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Tom Rademacher @MrTomRad Minneapolis, MN

Buy my book here: and read excerpts here: 2014 MN Teacher of the Year. 8th Grade L.A. Teacher. He/His

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Joined Twitter 2/3/14 have the amazing and powerful @abbyhonold with us today sharing her story and strategies for shutting down rape… really love the brain of @ShannaPeeples gratitude to @SchwinnyScience & @PottslovesPE for putting this event together. Your hard work reminds us…
Retweeted by Tom Rademacher @Z_Faircloth @noraborealis For. Real.
@hgm5612 Yeah, it’s not the best, but kinda what it needed to be. If you have another place to print it, but grab the image and go for itIn my second or third year of teaching, I set random annual google calendar events for January & February that just… @MrDataGuy Just kidding... love your reply @MrDataGuy It’s white.Also hi Dr. @pgorski! You came to my high school and were hesitant to say things that would 'radicalize us' and I r…
Retweeted by Tom RademacherSnow is pretty, but I wish it came in different colors.I don’t know how anyone who is education advocacy or support or policy or journalism does it. To deal with <gesture… @TheJLV I saw her today shouting about “well I can’t eat a sandwich on the train...”. Good lord. @TheJLV She’s a... a what now? @TheJLV lesson today is how to be rejected and not be an awful human about it... really good conversations all day abou… need to know they are welcomed and valued. Go to his website and buy one. Every da…
Retweeted by Tom RademacherAt an #AmericaDirt party, guests dined while BARBED WIRE CENTER PIECES adorned the tables. You know, to evoke border chic. 👇🏽
Retweeted by Tom Rademacher”I LITERALLY love football! And teams. Every one of them! They are all wonderful! Go teams!” -Chris Traeger
Retweeted by Tom Rademacher @zimmerdiamonds @BonjourPond’d be somewhere with good outdoor spaces and cafe/lobby seating areas. The first person to try to project anythin… means vision-building, irreverent education references, inappropriate jokes past 10pm, and at least a few…
Retweeted by Tom RademacherI work at this branch and only just realized that this is for real how the endcap signage appears. Bravo for notici…
Retweeted by Tom RademacherThis needs to be in every single classroom and every single school. I showed my daughter @MrTomRad poster today and…
Retweeted by Tom RademacherGood one, Mr. Rad.
Retweeted by Tom Rademacher @MrTomRad ‘s article in Teacher Conversation Club as a starting point for talking about teacher-level + system-leve…
Retweeted by Tom Rademacher @BonjourPond !!!!!!This is poetry.💛
Retweeted by Tom RademacherA thousand times this...❤️
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@teacherasleader @Maire_from_NJ This isn’t TPT, and it’s not the UN statement... it’s from a book I wrote. Thanks f… @Anita_Sarah @8BlackHands1 is a great episode.... makes me think about how many white educators and advocates could sit in front of a roo… @JenEatsTakis I feel this.You can also go ahead and use the image however you'd like if you don't want a poster. If you can afford to drop a… have asked for a classroom poster of the Students Bill of Rights from my book. You can now buy one, if you'… @MrTomRad you teach MS? Know of anyone who'd use this?
Retweeted by Tom Rademacher @BCassellius @BernadeiaJ So cool!A district just reached out to me for help "diversifying curricula." I said, happy to, but that means antiracism w…
Retweeted by Tom RademacherI remember eating a piece of Oscar Meyer bologna and my mom asked me what I was doing, and I was like... "Having a… @mrsturnerMS I remember that juice SO SO well, and adding an extra can's worth or two of water so we didn't go through it too quickly.
@BenBo370 Oh man. I remember the winter we ran out of oil for the furnace, and just spent a few months sleeping in our winter coats.Oh my god... SO many things. Cans of beverages. A second bathroom. Batteries. A garbage can. things convince me we need gun reform more than the dipshittery of fragile little asshats like these dorks.
Retweeted by Tom RademacherMe, watching people who criticized Colin Kaepernick for his nonviolent protest post MLK quotes today
Retweeted by Tom RademacherMe: I would love to have a productive day. My anxiety: lol
Retweeted by Tom RademacherI’ve set aside a good portion of the day to get some important writing done... which means, of course, my house is about to get CLEAN. @nate_bowling Somehow, I imagine the thought will not occur to them. @jthompedu From @MrTomRad 😊
Retweeted by Tom Rademacher @ErinMayeQuade “They would pass it immediately” = I don’t know know what I’m talking about. @lizzy_ng As someone who grew up very close to Green Bay... you are right. @Maire_from_NJ @coreyandreasen He does the voice acting for baby yodaWell, the game is going great, but at least we can watch out without listening to an entire stadium of fans participate in a racist chant.
