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@yeralizard @MavenOfMayhem @aaroncarter I rest my case.
In 2020, don’t be like Aaron Carter. @MavenOfMayhem @aaroncarter Have you seen the way he replies to his fans on here though? I wouldn’t expect someone… @Nick12604 Two of my fav people on one pic.Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Paris when I was 11 years old. @thatsNathan @DLPReport @Nick12604 @SusanHorsup @CharlotteLRuff I could be talked into it.Anne Sacoolas is a fucking coward.Expose yourself, drop: - your lock screen - your home screen - the last song you listened to - the 31st picture… @ED92Magic @DidierTriono @JT777854 @DLPReport WORD FOR WORD THOUGH!!?? @David_Heller25 @RichyDisney @DLPReport Just drink though the pain.... @David_Heller25 @RichyDisney @DLPReport Is EPCOT your half day park? @David_Heller25 @RichyDisney @DLPReport We can’t even get one complete theme park and you guys have four of them.
Director of maintenance.... someone better tell her that’s her job. just know that their Grindr bio’s say ‘No Fats. No Fems’
@ElliotJGMinto @LetsWatchMagic @orangarnold We’re talking about the revealing of the theme.4 days left and we need 225 more votes to survive! Please retweet, share and click Support at the LEGO Ideas link…
Retweeted by New Year New Haggis @LetsWatchMagic @orangarnold Same here. Generally, with enough notice, it’s okay, but 6 weeks is ‘meh’! And I’m an…
@TheEvilBread Total Third Wheel. I stan. @EmmieSummer Gideon.I NEED this meet. @MitchellDisney We have people come in all the time and don’t tell us they’re allergic to nuts but not until they’r… please, if you have serious food related allergies, PLEASE inform restaurants in advance and NOT when you’re…
@orangarnold Absolutely, I’d expect nothing else from BoJo,but better the Brexit Backing Morons pay for it than it… @robjyeo Absolutely, but you could still be sent home based on that one failure and one lip sync. Previous performa… find it’s strange that on #RuPaulsDragRace, you could be in the top five times in a row but one poor lip sync cou… these gun girl videos are reminding me of the time I gave her the business
Retweeted by New Year New Haggis @jordynmccrazy12 Same. I last went to IdF in Sept 2017. We were the only 4 people there. @TheMightyEye @wdwmagic It won’t be. I last went in 2017, and we were the only 4 people in Impessions de France. I… is the themed wall we never knew we needed.
Y’all be complaining about operating hours of things you NEVER WENT TO WHEN IT WAS OPEN. I once went to impressions…
Retweeted by New Year New Haggisthe best picture nominees this year are wild
Retweeted by New Year New Haggis @DsnYmaniac @RichyDisney @InsideDlpCastle Is that Rey or Elvis?
@DomiMcDomFace Oh good. I’m glad someone remembers this show. She was absolutely SAVAGE! peak early 00’s.I couldn’t sleep last night, and put on the television only to catch a 5am episode of late 90’s/Early 00’s TV showH… @ElliotJGMinto ‘season’ @Darren_btn Congratulations, you wonderful man. I’m so so proud of you. @MadMadamGaetane Well done gorgeous lady. I’m proud of you.Someday, I hope to open my own cafe dedicated to all things Musicals. Food items will include, but will not be li… cannot put into words, just how much I love this grumpy little diva cat. 😻 In my house, every day is #Caturday does Elsa look like she’s auditioning for Mamma Mia? @StorybrookeSoph Usually competition cooking/baking shows, like Sugar Rush, Nailed It or Worst Cooks in America.
