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@MrsFridayNext I'm on my second copper Paragard (10 years with the first one, 3 years so far with #2) & happy to ch…
Retweeted by MarGARROTE H. KILLisonCambridge Next Door is occasional a real treat.
Retweeted by MarGARROTE H. KILLison @FelicityOfBeing I doubt it would be a problem @ser_pez Mirena, light hormonal kindOnce again, let me say: I have an IUD, I’ve been really happy with it, and I’d happily answer— publicly or by DM— a… you listen to @OverduePod, @atvpodcast, or @BonesZoneCast, I think this would be a great moment to share any… this day when the world is putting a real trash foot forward, I‘m glad to take a minute to note @AndrewWrites’s… is the kind of life advice we all need right now. you’d like to start the day with your blood at a rolling boil, the news is always here to provide., please bring your ballot to a secure ballot drop box if at all possible. Post office delivery delays are sp…
Retweeted by MarGARROTE H. KILLison @slambister @KateBurgener @PeterOrlowicz I absolutely do. @alilemer 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Very happy for you!! @BeaDeeH INSPIRED @sdpowell1 samantha your support means everythingOF COURSE I WOULD HAVE JUST EATEN THEM WHY AM I NOT JUST EATING THEM NOW WHY DID I THUS PLAY MYSELFthe other day I was at a store and I almost bought potato chips and then I was like “No, you don’t need those, you’… is the strongest comma I’ve ever seen
Retweeted by MarGARROTE H. KILLisonWhen you see the bad take with the name cropped out and still know, without a single doubt, who tweeted it?
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can you stan an icon and eat the rich at the same time, asking for a podcast
Retweeted by MarGARROTE H. KILLison @YadyKates Hahaha I felt the call even without the tag, Kady. @Ceilidhann @YadyKates It is the best experience, I cannot say enough about how great it feels to give someone something this perfect.Not to get political on here, but the Hershey's Symphony bar with almonds and toffee chips is a really underrated candy bar
Retweeted by MarGARROTE H. KILLisonLike— that Harry Styles piece!!?? Can you even fucking believe it??One of these is something I commissioned and one is something I received and honestly 19/10 on both experiences,…
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Retweeted by MarGARROTE H. KILLison @MeredithGoldste Also, Joey McIntyre cast an age-appropriate love interest, challenge. @MeredithGoldste RIGHT!? Do you even KNOW Jamaica Plain, MR. MCINTYRE?? And a shot of the TROLLEY instead of the Or… @MeredithGoldste If you are going to drive down Centre, at LEAST put all your shots I chronological order. They ca… @MeredithGoldste Very weird seeing Joey McIntyre flirt in a socially distant manner with some random blonde in a ro… you gotta get the water from the Moon
Retweeted by MarGARROTE H. KILLison @MeredithGoldste Meredith, I did not even know such a thing existed, and I am going to watch it IMMEDIATELY.You have to hand it to Jared Kushner, because that's the only way he's ever achieved or accomplished anything his whole life.
Retweeted by MarGARROTE H. KILLison @thatblasiangirl 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜On the one hand, LOVE what this organization stands for and respect it for trying to solve an important issue. ON… @elena_yip what did you think, please don’t ever give me a list entitled YOUR FLAWS, it would kill me @LyndseyMcK @yesROSEMARIE 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰also if you want to know the best gateway into beginning to understand astrology, it remains Rosa Lyster’s “Astrolo… is fake but learning Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio just made everything about her make 200% more senseHappy Bisexual Equinox (the first fall day when u think "is it maybe too chilly for iced coffee?" but then u get an…
Retweeted by MarGARROTE H. KILLison @kvanaren In my early morning haze, I thought I saw eyes peering out from WITHIN the piano as well as Pip auditioni… @kvanaren CLASSIC BOZSunday night, time to search commercial real estate sites for a vacant old motel that my friends and I can all live in together
