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NYT and USA Today bestselling author of the Blue mysteries, the Dr. Benjamin Bones Mysteries, and the Magic of Cornwall series.

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Please watch this excellent closing statement by @chrislhayes To stand up this way against his bosses at NBC News…
Retweeted by Emma Jameson @GeneQueer Resurrect, clone, chimera? @DeanWhiteColor Thanks, maybe try Marriage Can Be Murder? It’s set in 1939 and I have fun with historical details. And thanks again.I love these! Dear @Marvel we need this. I like the middle figure (hair and fingerless gloves) and the pants on the… @DeanWhiteColor Yes, they’re all on audio. Thanks! I’m listening to Anne of Green Gables right now. I need comfort. 😊 @lodix1 Yeah, exactly, you are making a point that may really be what Hickman meant. (And to be honest I literally… @lodix1 Having said all that, I am still carrying the torch for Hickman to transform her into Phoenix. The Jean in… @DeanWhiteColor I know. It’s an almost indescribably tragic and ugly moment. Thanks for your art. @lodix1 It’s also strange and sad to think everything Jean did since (raise Nathan, be married to Scott, lead the X… @lodix1 I respectfully disagree. If we recognize the Phoenix-Jean in a cocoon retcon, this wasn’t Jean. Full-stop.… same 4 mutuals who always support my shitty tweets 😂
Retweeted by Emma Jameson @DaveShevlin88 Well-placed box, that.This colorist’s work is truly outstanding. for the role of “Anthony Stark”. Didn’t come even remotely close, but the nice man with the taser escort…
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@GeneQueer Yeah, I liked a coupla of things about that interview, though I thought the tone was snotty. (1) that Je… @MadsxFrost He’s definitely drank his own Kool-Aid, based on the tone of that interview. Ye gods. In my next life I… moms text reporters.
Retweeted by Emma Jameson @TROCK71311182 That’s a good theory.Skeptical groundhog 😂
Retweeted by Emma Jameson @MadsxFrost Who’s the character in the red costume and mask? @AdamSerwer I scarcely dared to dream of a Baby-Butters photo, yet here it is.
@RayneHall Tuxies always have that extra little jolt of confidence. @RemyLeBeau I know.... if only, if only....Hey! Kids love superheroes! And kids love hot dogs! So, I figured why not combine the two for the ultimate treat…
Retweeted by Emma Jameson @RemyLeBeau Before it all went wrong, you’d think Moira might have had a plan that involved Phoenix. Hard to imagin… @zaranosaur Three out of five that I’ve owned over the years have passed the mirror test. The other two had the “wh… @MagnetoRocks @Talk_Logan1 #XSpoilers Unless my theory about them being chimeras is right, in which case they are l… @JeanGreyFanPage I love this!Heartbreaking. Rest In Peace.
@chuubilee I am a Jean fan from 1981 on and this the most interesting take I’ve heard in awhile. Good on you. @chuubilee @phoeNBx I like this. @RichardEngel Hevrin Khalef was executed today by these thugs. Shame on the international community. Shame on anyon…
Retweeted by Emma JamesonTurkey’s conflict in Syria took a major turn today. First alleged atrocities by Turkish-backed Arab militias, execu…
Retweeted by Emma Jameson @JeanGreyFanPage Professor X’s disembodied head and hands up there made me laugh for some reason. @McKennaDeanFic Whoa. That’s a hell of a story.Me! @TheMarvelReport @ACEcomiccon Excellent!The Marvel cosplay is on point today at @ACEcomiccon ! #acecomiccon #ACEComicConMidwest
Retweeted by Emma Jameson @dark_cloudsX Classic awesome lookPlease be a Disney+ show... was trying to watch some Golden Girls, but Hulu somehow managed to load the subtitles from a Buffy episode I had…
Retweeted by Emma JamesonYep. That just happened at @ACEcomiccon #acecomiccon
