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just finished watching The Loud House Movie now for the 10th or 11th time and I effortlessly manage to love it more…
Retweeted by Coles Darrah @saltydkdan Some are even calling this, "virtue signalling" @DelhiWacky The answer is obviously never.Don’t miss it!
Retweeted by Coles Darrah @Toon4Thought It's also nice when Nickelodeon does it.This is the kind of anti-racism message that really adds something significant to the conversation and isn't really…
Retweeted by Coles Darrah @Crimson_Mayhem_ Unfortunately people are getting mad over this. (For obvious reasons) But who cares? CN is just tr… @Loudfan123212 @MichelsTristan @Animated_Antic And The Rise of The TMNT movie as well.Well I don't have any new drawing for now, so I publish this little drawing that I made 3 weeks ago and I forgot to…
Retweeted by Coles Darrah @Animated_Antic Would you say that this film makes you feel like you're watching a Disney movie? @SpongeBobMemesZ @cartoonnetwork And here comes a lot of angry commenters scolding CN for doing something good.The Crystal Gems say BE ANTI-RACIST! You have to acknowledge racism to act against it. Don't be silent, use your vo…
Retweeted by Coles DarrahWell she tried...
Retweeted by Coles Darrah @TheFreshKnight1 No hate. Only love.Rt if you remember wasting time on here whenever you didn't have homework.
Retweeted by Coles Darrah @saltydkdan God! So many memories! @Crimson_Mayhem_ Yep. Not as popular though.RT if you agree
Retweeted by Coles Darrah @MisterCoat Why don't they call Charlie and The Chocolate Factory a remake of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory while they're at it?
Vote him out, for the love of god. #VoteHimOut2020
Retweeted by Coles Darrahbring the halloween spirit to your #ACNH island with these costumes 👻
Retweeted by Coles DarrahAs an autistic person, I will never ever forgive him for saying this shit. Please vote his ass out next week.
Retweeted by Coles Darrah @AnimationFan15 I'll take that as a never.Five could use some love ❤️ #HugsForFive
Retweeted by Coles Darrah @isodpf Hey, at least it's not around 100K. @PowerLoudGirl You should see her reactions in The Duke and What Have You Done? They're pretty over the top. @burgerwithfrys @NickSchedules @Saberspark It really makes you feel like you're watching a Disney movie. @wigglytickly How about this song? Day 26: Beach House Beasts. Somewhere beyond the sea... #drawlloween2020 #fanart
Retweeted by Coles DarrahFinished!! Gosh I love Marcy #amphibia #AmphibiaMarcy #AmphibiaFanart #MarcyWu #marcyamphibia #fanart
Retweeted by Coles DarrahSome small halloween doodles I did last night!
Retweeted by Coles Darrah @PowerLoudGirl A disgrace to America itself. @Animated_Antic Suppose you've ever heard of the book, Who Censored Roger Rabbit which was where Who Framed Roger Rabbit was based off of?Drawlloween Day 25: Hack-o-Lantern. Pumpkin season... #drawlloween2020 #fanart
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@kianworld okay then @kianworld Are you joking? I feel like you're joking. @kianworld What?"Among Louds" I know I'm not the first to make this crossover, but there's no harm in trying it out yourself.…
Retweeted by Coles DarrahReply "Bread" to this tweet and I will write something about you.
Retweeted by Coles Darrah @fortressartist Bread @MikeCatSU @ilan_profile I still wish they did more with Monster Steven. He had so much potential. @ilan_profile Bruh @wigglytickly MJ could dress up as Flinch.Therapists HATE her!! Try this ONE EASY TRICK to MAXIMIZE your MENTAL HEALTH!!
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Retweeted by Coles DarrahHere have some smug Annie #NoContext #ItsPony
Retweeted by Coles DarrahStar vs The Forces of Evil @FrickEpic Being a Nintendo fan.sweater weather #TheOwlHouse
Retweeted by Coles DarrahI still feel robbed.
