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I have laughed at this tweet probably once a month for the last six years
The Union Chapel is one of the best venues in the country AND does loads of work in the local community. Any help y… Reiner, pictured earlier this month with his daughter Annie and longtime comedy partner Mel Brooks. R.I.P.
Retweeted by Nish Kumar💔 got absolutely roasted here lads @AJemaineClement yeah yeah rub it in guys with your competent leadership
@phlaimeaux @joshgondelman @CandiceC_W @thebookseller 👍🏾❤️👍🏾❤️👍🏾❤️👍🏾❤️ @joshgondelman josh many congratulations on a fantastic tweetWhen someone says Green Book didn't deserve the Oscar for Best Picture.
Retweeted by Nish KumarNigel Farage and antisemitism: a brief thread on the views he repeatedly expresses, the unsavoury company he keeps,…
Retweeted by Nish KumarHow Britain sees itself How the world see us’s extraordinary about this graphic listing the fears of the largely Christian audience for Fox News content, i…
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@Jessica_Brough You know what you’re right @Jessica_Brough Jess did you miss bowie to watch ocean colour scene @Rose_Matafeo wtf @NicholasGuyatt @SamiraAhmedUK I didn’t go to oxbridge but am in no position to criticise people who have been rewa… @SamiraAhmedUK @NicholasGuyatt I did it at A-level and never learned anything about it. Only learned when I read th… teaches American history at Cambridge University. I found his analysts of Gove’s speech, & likely…
Retweeted by Nish KumarThis is going to be exactly like the Blitz in that it will be fondly recalled by people who didn’t live through it. @inthesedeserts Even for him, this is fucking nonsense.Often the best jokes have to be prefaced with the statement “WHAT FOLLOWS IS A JOKE. PLEASE RESPOND ACCORDINGLY”.,000 + dead, BAME communities ravaged, care homes full of suffering, livelihoods smashed. A no deal Brexit & econ…
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@HKesvani i just liked what that film had to say about society @HKesvani and that guy’s name.... was methis you?
Retweeted by Nish Kumar @Jessica_Brough @BexBrough Wow you really got away with this one jess
@Jessica_Brough Jess it was only acceptable to watch the verve when I was 13. @Jessica_Brough You don’t expect to see the sign from selhurst train station on the screen at the pyramid stage.… @Jessica_Brough What a perfect illustration of the bittersweet symphony of life @Jessica_Brough Topped only by stormzy’s pre show graphics namechecking thornton heath and selhurst and me losing m… @Jessica_Brough It’s such an exciting opening to a show. I was watching at home and lost my shit.the bit in get out. the bit. full house, the reaction was absolutely incredible. you’re a creative of colour & complain about anything, you’ve got a chip on your shoulder. If you’re a success y… @LeaveEUOfficial @andrewlawrence @DefundBBC You guys should subscribe to the bbc they have some good shit on there
Retweeted by Nish Kumar @LeaveEUOfficial @andrewlawrence @DefundBBC You guys should subscribe to the bbc they have some good shit on there’m as much an “Activist” as Leave. EU are “a group that weren’t fined for data law breaches” @reubsjw one year ago almost to the day I was watching her at glastonburyI’ve written an article about being a black writer in a white TV industry. #Keeptheconversationgoing
Retweeted by Nish KumarDon’t tweet about events in Glasgow without doing this first:
Retweeted by Nish KumarIn fact, wrote a whole article about the problem in @theipaper
Retweeted by Nish Kumar hope one day to be able to stop listening to “there must be more than blood” by carseat headrest but today is not that day @TNeenan @gralefrit He’s thrown the tenet over a pub what have you done @TNeenan @gralefrit We’ll walk in and realise that we’ve already seen tenet and that is tenet
@guy_mont @Rose_Matafeo Oh i’ll open for you. Open for you straight to hell. @Rose_Matafeo @guy_mont Touring without me eh you traitors @eleanortiernan ❤️❤️❤️❤️ xxSome personal news
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Awful seeing the hard right mob descend on @PriyamvadaGopal - she is one of the best and brightest around. Solidarity.💔 suggest you follow @PriyamvadaGopal. She is one of the best people on this hellsite. Today, she is shining a ligh…
Retweeted by Nish KumarU.K. now trading like an emerging economy due to the forced fart that is Brexit. Pray tell... this is fuckin wank, no?
