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Father of 2, husband, Cocteau Twins/Snowbird/This Mortal Coil/Lost Horizons, Spurs. Owns the label Bella Union. Will fight to eradicate all forms of racism.

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A.A. Williams (@aawilliamsmusic) evocative voice, a combination of Nico, Angel Olsen and the darker side of Chrissi…
Retweeted by mrsimonraymondeMorgen verschijnt het debuutalbum van A.A. Williams. Heb er erg hoge verwachtingen van n.a.v. haar eerdere EP en si…
Retweeted by mrsimonraymondeVous l'aviez peut-être découverte en première partie de Cult Of Luna (ou Sisters Of Mercy), la londonienne…
Retweeted by mrsimonraymonde#AlbumOfTheWeek A.A.Williams 'Forever Blue' If you do one thing this week, make sure it's listening to the breath…
Retweeted by mrsimonraymonde#NewMusicFriday : Forever Blue by @aawilliamsmusic has received a score of 86 with 5 critic reviews
Retweeted by mrsimonraymondeHappy album release day to the lovely @aawilliamsmusic A.A. Williams . ‘Forever Blue’ is a stunning record, I’ve se…
Retweeted by mrsimonraymondeOnly a couple of listens in but I think Forever Blue by @aawilliamsmusic might be one of the most beautiful albums…
Retweeted by mrsimonraymondeA whopping 9/10 for @aawilliamsmusic in today's @bestfitmusic magazine, the debut album is out NOW review of the debut @aawilliamsmusic album out today, in @brooklynvegan release day to the debut from @aawilliamsmusic -8.5/10
Attention Deadheads. I’ve done a guest mix for the @jamesendeacott show on @sohoradio tomorrow morning…
Retweeted by mrsimonraymondeif you enjoyed the @aawilliamsmusic live set this afternoon on the @bellaunion facebook page you can watch a FULL b… 8 minutes i'll be broacasting live on the Bella Union instagram introducing our instagram followers to…’ll be live on the bella union Instagram at 4.50pm today to introduce a live session to you by the quite incredibl… @PopMatters One of the year’s best. @drab_city ladies and gentlemen we are floating in bass.Gotta see this!!
Retweeted by mrsimonraymondeI had ridiculously high expectations of @aawilliamsmusic the moment I heard the Control EP. This album takes it to…
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Uk tour dates JUST ANNOUNCED for @drab_city -this one is gonna go fast so don’t dilly-dally. @davidgw_23 Does he have a solo album coming out? He didn’t tell me! Naughty dog.Happy 4th Birthday to this adorable chap Bodhi -who shares his special day with no less a figure than Miss "The Tid… had a series of grim nightmares last night so was a lovely moment to wake up to @lanternstalk on @laurenlaverne's…
@Marc_vK Sure.Oi!!!! preorder the superb new album from @LielaMoss right 'ere and now!
Something very special recorded in hongdae by @Jambinai last month for all of us missing live music.
I’m open for business. Here till 2pm, September 2019. This photo was taken just before meeting @mrsimonraymonde for the first time and perform…
Retweeted by mrsimonraymonde @it_is_philsharp Lanterns on The Lake spook the herd, Drab City debut, Tim Burgess ILTNS, BC Camplight SAT, AA Will…
@dominicgarrett2 No. I like his intelligence and reason. Clownery buffoonery bluffoonery, and the politics of ‘me’…’re covering an Elliott Smith with a bunch of lovely people. For a good cause xx big up @FrancisLung and…
Retweeted by mrsimonraymondeOur first day back open tomorro 10am-2pm. Respect the new way of things. We are excited to see you again. 13 Ship S…
Retweeted by mrsimonraymonde @VinylBella See you soon everyone.
.@TheFlamingLips will return in September with American Head, their 21st album to date. Listen to their latest sing…
Retweeted by mrsimonraymondeTime to celebrate as @theflaminglips are back with the release of their new studio album 'AMERICAN HEAD' set for re… back on Glastonbury ‘14 (and ‘10) with fond memories! Here’s to the great fam of @glastonbury artists and f…
Retweeted by mrsimonraymondeThey're back!!! @theflaminglips @aquadrunkard @m0dernnature @wipeoutbeat Such a beautiful new LP “Annual” is.
In "Good Music for Bad People" @drab_city want us to immerse ourselves in their sepia-tone world rather than peek i…
Retweeted by mrsimonraymondeDrab City have a knack for writing vengeful pop tunes with languid grooves and a sense of cinematic scope
Retweeted by mrsimonraymondeCan't express how much this means to us @RoughTrade . Thank you!!!
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@bellaunion @PsychicMarkers @RadioX @JohnKennedy Brilliant.OK seriously. Stop what you are doing for literally 5 mins. Listen to the massive new @aawilliamsmusic tune premier… @bellaunion @aawilliamsmusic Such a brilliant debut! Brighton let me know soon who is after one as our stock will go quickly on this one. @mrsimonraymonde @MrBenAndTheBens Hooray! They were great supporting @TheLovelyEggs a while ago. Good luck.
