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Global bestselling author, TV presenter and radio chatterbox. Book No.23, 'The Light in the Hallway' out now.

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@LoveBooksGroup thank you for taking a look at 'My Husband's Wife'. I think out of all my books that this story ha… @LoveBooksGroup Kelly, I just saw this lovely Tweet from @KingdomBides and thought it might help! Much love, Amanda… post with pic to frighten the kids! @GillBorg @CurrantTeacake @SiobhanDaniels
Retweeted by Mrs Amanda Prowse @KingdomBides Rhona, thank you so much for your kind Tweet, I really appreciate it. Much love, Amanda xx are honoured to be working with @MrsAmandaProwse and her son Josiah Hartley on their heartbreaking memoir about…
Retweeted by Mrs Amanda ProwseCongratulations to @MrsAmandaProwse and Josiah Hartley! @thebookseller
Retweeted by Mrs Amanda Prowse.@AmazonPub imprint @LittleABooks has signed a memoir from author @MrsAmandaProwse and her son, Josiah Hartley, ab…
Retweeted by Mrs Amanda Prowse.@MrsAmandaProwse releases memoir with son Josiah Hartley and @AmazonPub (£)
Retweeted by Mrs Amanda Prowse.@MrsAmandaProwse releases memoir with son Josiah Hartley and @AmazonPub (£)
Retweeted by Mrs Amanda Prowse"It’s the book I would have liked to have reached for in the darkest moments of my son’s depression"—@AmazonPub sig…
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If you're looking for a book group with a global coverage but which feels like everyone else just lives around the…
If you're looking for your next book or even just adding to your endless TBR pile, here are a couple of my bestsell…
Get 'The Things I Know' on special offer for just 99p, pre-order 'The Day She Came Back', download 'The Girl in the… bestseller of 2019 is on special offer for a limited time on the Amazon Kindle store today for just 99p. Here's…
Pete, I remember writing this book so well, it brought back a lot of memories of having to make do when our boys we…
@MrsAmandaProwse You are very welcome- I’ve read almost all of your books and each one is a joy to read😊
Retweeted by Mrs Amanda ProwseAnd that has made me even happier! Thank you so much for being so kind again. Much love, Amanda Xx
@joanneprice6 thank you so much for your kind Tweet, you've totally made my day! Much love, Amanda Xx @totallyBeingMe Yes I did leave but had a change of heart and now you're stuck with me again! Great to see your na…'s coffee time... Da da da da, you can't touch this! Apologies to MC Hammer. 🤣 @greesyduck You too Pete, I have a big writing day lined up with a couple of dog walks around the garden to break t… @chowellz @ReviewCafe @chowellz I absolutely love seeing your wonderful reviews so please do tag me any time you pu… @ReviewCafe @ReviewCafe, I'm always very grateful to be tagged in a positive review and I LOVE your site so please… @zoefolbigg Zoe, only just seen this but thank you for sharing and hope The Note soars. Much love, Amanda xx @JamesS6651 I can't tell you how happy I was to see you Tweet just now, you have absolutely made my day. Much love… to @MrsAmandaProwse , if you see this tell your fellow Jeremy Vine panelist @adepstein1 that she will enjo…
Retweeted by Mrs Amanda ProwseA million times 😢 @MrsAmandaProwse 🥰
Retweeted by Mrs Amanda Prowse @TracyGreaves24 I hope it doesn't make me a bad person but I'm secretly delighted to get your tears! Hope you have… you so much for being so kind. Much love, Amanda xx you love books, it's well worth heading over to 'My Book Tribe' on Facebook to see what the founding author of t… @Pippator I'm so glad, please pass it on to anyone who might like it. Have a great week, much love, Amanda xx @faykeenan @faykeenan ha ha, what a coincidence! That's fantastic, I hope you managed to get a word in edgeways, he… Publication Day to @RituBhathal for her debut novel 'Marriage Unarranged'. Available on Amazon now so head o…
You have no idea how happy that makes me! #BornWorrier staff work tirelessly throughout the year, often under pressure during the busy winter periods. We’re hosting a…
Retweeted by Mrs Amanda ProwseCharity shops and in particular the St Peter's Hospice stores are a brilliant source of books (and most of my wardr… is such an amazing achievement, go @IssyBelleFox but don't overdo it. Much love as ever, Amanda Xx time for readers! For the chance to win a 8" Kindle Amazon Fire and one of my eBooks, head over to 'My… you so much for this brilliant pic. Much love, Amanda xx @Williams13Anne @AuthorSusanB @tgarvisgraves @anne_atkins @jessica_norrie @will_carver @JenniKeer @writercrow @MrsAmandaProwse Hi Amanda. What you think about buying secondhand books? I have just bought two fabulous ones b…
Retweeted by Mrs Amanda ProwseI really hope that you enjoy them and please do let me know what you think. Much love, Amanda xx, I'm all in favour of it, I buy loads of secondhand books and just think it is great for people to be readin… do i learn this new life? Part 2! #retirement @PaulaGuess2 @GillBorg @kristy39635687 @RetiredWhatNow
