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4th Grade Teacher 👩‍🏫Mom of 1👨‍👩‍👧🌈, educator spouse❤️, 2 furbabies 🐶🐶, Google Cert 1 & 2💻, GATE🍎, learner 🧠, ed tech enthusiast💡, gamifier🕹️, traveler🇮🇹

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@MrCarlsonsClass @MrHExperience @Coach_Stephans @missmac100 @mrmatera @jloughlin23 @MrBillingsclass @debbiejholman @MrHExperience @MrCarlsonsClass @Coach_Stephans @missmac100 @mrmatera @jloughlin23 @MrBillingsclass @debbiejholman @Coach_Stephans @MrCarlsonsClass @missmac100 @mrmatera @MrHExperience @jloughlin23 @MrBillingsclass @debbiejholman @MrCarlsonsClass @Coach_Stephans @missmac100 @mrmatera @MrHExperience @jloughlin23 @MrBillingsclass @debbiejholman @MrCarlsonsClass @Coach_Stephans @missmac100 @mrmatera @MrHExperience @jloughlin23 @MrBillingsclass @debbiejholman @missmac100 @MrCarlsonsClass @mrmatera @Coach_Stephans @MrHExperience @jloughlin23 @MrBillingsclass @debbiejholman @MrCarlsonsClass @Coach_Stephans @missmac100 @mrmatera @MrHExperience @jloughlin23 @MrBillingsclass @debbiejholman @Coach_Stephans @MrCarlsonsClass @missmac100 @mrmatera @MrHExperience @jloughlin23 @MrBillingsclass @debbiejholman @MrCarlsonsClass @missmac100 @mrmatera @Coach_Stephans @MrHExperience @jloughlin23 @MrBillingsclass @debbiejholman ideas of how I can add a dark side vs the Force to my guild cargo missions? Ss will pick up “cargo” from one pl… @MrPowley That is incredible! @MrHExperience Amazing!!!
@MrCarlsonsClass Poor kid, yikes!
Nice chatting with all of you, have a wonderful night! I need to catch up on the Mandalorian. Gotta see my favorite… Again, I think choice is key here. I have some mandatory team things, but a lot of my sidequests have an optio… I offer lots of choice w/ a variety of side quests at different levels. I sometimes drop a hint that I had a sp… @missmac100 Last year, my kiddos were excited for a new guild, but this year they seem to have more of a connection.A2: I am just now starting guild quests to spice things up. Ss will go on guild missions delivering cargo, escortin… (part 2): Question for you all...has anyone ever kept guilds together all year? I had mentioned that we were go… @psamel Wow, I've never gotten that close, except one time they entered from the back and walked right passed us, it was crazy!A1: STEM challenges in guilds is a great way to bond. Nothing like a little healthy competition to bring kids together. #xplap @psamel I should have said that Billy Joe is my favorite superhero, lol! I have seen both as well, AMAZING in concert!Lol, #xplap, I didn't read the question. My favorite super hero is Rocket, he's sarcastic and scrappy! #xplap pals! I'm Jamie, 4th grade teacher from Northern CA. I am excited to be taking a trip to Ireland this sum… @MrCarlsonsClass Hilarious! @MrHExperience I couldn’t agree with you more...they are terrible, ALL of the Anakins. 🤮See you tonight on #XPLAP as we chat about building teams in a #gamified classroom. #tlap #edchat #gamification #GBL
Retweeted by Jamie Halsey @MrHebertPE So sorry to hear about your student. Sending you a cyber hug. @MrHExperience Yes! Awful, those movies don’t even exist in my house. Boo! @MrsLedford6Eng @nankr1120 @SteinbrinkLaura @careacter @jennifermappel @_AndyJacks @VP_JBrown @SERVUSCon
@MrsBarker4 @ifireup It’s a tie between EduProtocols, Play Like a Pirate & Shake Up Learning. PLaP is great for side quest ideas!! @ifireup @jon_wennstrom @Jennifer_Hogan @Mr_Meals @AllysonApsey @HansNAppel @ChristineBemis2 @BiscottiNicole is a wonderful post by @ifireup, give it a read. It’s sad, but it has a silver lining & gives you perspective.
@Coach_Stephans @jimmyjt3 @mrmatera @tishrich @MrPowley Do it! @mrmatera @jimmyjt3 @jedikermit Yes! It’s perfect for sidequests!! @jimmyjt3 @mrmatera I love all of those books, reading Gamify Your Classroom right now. Such a great resource! Make… @MeehanEDU I like #2 @jloughlin23 Love her reaction! @MrCarlsonsClass Lol, that’s a funny meme. @Mister_Ashmore Yes, Happy Extremely Belated Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends.