Retweeted by mrsimonraymondeWith the album a mere fortnight away, listen to brilliant new single “Danny” by @MrBenAndTheBens and then order sai…
.@drab_city uses the language of disintegration to spotlight the struggle of the working class
Retweeted by mrsimonraymondeOne helluva feature on @drab_city from those fine folks @Bandcamp - some great insights into one of the albums of 2…
Retweeted by mrsimonraymonde @martin220368 Trying to fiddle with his weapon of mass destruction.Boris far left (haha the irony) is seen telling the photographer that he’s going to hunt him down remove his gonads… @TonijBob @GNev2 Emlyn Hughes
@TonijBob @GNev2 Don’t tell me! Tell me Nan. I don’t have cable tv.Sky Sports TV is being investigated for blatant media bias by my Nan. She says that it should be called Liverpool T… @jonathanstep65 @georgiauk_ @thesociallondon As is 1 & 2 !!With her stunning debut LP Forever Blue imminent, @aawilliamsmusic is this week’s One To Watch in The Observer…
@georgiauk_ @thesociallondon Scott 4Unquestionably one of the great albums of all time, a fresh copy is always a fresh look at the world. A songwriting…
Retweeted by mrsimonraymonde @wildemelvyn Thanks xGo to at 4pm today to watch an exclusive hour of never-seen live clips and features w/John…
@rickwarran1 @MrBenAndTheBens @bellaunion Well hold on. If you place an order with the bella online shop that will… @rickwarran1 @MrBenAndTheBens @bellaunion If you wanted any other stuff at same time that would be great. We may be… @rickwarran1 @MrBenAndTheBens @bellaunion Yes I do. @rickwarran1 @MrBenAndTheBens @bellaunion 10th July. Not sure on shop opening yet. But we deliver in Brighton area for no charge.8/10 for @MrBenAndTheBens new LP on @bellaunion from the pages of Uncut. A great piece (we can even forgive them ca…
From the soul of my bass chops to yours, brilliant work on the Salford live session I just watched online. Loved it… @OrlandoWeeks Lovely stuff Orlando. You probably don’t remember but we met once on roundtable. I will be buying this record for sure.
@hulu Yep. My life. @MattHancock And today it’s back up to 233. The facts: YOUR policies kill people. You know it privately, accept it… are delighted to launch #zine5 - packed with exclusive features, inc. a long read with @m0dernnature, a retrospe…
Retweeted by mrsimonraymonde @_summerhead Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya. Eggsquackly. @JuniexD Happy belated birthday!Two bizarre spam calls today. First one was: “hello, now I understand you’ve been involved in an accident.” To whic… current obsession - Good Songs For Bad People from @drab_city on @bellaunion . In a different world we'd be pla…
Retweeted by mrsimonraymonde @drab_city "a minor masterpiece of electronic phantasms and rumbling desert soul from grim tidings, alienation, 21s… since Friday, @drab_city's debut lp is here reviewed by @PasteMagazine -either read it and then buy it on vinyl… brilliant new release from @m0dernnature 'Annual' is out now. @Under_Radar_Mag had this to say about it ; ) @KTHopkins @MarcusRashford Selfish people like you don’t want to pay for ANYTHING that doesn’t benefit YOU directly… can read what @Tim_Burgess said to @HUCKmagazine recently about his new LP I Love The New Sky
@toadsy_boro @bellaunion Double and clear sir. @Laura_Groves_ So gorgeous Laura. Pure class.A new performance of “Inky Sea” from home. Using footage from last month’s full moon from my bedroom window, with…
Retweeted by mrsimonraymondeThanks George ! @mrsimonraymonde @BBC6Music @drab_city Played it for the first time yesterday. Immediately had to stop what I was d…
Retweeted by mrsimonraymondeIt’s @BBC6Music’s ALBUM OF THE DAY - Good Songs For Bad People by @drab_city @keironblack @mcd_productions @drabcity That’s the wrong Twitter handle. You want @drab_city𝘭𝘪𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘯 𝘵𝘰𝘯𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵 𝘢𝘵 𝘮𝘪𝘥𝘯𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵 & 𝘰𝘳𝘥𝘦𝘳 𝘧𝘳𝘰𝘮 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘭𝘰𝘤𝘢𝘭 𝘮𝘶𝘴𝘪𝘤 𝘴𝘩𝘰𝘱 𝘪𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨 ⓞ @drab_city @bibio @EileenGogan
Retweeted by mrsimonraymondeMorning! We're starting the day with some amazing music chosen by our @BBC6Music listeners, some film, TV and strea…
Retweeted by mrsimonraymondeDrab City (@drabcity) have shown us what they're made of in their deliciously spooky debut.
Retweeted by mrsimonraymondeMorning all. Top tip: listen to @drab_city, who are great (if you like Broadcast, Portishead and abject terror, you…
Retweeted by mrsimonraymondeHear us talk about music on @BBC6Music and play songs that keep us from drinking bleach
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Great to see top writer @StuartMaconie championing our man @bccamplight’s latest as his fave of the year so far. La… the review this one is! Thanks to @PBTMusicBlog for such a deep listen and eloquent words, they show a grea… @DoconDee Miracles that give sight to the blind are all too rare I’m afraid. @DoconDee Yeah. Mutton heads.Since when did a far right wing fascist agitator intent on damage hurt, hate and destruction be renamed a “counter-… @DennisBellDCAFC @soniccathedral @slowdiveband @_SimonScott @robinguthrie Its not it’s. (I specialise in pedantry).Great review from top Swedish magazine for @drab_city @_FiligreeShadow @BethArzy @drab_city To be fair I DO recommend some peachy tunes.Picked up my preorder of @drab_city from @EasyStRecords. The afternoon can now commence.
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@feck999 The Clash. @Lrihendry If he say jump you jump.