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Eric Pope @MrPope Montréal

Senior Community Developer @HyperScapeGame // The Dad in the North // Papa Poubelle

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@HuskyHog @AlexQRyan @discoveryplus @AlexQRyan @HuskyHog @discoveryplus no, just a WHOLE LOTTA giamatti face @AlexQRyan @HuskyHog @discoveryplus i've also had a strong yearning for in depth, dry and educational documentaries… @empetti @nickchester @CaptScarlett ALRIGHT I AM IN @HarrisFoster fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck @empetti should i watch that show? i saw it's like netflix's most viewed show ever or some nonsense so I feel like… 1992 Rudy Giuliani whipped up 10k off duty NYPD cops to storm city hall. They shut down the Brooklyn Bridge, bur…
Retweeted by Eric Pope @majornelson @Microsoft here's to another 20!! <3 @thehollybible @Germ_Roverso wow i love this!! @jeansnow that's amazing!!! @ObiCynKenobi saaame @ObiCynKenobi yeah seems to be, my messages don't send @BelgianBoolean @BelgianBoolean @BelgianBoolean @FredGotGame lmao fred!!! *heads to fred's clips section* @LostTurntable You know it !It's Poly Styrene Appreciation Day in this twitter feed @RealSuzieP Worksie @konklone that one particular is one i've been considering to check out soon. I've been in a process of trying to c… @konklone Which one? @JoshYTsui I go through phases where I only want to play games for a while then inevitably flip back to only want t… @blueneurosis Haha oh god we must save Michael Mann from Michael MannFinally watched Michael Mann’s “Thief” (1981) and holy shit everybody was right, what a movie. What a score too, hot damn. @CTWatters @thehollybible BIG TTTIIIIIIIME @Und3rCovr This is unbelievable lmaoI’m tired y’all @thehollybible 👀 @ThatRyanB 👀
@AndyLunique how... uh... how do you make it look so good? i make these sometimes and they are delicious but mine look like doodoohow do you de-program half a nation? @ItsJust_Buck @olafurw @benandjerrys I haven't had a single bite of Ben and/or Jerry since I moved to Canada and it's breaking my heart. @rolyatkcinmai CURVES, WHAT A TIME @Spac3Gh0s7_ hahahahahahahah slam dunkThank you Jerky Gent @MikeDrucker you can executive produce ME any day, Mike @DEATHDORKS THIS COLLECTION SHALL ONLY GROW (once pandemic goes away :sob sob sob:) @DEATHDORKS hahaha this is the first request I've gotten for such content but I WILL NOW CONSIDER IT @TheVTran @Nicktrunks @ThatRyanB that was our experience at least, but I see a lot of real good replies to your ini… @Nicktrunks @TheVTran @ThatRyanB and I tested this a bunch on our game and it was wild how much lower engagement ra… @janrts i guess at this point that's about 12 years of them?mfw costco has the korean bbq jerky on sale pic from website of German bakers guild
Retweeted by Eric PopeFriendly reminder that Good Rx exists. If you're not taking meds because you're worried you can't afford it, GoodRx…
Retweeted by Eric Pope @LostTurntable @sorcerer_movie Love it @TooManyFerrets @JustinMcElroy Bloops N Tips all day!!!! @JustinMcElroy Justin gimme more woodshop bloops!!!!Lotta love for this one from folks! I’d never even heard of it. Friedkin had an incredible run. @LandonVanBus I gotta watch thiefWatched William Friedkin’s “Sorcerer” (1977) tonight. 70s cinema still king!!!! So messy yet so raw. @Keeba13 Happy bday!!Proud Boys, Boogaloo Boys, I’m surprised none of this sad men have started showing up dressed as the joker’s gang
@acarboni @johntdrake @GameOverGreggy @LucasfilmGames if we're gonna tap into the plethora of Ep 1 characters I sug… @acarboni @johntdrake @GameOverGreggy @LucasfilmGames Vote Notto on Watto @TheVTran @merrittk @TheVTran good on you for trying to explain it to them nonetheless though! every little bit of education we can get… @HarrisFoster I’ve heard this one SO MUCH @CandiceLikesYou @TheSabaiGuy also hi welcome back Candice @CandiceLikesYou @TheSabaiGuy i mean i dunno he capitalized it! anyway I endorse Love in all meanings!!! @TheSabaiGuy the band? @ThatRyanB what about MTV's Video Moms @CaseyMalone @lil_mermaid how did the didge folks get along with the shanty chums? @lil_mermaid every time i hear tidbits about your high school it sounds like a WILD place @4lex91 JUST A BIT @youssefmaguid STALL WALL YALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm so excited for my colleagues in Sweden, I'm so excited for my dear friends at Disney, I'm so excited for MYSELF… @GrlpantsGR WHAT IN THE WORLD @edenthecat friends with @johntdrake has been WILDER THAN EVER LATELY @RealSuzieP My name is Eric and I’m here to say I like to tweet in a MAAAAAJOR way @JustinMcElroy Everyone loves a blooper!
@PackBenPack ILU good luck in your future my friend @racheleklein TBH i've been surprised more GOP people haven't expressed that same pov. you would think they'd do th… @CaseyMalone i would like to fast forward to the robert rodriguez spiritual reboot phase plz @ScottWamplerBMD this is a supreme own @kristiefisher @maclainediemer hahaha perfect. i tried to do a thing over xmas vacation where I kicked off every mo… @terrenceturner hahahhawhen my spotify cuts off from my headphones and starts blasting gangnam style in the kitchen, I know my son has returned from school @godsewa @mistermegative why have you done this, why would you ruin DOGSomg please!!!!!!! @meesherbeans oh noooo :( @TheBlackNerd Had no interest in the remake until nowi'm still thinking about this buds and i used to run a (very very very) short lived tumblr called Olyphantitis. A national treasure. @sp4cep4nts happy birthday!!my eyes are so dry i can hear them when i blinkI rewatched this tonight and forgot this is how the fkn movie ends jfc it’s so good @meesherbeans Fuuuuuuck
Was just reading this article on Wikipedia (no reason) and found it mildly interesting @lizaledwards Gotta believe we must have Ubi openings in your field there if you’re going that route! Either way I… @pr0sc1utto omg @lizaledwards how do you feel about nordics? @HuskyHog @ThadeousC i refuse to let you down! @HuskyHog @ThadeousC George Lucas famously directed Star Warsrespect for trying, i guess? @TheBlackNerd Just catching up but please take it easy if you can buddy I’m sorry you have to go thru it!