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4th Grade Teacher 👩‍🏫Mom of 1👨‍👩‍👧🏳️‍🌈, anti racist❤️, 2 furbabies 🐶🐶, Google Cert 1 & 2💻, ed tech enthusiast💡, gamifier🕹️, traveler🇮🇹

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My friend made this, perfect if you enjoy journaling & need self care this year. @MrsBarker4 @TBerndhauser @mrmatera Kind of, the dice rolls beat the boss but the cards amp up the rolls.
@ms_L_humanities @Hypepraise this could go with that animal adaptations activity you shared with me. Love this idea… @MrBillingsclass @missmac100 I'm in! @themrdelle @ATeachersTeach @mrmatera @MrBillingsclass We still have all of our cards and we regularly duel with my… @MrHExperience @MrSederquist That is HILARIOUS...I could never get away with that one. @ATeachersTeach I agree! @mrmatera So that is brilliant! @Hypepraise I would love to play cards with you!! @psamel You could add random, global events as the game progressed. The T draws a 2 and all clubs gain a special po… @Coach_Stephans That would be really tricky but a fun challenge. Explain the theme of a story in 4 words.... @psamel That would make an awesome sidequest. @RyanDelaway That is next level, what a memorable lesson. @TBerndhauser @mrmatera Hi Thomas, brilliant idea. Let the cards dictate the experience.Great chat guys are all amazing. #xplap @Coach_Stephans Ooh I like that. @missmac100 I'm in Carol.A4: Perhaps roles in lit circles where each type of card has a job. #xplap @mrmatera Hi Michael. I like this idea. You could add it as an icon on top. I try to do that with the color of the… @MrBillingsclass I was not quite organized enough to pull that off So mine are in three piles: item, power and rare. @ATeachersTeach Hi idea! @MrsLedford6Eng Hello friend, I love this idea of using the deck to distribute students into groups. @missmac100 Hi Carol, love this idea. @MrCarlsonsClass Love that, hi Will!A3: Maybe the different suits can create a different level of power in a boss battle. For example: a club adds 10,… @MrSederquist I like the idea of a random event, using a deck of cards. @CandiceCth Hi Candice...I never thought of that, that's a neat way to use a regular deck. @Hypepraise @ATeachersTeach That's a great idea...Hi NiYa! @MrBillingsclass Yes, the MTG tap... @RyanDelaway That's a really cool idea, Ryan!A2 Part 2: I want to add scratch-offs to add to the randomness. I've seen tons of people do that and it looks so fun. #xplapA2: I keep most of my cards in a random stack and they have to pick the top one. So to mix things up, I have cards… @themrdelle I love cribbage, I learned to play it a couple of summers ago. It's a great portable game. The pegs cou… @ak_amandagray @TeachManuel That would be hilarious. I'm in!A1: I like matching sets to create a winning combination. #xplapHello #xplap friends, sorry I'm late, just finished dinner. Jamie Halsey from Roseville CA. I teach 4th grade.
@TeachManuel @CazaresRaziel @MrBillingsclass @Coach_Stephans @MrCarlsonsClass @missmac100 @mrmatera @MrMorenoEDU Lo… @MrsNajeraOG @drycreekschools It gets to the root of the equity piece. I also like how SPED services could be pushe… @CazaresRaziel @MrBillingsclass @Coach_Stephans @MrCarlsonsClass @missmac100 @mrmatera @MrMorenoEDU @TeachManuel St… @MrsNajeraOG @drycreekschools This is an interesting idea. I read more of the thread and it definitely has promise…
@vlthane I pick and choose, so I don’t gamification everything. With self contained, you can control when you have… @vlthane You may want to follow: @MrTSVedu @lesahaney @hartel30 @MrsBarker4 @vlthane I got you Victoria! Happy to help, do you want to Zoom? DM me and we can set it up.🙌🏻 Free Powerful & Practical Online PD For ALL Educators!!! Sign up for #HiveSummit today 👉🏻…
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Join #xplap this week as I host a great playful chat about what we could do with a regular deck of cards in our cla…
Retweeted by Jamie Halsey @mrmatera You know I'll be there...right up my alley!White people are wondering about how we can help...this is how. I am only 100 pages in, but I am learning so much.… @Hypepraise Thanks NiYa!! @Hypepraise That is really cool. So they designed a creature to fit the habitat? I love that. We do study adaptatio… this article. #BlackLivesMatter #antiracist
