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@neilmcrowther On our road trip today my youngest told me one of her happiest times was when I bought her a 6 month… @neilmcrowther moderation, heart of this nation, desert us not
@neilmcrowther @socfuture Always amuses me that academics seem surprised by this. @BnsJaneCampbell @UKHouseofLords @guardian @neilmcrowther Feel better soon JaneIt’s 25 years to the day since Eric Cantona’s kung-fu kick at Selhurst Park. This Lego recreation of that moment i…
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@helenratcliffe9 @Crouchendtiger7 @MelanieHenwood @so_says_sally @ArtsLouie @D_D_Wallace @alf_collins @rich_w night. Pizza, red wine, choc, West Wing. @Crouchendtiger7 @helenratcliffe9 @MelanieHenwood @so_says_sally @RPMakingSpace @socfuture Thank you very much @neilmcrowther @socfuture Strong sustainable future @neilmcrowther @socfuture Together for goodRealising the potential of extra care housing. Want to know more? Contact @C_Circles the potential of extra care housing prescribing “plus”? ⁦@Pers_Care⁩ ⁦@JamesCSanderson⁩ ⁦@nicolagitsham⁩ ⁦@C_Circles⁩ trip today with my “little one”. Soundtrack courtesy of @socfuture blog what started all this social care reframing business...Don't panic! Why the social care crisis will not b…
Retweeted by martin routledgeIt’s time to change the story if we want to change social care. This is a big focus of our gathering on Feb 4th in…
Retweeted by martin routledgeTomorrow morning, as always we will be meeting for our coffee club at the @sirthomasgerard in Ashton-in-Makerfield!…
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@andytildensfc @skillsforcare Funniest filmIf there are other organisations or networks wanting to reshape the future of social care that would like to find o…
Retweeted by martin routledge @neilmcrowther @JamieJBartlett Do they do veggie?We are full now. But if you can’t make it we aim to livestream and record some sessions and share headlines and pla…
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Less than a fortnight to our next @socfuture gathering in Manchester. I've added a song to our playlist & so can yo…
Retweeted by martin routledgeSo what’s happening at the #socialcarefuture gathering on Feb 4th? Thread...
Retweeted by martin routledge @BernieryanS @HelenWBTeam @ColinBaldwinCR @willbeHulbert @SallyC_CAS @joannabelfield @barbaragaleceo @GM_Hubbard Gr… me & @HelenWBTeam are in Suffolk w folks from council, vol & community orgs, housing, hospice etc. exploring…
Suffolk - last time here delayed by a flood. Tonight train in front hit a deer. #notinkansas
@Longhouseman @Tashsli3 @CarolineSpeirs @TLAP1 @martindavidwal2 @clentonF @NCAG17 @JulietteMalley Can we have a cat…
Be Human launching 14th Feb....#sharethelove #BeHuman
Retweeted by martin routledge @Joanne13Harding Who is she talking to?Reflecting on SC Innovation Network commissioning session #commissioning4change nxt steps & wondered how aware pple…
Fri night. Pizza, red wine, choc, West Wing. @Crouchendtiger7 ! @ArtsLouie @helenratcliffe9 @D_D_Wallace start. Headed to Social Care Innovation Network session on changing commissioning
Have you met the inspiring micro business ⁦@PulpFrictionCIC⁩ ? We are delighted they are joining us at our gatheri…
Retweeted by martin routledgeAt our Feb 4th gathering @alexsharedlives will be sharing action and plans in building “the asset based area” build…
Retweeted by martin routledgeAt our Feb 4th gathering @martindavidwal2 & @TLAP1 colleagues will be sharing action & plans to close the rhetoric-…
Retweeted by martin routledgeThread by @neilmcrowther: I'm about to do the @CoProCare podcast. @andytildensfc asked what sector organisations ca…
Retweeted by martin routledgeInterested in exploring a new approach to your strategic communication abt social care or health? Heard abt “framin…
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“All of life was here in The Bevy, from young to old from scruffy to dogs dinner, from mates chatting to families e…
Retweeted by martin routledgeThree weeks now to our ⁦@socfuture⁩ gathering in Manchester to be launched by the wonderful ⁦@MiXiT_MUSIC⁩ Last pla…
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My parents are just back from Little Women. My mam absolutely loved it but my dad isn't happy because there was a W…
Retweeted by martin routledge @CommCats @NHSPHB @Pers_Care @PaulWJarvis @StreetGames I’m helping run a network in GM on preparing for adulthood if you are up for sharing?So so pleased about this. Congrats all who will have worked so hard to make it happen @DementiaVoices
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@CharlotteAugst Yep @CharlotteAugst I cried for about 50% of the filmOut with family for Emma’s 29th birthday tonight. Remembering it was a freezing night all those years ago
@Crouchendtiger7 @jaimeelewis @JamieBull2 @JamesCSanderson @JRFBolton @robfountain1 @M_Wilberforce @ArtsLouie night. Pizza, red wine, choc, West Wing. @jaimeelewis @JamieBull2 @JamesCSanderson @JRFBolton @robfountain1
@neilmcrowther Speak to commissioner about what’s not working with the policy and process. Happy to help if I can
Working in communications or campaigning in social care? Want to find out about “reframing” and contribute to devel…
Retweeted by martin routledge#Wednesday I made a colourful connection with a like minded headmistress at a primary school close to #extracare. H…
Retweeted by martin routledgeWant to commission in a way which genuinely improves outcomes for people? Some useful and practical ideas for thing…
Retweeted by martin routledgeTowards a Brighter Future – Social Care Future Gathering Manchester February 4th 2020 – Social Care Future
Retweeted by martin routledgeLooking forward to first preparing for adulthood network session of 2020 with GM folks this morning @Pers_Care @GM_HSC @ZoeCPorter
@RichardatKF Used to watch it with my mumStill some tickets left. #JoinUs
Retweeted by martin routledge100 people coming so far - room for a few more...
