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WHY did I just confront Maisen about something his sister told me he did. I’m walking out the room and I hear him w… makeup game just gets better & better 😍 I truly wish I had that talent
Bridgerton was sooooooo good !!!I wanna be like Kris Jenner when I grow up , Period 😂 Sis NEVER missed any sort of bag ! That’s really a get money… -never fumble a bag- Jenner.
Retweeted by 𝓣.I swear 😭😂 glow different when you out here respecting her and not embarrassing her. #Respectfully
Retweeted by 𝓣.Do anybody else man get mad and then be like “w.e go ahead and go post your man @JustinLaboy shit” LMFAOOOO like wh…’t stalk my social media to see a conversation just to make ya self mad 🥴😂Trust your gut...You ain’t crazy #Respectfully
Retweeted by 𝓣.I have wayyyy too many vacations planned in my mind for this year. 😂😂 & we out! ✈️
Retweeted by 𝓣.Your reputation is highlighted today and your professional wor... More for Leo @ms_taymarr I think I know wym but I mind my beeswax but lmao evil laugh 😭 my dawg 🤞🏾 Have a good day be happy lol
Retweeted by 𝓣. @shmurda823 Ik you know from ya first comment ctfu but you too love 💕 Good vibes today!!Loves it 🥰✨ @shmurda823 Lmao always happy just don’t like the funny shit☺️ But ik I evil laughed inside 😂😂😂 @CorinneJaniece Lmao I would love that !! Especially when I get my nails done I’m like damn I wanna smoke while we do this 😭😂 @shmurda823 Boy stfu lmao y’all all make me cringe 😬 @CorinneJaniece That’s professional because in some of our heads were like “I wonder if I can bring a blunt and we… , Good morning people & Happy Friday 🌝🤗Idk why I’m always up before 8am on my days off 😩Why always be sneakyIt’s weird that someone won’t ever have a convo in front of you 🤣That’s why we never mixed like water with the oilI love showing somebody I’m not the one to play with 😌Telling bitches speak up!! All 2021!! 👏🏼👏🏼
Retweeted by 𝓣.I hate when a mf be on the phoe whispering , SPEAK UP BITCH @shmurda823 LMAO I’m eye balling tf out the computer like “when is he going to get off that shit” & than seen your… @shmurda823 stop sending that invite LMFAOOI’m verzuz ready 😬
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Your reputation is highlighted today and you could really bene... More for Leo lower back is killlllllllling me 🥴Thought I was the only one 😂😂 📌‼️ BEST , can’t no body tell me now I’m bringing drama to them when all I wanted was a support system w. everythin… with the same bitchs y’all used to make fun of together 🥴 news I got , HAPPY yet so nervous 😩🥺🥰Idk how these mfs going to ask me main entrance or outpatient than send my order to my old apartment like get it tf together !!!!
I’m at peace with a lot of shit because I know I kept it real on my end.
Retweeted by 𝓣.I’m glad I have the friends I do now who say that shit right than and there & not have to discuss it to everyone el… said “take it how I want it this definitely not about me” LMFAO like as long as you know sis I repost any type… person followed me // automatically checked by for impact on the professional front today. Thanks to a ... More for Leo 1:1 has me ready to sleep on the floor 😭😂I’m so in love with my children 🥰 they are perfect
Retweeted by 𝓣.The funniest shit ever can’t wait to go out with Crystal next weekend , I’m going to get her white girl wasted ! She needs it 🤗🥰I have so many things to be thankful for I can’t let anything get in the way of me being great
Retweeted by 𝓣.I’m really proud of myself for the woman I am becoming. My mindset has shifted, my priorities have changed, my tole…
Retweeted by 𝓣.ppl really don’t have u like they say they do
Retweeted by 𝓣.Whew glad I ain’t this dummmmy anymore , just so embarrassing the shit I used to settle for & thought I deserved.
But this is true asf about them 😂 is the best sign I’ve ever been with 😩😂🤣 maybe he got a double life idk about LMFAOOOOOO’s really a BITCH ass boy I really can’t do nothing but laugh 😭😂My kids never come back home with their new shit I sent out ! Now that’s a different level of pissed you gon damn sure hear my mouth about !You’re so impressive all on your own, but every once in a whil... More for Leo @lil_Ivy3 I tried that once years ago and it never helped. We changed the mattress and everything & nothing working… 🥺 My back and shoulders are killing me 😭 why I’m up this early but I’m ready to go get breakfast. Now I need Navoni to wake up so we can go be fat together 🤣🤗It’s weird that people don’t like YOU or what you post but refuse to unfollow/block you.& I wish you bitter ass BD have a little more RESPECT for us especially when we don’t bother you for seeing ya kids… !’ll pick my happiness over a bond with with anybody ANY DAY!
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Navoni doesn’t even realize or know why I’m laughing at this kid movie but she’s laughing at the fact I’m enjoying it 😂❤️Idk why people play with me and then don’t like how I play back😭😭😭
Retweeted by 𝓣. @Lmfao_Preci I SCREAMED when he said that shit 😂😂😂😭😭😭 Idc Idc Idc I love white guys they be having me on the floor !God will finally send that man right along your path. Even for the second time because Joe & I tried years ago , it… love when everyone says they want what I have but y’all I went through the MUD & was treated like garbage before… 🥰 just sucks I’m always giving my kids excuses for someone else’s actions never ever ever matching what they say to them🥺 @PrettyAssRee_ I love you prima keep your head up ❤️This man loves me so much🥺
Retweeted by 𝓣.Look beyond your familiar surroundings for satisfaction today.... More for Leo most importantly it truly is a “if he wanted to he would” I used to beg someone for time & things like this and… would really hate you bc of how a nigga love you... and it’s truly sad
Retweeted by 𝓣.There was no service the whole time , you could send a text but that was about it even on the WiFi. I enjoyed that… was the BEST weekend of my life. He went all out for our first year anniversary and I can’t wait to see what’s…
3 people followed me // automatically checked by careful about flexing your muscles on the professional fron... More for Leo
You could make a major impact at work today, so put on your be... More for Leo
Stalking my tweets won’t tell you anything... I could tweet “im so done” & b talking bout how they gave me one less…
Retweeted by 𝓣.Needed ❤️’s a good day to get business matters sorted, so if there ar... More for Leo @shmurda823 I d.a was thinking about that camera too ! I’m definitely going to snag it upDamn near every mile mark a cop has a car pulled over on the parkway 🥴 @shmurda823 LMFAO I didn’t at all he’s the one who wants no electronics , i said “how I’m suppose to take pics” he… @ms_taymarr Wow he’s a sucker he let his girl put him on game restriction 😂😂😂 jk jk
Retweeted by 𝓣.The weirdest !👏🏽👏🏽 @shmurda823 Yea OK 🤣, he not even letting me take my phone 😭😭 He’s strictly “this our weekend” 😅🤗💎✨ showed me she was prepared last night feeding the baby , she was so excited to be helping with the baby.I know we about to make a whole baby this weekend , I’m prepared 🤣One more hour & we off to our mini getaway 🥰Joe tagged me in this video of a guy sucking & licking his girl armpit & said “Say I won’t” like sir you eat my ass… don’t be in my face when you know something YOU THINK I DONT KNOW ABOUT. cause I will curse you out.
Retweeted by 𝓣.I love a nigga that won’t let you leave his life 😩😩😩😩😍😍😍😍😍😍..
Retweeted by 𝓣.I love me some Shonti 🥰 So happy we started building a friendship. She truly makes me laugh and smile !