, in the humanit…
@CovingtonAHS @Whew_Chile Having handed off an AP course to a colleague this year, I am dismayed at how often I fin… @CovingtonAHS I still firmly believe that - in most cases - you can teach a great course ignoring the CB standards… @CovingtonAHS Ideally, of course, AP classes provide a general curriculum that allow for many pathways and angles t… @CovingtonAHS 100% not immune or different. Perhaps the slightest difference - for students - come in that most ele…
@Rockdale_Tiger @AlcovyE This from last election put completely free college at 75b, replacing the 30b we already s…
@nsturiale23 Sorry I missed this. I'd ask him for $20.... @Rockdale_Tiger @AlcovyE The ideas in the last above are actually pretty cheap. The public option should have almos… mom said Issa Rae’s new movie is too main stream and forgets the people she represented when she started. In di…
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@grumpyteacher17 Counter: something like practicing writing or a math problem could take an endless amount of time… @bennewmark I really like the path for dealing with incomplete homework you describe - alerting parents but no offi… @MrGmpls @CovingtonAHS I'd make the question broader: where do teachers engage in questions about curriculum itself… @GuptonFCS_LHS Just today, got a call to tell me that they'd be calling again in 5 minutes to discuss a student. 😶Did Rudy just admit that the entire thing was personal in nature, not in the interests of the US government? Yes,… @bennewmark 7 o'clock.
@MrMachSpalding And even if it did apply, it would apply to the trial, not the pre trial investigation. And even i…
Despite loads of disinformation, the number of vouchers available to the county will remain unchanged - just 5,000.…