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Professional Development Coordinator ROE 53, sketchnoter, gamifier, lifelong learner, lover of all things Harry Potter. Views are my own. #passionateedu

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@MrMorenoEDU I was really on the edge of my seat to hear the outcome! 😂Presented some more PD yesterday, and it was important that the slide deck be a real resource for Ts, so I had fun…
@tracyscottkelly @TAYLOR_does_IT @ifireup @santiagoAM115 @StaffPodcast @Maire_from_NJ @jules_juju1 @LeanoraBenton3
@Coach_Stephans Glad everyone is okay and that it was something you were at least aware of and not a total surprise! @RESOURCEful323 @GoogleForEdu @mtwroe53 Just a Google Slides slide deck. They’re pretty easy to customize like this…
Had great time presenting to Riverview School Ts today as they move into @GoogleForEdu school. Even had ROE 53 co-p…
@tracyscottkelly @LeanoraBenton3 @TAYLOR_does_IT @ifireup @santiagoAM115 @Maire_from_NJ @jules_juju1 @daveschmittou
@ShanaVWhite Just added these two into my mix. @amber_heffner @RaeghanGoins @tsuejohnson @Amy_Stefanski @bethrihtar @MsGraffsroom @DeWit_teachn @thebenhartman
@tracyscottkelly @ifireup @LeanoraBenton3 @TAYLOR_does_IT @Maire_from_NJ @santiagoAM115 @jules_juju1 @daveschmittou
If you’re a coach or admin in Mason, Tazewell, or Woodford counties IL and your Ts could use Google Basics PD, we’r…
Happy #bowtietuesday my friends! I hope you’re taking time to breathe and enjoy the day. @mrmatera @teachlikeaninja @tracyscottkelly @ifireup @Maire_from_NJ @StaffPodcast @jules_juju1 @LeanoraBenton3 @daveschmittou @DrCaliGrit
@the_masked_T Fellow Gryffindor! Nice! @mrsjohnson1J @StefaniePitzer Thank you so much, Megan! All the work is worth it if we’re able to help teachers. ♥️ @kimdarche I feel this so much. ♥️ Thank you for always being willing to share your truth and to be vulnerable.Thank you so much for joining us tonight! Teachers new to Twitter, I hope this helped you to see how powerful Twitt… @iTeacher5th Me while reading this @MsLosacco Props always help increase the wacky level. Nicely done!A3: 1st yr teaching 8th a S (think one of the Weasley twins from HP) brought a coconut to class that he named and c… Teaching has a lot of laugh-out-loud moments. What is the wackiest thing you've done or encountered in teaching… @mrs_langs Now I have to ask. What kind of dance? @MsLosacco There always a Spongebob gif for every occasion. @LJLandeck No shame in that. It was a good one! case we ever forget just how much of an impact we have on our students. #iasapd #edchat #teachers Lots of "favs," but one that came to mind was when my father-in-law died. I left my classes a note on the white… What is your favorite teacher memory? This can be as a student or as a teacher. #IASAPD @MrsKayastha Well played. 😆A1: Figuring out all the things. 😉 #IASAPD @music_nem This is a great first step! It will help you become more comfortable and think about the possibilities.… @iTeacher5th Michelle! So great to see you! @deejernigan @drorzel @IllinoisASA Hi Detra! I’m obsessed with Hallmark mysteries. 😂 @lsibajaclass When you search the hashtag, your screen will say from left to right, Top, Latest, (and then more options). Click Latest. :) @Craigteach1 Welcome, Anita! I love a good mystery. @DrKimako Oh my goodness! I LOVE that show. Seen every episode and movie and watch it on Hallmark Movies and Myster… The new school year probably has us experiencing lots of feels. Share a gif that describes your feelings about… @CreeksideLMS Welcome, Jenna! That gif is spot on. 😆 @KenWallace207 @Maine_207 Welcome, Ken. Thanks for joining! @jillbarger03 Thanks for joining, Jill! That show always makes me laugh. 😆 @drorzel Thank you! @GeekTalkTeacher Welcome, Kumar! @MsLosacco Welcome, Leana. Me too! @npolyak Thanks for joining! @MrsKayastha Hi Katie! I’ve actually never watched The West Wing. I should go back and check it out.Hi everyone! I’m Stefanie, Professional Development Coordinator for Illinois ROE 53 in central Illinois. I just sta… to the Twitterverse #IASAPD! Please introduce yourself and tell us the last show you watched. (Don't forget…
@julnilsmith @JWheele82000774 I'm so glad you found it useful! Thanks for learning with me.When @jpowellteach, @iCoachLindsay, and I teamed up to work with Ts last Tuesday for the #IASAPD I'm New Here full-…