Retweeted by MarGARROTE H. KILLison @renatasnacks how is that show a year ago and man, that was a good show @2nickels I would just watch you watching the show with your reasonable and unobstructed view and take pleasure secondhand @2nickels I MISS SHOWS, LAURA @LindaGDesign I WILL NEVER KNOW BUT I WOULD BEAM HAPPILY AT THE BACK OF THEIR HEADS FOR A WEEK IF I COULD JUST GO TO A SHOWI‘d promise to spend a year’s worth of shows standing behind a tall, uncomfortably affectionate couple who alternat… sunday scaries in 2020 are somewhat lessened by the fact that all days melt into each other but also extremely…
Retweeted by MarGARROTE H. KILLisonAn incredible Carrie fit I think about a lot
Retweeted by MarGARROTE H. KILLison @renatasnacks SAME AND SAMEOh no my brain will only refer to him as Air Bath Franklin from now on. #ConstitutionalDames
Retweeted by MarGARROTE H. KILLison @esanderc @wonderlandchick SAME THOUGH??"I just kept WAILING and WAILING, and I had no idea what I was crying about," which is pretty much how I have felt…
Retweeted by MarGARROTE H. KILLisonListening to the facts in this show about domestic violence weighs even more heavily on me now that it did the firs…"Sir- what is your purpose?" is how I feel a great deal of the time now about The Men. #ConstitutionalDames
Retweeted by MarGARROTE H. KILLison @totalvibration @idislikestephen god-tier casual burn; I would expect nothing less of Grace.The specificity of "puppet shows of 'The Yellow Wallpaper'" just kills me. #ConstitutionalDames @esanderc Yeah, and the delicate balance between jokes and emotional disclosures is so expert.The Greek Tragedy Crying is legit what I did when I heard that RGB had died. #ConstitutionalDames
Retweeted by MarGARROTE H. KILLisonJust as my older brother was saying "Why is she talking about the FIFTEENTH amendment?", the representative of Whit… would love to give a lecture to every man who's ever claimed my upspeak makes me sound unprofessional using this… 90% recognize how well Schreck makes use of the two other performers in this show but 10% resent them because the…, we're what, four minutes in? And I would already die for Heidi Schreck. #ConstitutionalDamesboy I am already about to cry just listening to an AUDIENCE clapping at LIVE THEATRE #ConstitutionalDames
In 15 minutes, my feed will be all Heidi Schreck for at least 90 minutes; BE PREPARED! #ConsititutionalDames @Can_Diche @twobossydames Okay good. I only ever want to make you cry in a cool way. @LauraMLippman @rachsyme My roommates and I have been doing at least one outfit shoot a month and it’s been so NICE… @LauraMLippman @rachsyme She certainly improved my online dating profile 😹 @pantalonesfuego 😍😍😍😍😍The mask greatly simplifies the dilemma of where to place one’s “I Voted” sticker to render it sufficiently promine… @amynagopaleen @kateracculia Highland Kitchen, that's it, that's the whole list, god I miss Highland Kitchen @lele_calhoun 🥰🥰🥰🥰 @sdpowell1 He got kicked out of multiple places for sure. I think out of Andover, then bounced to RL— Father Tony w… @sdpowell1 He went to RL for a year but CERTAINLY got himself kicked out @esanderc @twobossydames we can BOTH be @esanderc @twobossydames Lizzie, you’re just the best @sophiebiblio SUCH good songs @MerylWilliams Yeah, she is 💯💯💯 @Turnbull85 I live and die for them @JudgeRAW00 oh YES @ereickert We're both PCHH fourth chairs... we're like *colleagues* (jk promise I think this is very cool) @kgoyette @Thwaitesmarket EXCELLENT tip @bigschembo [thunderous applause] @TheOverbeck @twobossydames I'm really glad the pep talk I needed to give MYSELF also resonated with you <3 @MelindaBorie oh wow this sounds amazing CAN I COME NEXT YEAR @victoriaedel @twobossydames <3 <3 <3 @sophiebiblio sounds GREAT @Alison_Rose @twobossydames <3 <3 <3 @opalcity @LondonCallingMO well this sounds tantalizing as hell, thank you @kumailn I'm so glad to know I have your ax and Emily's bow when it comes to this issue, Kumail. @annajoycedesign YES
@treygraham INTO IT @jgleduc @daisy_razor @kaybdc omg @RadJudyGarland @C_GraceT I WAS GOING TO ASK THAT but I didn’t want to presume @RadJudyGarland ON THE STEPS OF THE PALACE @niceesque YES @umaenot this sounds VERY good thoughRosewater: no thank you @ariesaav Honestly one of the best arguments for FINALLY MAKING PUERTO RICO A STATE.