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Tom Rademacher @MrTomRad Minneapolis, MN

8th Grade L.A. Teacher. Writer, It Won’t Be Easy: Excerpts here: 2014 MN Teacher of the Year. He/His

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We’re the newest big fans of the @NatlParkService Every Kid Outdoors program that gives free park passes to 4th gra…
More on my science class syllabus. This is the entirety of my "class rules" section, other than a required sentenc…
Retweeted by Tom Rademacher @MrTomRad Lebanese Red Cross.
Retweeted by Tom Rademacher @MrTomRad Beit Al Baraka
Retweeted by Tom RademacherI wish I was a praying person, and that prayers were somehow enough to do something immediate for the people of Bei…
This buddy right here. @ItsSteakhousee @AnnieTangent @DavidRosenthal_ That sucks so much... and yeah, absolutely none of this is good. @biblio_phile @CallMeMoprah This dude is always the very worst.. his whole thing is to find people to direct his fo… that massive surplus of licensed teachers just waiting to line up for half-year long term sub job openings... it… yourself and others on what is happening in lebanon; a thread
Retweeted by Tom RademacherI should probably look into contacts if I’m going to be wearing a mask all day, huh? @ichew3232 Yeah... I just don’t see evidence of that side, honestly. Did we love Obama because conservatives hated… don’t know what we do, but I hate that we’re here.I don’t know what all that means. We shouldn’t stop fighting, shouldn’t stop raging and protesting. I don’t know. T… is why they aren’t turning away from Trump as he continues to lose his grasp on reality, as he becomes more a… think there’s a not small segment that just wants to hurt us. They just hate liberals... have been conditioned by… other day, I was walking through a campground and saw a guy with a t-shirt that said “TRUMP 2020 - Make Liberal… is the prequel to all the old sci-fi movies where everyone just walks around in a head-to-toe unitard.
Retweeted by Tom Rademacher I saw A grizzly bear, and learned that you can (kinda) take a picture with your phone through binoculars.
@AbeerSyedah is one everyone should read. I do not envy those who have to make these decisions or try to come up with impos… @maggiekb1 Yep... currently at a campsite in Cody, WY and headed back in today. @Michelle4EDU @irvspanish If he’s ever going to go pro, you’re going to have to commit. @Michelle4EDU @irvspanish I bet I’ve got his high score beat. :)Took a very good walk yesterday... I have a video of a very good otter buddy swimming, but can’t get good enough se… @Michelle4EDU @irvspanish I’m absurdly good at Subway Surfers. @Michelle4EDU @irvspanish Cleaning and cooking, yard work, dog walks, sometimes while playing dumb games on my phone.Faaaacts
Retweeted by Tom RademacherWhy is there almost always a big drop off in reported new cases and deaths every Sunday? family is holding a private service. Please respect their privacy in this difficult time.
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@Maire_from_NJ @AlexSVenet @TheWeirdTeacher Seen every single episode.In my defense... I remembered to put sunscreen everywhere else.
@Coppertopmpls @cleverkate Yeah, only on today because my wife scheduled some work days into the trip so the kid an… @cleverkate I haven't heard, but haven't been paying super close attention (currently on a family trip). @DavidENorman Odd that that's your fifth or sixth argument for doing it, and your first was about the economy... a… @DavidENorman Ok. Well, I'm going to stay on the side of fewer kids dying and fewer of their parents and grandparen… @DavidENorman Where are the tests from places that have numbers anywhere near as high as us that are putting kids t… @DavidENorman I don't know that. NO ONE knows that. No where with as extensive an outbreak as we have right now has… do not want to hear about how this is a lot of work for teachers, or how we only want to teach a certain way. Our… we talk about plans moving forward, I want to hear about what's safe for every human in the building, I want t… kid's school is offering a hybrid model and a distance model, but if you sign up for distance learning, you have… @Heather_MyFaith I get that. I'm currently not super comfortable standing in a room the size of my classroom with 1… @DavidENorman I'm sure the economy will do great if schools reopen and the virus spreads like crazy. But, yeah, als… just don't understand the rush to put a bunch of kids and adults together in small rooms for long days right now. @biblio_phile Yup!I thought those truck nuts things had gone out of style... then I got stuck behind this dummy on the road.
