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Marvin Madrid @mrvn8r Los Angeles, CA

Storyboard artist at Nickelodeon on an unannounced show. Previously at Dreamworks. Plant killer. Full time clown. More active on IG ⬇️ Opinions are my own.

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@lisarwu yet another unrealistic expectationProcreate is going great bears and moon bears are some top tier friend-shaped cryptids
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@aaargyle omg tysm 😭🙏🏼Anyways here’s my first procreate drawing! Wish we got to see Katara kicking ass as an adult waterbending master. @amonns I’m whipped for sbp’s brush.I found the Trisketched and Watterson brushes on gumroad! The Shiyoon brush though was one I had on my computer fo… so I had more luck with responses on IG than here, BUT for those looking, these were the brushes I thought felt… @NicoleChenArt Not vector necessarily. Just the kind of crispy-ness of the line quality.
Can anyone recommend me procreate brushes that are similar to the SBP vector brush? Please and thank youuu 🙏🏼 @theotherjdpower Once you learn how to use it, I swear it’ll make your life easier haha @unbadger RIGHT?! Oh my god. The LAYERS are always in shambles and I wanna cry. @MatthewB64 Dude I have so many theories that I’m sure my housemates are gonna get tired of hearing real soon lolme to everyone around me theorizing what’s really happening in wandavision two episodes of #WandaVision left me like
Retweeted by Marvin Madrid @lisarwu Fellas is it sloppy and lazy to use tools?????????I’ve only just got promoted from revisionist to board artist a month ago, but my contribution to the discourse that… randomly remembered the arc from Ducktails where Della Duck reunites with her kids and now I’m
@jillsanvich @lizcheeart I LOVE that one @lizcheeart honor of Trump getting impeached /again/ got impeached AGAIN and he can’t even log into Twitter to rant about it. He’s MAD mad. #ImpeachmentDay
Retweeted by Marvin Madrid @bhaist to be fair it was 2 years ago................. but still @bhaist j*shua b*ssett was also exposed for using homophobic slurs so 🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️Scar didn’t try to kill simba, that’s ridiculous. All he did was give a speech to his supporters about starting a s…
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Retweeted by Marvin Madrid @yesmaaike You really are a jack of all trades wow 🤩 Congrats Maaike!!!!one more silly doodle to decompress for the day 😪 @CazArts ball of evilthe subject and inspiration @lizcheeart @CraigoftheCreek YASSSSS LIZARDDDDDDDDDDDD
Retweeted by Marvin Madridkeep going on
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@38___sr You’re absolutely killing it with these!!Every meeting is like "Hey, great to see you! How crazy is everything? 400,000 people dead and the president ordere…
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The ‘A’ on his head stands for abs, not America. break: this person trying to do an audition tape while their cat just wants attention
Retweeted by Marvin Madridyour last chance to retweet this
Retweeted by Marvin MadridNothing gets rid of perfectionism when storyboarding than a deadline that’s too close for comfort.
Retweeted by Marvin MadridPolice response: Black Lives Matter protests vs. pro-Trump riots
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Exactly this. I will never understand it being a symbol of anything positive. This entire country was founded on st…
Retweeted by Marvin MadridOh. So the police do know how to do that.
Retweeted by Marvin Madridah, aged like a fine whine
Retweeted by Marvin MadridFunny how they're still protestors and not rioters, huh?
Retweeted by Marvin MadridJust to be completely clear today, pointed questions like "Where is the teargas?" or "Why don't we see more choke s…
Retweeted by Marvin Madrid @eggyshart Char I’m so sorry 😞 Rip Nike. Sending you hugs ❤️
me @ me a whole ass clown and jumped back into working out after not having done so since Thanksgiving and now I’m payi… @aspirinoverdose NOOOO?????Happy Birthday, #HayaoMiyazaki!
Retweeted by Marvin Madrid @cardurr They were still on by top artists for my spotify wrapped 2020 because their songs still slap
@InkBenArt BEN NOHappy Monday back to work after the two week break! Just swiped my hand against my script and got like 4 paper cuts on my hand!!! FUN!! @_wilmuck PERIOD
Retweeted by Marvin Madrid @CazArts LOL I LOVE THIS @mhowe1980 That’s awful!! @dmkillustration @MrPaulTran Let’s swap clients omg
@cardurr bane of any animation artist’s existence. @t_kobs This task now falls on you Tyler
but keep Ry*n M*rphy far far away from it thanksListen can we get a Netflix series about Leyendecker and how he made everyone fall in love with his arrow collar ma… year, same drawing subjects 💁🏻‍♂️ @oni_hat It was SO goodY’all. Hollywood is so threatened by outside media. Netflix has been giving me a lot of Korean content and let me t…
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Retweeted by Marvin Madrid @pablonopicasso Same!! I find when I think back to those lessons, I overthink lol Winging it ftw ✌🏼 @pablonopicasso It doesn’t help that whenever I feel like I’m doing something wrong, I hear HIS voice in my head an… a professional drawer, nothing humbles me more than drawing backgrounds 🥲
I’m sorry but I will take a 6-8 week full strict lockdown if it means we can have our lives back by March.
Retweeted by Marvin Madrid @toothoothe Thank youuuu!nYOOOOOOM inspiration at it with another murderous Earl and Klaus doodle. a suit study but it was really an excuse to draw KPop boys
The Queen's Gambit has been viewed by 62 million people. The producer, Allan Scott, is on BBC News talking about ho…
Retweeted by Marvin Madrididk what it is but the new version of potential breakup song hits stronger in a way I didn't think was possible @cardurr honestly tho!! i went back a couple months ago and was thoroughly surprised how active some of my old mutuals were on there.Yoooo this is cool! @TomCaulfield01 This is SO pure and cute @cardurr It's honestly a crime that she isn't. A scam, even.Also bonus doodle with this particular costume. Love Diana in a ponytail. who won’t pee until they reach a “stopping place”, furiously bouncing their leg
Retweeted by Marvin Madrid*instantly notices 5 things wrong with this drawing after I hit send tweet* 🤡I wish this movie was better (-:
Great, now can LA just keep this steady downpour for a couple days so people stay the hell inside? @unbadger Disappointing honestly. LA storms could never.
I mean I didn’t HATE it like the title says, but I had too many problems with it to call it a good story. It was en… article pretty much sums up my sentiments about WW84 😬 drawing characters with wide eyes: ow why do my eyes hurt me:
Retweeted by Marvin MadridIn Toy Story, Pixar were still trying to figure out how to animate humans. So much so, that they just used multiple…
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@Nymo absolute same