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Harsh Shandilya @MSF_Jarvis Ghaziabad, India

21 | M | Android and Kotlin developer | Work-in-progress Rustacean | Pinnit shill

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It's so hot and stuffy today that Ellie's just roaming around everybody's rooms trying to find the spot that's cool enough to lie down :(I don't know slack. I have no clue, ever. Why don't you let me log in to slack generally and then you tell *me* whi…
Retweeted by Harsh ShandilyaSo you're telling me adding zeroes to your usual 4 digit PIN when asked for 6 digits is not zero padding
Retweeted by Harsh Shandilya
@TheGlitchh I don't work with AOSP platform code anymore @TheGlitchh never dabbled with HALs @aamirXDA ah I see. I was going by the tweet here @aamirXDA AFAICT their press release uses the phrase "is available for review" with no mention of a timeline, just… @aamirXDA Well... letter is very powerful:
Retweeted by Harsh ShandilyaPressing the Work profile switch after a productive day is my idea of zenI certainly love my Pixel 2, but it's really becoming a hard sell for me considering the price goes up each year bu… ever get a text and say out loud “bro leave me alone”
Retweeted by Harsh Shandilya @divadsn tyvm sir I too thought it was humorousThere's Instagram who can't be fucked to add a changelog and then there's me who thinks 500 characters is about a t… "Mark all as read" every morning doesn't seem like the right way to do RSS feeds.So you're telling me adding zeroes to your usual 4 digit PIN when asked for 6 digits is not zero padding
No @TheGlitchh @Bosslogic @LastWeekTonight would certainly know what @molly_struve I did! Watched some shows, stayed away from my PC and only now started tinkering with some stuff.Friendly reminder, if you have today off, use it wisely! Recharge that mental battery if you need to! 🧠
Retweeted by Harsh ShandilyaTech debt fucking blows @kvlly Good to know I'm not alone! It's hard to just use other people's apps without thinking what I like about it,… @LiamSpradlin Liam I am trying to watch my show here stop putting these thoughts in my headIt's so hot out here that just looking at the sun is giving me a heat stroke @pantharshit00 Yeah location heavily affects RTT on connections...As a Mobile Developer, security is important! that's why I decide to make a Serial for security: Part 1 — Encryptio…
Retweeted by Harsh Shandilya Reconfigured the setup to not fetch dnscrypt's public resolver list over broken DNS so now… @anirudhgupta109 Yeah, but it works on Mint which is confusing to me.
Gonna have to sort these out tomorrow. Good night Twitter! has got to be the highest rate of tweeting for me, everSubmitted upstream! fingers crossed think at this point I can say I'll be able to mend whatever goes south with my switch to NixOS for my desktop. AF… we're up! Not very hard once you figure it out.Voila! $ nix-prefetch-url --type sha256 --unpack 1my0hidqnv4s7hi5897m81pq0sjw05np0g27hlkg… trying various combinations of nix-prefetch-url to see what version matches the currently broken package so I can start fixing it.It's gonna take a while to wrap my head around updating a NixOS package. Documentation feels rather sloppy around t… I think I'm doing great so far, stuff's looking fairly complete and functional. Thanks… I am having a rather hard time remembering what packages I have on my Mint install...Thanks to the functional nature of NixOS I can be sure that the package list I am building here on my laptop's inst… living out my best life in the @nixos_org package repository: So. Many. Things.I also tell people to not follow in my footsteps because it was a rather painful way to do things, but if that's wh…! I built my first Android app before I could write any Java (back in 2016?!?!). Yes that code is cursed shit… fact that GitHub and Twitter were the first sites I recycled 2FA on when I moved to Google Authenticator probab… that, Cloudflare it is. 28ms RTT is pretty sweet.Being able to reboot into a different version of my fuckup is a godsend @backlon Reminds them too much of the number of messaging apps Google hasDecided it's secret-ish and switched to NextDNS' public resolver. Time for NixOS generation 10!Also got this working in NixOS! Now to decide if my NextDNS dnscrypt-proxy location is secret information or not... @anirudhgupta109 @_rahulsridhar @kingbri_aahs @github Manually? @fuolpit 🤷‍♂️IMO @GitHub needs some way of sorting issues by priority. I'm not a huge fan of Jira but the priority option is som… @sudojarvis bad time with weather sir @97pratyush Humidity's the real killer here as well @sudojarvis @sudojarvis >:( @Nick_Craver @googlechrome TIL Ctrl + Shift + R does not empty cache. My life's been a lie...Sonu bhai Appreciation tweet..❤️🙏 @SonuSood
Retweeted by Harsh ShandilyaAsked the user to email me about the bug, explained him why it was happening and what I'm doing to get it fixed ASA… patch release for Android Password Store is up! This fixes the problem where people's URLs were being mang… @devansh21db @craigaryhart oh yeah @pantharshit00 That statusbar is giving me major anxietySup, Windows users seriously disliked this kind of data leakage and Apple community didn't even peep.
Retweeted by Harsh ShandilyaSo macOS 10.15 calls Apple for each new binary installed - Apple effectively tracks every single program you have o…
Retweeted by Harsh ShandilyaSome progress here: I've managed to use dnscrypt-proxy to ward off the problem without requiring a full VPN. Will p…
TIL It takes one small miscommunication for a 4-star review to become a 1-star rant, yikes.Three cheers for civilised @g0ld3nbe4s7 whose DM with me is simply tweets is a personal attack Pushed to the Play Store awaiting publishing. This release also marks the first time in a… release for Android Password Store coming soon 👀Watching guard over Mom in case someone other than her tries to steal Mom's lunch @arter97 @topjohnwu @IanColdwater Never not the perfect time for a honk
Retweeted by Harsh ShandilyaHmmm
@StealUrKill_PhD VPN already fixed it but I'm trying to avoid running oneMe writing software 3 years ago: Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair! Me looking back on the software I wrot…
Retweeted by Harsh ShandilyaGitHub tweeted out an article about why their April uptime was so bad and what they're doing about it; and within t… @RikKoedoot @RikKoedoot Rik if you must know, I have neither the penmanship nor the physical space for this particular strain of insane.Every day is a good day for a pet photo @imAlwaysLivid Don't think they're _that_ compressed, looked fine on my 1080p monitor @rupanshsekar I am enjoying this more than I thought I would @rupanshsekar @rupanshsekar @pantharshit00 The router is mine, it still can't bypass the ISP resolver. @piyush_a None of those ways will bypass my ISP's resolver across all devices on my network. I have used NextDNS in… @sudojarvis @excitel_rocks I never said a Pi-Hole would fix it, it was there simply because someone inevitably will… @SriSandeep108 Jio blocks sites just like most other ISPs, that's a separate concern. The problem here is non-functional DNS. @sudojarvis @excitel_rocks "[...] doesn't use my ISP's resolver [...] can only assume they don't hijack UDP connections" @sudojarvis @excitel_rocks WireGuard uses UDP and doesn't use my ISP's resolver so I can only assume they don't hijack UDP connections. @piyush_a My router is unsupported by OpenWRT. @sudojarvis @excitel_rocks I simply want to bypass their DNS resolver. The ISP gateway works perfectly fine.