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@C_Circles, @incontrolorg, @socfuture Lots to do #socialcarefuture

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Friday night 🍕 🍷 🍫 West Wing @jaimeelewis @so_says_sally @helenratcliffe9 @robfountain1 @M_Wilberforce autumn walk @socfuture @mroutled @neilmcrowther @incontrolorg The co-chairs' response to the Winter Plan & ASC Taskforce is no…
Retweeted by martin routledge @themjcouk @ProfMartinGreen Well he liked our vision in the CSR submission... @DavidJ_Brindle @patrickjbutler @JKENNEDYDSC @DSC_Charity Deja vu moment 2010 when me & @CatherineWilton were worki…’s Reader Group Friday 💙 Circles Connected Facebook Group #poetry #feelgoodfriday #poems #movies #keepconnected
Retweeted by martin routledgeHaving been recommended Ontario approaches to supporting pple to see loved ones in care homes I contacted a civil s… response to my report published today. Very glad to see the commitments to social value commissioning (this is h…
Retweeted by martin routledgeMy FB from 4 years ago. My response to this from Amy was “Wolf! Cried the Girl
The @socfuture Whose Social Care Future is it Anyway inquiry is getting started A diverse g…
Retweeted by martin routledgeWe must not forget people with learning disabilities and autistic people during Covid
Retweeted by martin routledgeSo looking forward to “building something better” with @socfuture This movement gives hope that change can happen.…
Retweeted by martin routledgeLove these tips ✅ Rule of 8️⃣ excellent 💼 8️⃣hrs 💃8️⃣hrs 🛏 8️⃣hrs ...but who really does this ? @jamiesquires
Retweeted by martin routledgeIn June the PM asked me for proposals to sustain the community spirit we saw during lockdown. Levelling Up Our Comm…
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Retweeted by martin routledgeChocolate debate and more on our Circles Connected Facebook Group today #gardening #canada #quiz #lifehacks
Retweeted by martin routledgeWhat aspect of "dealing with the pandemic" is more important than allowing someone at the end of their life to have…
Retweeted by martin routledgeFB reminds me that 4 years ago I was at Arsenal v Chelsea. I was behind the goal as we scored 3 in the first half a…‘Most of us feel reassured and happier if we are part of a community. Home makes us feel safe, and safe makes us fe…
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Retweeted by martin routledgeDo we want a #socialcarefuture where people are just cared for, or one where people & the things that matter to the…
Retweeted by martin routledgeEssential learning resources for all those involved in transforming lives through #NHSPHBs
Retweeted by martin routledgeIt’s out! Towards a Brighter Future – Our on-line festival. Join us 4-6th November RT
Retweeted by martin routledge#wigsessions Cohen. Famous Blue Raiincoat
Retweeted by martin routledge#wigsessions Joni. Both Sides Now (acapella)
Retweeted by martin routledgeAs UK care homes face a Covid second wave, families are seeking alternatives | Social care | The Guardian to see this piece on live-in care from @DavidJ_Brindle It seems to be a growing, albeit still small, part of t…
Retweeted by martin routledge @LowderWendy @RadleyDenise @socfuture @TLAP1 Right I’ll send DM
@KateLeeCEO @alzheimerssoc ❤️The Winter Plan has important msgs on supporting people with Direct Payments to use them with the "full flexibility…
Retweeted by martin routledgeRead our joint response with @age_uk to plans to impose blanket visiting bans in 'areas of intervention' as part of…
Retweeted by martin routledgeReally good to be able to co-author this blog about visiting in care homes with @vicrayner Important to be able to…
Retweeted by martin routledgeTuesday is jam packed on our Circles Connected Facebook Group #Mindfulness #recipes #coffeeclub
Retweeted by martin routledgeNew blog today co-authored with @Car_Abrahams @ageukcampaigns - we talk about why further restrictions must not re…
Retweeted by martin routledge @RadleyDenise @LowderWendy Hi both dropped email re possible involvement in @socfuture festival session on direct payments with @TLAP1
Half a Pepsi at Jackson’s Boat for me and Amy, The enigmatic smile and the full on laugh! new look at white privilege: journalist Charlotte Crompton talks to Clenton Farquharson:
Retweeted by martin routledge#wigsessions Sheeran. Castle on the Hill
Retweeted by martin routledge#wigsessions Eagles. Desperado
Retweeted by martin routledge#wigsessions Smokey Robinson. The Tracks of My Tears
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#wigsessions Dixie Chicks. Travellin’ Soldier
Retweeted by martin routledge#wigsessions Smokey Robinson. The Tracks of My Tears Cohen. Chelsea Hotel
Retweeted by martin routledgeMy FB from two years ago threw up this nice photo of @ZoeCPorter @maddylaura @laradowd I’m really sorry your dad and you are going through this Lara. All my very best to you both#wigsessions Eagles. Desperado Doors. Riders on the Storm
Retweeted by martin routledge#wigsessions Neil Young. Helpless
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@MaffPotts @netflix We’re watching it again. V good#wigsessions Sheeran. Castle on the Hill Simply Red. Holding Back the Years
Retweeted by martin routledge @SarahBurslem @jimgblair @meetmacintyre I fear for the hammers this evening #Gooners @vicrayner @CQCProf Yes agree. This becomes a bigger and bigger issue the longer this goes on. It’s truly nightmari… @vicrayner @CQCProf Ok I’ll remove tweet to avoid confusionNot read the full plan yet but @vicrayner suggests worrying elements around people seeing family & friends.