No, but really. @meghanapolis Ted may want to see a therapist.If you’ve been hearing about the snow in Newfoundland but can’t quite picture it, this is a real time-lapse taken y…
Retweeted by Tom RademacherIt’s a fair question to ask... but also there is a difference between not being aware of people’s work and them not… @meghanapolis Imagine being this worthless a person...Marginalization of identities is how the system continues to produce humans that are intolerant and ignorant of ide…
Retweeted by Tom RademacherWhiteness that engulfs our schools and classrooms does just the opposite. It is negates certain identities, substit…
Retweeted by Tom RademacherHow much better would our schools be for students if they were identity affirming, justice seeking, and equity driven?
Retweeted by Tom Rademacher @yungchompskii I mean... is she wrong?But we can watch, hopefully, for where the language of anti-racism serves us as white people, where we have dug in… and that’s the stuff i know and see now. I’m sure there are other aspects of my work and life where I am landin… many years I practiced a sort of progressive education that I believed was entirely anti-racist, but at too man… way forward has to be through listening, being constantly willing to embrace ideas and believe perspectives tha…’m including myself, of course. It’s so hard to see my own bullshit, to see the ways I may be weaponizing the lang… folks... been thinking a lot today about how easy it is for us to commit to anti-racism just enough to benefi… @brosiah_jgpat11 @ewarren How is that possibly not debatable? @brosiah_jgpat11 @ewarren @brosiah_jgpat11 @ewarren Yes, yes I have.I can’t wait to vote for @ewarren. It’s honestly close between her and others as a candidate. It’s not close as to… cool!
Retweeted by Tom Rademacher @SafyHallanFarah @ErinMayeQuade This is so goddamn beautiful. Love you @DaviSense !“our whole RV voted for you” is just so Minnesotan ❤️
Retweeted by Tom Rademacher @JohnGerads @JennBinis @valentinakorkes And I'm willing to tell DeVos that she's wrong. I'm less willing to say so…
Looking for self-awareness activities to start my Intercultural Communication class. I usually start with Circles o…
Retweeted by Tom RademacherObserve and hold accountable the people who continue to tightly cling to whiteness when it is being challenged and disrupted in places.
Retweeted by Tom Rademacher @pernilleripp Been there. Am there. So real. Congrats on writing a chunk today. @beth_hawkins Wow. That's powerful stuff. @JennBinis @valentinakorkes I can't imagine a world in which putting children at the center of decision making is a… @MrTomRad Unanimous approval of the version that somehow incorporates 120 people’s strong and sometimes divergent o…
Retweeted by Tom Rademacher @JennBinis @valentinakorkes If it's not what they're saying, then why are we talking about it? I'm not overly inter… @iteachchem @gcouros Do you think the bird was ok though? @JennBinis I guess, here's my thing: Parents are gathering together and speaking. We should listen, even (and espe… @JennBinis But... in general, do I believe that giving parents and students more power in our systems is dangerous?… @JennBinis And if we have a lot of white kids, for sure, put them in the center of the design with an eye towards b… @JennBinis But if we're talking about parents, most of whom are parents of color who are doing this work right now,… @JennBinis It makes sense, I guess? But not in any realistic way to me. If you take just about any group's mission… @JennBinis Can you explain what you mean?I really love the idea of a national union of parents. I don't know a lot about this group in particular, but I'm f… really really appreciate @kellydholstine... to continually put yourself in the path of the very worst, most hatef… @mathteacherjedi @jpkidsco_plsas @jpkidsco_plsas Look... I had to get the driveway done. You've gotta do what you've gotta do. @biblio_phile My phone actually shut off after I took the picture... too cold. @biblio_phile It IS pretty... the windchill is also -11, which makes shoveling the driveway slightly less than pleasant.Ben... Degobah... @edutopia Thanks for posting this! Always happy when my words resonate.It’s super rude when the weather drops another 10-20 degrees after the snow stops falling.