Retweeted by Emma Jameson @AdamSerwer Congratulations!!! @silicasun @valeriepenny @TudorTweep @QDixxxie @ninsthewriter @LKKelley1 @Cozyreaders @ReadingIsOurPas @LeeMTipton @tobysnews I’m gonna start watching it. @ScandalousSam2 Now I want to learn to sew so I can sew him an outfit. @RedClops123 No, I’m with you. I think all the X-Men are behaving strangely. It doesn’t help that there isn’t one l… E A U T I F U L @MD47 Those are gorgeous!!! @RedClops123 But I mostly refuse to recognize it. Lol. I don’t think Scott as a villain made any sense, and between… @RedClops123 Yeah. In the 90s I felt like his character was less well-served, and then Morrison happened and I viol… @RedClops123 Louise Simonson’s Cyclops has always been my favorite. I treasured her characterization of him so much… proud of @WSMVNancyAmons and the local NBC affiliate. pretty clever. @NXOnNetflix, look, those guys who gave us the terrible final season of GoT... their big-screen project Gemini Man couldn’t m… @MadsxFrost Cool. I’m gonna get it but we won’t watch till Sunday. Thanks for the rec.(1) attention #authors (2) YIKES air I saw it in a movie, I wouldn’t believe it. @MadsxFrost So I just watched the trailer. Seems like it’s the origin story plus a lot of villains. If I spend $20…
Don't miss this great story on #NationalComingOutDay all #authors! If you run or have run AMS ads, check your account. I did and found two old ones from 2017 tu… You might think it will be shocking, like a bolt from the blue. Sometimes it is. More often… @ISnowNothin Well done, you! 🏳️‍🌈 I came out twice in my life. Once at 14, again at 34. The second time was the c…👇 @GeneQueer One day I’ll get over it. But today is not that day. @GeneQueer Is the scene above where they fight over her allegedly wearing corsets for others but turtlenecks for him? @3_piets Yes. I used to try to get rid of my anxiety. Now I’m trying to live with it, and manage it. @3_piets Thank you! 😊 @DaveShevlin88 Same. I have a theory. Since I fell in love with the X-Men during my formative years, I sometimes re… @DaveShevlin88 That’s what frustrates me, when it goes past, “I think you’re wrong, it’s a good story” into “Your a… @DaveShevlin88 Absolutely. You can argue whether a theme is misinterpreted, or whether a character is behaving oddl… @moxie329 I really miss those X-Men. @CrushingComics We can always agree to disagree. 😊Victories can look very different when you have mental illness. Did you take a shower? Did you call your dr even…
Retweeted by Emma Jameson @CrushingComics Teen Jean Grey is wonderful and pure and good. @aliastager @AustinGorton True, I guess; I’m returning after a long absence and there are gaps in my knowledge. It… @AustinGorton #XSpoilers She sits like a child; he looms over her, giving his wisdom. @AustinGorton #XSpoilers I think they’re all behaving like good copies but it’s not a popular opinion on Twitter. @suspiciouscffee #XSpoilers apparently yes and I guess because she was getting blood transfusions from Wolv? @MD47 #XSpoilers when I saw Jean demoted to Marvel Girl, I thought perhaps they’d whipped up a younger version to t… @MD47 #XSpoilers Remember her “testing” Phoenix around UXM #125 (it was in X-Men TAS too). I’d love for that to be referenced. @MD47 #XSpoilers True. I wondered why, if they REALLY believe they will be exterminated, they don’t go off-world. T… @AdwinCaban @ChettEyeKnight Whoa doggie! 🔥 @MarvelMan616 #XSpoilers I do. Cylobel ends up in a tube in two separate lives, right? (Making me accidentally lump… @MD47 #XSpoilers Honestly it’s a grim thought—no humans, the mutants caged and about to be destroyed, and the post-… @MD47 #XSpoilers I wouldn’t think so. Ascension really seemed like death plus a soulless digital copy of yourself i… @AdwinCaban What a great scene! I’m catching up... do you happen to know what it’s from? @AdwinCaban @ChettEyeKnight Gorgeous. Sad to see this look go by the wayside. 😭😭😭I love this scene. #Phoenix #JeanGrey love this image #Xmen
Retweeted by Emma Jameson @AdwinCaban @ChettEyeKnight I will always hear the spinnet-type genteel Hellfire music from TAS whenever I see Jean as the Black Queen. @kat8811 @JeanGreyFanPage I said the same! Wearing a mask around people who know her well after working under her legal name for years. @keeltyc #XSpoilers I suggested that awhile back (just suggested it) and people got so angry with me! @sergetowers You do great work. I look forward to ordering more.👇👇
@DSquare72 #XSpoilers I felt the same, but now I’m telling myself the fable that Charles and Magneto, in their blac… @sergetowers look what just arrived!! #Phoenix’d like to visit (a diet soda for me) and check out the vibes. @rooneg @RobertSecundus @revel_nir #XSpoilers I am choosing to believe... I am choosing to believe .... this will u…