Retweeted by Coles Darrah @Crimson_Mayhem_ It has a lot of Roger Rabbit vibes to it. @Crimson_Mayhem_ Would it be half cgi and half 2d?THIS SCENE MAKES ME CRY SO BAD IM- #Amphibia #amphibiafanart #amphibiaspoilers #AnneBoonchuy
Retweeted by Coles Darrah @Toon4Thought That's alright.There's a lot of very raw and heartfelt reviews in the RENEW INFINITY TRAIN hashtag, and I just wanna say it's all…
Retweeted by Coles Darrah @JeffMovieMan I haven't seen that approach since Looney Tunes: Back in Action.A cute Sid to lighten up your day. WIP.
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@ilan_profile I'm okay with that. @itsnicktendo You're a big spender! @JeffMovieMan @JeffMovieMan The show just won't be the same without Hannibal. @PowerLoudGirl @Wolfothedude Is that from the list of shows he hates but everyone else likes?he'll never know... 🎃 #ItsPony
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Retweeted by Coles Darrah
@Babyl0n96 Sony for me. The others just have more memorable movies. @FelixInDaFuture @getFANDOM @NickAnimation @RottenTomatoes But we don't REALLY know if the show disrespects the cre… @GIRthenerd @Babyl0n96 Here's some history behind that. BJ was named after Sheryl Leach's (The creator of Barney) father, B.J. Stamps.The #ItsPony #Halloween special airs tomorrow at 7:30pm on @Nickelodeon!
Retweeted by Coles Darrah @AnimationFan15 There should be a theme song takeover that reveals what Marcey has been doing during her first few months in Amphibia. @FurbySquawk That dub was an absolute mess. @MichelsTristan I appreciate what he was trying to do. But there is a time and a place for everything and he picked… @StormTheArtist I find your work to be pretty good. @RiseFallNick Too bad. Because he was the glue that held the show together for me.
Drawlloween Day 22: Say yes to the possesed. Unspeakable oath... #drawlloween2020 #fanart
Retweeted by Coles DarrahYou're a talented artist and you're a super nice guy overall. @JeffMovieMan What a maroon! @Animated_Antic @Crimson_Mayhem_ Just pay no attention to it. @Animated_Antic She lived a good long life. That's for sure. May she rest in peace.I just found out that Marge Champion passed away at the age of 101. A dancer from the Golden Age of Hollywood, she…
Retweeted by Coles Darrah @cnc__2 Well there goes another one. @ReK9nfeXTj9sNX6 @Animated_Antic Don't all cartoons have fans?It's been announced that the Vancouver division of Titmousee has become the first animation studio to be unionized…
Retweeted by Coles Darrah @lily_pad_thai @ilan_profile I don't know if I would count The Ghost and Molly McGee since it's not out yet.Also, just dropping this pic in case y'all want to recommend good cartoons (If there still more ongoing shows you w…
Retweeted by Coles DarrahI don't think I ever uploaded these here? But uhh Bwoo #BluesCluesAndYou #nickelodeon #nickjr #bluesclues
Retweeted by Coles Darrah @Babyl0n96 Not again! @Gunbunbee Hell, in the intro, one of the lyrics was "While Bill Clinton plays the sax." @RiseFallNick Chicken Chow Meiny!goodnight twitter 💤 #amphibia #anneboonchuy #sashawaybright #marcywu
Retweeted by Coles Darrah @wigglytickly Just leave it blank when you retweet. @Animated_Antic Remember, you're not the only person who's overworked. We all are. Even me.Kipo is amazing. And thus, I had to draw her. ^^ #KipoAndTheAgeOfTheWonderbeasts #Kipo #Dreamworks
Retweeted by Coles Darrah @sp_2233 Once again, this looks spectacular!Drawlloween Day 21: Labyrinth laboratory And they were never heard from again... #drawlloween2020 #fanart
Retweeted by Coles Darrah @Crimson_Mayhem_ Don't listen to them. Those people just have a stick up their ass. @Crimson_Mayhem_