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Sam Barlow @mrsambarlow Brooklyn, NY 🌃

Director/writer @ Drowning a Mermaid Productions ⬩ TELLING LIES with @a_i #TellingLies ⬩ HER STORY @herstorygame ⬩ Aisle ⬩ Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

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@elijahwood @FilmComment I don't think me or Jane Fonda are super happy with this one happy murder memories #ArcadeArchives #TheNinjaWarriors #NintendoSwitch to my kids that these are my wholesome childhood memories retreating into nostalgia #ArcadeArchives #Vigilante #NintendoSwitch @catacalypto that would require us to be in stock of a lot of healthy ingredientsJoin me later as we knock back Old Fashioneds and watch The ThingKeep forgetting we're not in the actual end of days and so letting my kids do stuff like play Bayonetta 2 is case t… a fun time watching this indie noir (by co-directors Danielle Krudy and Bridget Savage Cole) that Amazon just r…
Retweeted by Sam Barlow @mikeBithell @ManMadeMoon @rodeneronquillo Had a Dutch baby in Philadelphia that was incredible. Deep levels of caramelization and stodgeJames Cameron choosing to shoot his CGI underwater movie for real underwater is wonderful peak James Cameron @noneconomical @Kurnster @jasonlatino @kessjrause @carolineliddick @ElyseWillems @ashly_burch @charlottenicdao the natural spaces, lighting and weather in this game are a balm for this apartment trapped human. Goddess bless Nintendo @jpsmythe Did the Illuminati tell you to say that?My daughter is showing me around the villages. She knows the names and daily timetable of all of the villagers! And… update: Zelda Breath of the Wild is still a transcendent masterpiece
@SamLakeRMD of a Lady on Fire is on Hulu now and if you want to watch something non-violent and moving and incredibly…
Retweeted by Sam BarlowSome good news @MituK @GlowUpGames @insecurehbo Congrats!it’s a big news day for us at @GlowUpGames! Super proud to announce @insecurehbo: The Come Up Game, coming to mobil…
Retweeted by Sam Barlow @horrolivia yeah, disappointedOpening your laptop to see the last open tab from prev. day's work session #wfh #isolation #gamedevelopment to my fans and followers with gratitude for all your support and loyalty across the years. This is an unr…
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Cinema’s greatest love story, PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE, debuts tonight at midnight PST, exclusively on @hulu. VOD…
Retweeted by Sam Barlow @SamLakeRMD @EpicGames @remedygames Huge. Congrats!I live above a NYC doctor and it’s as bad as you are hearing. Our health professionals are in wartime mode and they…
@nataliewatson You meddled with nature and now the tarantula god is unhappy with youCoronavirus diversions: What to play if you're 'bad' at games
Retweeted by Sam BarlowLatest case trajectories for major countries and outbreaks: • US case count continues to set the pace • Record ne…
Retweeted by Sam BarlowIncoming transmission. #MessageFromTheDoctor #DoctorWho
Retweeted by Sam BarlowIsolation update: Daft Punk, Random Access Memories - it's the sound of the summer!
I thought the point of The Good Place was that we wouldn't need to talk about the trolley problem anynore @Borman18 Jim Morrison kinda dude in Venice fighting monsters made from people transformed by carnival masks in an… @Borman18 inspired by Fleetwood Mac's man of the world @Borman18 oh yes. it was ahead of its time :) we bought a real sword & sunglasses to pitch Konami @jericawebber Gonna be hard to beat 'internet crybaby' @ACNHtitles Who am I?
Apologies to the NSA spooks who had to spy on that hour-long Zoom with my personal trainer. (At least I have an an… to be cheerful on lockdown. This just arrived in the mail and I ❤️ this font treatment free for all, Zombies, Run! The Home Front begins today! These workouts are designed for anyone to compl…
Retweeted by Sam Barlow @anitasarkeesian @femfreq Thanks Anita! Stay healthy ❤️Had a great time streaming @mrsambarlow's Telling Lies this weekend on @femfreq's Twitch channel. It's an incredibl…
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@patrickashe That is much better than mine 😞PSA: Do not name your town "Twin Peaks" @SusanArendt Three houselocked family members grinding day one @ncbjd details here - but check out the magical @chriszabriskie#AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch"It's beyond regressive. It's beyond parody. It almost feels like a headline from The Onion. The Republicans decide…
Retweeted by Sam BarlowThe transition from inbox full of CEOs saying how much my health matters to them to inbox full of emails from fave… is first-rate quarantertainment!