@Mrs_Jordan623 @StefaniePitzer So glad you felt it was worth the time and effort it took! We know how valuable your time is. @tracyscottkelly @ifireup @Maire_from_NJ @LeanoraBenton3 @daveschmittou @DrCaliGrit @DrP_Principal @jules_juju1
Q4: What's a "gritty" long-term goal you have? Now identify what the goal would be immediately behind that top rung…
@MrWeimann @theedepistolary @TAYLOR_does_IT @STEAMcultivator @KarenGennaro @Hedreich @BiscottiNicole @SturmDon compared himself to Paul Shaffer as he helped me present about adapting board games for remote te… @drorzel @SturmDon I love games in education so much and LOVE being able to spread that love to other teachers! Tha… @TeachManuel But no Scrappy. I just can’t love him even though I want to. 😂 @MrCarlsonsClass Yes! And an item to give you an advantage could be Scooby Snacks.A3: following the Scooby-Dooish theme, a sudden rain storm or flat tire could force players to interact with a new… I think it would be fun to figure out a Scooby-Dooish mystery theme where you’re exploring an old mansion. Fals… @MrMorenoEDU Always love seeing you, Adam. @MrsLedford6Eng Jennnnniiiifffffeeeerrrr! I didn’t see you earlier. I love your creative brain. ♥️ @MrsKnox100 All I can think of is what is the best labyrinth in my opinion, the one with David Bowie. 😂 But really,… Books and games, RPG, board, or video, all serve as inspirations. I love when something sparks when you look at… @TeachManuel Hi, Kyle! Love that you have crossover between them. @mrsjamiehalsey Hey, Jamie, great to see you! A journey through Middle Earth would be pretty 🔥 @MrsBarker4 @mrmatera Hi, Heather! Love your theme. @missmac100 @mrmatera Hi, Carol! @TBerndhauser @mrmatera Great to see you, Thomas. Now you’ve got me really curious about your Pokémon-like theme. 🤔 @Coach_Stephans Hi Ryan! I always love your Indiana Jones material. So fun!Hi #xplap crew! Stefanie, newly minted PD Coordinator for ROE 53 in central Illinois. With that job change means so… @MrDelinski @ChaseMielke @StefaniePitzer Impressive!
@jeffreykubiak Congratulations! What a huge accomplishment and a hard continuous journey. spent my day with two amazing educators as we mentored a whole group of even more amazing educators as they accom… @Mrs_Jordan623 @ClaytonsCorner @KBeoletto @SturmDon @StefaniePitzer @jodi_gordon5 That short spurt of happiness you might get from purchasing something new isn't quite the same as the boost you… @RinkelJeremy @ideaillinois @kimdarche @jpowellteach @mrsleban @KenWallace207 @EScottEngland @jeffgargas @dladenburger I mean, I’ll always be your buddy... 😉
@MrsWinterDVMS @MrsDelinski @ChaseMielke This is the only right answer if you have to choose between the two. Other… When we think about our work and how we craft our calling, it helps to think about our first job experiences. W… @MrsDelinski Love this idea, and it also made me think that it could be really helpful in building relationships be… @Hahne_Elyse Thank you! @tstrebel Thanks, Tracy! I’ll miss our monthly meetings. @iTeacher5th Thanks, Michelle! @techwithasmile Thank you! @MrsDelinski Thank you so much, Stacey! I’ve really enjoyed working and creating with you, and I’ll miss my visits to your wing. ♥️ @hayes_melisa @KathrynSLong2 @Seesaw As a parent and a teacher, I’m with you all the way. I even loved using @Seesaw with my 8th graders.A3: the seam of my pants caught on the edge of the marker tray on the white board and ripped my pants pretty signif… @MsZebraitis Great to have you here, Abbey! @LJLandeck Now that’s an all the feels moment. @mjordan66 You’re rocking this, Mona! @teresa_lance That is always the best when they come back!A2: I wear a bow tie every Tuesday for #bowtietuesday and one class of my 8th Ss one year surprised me on the last… @teresa_lance That’s really the best way to go about it! @kdruben Welcome! That show is golden. @jpowellteach @mikelubelfeld I did a little of both for you.A1: so many feelings. 😂#iasapd @amber_heffner @ideaillinois Always love to see you Amber!Hi everyone! Stefanie, ELA T turned instructional coach turned professional development coordinator for ROE53.…
Q1: Welcome to the #323learns slow chat for The Burnout Cure by @ChaseMielke. How would a common ground survey help…