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I been warped by the rain, driven by the snow I'm drunk and dirty don't ya know, and I'm still, willin' Followed by The Godlike Daniel Fooks.

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Exciting news! Poland, the world’s third-largest fur producer, after China and Denmark, is to ban fur farming🦊🎉
Retweeted by Mrs Czapla @rodjgrimmer Why the detention, did she spell it wrong?Racism ok if it my boss. Gotcha. #FreePalestine
Retweeted by Mrs CzaplaNormalisation, aka 'rewarding israeli criminals for their crimes' brings no trees bearing fruits for the Palestinia…
Retweeted by Mrs Czapla @jonah27920497 @earthygirl011 @BenJolly9 Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice... it ain't gonna happen.WHY DOES THE FUCKING ROYAL FAMILY NEED A BAILOUT WITH TAXPAYERS MONEY WHEN THEY ALREADY GET MORE OF IT THAN THEY DESERVE.
Retweeted by Mrs Czapla @Kateandtheboys @ShelaghFogarty Totally unrelated, can anyone remember what that film was called with Danny DeVito,… @BeanieMacintosh We're all still doing Black Friday though, yeah? @daveroyaldj Cher. @DrewLawDesign Yeah, but we all know about his sense of humour, we saw the prank he pulled on his own son. It wasn… @jercor1 Yes but we came through 1984 and that turned out not to be... Oh shit! @billy_racist Brilliant, not just the poem but your plan for the future. We're British, surely we can see off Covi… @jercor1 Because we are worried and feel the need to do something. We've spent a lifetime being told by advertiser… @laughingginge No. @lorraine_teuten Probably not, but it's important for Sunak💕 to be seen as not being like Bojangles Johnson💤. They… the UK introduce a basic Universal Income?
Retweeted by Mrs Czapla @DrewLawDesign By 7.25 I had dressed as Ann Widecombe, woke my husband and passed him his toothbrush, made him a cu… to note. There are 6 confirmed Covid cases at my sons school, one teacher and five children, and still…
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@FisherAndrew79 @david_clarke91 @alexnunns We lost Hope thanks to Climate change deniers, far right neoliberal bill…
Retweeted by Mrs Czapla @AaronBastani Principled, honourable, talented... Yeah, I can see why she'd have to go. @YuriFrozen Postal vote?Setting out Labour's first 2018 Brexit challenge to the govt. There will be many more ... The referendum does not…
Retweeted by Mrs CzaplaKent - The Overspill Car Park of Europe’ @DanielFooksArt @brinkleysserve Okay. @TheSocialistDad I think it's photoshopped, no way has Keith got a reflection.#FreeJulianAssange to the 18 Labour MPs who voted against the #OverseasOperationsBill which protects people who commit torture…
Retweeted by Mrs CzaplaThe CAA are apparently now going international.....let's recall who they are....
Retweeted by Mrs Czapla @TomLondon6 It is wrong that the person that exposed the crime is the one that does the time!!
Retweeted by Mrs CzaplaKeir Starmer, May 2020: “No one should be sacked for speaking out.” Keir Starmer, Sept 2020: “Of course I sacked them. They spoke out.”
Retweeted by Mrs CzaplaIf you have a voice but you're staying silent on #JulianAssange, what's your excuse??? #FreeJulianAssange
Retweeted by Mrs Czapla @scottygb I think Ofcom are doing a great job If Miss Dixon got 20 minutes air time with her necklace on the night… in case you didn't realise how fucked Capitalism is, we are bailing out the Queen.
Retweeted by Mrs CzaplaYou are either into human rights for all or you're a fraud. Guess what yesterday showed?
Retweeted by Mrs Czapla#SercoTestandTraceShambles
Retweeted by Mrs Czapla @AndyPeacock999 @MarvelStudios It's what happens when you give Serco the franchise. Street exempts chauffeur-driven cars from new coronavirus restrictions @mhdksafa Good morning.Even the minister of propaganda can't spin this
Retweeted by Mrs Czapla @larymary60 She's looking miffed Mary. Savaged by Sunak she's going to throw her head back and start swallowing rodents any minute now. @reece_dinsdale There were some right nice fluffy clouds in that video is all I'm going to say. Know you are loved… really don’t care, do they? They’re laughing at us. Watch to end.
