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The Dad in the North / Papa Poubelle

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@4lex91 @HyperScapeGame Theeeeeere was an error in itWe have a #UbiForward surprise for all of you! 🎁 Download the "Hyper Scape" Fan Kit now. 🌀💥 👉Available on the Ubis…
Retweeted by Eric Pope @Born2beSlicker Not currently.Before I knew anything about the gameplay itself, I wanted to work on Hyper Scape because of the cool stuff they we… out the @HyperScapeGame Open Beta PC Specs!
Retweeted by Eric Pope @G15x1 nope. there are some additional items for prime members though @ubi_hanabi it was perfect, stop dat!Love my team, all such champions. @ThatRyanB @UbiArcane @LovelyIrishAlan @GoodMorniiing @ubi_hanabiI'd like you to meet @HyperScapeGame's global community team! Also if you're wondering where you can give us your f… @PlatinumNipples @Hedgeyy @HyperScapeGame oh hey I'm from Maine myself! East Machias. I'd probably still be on dial… @Hedgeyy @HyperScapeGame we're keeping an eye on connectivity in Japan currently, thank you for letting us know. @Hedgeyy @HyperScapeGame we already have a datacenter in AsiaAussie Aussie Aussie! @G15x1 here ya go
@OneTakeJack I DEF PREFER HYPER SCAPEI LOVE HOME APPLIANCE REPAIR//Contacting Console Players... The game will be coming to PS4 and XB1 this summer. If you watch Twitch streams du…
Retweeted by Eric Pope @imqulsive @HyperScapeGame JC is old as hell @romcamor @lduchaine honestly I thought about bringing that up when we sat down to record and I was like NOPE THIS IS A NEW ERA, SHORTS ONLYTHIS IS THE Q, @HyperScapeGame Console Players take notice: If you watch Twitch streams during PC Open Beta with t… @FHA_RAVEN @Verbalosity i stole them and took them home @malekawt @UbisoftME what kinda snacks are we rocking over there, this is an important questioni'm on the Ubi Forward post show in a few minutes with @Drjennog if you wanna check it out - @BillyKumo thanks friend!Hyper Scape’s Open Beta is now available on PC! Download for free on Uplay and prove your skills as a champion of the Hyper Scape.
Retweeted by Eric Pope✅New hack and weapon ✅New game modes ✅More ways to level up your Battle Pass Get the low-down on everything you ne…
Retweeted by Eric Popeworking with JC on @HyperScapeGame is wild because he looks 10 years younger than me but actually worked on the PoP… Hyper Scape is waiting. Join the Open Beta and prove you have what it takes to become a champion of Crown Rus…
Retweeted by Eric PopeGO HYPER SCAPE GO @4lex91 @RealSuzieP FREDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! @Ekanaut HAHAHA OK YES THEN MY BRAIN MY BEAUTIFUL BRAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN @Ekanaut didn't realize you worked on that (or forgot... OLD BRAIN) that game was great @Fobwashed @legobutts oh my god @umiscar @mrkevinstewart 😂Anyone else spend all morning trying and failing to fix your dishwasher?Big agree. King of all cakes is honestly whatever sheet cake your local grocery store has in stock. @legobutts Fondant is nastyIt’s insane yes but it also looks like it would be a nasty ass pizza are impressive cakes! @hannanimal Thank you, my favorite permateenBoomer checking in here, someone please explain the cake meme to me @gabbietv @HyperScapeGame 🙌🙌🙌Texas Chainsaw Massacre needed more Tupac
Retweeted by Eric PopePlease join Senior Producer @drjennog and Senior Community Developer @mrpope as they discuss Hyper Scape's Technica…
Retweeted by Eric Pope @Und3rCovr Hell yeah, I’ll reach out to my good friend Bruce Dickinson ASAP for clearance @Und3rCovr GREAT CHOICE @ristanford YES👀👀👀👀👀👀 @kylegaddo WOOF @Drjennog Gonna watch some live streams later that’s pretty much it I thinkThinking of fucking around and eating some breakfast @Drjennog What’s going on? @britishphill More like the good good dolls @SypherPK 👀 @thehollybible 👀
@TheAntNil @osamadorias action! @grrlaction oh my god, i'm so so sorry deb. i can't even imagine. the only small blessing I can even think of is th… @Megasoum you said it @zerojay oh my god Jay i'm just seeing this, stay strong brother!Not sure who needs to hear this but Camp Candy @grrlaction Oh no, all my thoughts are with you all @Magicmarker78 @Spotify *Screams in canadian*So like... do something about it? when a friend asks me to recommend a ska album to test the waters with the genre I don’t know who to raise this to but Jimmy Cliff’s amazing album “Rebirth” is not on @Spotify and that’s a goddamn crime. @inurashii Oh crap I’m so sorry :(EZ work with Adam @JeffGrubb Kinda @k_mukai I did too but it was fucking hilarious. For some reason all the stoners joined, and we were bottom barrel… @garywhitta Gary that’s amazing congrats!!!!Anyone watch that new Perry Mason show? @KP5ive @NightwalkeR1H @HyperScapeGame Yikes glad you’re alright!!I miss you @HyperScapeGame
Retweeted by Eric Pope @the_greg89 @UbisoftMTL Oh wow congrats dude but I’ll be sad to no longer be coworkers! @Drjennog IS IT THO?
@MrPope Best part is his clown wig is brown
Retweeted by Eric Pope @SamanthaZero playing anything that wasn't @hyperscapegame last night
Retweeted by Eric Pope @k_mukai @k_mukai wow @GoodMorniiing THANK YOUbreakfast sausage > bacon @t_ferrio oh this actually reminds me of another food opinion i have one sec @potterna ahahahha i have spent some time in germany myself and this delightful meal as well @t_ferrio the hell is a johnsonvilleIt's another win for Eric Pope, I'm afraid to say of you replying "but a hot dog is a sausage" like, sure, but also they are the worst tasting sausage @faerie_sarah thanks for your support! @MicDubTV @HyperScapeGame Yeah hit me up!Sausages > Hot DogsAnton would not be pleased. See you on Sunday at #UbiForward.
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