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In a strange turn, a franchise born from solitude and estrangement now finds itself in a world of quarantine. On An…
Retweeted by Sam Barlow @nataliewatson Show him a centipede! @BlakeRochkind Yeah. It's nice to have some geographical unlockingThe vaulting pole!The #CurrentSituation has revealed deep cracks in our system: replacing public transit with gig economy drivers who…
Retweeted by Sam Barlow @schillingc sweet! @BlakeRochkind This is definitely the best one, I'd say, so far? @VonBlade The GTA before GTA was a thingThis reminds me of the August 6, 2001 memo to Bush: “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the U.S.” The U.S. intellig…
Retweeted by Sam Barlowjiro dreams of sushi #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch OK with the sprite smoothing here Nintendo #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
@hotlivsex I think that cover art is to sell it to Lieberman's fans of child-based horror/thrillers? @hotlivsex It's not, it's more an 'erotic' thriller (about a grieving couple)Thing I learned today -- the FMV game Tender Loving Care was actually adapted from a novel! Personally fascinated b… is the German word for being jealous towards people with gardens during self-isolation?
Retweeted by Sam BarlowOMG a whole class of kids in a zoom chat is quite the cacophony
Absolute ghouls
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Retweeted by Sam Barlow📣📣📣If you live outside the U.S., you can finally see DARE ME! It drops tomorrow on Netflix all across the world...
Retweeted by Sam BarlowCelebrities, not too late to get in on this a huge priority, but whilst we're correcting all the ills of capitalism because of the crisis, can we sort out eBook pricing? Thx.Travelling back in time to tell the celebrities to sing Closer by NIN insteadBeen waiting for this one! Congrats to co-writer/co-director Danielle Krudy and the rest of the cast and crew! have such strong opinions on this and am counting on you to validate them erotic thriller ending? After 90min of sex with hot potential killer (HPK) we learn: a) HPK IS the killer! Pro…!!! 👇 Deserved! ultimate remote working videogame is on sale for the @Steam GDC Awards sale!! Tune in for guaranteed fun times and vibrant, original, inspiring games:
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@MituK Excited to see your stuff out in the world! NY Indie solidarity and remote ❤️It seems to be a time of honest threads, bc we're all feeling p. vulnerable right now. 💗 But, I want to talk abt…
Retweeted by Sam Barlow"You're still my girl, right, Addy?" 👯‍♀️QUARAN-STREAM ALERT 👯‍♀️ For my birthday this Friday, please promise me o…
Retweeted by Sam Barlowif you like sick stuff with layers of logic to unwrap and stories where every permutation of a concept is explored,… are a bit scary right now. A lot of people are stuck in place, whether self-isolating or quarantined. This i…
Retweeted by Sam BarlowIt is also currently £5 for five issues of Edge. We announce the new issue tomorrow and it's one of the best I've w…
Retweeted by Sam BarlowI did the special clap that teachers do that makes kids sit up and pay attention but it doesn't work. Is there a problem with my hands??How do teachers cope with the constant, incessant demands for "snacks"?Been homeschooling a 6-year old and 8-year old for one hour and 11 minutes. Teachers deserve to make a billion dollars a year. Or a week.
Retweeted by Sam BarlowSelf-isolating away from your friends or lovers? There's a game you can play
Hey all, I just did this and it's legit.
Retweeted by Sam BarlowFree money? Sounds a lot like-- *message cuts out*Idea: The K Foundation Burn a Million Quid, but with toilet rollsGot locked out of my Amazon account for trying to VPN and buy horrible histories episodes for my kids. So that's how my lockdown is going @Aaron__VR Yeah, it's a fundamental truth that whenever you boost specs, people are pressured to use them up @Aaron__VR I'm being selective! :) Where it counts, they've been very good at masking/optimizing load times (esp. w… load times on next gen? Exciting news for people who don't play Nintendo games, I guess.Wow it feels good to be able to talk about what we've been up to these past few years, with our friends at @A_i! M…
Retweeted by Sam Barlow @GrahamReznick Neat, it works! @mrsambarlow Subscribing to this thread, as someone who would love to make a very derivative RPG while locked down
Retweeted by Sam BarlowAlso, what's the current best choice for VPN to spoof a location? I want to watch stuff on BFI Player but I need to be in the UK to do so...