@meg_emerson I’m so glad this was helpful!! This makes my heart happy. @meg_emerson Changing grade levels & doing full on gamification is a big deal & a lot of work. I can tell you, my 4… @meg_emerson Alternatively, if a Ss throws together a side quest in 5 mins that’s sloppy and rushed, I give them 5x… @meg_emerson For example, if a kid does an amazing job on a side quest that is worth 50xp, I can just give them 100… @meg_emerson Here’s why I keep it separate: 1. Less stress for Ss, so they can loosen up and have fun. They end up… @meg_emerson Nice!! I have a TON of stuff and I’m happy to share!! @meg_emerson A2: I will collect names on the form when I do this with students, so I know who has completed it. As… @meg_emerson A1: I teach 4th grade. My idea is that I’ll have the base game and just change the questions so they c… is a video to show you how the students would maneuver through the activity. @LetsTechOut Thanks Vanessa!! @MrCarlsonsClass @ThingLink @flippitynet @MeehanEDU built an R2D2 Operation game that can move between the digital and physical classroom using @ThingLink,…
I have not figured out how to create the effect of pulling out an object like the physical game but @thinglink has… @TeachManuel Great blog post...I like sneaking a peek into your thought process. I want to break up my year into 6… @MrMorenoEDU So true and for so many reasons. Parents working more than one job, caring for siblings, no reliable W… @SaraWegner2 @SuptBradTooker @BryanWilke @KrisOkamoto @MrsNajeraOG @jmdedrick @HaverAmy✅ out this line up of incredible keynote speakers put on by @dbc_inc author and #gamification guru @mrmatera. They… @Gameboydrew Congratulations!! What an amazing opportunity. I’ll be there! (Virtually or otherwise)
@mikeemetcalf @themrdelle Yes, I post them throughout the year. @mikeemetcalf @themrdelle Here’s mine, I need to revamp it bit:
@HeckAwesome @MrsCford_tweets Here’s a picker wheel...this could go on each target. @HeckAwesome @MrsCford_tweets You would have to play test it to see if it’s fun. @HeckAwesome @MrsCford_tweets Background image on a slide with various targets with a hyper link to a digital dice… @HeckAwesome @Hypepraise @goodmanre03 @MrsCford_tweets @ATeachersTeach @OneNoteEDU What about a menu of emojis wher… @TeachManuel This is really cool! @missmac100 @MrsCford_tweets No, here’s a pic, I just went yesterday, so this is at her salon. I’m really blonde no… @Coach_Stephans @mrmatera Yours but I love them both. @missmac100 @MrsCford_tweets I got my hair done!!! My stylist moved to a solo studio, so I felt comfortable going. Now the grays are gone. @Hypepraise @ATeachersTeach @goodmanre03 Maybe flipgrid? The kids could draw on video. They give them 30 secs, with… your questions tonight @MrsCford_tweets! Got the brain juices flowing tonight! Thank you for being an amazing host! #xplap @Coach_Stephans @mrmatera Your site is amazing!! @HeckAwesome @MrsCford_tweets @meg_emerson For sure, especially, we have at least 3 different back to school scenar… @MrSederquist Wow, you are going to town on that thing! @missmac100 @MrsCford_tweets I am doing well all things considered. How about you? @HeckAwesome If I can get it to work, I will share it with you and the #xplap community for sure. #summergoals @ATeachersTeach @genially_en @themrdelle Hi Charlie...that would be really cool. You could do dungeon style explor… @Hypepraise @ATeachersTeach @genially_en @themrdelle This sounds amazing, I'll check it out!A4: I could blend google slides with my asteroid belt Battleship game...I could reveal what is hidden "behind the s… I love Google Slides to set the stage and create a narrative and @flippitynet to build lock style challenges. I… @MrJ_Carr Not all of them, we got an expansion with the towers, which added a fun element. @MrMorenoEDU I have no doubt she's a pro! @MrsKnox100 I like this really is in the spirit of repairing R2D2. @Coach_Stephans Hi Ryan! That sounds intriguing. Like an image background with shape cut outs....hmmm. @MrSederquist HI Jeremy! I love the idea of digital versions...maybe a version of asteroids or pong...something old… @Hypepraise That sounds fun!A2: So I think it's the physicality of the game that makes it challenging. I need to think of a digital way to make… @MrMorenoEDU Hi Adam! Cute pic!! @MrsCford_tweets Hi Stefanie!! I saw that video of your hubby teaching you how to play. I was so surprised that it… @Hypepraise Hi NiYa...what is Bubble Fruit? Sounds like a card game. @HeckAwesome Hi Carrie!