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Tim Dunn @MrTimDunn London, UK

That railway history chap: Historian, presenter of #TheArchitectureTheRailwaysBuilt on @YesterdayTweets @UKTVPlay, Trainline’s Travel Ed. Own views, obv. 🏳️‍🌈

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I drove past this beast in Jan, jammed on brakes & did U-turn: Anglo-Bavarian Brewery in Shepton Mallet. Built 1864…
@jrbenson @ERailway @nymr Awwww!!!! @rwjc22 @NetworkRailWAL @festrail 100%! Once I’m past Llandudno going south or Dovey Junction going west then as fa… @adipullenLNER @H_chapman17 I would contest that it was very much Coronation at that point - for the trip - so tech… hier, und so weiter, Von @railwaygazette ON! Cor. Just been sent this by @ALLRAIL_EU - from aboard the extraordinary "protest train" of 20 freight…! Conwy Valley line in north wales has reopened: a massive job for @NetworkRailWAL but so important for every… that #HiddenLondon tour takes you into the new Bank station works... best one yetHullo. I'm in the middle of a @LTMuseum #HiddenLondon virtual tour of King William Street disused tube station (clo… in London, one week in🚨 EVENT 🚨 A modern ‘architectural sensation’: The Jubilee Line Extension stations, 13th October, 11am, online. Clic…
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@PaulWhitewick @welovehistory @wildscotland @welcomescotland @VisitScotland @VisitScotNews @Scotland @PaulWhitewick @welovehistory @wildscotland @welcomescotland @VisitScotland @VisitScotNews @Scotland @PaulCliftonBBC Upsetting @cocteautriplets @GarethDennis @rlonguk It certainly sounds like a genuine GNER carriage wall shelf bracket but I’d… @rlonguk Pedant’s are my favourite things, really @rlonguk Ah my mistake, twitter is good for telling me that @worldsendone Were you there?! (Yes) @ClayJonathan Perchance it sleepeth, but close-uppeth it is dying @timmcdunn The problem is, Tim Dunn No.1, is that I don’t think that they’ll actually care that much. I don’t think… @heather_waugh @LUCYLucyprior @MaggieSimpson49 @DavidHorne I like this idea because i ❤️ that film but I have conce… @vanrob At your service!Enjoyably archetypal London scene on Trinity Street in this evening’s fading light: K6 ‘phone kiosk, handsome garde… @SashaTwining @chrisckmedia as chris is a railway nerd to he will not be surprised (i cannot believe i am typing th… @MaggieSimpson49 @DavidHorne I can imagine that you and @heather_waugh as the crew in the leading cab of perhaps 20… @visuals0und This is my fave is still time to get your nominations in for the #WorldCupofStations 🏆 Find out from last year’s winner…
Retweeted by Tim Dunn @IlluminatedRiv surely as Illuminated River is all about lighting effects if you could do a post about the cock-and… @DominicMHinde @GarethDennis @MimiBilling @Siftedeu @Marie_a_Paris @maijapalmer extraordinary "protest train" of 20 freight locomotives, horns blaring, has today done a circuit of Berlin's rai… @HungryFillbe no, i don't think that these could have possibly been used for that purpose. they are purely decoration ;)(St Katherine. Not St Katherine’s. Before you tell me)It is not to everyone’s taste but I do like the late 1970s approach at International House in St Katherine’s Docks:… @LukasNovo89 l'aeroglisseur! @bonessrailway @srpsrailtours @BonessCC @VFalkirk @kinneil @srpssteam @SRPSDieselGroup @GoIndustScot @RAIL We were up late the night before reopening Thorpe Light Railway for the first time, building The Titfield Arm… @TheBeyonderUK Yes those buildings are mediocre but that isn’t a result of modernity - I would suggest that almost…
@kent_observer @IMechE Yes, I didn’t didn’t depict them for that reason in that tweet. More, another time. @the_runt69 @hornby @RichardKeenan4 It is a whickham trolley to you. They were and are wickham railcars to me and t… in particular I know, did. And I am so pleased. It was a revelation then and it remains a lovely, tiny beacon… had no dependents, did Mr D. But he really did care for us all. When he died, I am told that he left his estate… I was a small, a wise tutor said to me: “Timothy. Pick a niche in life and do the *best* with that niche that… is just a short period of time allotted to people before they have to make the choice whether to be boring or weird.