Retweeted by Mrs Amanda ProwseTHE LIGHT IN THE HALLWAY by @MrsAmandaProwse ~ A moving story of starting over #ContemporaryFiction #FridayReads
Retweeted by Mrs Amanda ProwseThank you so much for your kind Tweet, it has made my day. Much love, Amanda xxSandra, thank you so much for sharing. Much love, Amanda xx is really sad. I have had some brilliant plotting lunches at @dim_t with @MrsAmandaProwse
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Rachel, thank you so much Xx @ukkindledeals thank you so much for sharing the love. Xx, I can’t tell you how happy I am to see your pic pop up! Merry Christmas! Xx @pamelaclaire58 thank you so much for being so kind. Xx Daily Deal - the latest bestseller 'The Light in the Hallway' by @MrsAmandaProwse is on special offer today…
Retweeted by Mrs Amanda Prowse @MrsAmandaProwse Welcome back! I've missed your cheerful comments. Twitter needs lovely people like you to dilute a…
Retweeted by Mrs Amanda ProwseDee, it’s so great to see your name pop up, thank you so much! Xx @MrsAmandaProwse your latest bestseller 'The Light in the Hallway' is on #KindleDailyDeal today, Sunday 22 Dece…
Retweeted by Mrs Amanda Prowse @tishylou Trish, oooohhhh, sounds intriguing, am about to flake now but will look tomorrow when I’m awake. Goodnight my lovely xxHi Kay, that’s so sweet, thank you so much, I’ll definitely hang around now. Xx, thank you so much my love Xx, thank you so much, I really appreciate it. Xx Sharon, thank you so much, it’s great to be back Xx, that made me laugh, thank you so much! Xx, (blushing here) thank you so much for being so kind Xx, thank you so much lovely lady xx @HofficialD Fay, thank you so much, I really appreciate it Xx @tishylou Hi Trish, I’m back on Twitter but must have missed that while I was away. Thank you so much for thinking of me!That’s fantastic news, now can you stop messing around on the computer, it’s your turn take the recycling out… Xx
I quit Twitter in 2019 and changed my mind, so I'm back now and if we used to follow each other then it would be gr…
@TinaDaheley, I know I’m biased but the No.1 Bestseller ‘The Things I Know’ by @MrsAmandaProwse is a great holiday…
The Amazon Prime #1 chart topper ‘The Things I Know’ by @MrsAmandaProwse is on sale today at the bargain price of j… @MrsAmandaProwse for being the No.1 Hot New Release in Australia and New Zealand with ‘The Things I…
@greesyduck @AmazonPub @ed_pr @PFDAgents @MrsAmandaProwse ha ha Pete, you’re right, I’ve just done them!How to Fall in Love Again: Kitty’s Story by Amanda Prowse ⁦@MrsAmandaProwse⁩ ⁦@MrSimeonProwse⁩ ⁦@goodreads⁩…
Retweeted by Mrs Amanda ProwseHuge thanks to the fantastic team at @AmazonPub, @ed_pr and @PFDAgents for helping @MrsAmandaProwse to hit yet AN… @MrsAmandaProwse for ’The Things I Know’ being the #1 Kindle bestseller. I take it that you’re goin…
@MrsAmandaProwse Hey Mrs, Congratulations on taking the No.1 spot for Hot New Releases on Kindle for 'The Things I…
@sianelinpedrick @MrsAmandaProwse Ha ha, I don’t know why but I think it looks a bit like Donald Trump…Must admit, I’m starting to reconsider my strategy… ha, I’m off to the mall now… Merry Christmas! ha, thanks Cath, I knew you’d understand! Merry Christmas to you and your family, all the best, Simeon X to you from the Prowse House, thank you so much. Merry Christmas, Simeon @ABMadAnne @MrsAmandaProwse Ha ha, thank you so much, I’ll take that as support! Merry Christmas! SimeonHi Linda, and a very Merry Christmas to you too! I hope we get to see you again in 2019 - it’s been too long! All t… her Christmas present, I’ve arranged for ‘The Girl in the Corner’ by @MrsAmandaProwse to be the No.1 overall be…
Huge congratulations to @MrsAmandaProwse on the Publication Day of her 21st novel #thegirlinthecorner Out on Kindle… of Reynisfjara, Iceland [6016x4016] [OC] - jameslewismertz - #travel #photography
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@KamalBechkoum Thoroughly enjoyed your talk last night at C11 for the IET. Thank you for sharing your knowledge wit… @susanmboyer @MrsAmandaProwse Hi Susan, sorry I missed this when I was away but thank you ever so much for sharing… @StanEgerton @MrsAmandaProwse Stan, amazing pics, thank you for sharing them. All the best, Simeon @MrsAmandaProwse @MrSimeonProwse Couple from this am. :-)
Retweeted by Mrs Amanda ProwseOh Rhiannon, that is WONDERFUL, thank you so much for sharing! All the best, Simeon
Kindle Daily Deal! ‘The Coordinates of Loss’ by @MrsAmandaProwse has been selected as today's Kindle Daily Deal. Ge…
Architect designs flats to stand on stilts above car parks to solve UK #housing crisis
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Cute Animals -
Retweeted by Mrs Amanda ProwseHa ha, please don’t tell her that Jean, I’ll never hear the last of it!
Striking photos show Harvest Moon lighting up skies across the UK
Retweeted by Mrs Amanda Prowse @PublicityShona, mystery solved, the card had dropped down to the bottom of the box under some packing - All credit… Jean, that is a beautiful picture, thank you for Tweeting it.