Retweeted by Nish KumarThe Telegraph is having a normal day (part two) Telegraph is having another normal day (part one)
@JenBrister @PolariPrize Well done Jen! Xeven plants didn't show up to trump's rally @TheMaeMartin @LisaKudrow @netflix @Channel4 mae - this is hugePlease indulge me posting this because I have died and gone to heaven. Two true models and icons. ❤️@LisaKudrow…
Retweeted by Nish Kumarshit this is such a great venue @nadinebh_ @dezzaxx_ as depressingly predictable as it is awful
"I'm ashamed and embarrassed" Burnley's Ben Mee responds to an offensive banner flown over the Etihad Stadium befo…
Retweeted by Nish KumarThe way they put “Burnley” at the end so there’s absolutely no way of pinning this monstrosity on anyone else.
Retweeted by Nish KumarBreonna Taylor’s name is no longer trending and the police that murdered her are still free. If you see this please… to emphasise enough just how ghoulish it is for a government to annually commemorate a miscarriage of ju…
Retweeted by Nish KumarTfw Parler is definitely not the "racist app"
Retweeted by Nish KumarI’d like to talk about something today in case it’s helpful to anyone. I’m reading a lot of stories that involve a…
Retweeted by Nish Kumar#WindrushDay I'm forever in awe & with gratitude for the joy, skills, dedication, loyalty, heritage & incalculable…
Retweeted by Nish KumarExcited to see a finished copy of DEAR NHS. Out on 9th July - preorder from your local bookshop this…
Retweeted by Nish KumarJust three months ago, at the height of the pandemic, the govt tried to hide a new, scathing report which goes some…
Retweeted by Nish KumarShe’s only 65 years old today. Her white classmates are the generation running this country right now. That’s the p…
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For female comics, outing sex pests is like jury duty: you’re dreading that you’re gonna get called upon to do it a…
Retweeted by Nish Kumar'Editors who happily published Katie Hopkins are today cheerleading for wokeness. We cannot make progress on racial…
Retweeted by Nish KumarLanguage in 2020 is wild. “Good president” = “can drink from a cup with one hand” “Benevolent government” = “wil… @DanielHarris There’s a run where John Lee Hooker sings, “Boom boom”, Aretha Franklin does “think” and then Ray Cha… Americans keep. And I mean KEEP their feet on Priyanka Chopra’s neck fnslslslsldlssl
Retweeted by Nish KumarHey, as a man in the industry just wanted to message to say this must be a very difficult time for you, and if you’…
Retweeted by Nish Kumar @raaleh Who do these people think is in governmentI did this interview in response to topping the UK book charts this week.
Retweeted by Nish Kumar @AyoCaesar Fucking hell mate - so sorry about this shitGood God this is as baffling as it is vile to have a preview of what it would look like if I booked an arena for a tour showTrump doing his bit for coronavirus by having no one turn up to his stupid fucking rally. Respect.
Retweeted by Nish KumarThis is absolutely wonderful police facing criticism after separate videos emerge of two black men being subject to force by officers while…
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Well done to everyone involved in this campaign. Really good news. @NesrineMalik @Okwonga and meThe UK now has: - The highest excess death rate of any country. - The worst forecast economic recession. - The joi…
Retweeted by Nish Kumar @stephenkb key west was the initial stand out for meSaw Ian Holm in The Homecoming at the Comedy Theatre twice around 2001 because we were studying it, an absolute for…
Retweeted by Nish Kumarthis will be fun’re now 6 months on from the election campaign that was partially defined by the phrase and rhetoric of “this wou…
Retweeted by Nish KumarThis is indeed the popular British narrative -- that Britain's role in the slave trade was to end it, that the Brit…
Retweeted by Nish KumarHaving lost loved ones to Covid, this for me is personal. Given huge level of BAME deaths, we need to urgently tac…
Retweeted by Nish KumarContact tracing: FAIL. Herd immunity: FAIL. PPE: FAIL. Testing: FAIL. Lockdown: FAIL. Care homes: FAIL. Contact tra…
Retweeted by Nish KumarA new Bob Dylan album and a new Noname song on the same day is a blessed combo for good old nish
Martin Luther King in the season premier of Game of Thrones (For those not fully up to speed with the crass ignoran…
Retweeted by Nish Kumarthere words, this can’t have been easy to admit. Well done @Nigel_Farage
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