@_livwilliams_ The goodiest! Glad you got to meet her.
Boost for a good one. (@MarkJWestpfahl @MrTomRad can you RT?)
Retweeted by Tom RademacherStarted "It won't be easy" tonight in prep for #ed300 book studies this fall. So far it's funny, honest, and so rel…
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Gasp! of rainy day art cave: day art cave. Also... may have to find an album the sound of rain on a tarp and just play it the rest of the… school has an opening for a high school chemistry teacher. Teaching science at an all girls school is an incredi…
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2020 @NWanserski There’s some parts that are a little spooky... but the puzzle stuff is really fun to do together. @NWanserski Unraveled 2 or Human Fall FlatThis particular opportunity is limited to youth (2nd-5th grade) in the Twin Cities. We currently have 15 spots avai…
Retweeted by Tom RademacherThe purpose of this book club is to engage youth with revolutionary ideas through literature and activities, and eq…
Retweeted by Tom RademacherWe have some exciting news to share! In partnership with ARTS-US, we are launching Reading The Revolution, an empo…
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Ugh. I’m so glad I never got any one of the 8,000 Harry Potter tattoos I’ve wanted.I dunno guys... I’m kinda worried our quarantine beards might look dumb. @nober_techclass @WinkSciWarriors Thank you so much!Listening to It Won't Be Easy by @MrTomRad. I'm worried about going back to school soon, but this book has allowed…
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2020 it’s unprofessional for doctors to post social media pics wearing bikinis & drinking alcohol, so here’s…
Retweeted by Tom RademacherImagine trying to spread fear of Biden-led fascism while your candidate said he’s sending 75,000 federal agents to…““If you vote for Biden, you’re going to be living in Nazi Germany,” the woman with the swastika mask told Mueller,… @Maire_from_NJ @yungchompskii Yeah. That’s my problem. @yungchompskii I kinda feel the same way, but with most human interactionYum. is the first day of MN mask mandate. These pics from Walmart in Marshall, MN. (h/t Raphaella M)
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I had the fun experience of offering some editorial input as @chanajoffewalt was creating the new podcast from…
Retweeted by Tom Rademacher @ErinMayeQuade Well. That’s awful.Sinclair stations can reach more than 72% of households in America. This weekend, they’ll broadcast a conspiracy th…
Retweeted by Tom Rademacher @BernadeiaJ That’s so beautiful. What a wonderful human he must have been.I kinda like hearing the teams cheer for their batters and stuff. @shoggrad That makes a lot of sense. @amandajhelling
I’ve tended to capitalize Black but not white. What do you all think? want to network with diversity coaches in public education. Can y’all connect me or retweet so I can find my peop…
Retweeted by Tom RademacherHey, thanks for the recommendation for the book @KatiePekelJust got off a Google Meet call with a group of students who all opted in to read and discuss 'Stamped' this summer… weeks of uncompromising revolt against the police, often carried about by small groups and crowds under 200,…
Retweeted by Tom Rademacher"Doomscrolling" has to be an early lead contender for word of the year.Men, you don’t get cookies by not being intimidated by strong women. To be honest, our fucking goal is to intimidat…
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I think there’s a lot of posturing and “listening” right now so everyone can feel like this was a hard decision to… do we have to deal with so many whining toddlers all the time? It’s a freaking face mask. No liberties are bein…
Retweeted by Tom RademacherYeah, anyone trying to tag me in some Andrew Ngo nonsense gets a block.I swear to god, the first day we go back to school I’m going to see teenage boys throw their masks on the floor of… @RachelBrougham High school drama club. @Coppertopmpls I’ll need to get myself a cello as well.Yesterday I saw four adults passing AND SHARING a single mask over a restaurant patio fence to each other so they c… @doxtdatorb His whole TL reads like satire. was a super cool message. what the scary scary Antifa would do you to if you walked right though any of these protests? Prolly offer you… fear-mongering about these protests is so out of hand. Yes, there is some property destruction. As long as you… chart is solid imo I’m bummed it was taken down
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