Retweeted by martin routledgeVery enjoyable morning with @AgeUKDon @C_Circles colleagues @AgeUK_Circles exploring plans for the next two years &… @Joanne13Harding @Phil_Brickell That’s what she thinks about us - Tory Lite
#Monday ⁦@C_Circles⁩ extra care talking about how we support ⁦people to share parts of their world with local child…
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Meant to do this one ⁦@saralivadeas⁩ ⁦@neilmcrowther⁩⁦@saralivadeas⁩ ⁦@neilmcrowther⁩ @SimonFParker Made me reflect on my own experience
Thankfully via some efforts to achieve some continuity, thro such as @TLAP1 & sustained relationships, the developm… where this happened some interesting developments took place. But these were always hard to develop & the dynamic… the same time, those policy civil servants less focussed on their own status & keen to see public services chang… course this was in part a recipe for conflict as some of the “delivery” people, feeling they had better policy i… that the separation between policy making and delivery became blurred. The policy folks needed the delivery folk… the numbers of these people grew inevitable dynamics developed. Some policy civil servants were jealous of their… was part of the attempt by New Labour to shake things up & introduce radical & rapid changes in areas of publi… also, in a number of cases, opened up opportunities for people using “care services” to have some voice & infl… evolving experiment eventually brought hundreds of professionals & others into relationship with more traditio… number of “field forces” including Valuing People Support Team, National Institute for Mental Health we’re recrui… Cummings & Civil Service shake ups etc - Thread - reflecting on an attempt in the relatively early New Labour pe… 2020 start your small business in #Shropshire Care work not for you? Think again! We can help you set up, you se…
Retweeted by martin routledgeWant to beat the January Blues by making a difference to someone’s life? If you’re based in Oxfordshire and have a…
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Have you booked?
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Before we can write a better story of change we have to define the change we want to see. Is this it…
Retweeted by martin routledgeLots of our members are involved in #socialcarefuture already & as an org we will carry on making sure what's impor…
Retweeted by martin routledgeThere’s currently a big gap btwn the future wanted by members of the #socialcarefuture network, & the present reali…
Retweeted by martin routledgeThe ‘change’ we want to see and the audiences we need to persuade to make it a reality – Social Care Future
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One important thing, before clocking off for Christmas, here's a summary & beautiful artwork by our good friend…
Retweeted by martin routledgeI’m taking a break from Twitter. Best wishes for the holiday season @CareEngland @LaylaMoran Or “where is that thing we knew wasn’t coming”. Are people paid for this? @neilmcrowther Need a much more focussed and persuasive short term ask. “Sector leaders” and their think tanks seem… @WILTSCIL @Laurence_Clark A very funny man - his London puppies and mortgage sketch was amazingTime to change these ineffective & offensive approaches. If leaders can’t see this maybe need to start engaging tru… our gathering on 4th February @SarahBurslem & colleagues will share how a group of national charity support prov…
Retweeted by martin routledgeAssume this must be based on some research/advice. Wonder if that might be shared so we could have a debate amongst… like some of the leading charities have fallen for one of the main “change fallacies” If you have a strategy… @CareEngland @10DowningStreet @BorisJohnson @MattHancock From experience I’d suggest sarcastic petulance doesn’t work in changing behaviourJoin us!
Retweeted by martin routledge @neilmcrowther @JeremyHughesAlz I don’t quite get “holding feet to fire” They have an 80 seat majority. At a privat… @neilmcrowther This is a problem. Even if just thinking in narrow terms of government role, the Treasury & DHSC nee…
Revolutionising the welfare state - @BBCRadio4 tonight 8 pm- I'm in conversation with @helenlewis The Spark
Retweeted by martin routledge @neilmcrowther @BorisJohnson Announcement of a significant multi year fund 2 support the local community led modell… @FghIdt thanks for following. I was born at FGH, my mum worked there and I once had a summer job in the kitchens -… next Social Care Future Gathering is at Friends Meeting House in Manchester on February 4th 2020:…
Retweeted by martin routledge @AdamWagner1 You never see him out in the daytime. #JustSaying