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Mikey Reid @mrmikeyreid Manhattan, NY

I am Mikey Reid and this is my twitter. Actor [he/him] 🌹 #Victorious Instagram: TheMikeyReid

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I am twitter suspending my campaign for PresidentSupport sex workers
Retweeted by Mikey ReidMy “I’m alive” t-shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my shirt @VinMan17 Rest in power king @notsofiacoppola @BRANDONWARDELL It’s too late. I’m already dead.@BRANDONWARDELL I am dead Joe Biden agree. Capitalism has become another word for Ruling Class Elite! When profit is at the expence of all things of…
Retweeted by Mikey Reidquarantine jam with @mrmikeyreid
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when my glasses break half way through the story of a girl I hooked up with once three years ago, time enough at last *puts on reading glasses to watch the instagram story of every girl I ever went on one d… quarantine will be the thing that finally makes me go through my twitter bookmarksDon't think for a second that a SINGLE elitist, politician, billionaire or -- hell -- even your mid-level manager…
Retweeted by Mikey Reidwait is Tom Nook a landlord??[getting word that thousands of people are dying] OH MY GOD…is Shopping okay?
Retweeted by Mikey Reid @doyalikebaileys doyalikebagels @DanPovenmire @VinMan17 @mmonogram Here they are!
did you know they’ve been around for 80 million years? these horrific hunting machines perfected over millennia to get really into crocodiles today @erinsweett @VinMan17 @mmonogram @DanPovenmire thanksgot hit with that push-up challenge so i nominate @mmonogram @DanPovenmire @mrmikeyreid nominates sour cream and…
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@NYGovCuomo Rent freeze now @doyalikebaileys @VinMan17 sounds like something someone who was dumping would saymy god there a law and order svu video game I can buycan you catch coronavirus from eating the rich? just wondering @loserIex days? now that’s a name I haven’t heard in years 🚬 @itsjaysunflower well you’re a hero and we all thank you @jodieegrace what the fuck is thursdaypretty concerning when you realize half of you are tweeting shit about quarantine day 5. day 5???We need to send emergency cash payments of $2,000 to every person in America each month for the duration of this pandemic.
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thinking about kummerspeck the German word for ‘grief bacon’ today
This picture of me by @carlybella_ pretty perfectly encapsulates my feelings these days @mrmikeyreid
Retweeted by Mikey Reid @VinMan17 @carlybella_ I love these thank you so muchit’s fighting a *mummy* a lot of fake fans out there
Retweeted by Mikey ReidWe were all told that we desperately need Joe Biden’s leadership and experience. Now all we have to do is find him.
Retweeted by Mikey ReidI want a switch for the quarantine and I don’t mean a nintendoQuarantine Day 8: Time is an illusion, society is held together by a collection of made up norms that don’t mean an… @erinsweett @VinMan17 Vincent gave himself a root canal with an ice skate in the apartment todayI don’t care how long you’ve been in quarantine I’m not watching more than 5 clicks on your insta story @PetriAndy @TheFilmBrigade @Alexgr8white @halloweengal @_markalan @joe_dante @ChadMMurray @CandiceDeVisser I was ho…
@ameralila yo Skype me in next weekCOVID-19 may have gotten school cancelled for six weeks, but it can’t stop us from having sinjin stan club…
Retweeted by Mikey Reidexcited bernie organizers making their way into orgs like DSA to continue organizing for working class power throug…
Retweeted by Mikey Reid @VinMan17 Same shall overcome
@VinMan17 but do you tho?I'm Losing My Mind In The Quarantine MikeyI'm Kiss Me MikeyMikey I'm Kiss MeKiss me I’m Mikey
coronavirus: me: Hey! I'm so glad you reached out. I'm actually at capacity / helping someone else who's in crisis… have to make a choice. What kind of nation do we want to be? Do we want to work together to tackle the problems…
Retweeted by Mikey ReidIt’s socialism or barbarism. Choose.Now is the time to work your asses off to make sure that Bernie is elected. What an unmitigated disaster Joe Biden…’m debate drunkBernie or bustSHARE THIS
🎶 IF YOU LIKE PINA COLADAS 🎶 @VinMan17 had a mouthful of pina colada going HMMM HMMMMM! trying to get Vincent to come over and help me and he took out h… Phineas Flynn washes his hands
Retweeted by Mikey Reid COLADA UPDATE government be like: due to the coronavirus we will be providing human rights
Retweeted by Mikey ReidHow’s everyone’s social distancing coming?this pandemic giving a new meaning to “she could get it 😏”Tonight, we're going to do something a little bit different. Join us for a fireside chat as we talk about our visio…
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when a celebrity is trending it’s one of two things: they’re a sex pest or dead. now introducing a third category: dead sex pest with coronaI panic bought all of the ingredients to make pina coladas and nothing else
Folks we still have a chance to elect Bernie Sanders as our president in a time where his policies are desperately…
Retweeted by Mikey Reidfuck mercury, put that ass in retrogradegoing into a twitter quarantine so that I don’t go viralIt will be easy to feel like we are in this alone, or that we must only worry about ourselves and let everyone else…
Retweeted by Mikey Reidme
Folks we still have a chance to elect Bernie Sanders as our president in a time where his policies are desperately… is still time to secure a victory for reason and compassion over the irrational and barbaric status quo
Retweeted by Mikey ReidFighting against CoronaVirus! We are together! 加油💪加油💪加油💪
Retweeted by Mikey Reidsexting during the pandemic like 🌡I cannot, and I mean cannot, overemphasize how desperately this country needs a President Bernie Sanders right now.
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What should my eboy twitter name be? Taking suggestions @neekolul thank you 👑
practice makes perfect Bernie I don’t then you have to eat meIf I ever get famous and powerful don’t worry I’ll become a class traitor and reveal all the illuminati secrets they tell mehey, HEY... you are disrespecting a future U.S. army simpIf you vote for Bernie today I’ll be your boyfriendone dice is a die; one rice is a rie
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imagine how I feel day in new york city I feel like I almost get hit by a car and it’s like??? im standing right here bro. do it. end it
Retweeted by Mikey Reidif you look like this dm me
what’s worse: a white guy who thinks pepper is too spicy or a white guy who thinks eating spicy food is a personalityBernie wants Victorious to have a reunion @cyberspaceliz Me tooonly true victorious heads will get thisPOV: you experiencing what a soda feels when it’s drunk by me know the sound it makes when you bowl a strike? that’s what it sounds like when I bustI took a quick nap earlier so I’d be awake to go out and do something tonight and then I woke up three hours later… time photo and caption of this incident from my Instagram (@ themikeyreid)
when Victorious was winning the kids choice award for best show I was supposed to get on stage with everyone but I…