@binkatje It’s so sad when we all know they can do better! It sadly the ‘DLP can do no wrong’ fanboys lap it up an… @Ourdisneytrips I’m going in March, but not for this. THIS makes me NOT want to go. @MiniMico It’s just so sad, because we KNOW they can do better. This is just such a poor show and so lazy. @RichyDisney @bioreconstruct They haven’t even tried to disguise it! @mark__bakker @craftelite007 @DLPReport No, you haven’t. Even with a show stop; it’s doesn’t make this a Season. It’s reaching and Lazy. @backsideofwat3r EXACTLY. They keep getting done dirty. @TheCaptainPan It’s just frustrating, because we KNOW they can do better. It’s just so half arsed and lazy. Why do… @RichyDisney does Disneyland Paris keep treating Anna and Elsa with so much contempt? Embarrassing. @DisneyDuckLover Especially when they had so much going on for the Lion Kong and Jungle Festival. That felt like a… mean, it’s not like they have THREE theatres over two parks that aren’t being used where they could have bulked o… said it before it started and maintain my opinion after it’s started; a mini show on Central Plaza and some Froze…
@magicandmouse I’m so sorry to hear this. Spoil her rotten and remember the good times.A brand new series of Zumbo’s Just Desserts. Thanks @NetflixUK for giving me more than my fill of… had enough of conservative pundits attacking @IlhanMN for her #PTSD tweet. These pics of me and my chaplain were…
Retweeted by New Year New Haggis @shuhel @BotherWillnot @SteveGosforth @Sarahjrogers48 @McCainUK Racist Lemons.... 😂👍 @weeweegie Have you read his bio? The whole thing is one huge contradiction. @TheEvilBread Absolutely awful. My favourite zombie is the Buddhist monk zombie. Almost fucks the whole thing up fo… @TheEvilBread This is my favourite ‘horror’ movie of all time.
@DLPReport @Wrightyboy13 @jadeawx @altontowers They’ve confirmed it’s a new ride not a rebranding.
@cracka1984 @ComeFromAwayUK I’m genuinely excited to see it. I’ve not heard one bad thing about it. And from what I… @Bethan_CW No. You’re yummy! @EmmieSummer @ComeFromAwayUK I’m genuinely looking forwward to seeing it because people have been so complimentary. @bigthunder96 👍Really rather excited about this @ComeFromAwayUK. I’ve heard so many wonderful things. #MusicalTheatre @MikAlexH @Madonna Ditto. Feb 11th. Row D.💃🏼Yummy????? Did a five year old write this? @Darren_btn Unforgivable!! @Darren_btn Who didn’t show up? Everyone?The only people I ever see ‘Eating In’ in Greggs are the elderly. @DsnYmaniac @DLPReport I would love this. I love Toy Story Midway Mania.People! In 2020 do not be like Sharon. really hope that the entrance isn’t doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb from the Toy Story Themeing. I’m worrie… @TheCaptainPan @DLPReport It was only ever open 3 times a year anyway, it’s no great loss.
I’m with Angela on this one. Woman made a mistake and she doesn’t like that she was called out on it! 🤷‍♂️ @DLPReport @DisneyDuckLover 😂😂😂UPDATE : Can someone please come to my house, stroke my hair and tell me I’m pretty!!!???
Had my first ever Elite Bistro Christmas Party today. Food was cooked by Michelin Star Chef @keatingniall1 & it was…
Every elite Bistro is closed tomorrow because the absolutely amazingly talented TWO STAR chef @keatingniall1 is com…
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@EnchantedPans @humorandanimals I thought you’d like it. 🥰 @humorandanimals Have you seen this @EnchantedPans 😍 @craigyboi @Pop_Activism Yeah, and bless her, she tried to do a comeback in the 2000’s with FABULOUS, but if I reme… @craigyboi @Pop_Activism I only went to see 42nd Street in London because she was in it @craigyboi @Pop_Activism I second this!!Be honest, it’s nice to get to know people 👋🏻❤️🙏🏻
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@orangarnold 86 for me. And I’m not even bothered!In 2009, I had the opportunity to see Tina Turner at the, then, MEN Arena. I never went. This is my biggest regre… @CharlotteLRuff you ever met anyone who doesn’t like Dolly Parton or The Goonies? I’m not sure they exist. @thatsNathan I miss being as tanned as I am in the first pic.CarsLand > Galaxy’s Edge @duffydoesdisney You really need to get yourself to Disneyland and experience CarsLand! I’m not even a Cars fan and… @DisneyFoodBlog @MadMadamGaetane Your two favourite loves.Being in the brink of World War Three and end of the world looming; there’s only one person who can save us now!!… a little sherry... It is #WorldWar3 after all!!
@prayerfaithgod @Dcw19591 In Cardiff, because this is actually a 4 year old girl who was attacked by a Rottweiler.… @FuseMP I mean, we can’t all like the same thing. I’ve really loved it. Maybe because I’ve lost all hope in the vam… genuinely thought the whole Vampire thing had been done to death (pun intended) but #Dracula has been riveting an…