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Tim Dunn @MrTimDunn London, UK

That railway history chap. TV presenter, historian, “model village expert” (Wait! Please come back?) & Travel Editor at @TheTrainline. Personal account.🏳️‍🌈

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@Jon_Gwinnett @GarethDennis @PernodRicardUK @Pernod_Ricard yes. but. my brain very quickly makes the leap from whis… @GarethDennis @PernodRicardUK @Pernod_Ricard it'll be one of these, he says waving in the general direction of wiki… @GarethDennis @PernodRicardUK @Pernod_Ricard i have now changed my mind. I think it is off of the highland railway. @Morris_Oxford what sort of world do we want, tho? not this one. not this. @GarethDennis @PernodRicardUK @Pernod_Ricard WELL i thought. WELL. If it is whisky then it will be a GNSR train-loc… @GarethDennis @PernodRicardUK @Pernod_Ricard WELL. Please have this nice petit french locomotaperitif on this bottl… @Morris_Oxford a what"Hop on a BUS". (nice little London Transport graphic used to promote bus travel for shopping in the capital from 1… @Morris_Oxford It was definitely a weekend.The guys at @LocomotionSHD have an actual Tomy model maglev train set. How did I not know that you could get model… @TomTheDoodler @heritagepaintin omg
@HarrisHorology I noticed that they were running quite slowThere are few great elements of the 1963 film “Ladies Who Do” but there is a fine (probably brass or silver plated,… @stuartwidnes @HistoricEngland It is not a great pub aside from this tiling tbh @highfielder80 @HarrisHorology It was @Morris_Oxford wot spotted @HarrisHorology spotting me spotting tilesI have been spotted #tilespotting by @HarrisHorology.’s Arms, Tooley Street SE1. Right by London Bridge station. Splendid HUGE 1884 tiled mural of Thames ship… @marcooth Curtain colour change, that’s basically itThe best pub building of 1913 and actually the best pub (still) of 2020.
Retweeted by Tim Dunn @jamajestical !!!! 😍🥰 @jamajestical Oh my god Log Lady I want Log Lady to be hereI have come to my favourite pub and it is a very good pub indeed. #banquetteseating @AntCoulls an enjoyable possible cigar holder locomotive on the office set of Harry H Corbett in “Ladies Who Do” (1… @Girlfromupnorth @StPancrasInt Yes! We thought the restaurant was silly nonsense but then I quite often do. I liked… @SamL24 @StPancrasInt up on the roof of the standard!
(Bf-v-much-not-a-fan-but-much-more-a-fan-of-Georgian-included-for-ref)I know Victorian new-gothic ain’t IN right now but the cast lamp standards running up to @TowerBridge really are su… @RailwayWanderer Glad to be of service! #shareandenjoyFinding it tricky to get any comparative photos from what was the Camden Town Hall annexe; this lower view (obv pre… @annetstirling @StPancrasInt Thanks Mrs S!I have made @rooneyvision an badge to help him live his ideal introvert life the best one is #intercity125 @Benmelham 125 ALL the way! No contest @BobRitter12 @StPancrasInt “THE EGG” @richardprice500 @NetworkRailKGX @StPancrasInt @NetworkRailEUS Cheeeeers. They were even more glorious in real life! @stuntbutt @chilternrailway @NetworkRailCML @VisitChilterns Is from Britain From Above aerofilms archive? @garius I’m sure it’s a very nice book and just an oversight but I think they’re using an adapt of one of my Bekons… @cmajrail @garius Yes! Corfe has model of model of village. Bourton and Godshill have one and two further beyond th… @garius Oh they mean bourton on the water one in the cotswolds! Or godshill model village on the Isle of Wight. God… @garius Oh! That’s quite fun. And even moreso because there isn’t a model within a model within a model at Bekonsco… @garius Oh I missed itA surprise. Lucky access to see this view of London King’s Cross & St Pancras tonight. Cor.
