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Mikey Reid @mrmikeyreid Manhattan, NY

I am Mikey Reid and this is my twitter. Actor [he/him] 🌹 #Victorious Instagram: TheMikeyReid

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@VinMan17 not unless she’s dancing @kriskeepsitreal @FEEDBABY7 @sinjinswag they keep me honest ❤️I love my fans say to stop crying you should look in a mirror because then you realize how silly you look and calm down and i… so we all know that ghislane maxwell is going to “kill herself” but what if they give her coronavirus and do it that way @VinMan17 to answer everyone’s question - yes I am 11 feet tallSimps shouldn't be afraid of their Posters. Posters should be afraid of their Simps @carlybella_ @VinMan17 some people would pay a lot of money for that kinda thing Carly
I understand that other people have problems, but dont you understand that this is the Mikey show and you're just living in it?? @sinjinswife love itI will never delete my cum tweets no matter how hard you ratio me and that's a @mrmikeyreid guarantee @sinjinswag you’re right. its my worst onemy roommate always complains that i slam the door when im going, but i never hear him complain that im too loud when im cumming 🤫 @VinMan17 I had to say portly so I didn’t get cancelled for saying grotesqueAmericans are really trained to think freedom means the right to buy as many hamburgers as they and their portly so… I couldn’t make your thing last night, I’ve been kinda struggling with my mental health for the last couple decades
So @NYCSpeakerCoJo & @NYCMayor want this $1 billion cut to pass because it primarily reduces administrative overhea…
Retweeted by Mikey Reid @luvsickmadi @VinMan17 nobody knows what vincent needs better than I doclearly the nyc mayor gave orders to clear the week-long City Hall demonstration this morning ahead of the planned…
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its already enough being a grunge guy, now i gotta be a sludge guy too?spotify just recommended me a genre of music called Sludge. what does that mean?? what does this say about me @casualafro @VinMan17 not only do we live together but we also took one of your Reductress workshops together lol s… @luvsickmadi @VinMan17 people who follow the both of us are braver than the marinesis everyone that follows me following my blue haired roommate yet or like why do you not wanna be happy @VinMan17😍😍😍 @VinMan17 at first you don’t succeed, miss going to bars 😔
Retweeted by Mikey ReidTALL GUY SMALL GUY DRAMA
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if you share transphobic phineas and ferb memes just know that phineas himself hates you
Retweeted by Mikey ReidWith the BOY @VinMan17I miss going to bars 😔
we did a #ActOfKindness @VinMan17
Retweeted by Mikey Reid @carlybella_ get his ass Carlyand normalize @mrmikeyreid
Retweeted by Mikey Reidwhat is I thought this was The Slap this whole time’s called soda, not “pop” i “pop” my pussy
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I hate when twitter learns a new word @FEEDBABY7 I’ve been doing that shit since before there were e-boysVincent just asked me if I’m aware that I’m an e-boy is that true literally hope this man lives hated and in shame and misery for the rest of his awful life, people really talking… being sad that he’s upset his klan rally didn’t sell out bring me a peach Im tryna see something
Retweeted by Mikey Reidthinking about becoming a Sinjin stan account
male comics drop your @ in the replies so I can boost you into the fuckin stratosphere idiot get fucked
Retweeted by Mikey Reid @cooIghost If You Want Me To StayTALL GUY SMALL GUY DRAMA never stops!!!!, ever, ever call the cops when someone is experiencing a mental health emergency
Retweeted by Mikey ReidKarl Marx, 1847
Retweeted by Mikey Reidmy new therapist: so tell me what brings you in me: I wanna do “me/my therapist” tweets therapist scribbling not…, not one of the demands that any protesters were making
Retweeted by Mikey Reid @evaandheriud @DemSocialists oh HELL yeah comrade let’s goFuck the police. That shit ain’t change
Retweeted by Mikey ReidPelosi’s next
Retweeted by Mikey ReidDefund the IDF
Retweeted by Mikey ReidBREAKING: NYC City Hall is occupied! The city budget is due in ONE WEEK and we aren’t leaving until $1 Billion is c…
Retweeted by Mikey ReidCurrent situation at Yonkers High School in NY.
Retweeted by Mikey Reidhonestly the woman who burnt down Wendy's cuz their call led to the death of her boyfriend is a hero and I hope you…
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@badgirIkiki did they eat their graphic designer too?Stay in line, fam!
Retweeted by Mikey ReidThis is fucking batshit. @UCBTLA tried to illegally pay workers in gift cards that were only usable at the UCB Trai…
Retweeted by Mikey ReidNo surprise here, but I voted for @JamaalBowmanNY — change is the vibe in NY-16! Go vote!
Retweeted by Mikey ReidCancel the rent bitch
Retweeted by Mikey ReidJust cast the proudest vote of my life. Volunteering for this campaign was the honor of a lifetime. I am so heartbr…’s time. Let’s bring it home. From the Hood to the Holler. It’s time for the PEOPLE to win. Good morning.
Retweeted by Mikey ReidRichard Pryor explaining how Capitalism uses racism (white supremacy) to keep poor and working-class people divided…
Retweeted by Mikey ReidYet another night that Richmond Police has turned the city into a warzone, the excuse for all of this is because pr…
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@NYCMayor What phase of your resignation is this one @NYCMayor What phase of defunding the police are we at @NYCMayor What phase of cancel rent are we on @ldrinkh20 have you heard their Better Oblivion Community Center projectthe rate of Bad Takes is increasing exponentially i dont think twitter can sustain thisWho’s ready to #SchlepOutTheVote for @JamaalBowmanNY? #JewsForJamaal
Retweeted by Mikey Reidthinking about becoming a himboThe same systems responsible for our oppression cannot be the same systems responsible for our justice
Retweeted by Mikey ReidIm quitting comedy with the realization that I will never be this funny
If you’re a male comedian one thing you can do is tell men to shut the fuck up when they are saying hateful shit ab…
Retweeted by Mikey Reid @kellyblaus lifestyles of the recurring guest star
@richrmurphy 🍻STUNNING. Huge march steps off from Foley Square, honoring our Black brothers and sisters killed by police.…
Retweeted by Mikey ReidCapitalism is inherently incapable of providing the material conditions and socioeconomic circumstances required fo…
Retweeted by Mikey Reid @sinjinvanqueeff the friend who got away @sinjinvanqueeff yes I sang stuck in the middle with you. he paid me a nice compliment and I dont think I ever saw… was at a friends karaoke birthday party once and Corbin Bleu was also there and he sang Wasn't Me by Shaggy and b… love my fans middle school and high school had metal detectors and wands and bag checks that we had to go through in the morn… @VinMan17 that's my default*extremely Michael Caine in The Italian Job voice* YOU WERE ONLY SUPPOSED TO HAVE A GOOD TIME @VinMan17 were told communism is bad by people who said slavery was good
Retweeted by Mikey Reidwhatchu know about swag?? Davis at today’s Juneteenth shut down at the Port of Oakland. Longshoremen shut down 29 ports along the west…
Retweeted by Mikey Reidif I spend more than 2 hours in the sun I have to nap afterwards because I get tuckered out like a large childI dunno who needs to know this but we gonna be out here all summer.
Retweeted by Mikey ReidHm. Why would you “protest” a celebration of the emancipation of black Americans from slavery with Trump flags? Whi…
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CW: Lynching. Here’s what the fuck nobody is talking about: The fact that black people are showing up hanging from…
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