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Ann Aguirre @MsAnnAguirre Sayavedra, Mexico

Writer person. she/her 2020 releases: Strange Love (SFR Jan), Honor Lost (YA SF Feb), The War Priest (PNR April), Bitterburn (FR October)

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@marykaltman The Girl from the Well by Rin Chupeco. It's so good. @Charlotte_Stein The majority of this thread bums me out. I hate seeing people LOL at those doing their best in another language. @wnwagner The apple cinnamon oatmeal was fantastic (breakfast). We had meatloaf, curried veggies, and mac n cheese… gets up at 7, makes oatmeal, meatloaf, pot of jook, curried veggies, macaroni & cheese, completes a [redacted… are slowly returning to normal here. Andres is home now & my son was punted from his university, so he came…
What is wrong with people?? "A woman played a "twisted prank" at a Pennsylvania grocery store Wednesday by purpose… @chronic_mom @sodaksusan Thank you @OfCatsAndBooks1 Thank you @DrenzPen Me too @_ElizabethMay Honestly, if this had happened a week ago, I would have had a breakdown. But he's so much better and… @RhiannonFrater Me tooPics or it didn't happen @readingromance3 Thank you @LianaBrooks It's inexplicable @Jessreads2much Me too? It really is a miracle. Now I have to keep him safe 😷 @younglibrarian I guess quarantine makes some people mean @_ElizabethMay It's really hurtful @dee_carney I was so shocked and upset. @sodaksusan Yes. He's going home today if his x-ray looks good. @EditorChrista Its so hateful.I'm still mostly offline but I must say this. Whoever is signing me up for dating sites as a joke is astonishingly heartless and cruel.
"It's not about you, it's about everybody else"
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I haven't posted an update in a while. Andres switched from ICU to an intermediate care room. He's doing better. T…
Basically I will be offline and at the hospital for the foreseeable future. If you feel like helping me spread the…
Andres had an emergency surgery late last night. The doctor said it went well and he's doing better. I'll get to se… @CarrieAnnRyan I'm sorry. It's been a hell day
They're treating him for septic shock, pneumonia, and a collapsed lung.'s in ICU husband is being admitted. Good thoughts welcome. the ER again. I'm really scared this time.Today women in the public restroom were washing their hands like it was their job A+++ @Alyssa_Day You know better. People can be terrible. @NathalieGray Yes.Finally, if you @ me to say that people get sick because of sin & that this is a "holy cleansing", you will be blocked. @HerHandsMyHands Or worse, honestly. I have seen some truly horrifying takes that I won't repost because they were outright evil.And then think about this: Hong Kong & Taiwan managed to flatten the curve. They took decisive measures quickly.…“It may become necessary to establish an age limit for access to intensive care.” 'Those who are too old to have a… weeks ago, Italy had 322 cases 1 week ago = 2502 now = 10,149 That is scary math. "The document begins by like…
how do you find out who your feudal lord is if you don’t live in Seattle?
Retweeted by Ann AguirreGreat advice!
Retweeted by Ann AguirreMeatloaf @RetroMissJilly @AuthorStacyGold Cool can you untag me @laurakcurtis @lilithsaintcrow Hmmm. I'm interested... @tasmin21 @lilithsaintcrow I've got some in the oven right now. My oven is a bit slow & wonky so I might have to up the cook time, IDK. @vanessajaye @richardmarx 🤣The ones your girl fucked to before she met you.