Retweeted by Tim Dunn @WH1SKS Gary can’t go through all that again @Johnners733 @_doublearrow @gawuffy @GarethDennis Nurse! @RHummBooks Oh NOW I KNOW @WH1SKS I ain’t got no time for organic shizzle. I’ve got a zone 1 petrol-f… @traceyb78 @richardsalkeld @gawuffy @neilclarke3 In TheseUnprecedentedTimes™️ I think a Bic biro and a few post-its… @RHummBooks Damn him (for it will be a he). Nice stone, whatever. @traceyb78 @richardsalkeld @gawuffy @neilclarke3 That was a loooooooong time ago! The next gizmo freebie I get will be from saga, I reckon @RHummBooks A shilling that it’s on this list of 78 @gawuffy @neilclarke3 I have all the boxes 🤓🤓🤓 @WH1SKS Last outing today for this little pick-me-up for 2020 for sure. @_doublearrow @Johnners733 @gawuffy @GarethDennis There is something seriously weird in the River Ouse water, clearly @GeoffreyBrock6 @digicriminal It’s my nextdoor neighbour! I like it. Because I swear at it daily and it never answers back @_doublearrow I would of selected the “probably indiscernible to anyone apart from those acutely aware of the Guide… @_doublearrow Alas @_doublearrow They are all back to front? @digicriminal @digicriminal True. But as a local I used to get £20 Shard entry for the year and it’s about 5 mins from my front d… @JasonHazeley This trip was wronger. Ps HBTY. X @ButtersHewitt Objectively shit @urbaneprofessor @GarethDennis @RAIL @AntCoulls @fsdr1825 @LocomotionSHD @RailwayMuseum I am always a fan of suppor… @AdamsonCathy Ughhhh“oooh the lush skygarden tho?” No. Let me remind you of the #RenderVsReality of that pathetic planning sup that res… @jimwaterson Oh bloody hell. I forgot you did the eggs @RAIL @AntCoulls @GarethDennis @fsdr1825 @LocomotionSHD @RailwayMuseum I can confirm that it is a very good read. @AntCoulls @GarethDennis @RAIL @fsdr1825 @LocomotionSHD @RailwayMuseum You are preaching to the choir, Reverend @ppzpag Hearty disagree! The viewing platform was in exchange for the rest of the building’s offensive existence. C… @AntCoulls @GarethDennis @RAIL @fsdr1825 @LocomotionSHD @RailwayMuseum Is this going to be like the times we had on… @SimonCrestphoto It is objectively shit tho @jennycolgan I use the phrase “pressed thumb in the faces of Londoners” usually but “rude fucking prick” conveys my… @MikeArchibald1 The “Skygarden” is enjoyed by a handful of people each day. It was a sup to the planning system. A… @SimonCrestphoto You’re firedUgh. Colossal intrusion - a looming assault on our city that we have to suffer every day. Score: 3/10, and that’s b… @FlywheelMedia1 @trainsongsbook Duffy @vineshpomal @se1 @ECDArchitects @proctormatthews Oh! It’s a v pleasant building. Shame about the lump of mediocre… @trainsongsbook I’ve just learned of the painfully-self-aware-named band “Dogshit Sandwich” so I’d quite like to se… @unclewilco I got milk! And somehow spent 30 pissing quid on groceries @WillSheret WELL. The northern line is a good start. Then top of my head:. @Towerbridge. @Sciencemuseum. @eorailway years ago, it all began here, and now the first fish belly rails to have been laid on the Stockton and Darlingt…
Retweeted by Tim DunnBlue Lion Court - the old printworks. Now mixed commercial and residential. According to local gen on @se1 forums i… Abbey once stood where the junction of Tower Bridge Road and Abbey St / Long Lane @SE1 are now. The Cour… last above-ground remains of Bermondsey Abbey, south east London’s long-lost priory. Here, within the 17th Cent… Alaska fur factory, Bermondsey. The site dates from 1869 but the stonking great white building is of 1932 and b…“I went out to get milk but instead wandered & gawped at interesting local buildings for an hour” #SE1 #SE16 London… @BTPTeesValley If my ASBO is lifted in time 🥳The NRM, opened #OTD 1975, was Britain’s first national museum to exist outside London. Many exhibits came from Cla… @WickhamofWare @hornby @RichardKeenan4 See thread... @clarkaw @bbceastenders @Scalextric I’ve absolutely no idea. I’ve only seen one episode all the way through and tha… @aljones27 @IMechE I’d already seen enough kettles in the kitchen, etc etcOh I forgot to include this image... of Dirty Den and others off of @bbceastenders playing @Scalextric @thedumbwaiter @gawuffy @GarethDennis @CopleyHill Oh very nice! Big fan of the J94 👍👍 @AnnCastleWalton 🙏 @de_Hotot @realnickperry This might be one brand extension too far for me @NoSheds @IMechE No , bittern @BrownPhilip @IMechE Nooo it’s j Hosking’s’s @PhilLucasAlt It was quite a trip! I’ve left loads out as I think it’ll benefit from a more in depth view another time.Please exit via the @hornby model shop, which IS open at the mo. Btw @RichardKeenan4 spent a fortune here but I’m n…! It’s the last ever hornby moukded model to be made at the Margate factory, the tunnel. Every trainset should…