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@traceyb78 @NetworkRailKGX @StPancrasInt @NetworkRailEUS 🍸🍸🍸🍸Looking up the Euston Road - where I’ve walked, bussed or undergrounded a thousand times - but this time from the r… surprise. Lucky access to see this view of London King’s Cross & St Pancras tonight. Cor. in a v trendy London bar and it might as well be a Butlin’s Tiki Bar or Brent Cross Shopping Centre as I remembe… @TonyP146 @dskiuk2 I’m not single tho 🤷‍♂️Oh look the @LNER Azumas are having a kiss #slightlyweirdtakebutOK #ValentinesDay @MartyDev I started at 0730 so I finished at 4! @Morris_Oxford Look they put your age in tweets now are red Violets are blue Sod it it’s time for the pub @DrRupertM @MsHelenRussell omg @EurostarJustinp What is this #TrainTwitter thing? am i part of #TrainTwitter? Does asking whether I am part of it… of the few Valentines I've ever felt an affinity with @BListAtCapital This remains your best workFrom big and busy to small and bijou, Stations of Britain, we’re here for you. On Valentine’s Day, no one should b…
Retweeted by Tim Dunn @GarethDennis @TurnipRail I’m here for the odd turnouts, so I always rather liked the single slip on a curve we put… all #Birmingham residents and commuters: Do you have strong thoughts about #HS2 and what it could mean for…
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@mattymidland @weareEMR btw thanks for sorting the badge, arrived today!But c.1967 Southport's Model Village had this super model of Sutton Coldfield's art deco Odeon cinema too
Retweeted by Tim DunnThank you for enjoying this, the latest update of the Society of the Easily Pleased, do come again.Ever since the fab new architectural model of London Bridge station (as it was) was displayed recently inside… know I have bored @mod_in_metro with this before, but bizarrely, the Hay's Wharf company is the ancestor of the m…
Retweeted by Tim Dunn‘[The architect] was sketching away and just drew this huge sort of turbine at the top of the building’, recalled C…
Retweeted by Tim Dunn @goldenarrw (it doesn't) @goldenarrw it gets a lot better than this @Morris_Oxford lol cock @Simon_Baylis i am starting to worry about you. I think you've been working on Pacer-related projects too long.I thought that you might enjoy seeing this - the splendid façade of the former London EC1 showroom of John J Royle.… a dentist appointment now (I’ve toothache) ready for 3:30. Absolutely furious that it wasn’t exactly one hour before this @Simon_Baylis haven't had a chance to read them all properly yet - will do after work! @gray @railwaymuseum or, ooOOOo-oooo as Gordon might say or, OOO as Thomas might say or, oo-----ooo… 5 competing design concepts for @railwaymuseum's new NRM York Central Hall are now online. Videos, models, phot… @TurnipRail This reminds me v much (in content, not style) of Fred T. Jane's 1893 "Round the Underground on an Engi… @TheBloodOfOwls MOST CERTAINLY NOT. @TheBloodOfOwls No you may not @passengeraction @TempleRyan @Selfridges yes!"Gaily into Ruislip Gardens runs the red electric train" @MrTimDunn @lccmunicipal @RailwayHeritage #centralline
Retweeted by Tim Dunn @waitey @merlinfulcher @FeildenFowles @merlinfulcher it always amuses that you always get AJ's rail-related storiesNational Railway Museum York unveils shortlisted designs for new entrance hall by @FeildenFowles #6aArchitects
Retweeted by Tim Dunn @Morris_Oxford is that supergran @TheDaiLlew @tfwrail @CambrianLine let me tell you a terrible secret. I've been to Nice and The Isles of Greece - w… @Morris_Oxford Fe — the Chief way Texas Pacific — Route of the Eagles Early 1950s General Motors Diesel Locomotives of the…
@Lettybird @OCRWhitby @StuartHumphryes @RAIL A woman standing below was killed. @SmudgeThomas It’s not smut it’s a massive penis @SmudgeThomas ? @isetta_windsor Ha! I’ve walked that street hundreds of times and not noticed thatReally can’t decide whether Liverpool Street station’s architecture is full of motifs depicting MASSIVE cock-and-ba… never get enough of the story about the people who bought flats with floor-to-ceiling glass windows next to one…
Retweeted by Tim Dunn @chazhutton Absolutely!!! @Allcollcare :) @DickiesTicker @tfwrail @CambrianLine BoommmmmWe have a story to tell. Are you a videographer who can offer their time and expertise to our project? Please DM…
Retweeted by Tim Dunn @DickiesTicker @tfwrail @CambrianLine SHHHHH DONT BLOW MY COVER. It’s my dinosaur onesieGood to see this pic of Wales's new @tfwrail Class 197 units under construction in Spain. 77x 2 & 3 car units will…