@RichardnotatKF Or is it? Neil Young. Helpless @pete62jackson @Crouchendtiger7 @so_says_sally @neilmcrowther @ArtsLouie @helenratcliffe9 @JamieBull2 to this I think we would like ⁦@samhbenn⁩ back from Oz now please. We have loaned him for 3 yrs but there… Cohen. Chelsea Hotel night 🍕 🍷 🍫 West Wing @Crouchendtiger7 @so_says_sally @neilmcrowther @ArtsLouie @helenratcliffe9 @JamieBull2 Dunham Massey face it Van Morrison has always been a bit of a dick#wigsessions Joni. Both Sides Now (acapella)
#wigsessions Cohen. Famous Blue Raiincoat wonderful to have spent time with @georginajac this morning talk of marvellous musical collaboration that would…
Retweeted by martin routledgeExciting musical possibilities 🎼🎺
Retweeted by martin routledgeI just said to my wife Kanye West peed on his Grammy “peed on his granny”!? She shouts
@blimeysimon @incontrolorg @socfuture @LGAcomms @1adass If they are able to do this - coproducing local social care… @blimeysimon @incontrolorg @socfuture @LGAcomms @1adass Medium term, if local govt does want to see itself as leadi… @blimeysimon @incontrolorg @socfuture @LGAcomms @1adass At the moment there is significant fear that national govt… @blimeysimon @incontrolorg @socfuture @LGAcomms @1adass This wouldn’t be enough to realise the @socfuture vision th… @blimeysimon @incontrolorg @socfuture @LGAcomms @1adass Indeed some combination of personal budgets allocated via a… @blimeysimon @incontrolorg @socfuture @LGAcomms @1adass This means ideas like this can be attractive to pple using… @blimeysimon @incontrolorg @socfuture But failure to reform social care has to be owned by local as well as nat gov… @blimeysimon @incontrolorg Of course as described here it is reductive - social care as a room in a care home etc.… @blimeysimon It possibly sounds like personal budgets as initially imagined by @incontrolorg? You pass a threshold… @blimeysimon Would you pay more for frequent trips Simon?Very strange heading up the M6 and not heading to Centerparcs at Penrith. We’ve been going every year since it open… couldn’t resist. After our trip to Cartmel today guess what our dessert is? ⁦@neilmcrowther⁩ Doors. Riders on the Storm Joni Mitchell Blue - turned on to this while cat sitting for my first boss Joan Beck in snowy Coventry…
Retweeted by martin routledgeSunny Cartmel in the #bathroom - with @elfriesen getting the right #shower and #toilet seat - free webinar series o…
Retweeted by martin routledgeSome great resources here from @C_Circles on keeping connected - incl easy read guides to z…
Retweeted by martin routledgePassionate People Positive Difference - free online conference. Lots of splendid contributors. 100s of people alrea…
Retweeted by martin routledgeMy FB 1 year ago “The swans on the Waterpark are growing up” off today. Family trip to Cartmel - big girl Emma has to be up there a few days to fulfill residency requirement to get married!#wigsessions Dixie Chicks. Travellin’ Soldier
Audrey is 3 today and accredited courses now available to help equip health and care colleagues with the knowledge, skills a…
Retweeted by martin routledge @JeremyTaylorNB Non of a happy day in cold, bright Venice. Finally in an olive wood frame from Rhodes morning from 4 years ago “Amy says she has only seem me cry twice - Marley and Me ("you and that five year old girl") Up…
Six months ago, @TheCaresFamily suspended face-to-face work and re-invented projects to make the biggest difference…
Retweeted by martin routledge @neilmcrowther Piccadilly station has certainly changed in 30 years @neilmcrowther Where have u been? @MiroGriffiths @SSPLeeds Could we have a version of this debate at our @socfuture festival in Nov? @clentonF