Retweeted by Mrs Czapla @georgeeaton No, that's not what will happen at all. Follow the sponsors, that's what will happen. Keith the Cupr… @BBCNews @geajochi We were afraid students travelling home for Christmas would be banned so we've all arranged to meet up at Barnard Castle.Join the EU 'Simples'
Retweeted by Mrs Czapla @jamesbaconx @DrewLawDesign Well, it is nearly Halloween. @DrewLawDesign The advertising campaign, "L'Oreal, You're just not worth it mate!" featured which Westminster stomach churner?France 🇫🇷 and Italy 🇮🇹 have banned shops from throwing away unsold food and clothes and instead they have to donate…
Retweeted by Mrs Czapla @DrewLawDesign In Turkey, many years ago, the waiter asked if we all wanted beans with our breakfast as most people… @lucyallan What point do you think you demonstrate Lucy, compassion for people on sick leave? Painting some young…
If the U.K. could rejoin the EU straight away but had to hold a PR election first , would you accept that as fair? #Brexit
Retweeted by Mrs CzaplaNone of the above.
Retweeted by Mrs CzaplaToday, without notice, #HS2 have taken possession of our Calvert Jubilee nature reserve. They will now destroy deca…
Retweeted by Mrs Czapla @troovus Bobby "Boris" Pickett & The Crypt Kickers @piersmorgan Never mind. @LouiseRawAuthor @CamillaTominey It would have been better to interview the cleaner than another round of condescension from plum gob.Is Smeeth the knights BOD handler🤔
Retweeted by Mrs Czapla @ms_czapla @miffythegamer A picture is worth a thousand words.
Retweeted by Mrs Czapla @BorisJohnson Don't go out, do go out, don't go out, do go out... Economy etc.. Do go out, don't go out, We'll… @AlanAdder75 @BrianHTweed I used to love "The Two Ronnies", don't know why that came to mind! 🤔My lil’ baby Bella went missing last night from Gravesend - proper long shot but please can you all share, especial…
Retweeted by Mrs Czapla @fieldsi79 @Keir_Starmer A lot of white hands raised in that classroom. @miffythegamer He's gone all Poundshop Winston again hasn't he? For full effect we should sit around the wireless… @DrewLawDesign Love Loves to Love Love - Lulu @davemacladd He's awake then! @andykar2 @mr_stephen_moss Good plan but it's not working! @DrewLawDesign Go on then, I've got half a packet of Rich Tea I'll split with you. Bring a tea spoon...#WhenDunkingGoesWrong @DanielFooksArt I think the best thing we can do for Corbyn is to allow him to go down in history as the spark that… @SFlooze @DiaDiGiovanni @tinakalinen @VictorK43995989 @VickyVicsmi @LouiseRawAuthor
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@Stonehenge_Bhoy Happy Birthday. x @AngelaRayner @dubplatedoris "Like l have always said unless you acknowledge an issue you cannot sort that issue ou… @lucyallan @BorisJohnson I did think it was a bit harsh Bozza ending the broadcast with the words, "Unless you die"… @zosteb Do it, they are such good company.Boris Johnson’s speech will guarantee further billions for the friends and donors of the Conservative Party. Cash…
Retweeted by Mrs Czapla @ClemStatlee I wouldn't say Keith was a "flag shagger", he definitely wipes his knob on the flag before zipping up though. @toadmeister What's it got to do with Bozo, he just reads from the script Cummings hands him. He doesn't ever know… @NOWTV Maggie SmithThe poor and middle-class are paying taxes, the rich are paying accountants, and the wealthy are paying politicians.
Retweeted by Mrs Czapla @DrewLawDesign Story Of A Life - Harry Chapin @DrewLawDesign Brad Paisley - This Is Country Music @DrewLawDesign finish touch work grainFor all thos crying about asylum seekers being house in disused barracks, why haven't you been protesting the M.O.D…
Retweeted by Mrs Czapla @jessphillips Can you not stab 'em in the front Jess? @Joeby52 Liar. @DPJHodges You deserve to lose if you listen to Starmer on Brexit policy, let's face it at that point Keith had jus… @Hepworthclare Compromise, leave the domestic for a rainy day and just concentrate on being a Goddess.☀️⛱️🌻 @CatSmithMP Does this *New Management* mean we are rid of the idiot that steered Corbyn into the disastrous Brexit… @gavinthomas2015 @AngelaRayner @Keir_Starmer fact Starmerists who spent 5 years pretending Jeremy Corbyn was antisemitic are now openly courting the Britain…
Retweeted by Mrs CzaplaKen Loach calls out Keir Starmer, what was his dealings in the Julian Assange case | @Labourheartland 📖…
Retweeted by Mrs Czapla @DrewLawDesign @265kay Mate, we know what county we're in without asking. 🤔 @DrewLawDesign Lincolnshire?I will never vote for Starmer's Labour. @larymary60 Miss Tel Aviv? @AngelaRayner @Keir_Starmer I loved that line from Starmer about, "A cabinet chosen on loyalty alone". The shadow… @AngelaRayner @Keir_Starmer Holding himself up for comparisons to Keir Hardie or even Harold Wilson wasn't a good s… says we need to look in the mirror to see why Labour lost, with the centrists shooting the party in the foo…