Retweeted by Ann Aguirre @Tuphlos I'm playing Richard Marx rn @Tuphlos Now Bob's a prisoner to this pain 🤣 @Tuphlos Richard Marx was right there waiting for Bob.I'm roasting cauliflower because @lilithsaintcrow sold me on the idea. It should be said that we kinda hate caulifl… now, a Facebook post from a woman in Italy, where the healthcare system is on the brink of collapse. She urges…
Retweeted by Ann AguirrePlease, if you can spare a few dollars, consider helping Lina and her dad out. Thank you, from the bottom of my hea…
Retweeted by Ann Aguirre @YasmineGalenorn Oh that's genius! I believe he's on the mend, but his last blood work results were confusing. If… @demetrabrodsky I've done a fair amount of baking with almond flour. I wonder how an almond / oat flour blend cooki… @demetrabrodsky Oooh. Have you tried baking with it? The oat flour, not the Vitamix. 😂 @scifrey I have until July but I'm leaning toward canceling. I don't have any faith that the current US admin will handle the pandemic well. @chichenpizza @ahugheswriter It's supposed to arrive tomorrowConfession: I subbed the celery for onion on my own so the dog can have some. She is so spoiled. 🤣 @caytibinba My blender is old & only has one button but it does the job. 🤣 @ahugheswriter I enjoy improving my cooking so it's better for us but still delicious & feels like comfort food. @chessakat Wow, really? Did not know this! @YasmineGalenorn Awesome! It was a recommended substitution. I'm trying to put better food in Andrés's belly so he… @mangamaniac I got it.Did you know you can make oat flour from rolled oats in a blender? I just did it! I subbed oat flour (higher fibe… 🔥 don’t let them power ballads fool you; Richard Marx will straight fuck yo shit up.
Retweeted by Ann Aguirre @fangirlJeanne That's the perfect comparison! The colors are like a scoop of orange and raspberry sherbet. @piperhuguley I will post pics when it arrivesLook at the color gradation on the back 😍 @HerHandsMyHands It's so cute @JenniferBardall Same @alwayscoffee I got it @Cmlb3050My I bought it @spaazzp I got the bag @SkiffilyPodcast This was the response that made me stop resisting. I too want to be insufferable with buyer's glee.Feeling the love @Elysabethgrace I'm being enabled @RochelleJennin7 oh dear, will to resist fading... @totallydonna Isn't it cute?! 😍someone convince me I don't need this bag readers ask me about something I wrote years ago & tbh I don't even remember writing it, let alone what I had in mind at the time @piperhuguley I'm super excited about Sweet Tea, can't wait to read it. @piperhuguley I loved The Preacher's Promise 😍I love this! Time for me to recommend some writers too: @RdotSpoon @KitRocha @piperhuguley @mel_thegreat @dianapfrancis @DevonMonk @melissa_marr @YasmineGalenorn @deborahblake @LAGilman @Catrambo @ilona_andrews
German 16th Century ring that unfolds into an astronomical sphere
Retweeted by Ann Aguirre @NanceyCumms Waiting to see how things are? @_ElizabethMay is it bad that my first thought was that 5 rabid raccoons sounded like an improvement over the probable replacement pick? @MetalBlonde I was invited to attend GenCon as a writer guest in July and I don't know if I should go. My husband t…, if you're booked for appearances in the summer, are you canceling them?I just enjoy how you can read “white washing” over Pence’s shoulder during this #caronavirus press briefing.
Retweeted by Ann Aguirre @HillaryMonahan @readjennymartin that was my life before, tbhThis is one hell of a read.
Retweeted by Ann AguirreU Sask news don’t yet have all the tools we need to fight COVID-19. This is an important step toward having treatments, whil…
Retweeted by Ann Aguirre @mel_thegreat getting beginning, middle, and end in like 3000 words? That's sorcery* NGL, I struggle. *expert app… other generations also feel the constant, weighted, hopeless inevitability of societal collapse or were some of…
Retweeted by Ann Aguirreme: sure, I'll write a short story for the anthology also me: WHY are short stories so hard??? I could write 1/4 o… @rachelcaine I'm so glad to hear this. You don't need more complications.
@Charlotte_Stein @RdotSpoon i vote it's cos he's a famous vampire cocksman 🤣 @Charlotte_Stein @RdotSpoon like I'm the only one thinking Vlad the Impaler should get a new spin when he's that fine