Happy Thanksgiving to my #xplap friends. You’re all amazing, so grateful for our #PLN! @ifireup @BiscottiNicole @fablefy @Actionjackson @KevinLeichtman @DrCaliGrit @Kyle_Mayer1 @runandrant @MrsBarker4 I saw those, amazing! I put this on my Xmas list too: @MrCarlsonsClass @mrmatera @MeehanEDU @MrHebertPE @MrHExperience @MrBillingsclass @jloughlin23 @Mister_Ashmore
@themrdelle Here’s my asteroid battle game: @themrdelle Here’s my version of battleship: @themrdelle I love the egg dash challenge paired with another game. Answer a question from the egg, then have a cra… @MrLentner @CoyoteRidge_ Thanks! @MrsBarker4 I like the visual too, it entices the kiddos to reach all levels. @MrsBarker4 Nice job! Items are so engaging for kids.
FREE #googleForms online workshop. Join code is kqnzjm Go to and join with your personal…
Retweeted by Jamie Halsey @MeehanEDU 😂 @eduprotocols @CoyoteRidge_ @mhebern @jcorippo The absolutely love it!! They cheered when they saw it on our schedule!! @missmac100 One of these would be epic! @carebearpage @drycreekschools @CoyoteRidge_ @eduprotocols @mhebern @jcorippo Thanks Carey!!❤️❤️❤️ @themrdelle @mrmatera Can’t wait!! @themrdelle You’ve got this thing!
@jloughlin23 Dice for sure, the element of chance is so exciting!
@HofmannEDU It’s in October 24-25th, 2020. That would be awesome, do you think you could do it?! @teachinginrm30 I’ve had days like that too! Such a bummer but sounds like you kept your cool and got through it. Y… @katiejfrey @HeckAwesome They did a fantastic job!! So much learning here!Amazing! @MrsLedford6Eng @HAST_HAWKS @tishrich Love this idea, stealing it!! @MrDsengclasss Take it one day at a time, know that setbacks are okay, lean on your colleagues & I bet getting back… @CandiceCth Love this game...I need to bust mine out over break!Anyone out there who wants to submit a session on #gamification with me? #xplap @MeehanEDU You make the best things!! Thank you for always sharing your beautiful activities with us. You are a tru… on their “stage presence” & making eye contact with the audience. Ss were excited for their 3rd Iron Chef challenge based on the novel we are reading. I 👀 a huge improvement in…
@jloughlin23 @Ashley68954629 We’ve got fun & games! @Ashley68954629 Wow!!! AMAZING! @MrCarlsonsClass Never thought of that, awesome idea!! @Ashley68954629 What a cool way to layout the unit! Love the tribe banners, where did you get those? @Coach_Stephans I love these little peeks into your classroom. What a great idea? @MrCarlsonsClass @jloughlin23 Your dice tower is scary, in a good way. @MrCarlsonsClass @jloughlin23 That is a serious list of questions.The answer is less than 15 mins.
@HofmannEDU @roybot @mrmatera I love your set up here, so creative. Adding a storyline to anything makes it so rich & immersive.Adding Guild Mission Quests to my game. I added this to the map. I’m not saying a word. How long do you think it wi…
@missmac100 @mrmatera @jloughlin23 @MrBillingsclass @hartel30 @mr_watkin @HeckAwesome @MrCarlsonsClass @MrsBarker4 @ATeachersTeach @historysandoval Thank you so much btw...I just responded to the question on your feed. :) @ATeachersTeach My plan is to refine it further and apply to speak at our local tech conference, then eventually, I… @ATeachersTeach I presented in my district. I just sent in a proposal and they approved it. Teachers sign up and… @MrsBarker4 @historysandoval It's already done my friend, happy to do it!! @Coach_Stephans That is the best, I need to get some Leia buns, Yoda ears, and a Jedi robe for kids that level up. @themrdelle Omg, hilarious! @missmac100 Love that! @HofmannEDU @mrmatera Congratuations Fabian!! @tishrich @mrmatera Hi Tisha!! Sending you a hug! @MarianaGSerrato LOL, love this!A4: Obi Wan's Gift: Play this card to automatically level up when you turn in a sidequest that is worth at least 50… @MrsBarker4 @mrmatera Hi Heather!! I just send you the slide deck. @mrmatera Hi Michael!! So inspired every day, thanks for bringing us all together. @AmyS15051608 @mrmatera Love your theme and levels, so cool!!A3: Since the kids are always cycling through cards, it really isn't a problem. I have noticed that the kids aren'… My kiddos get access to the deck everytime they level up, so more deck access=more powers and lightsabers. I al… @Coach_Stephans I like Obtainer of Rare Antiquities!! @missmac100 @mrmatera Carol...sending you a hug across the Twitterverse!! @themrdelle Hi John!! How's the king? @Coach_Stephans @ashleyumphrey Hi Ryan!!