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Hired gun. I wrote that one thing you didn't really agree with. Curious to a fault and prone to profanity. Opinions = mine. She/her. 1/2 of @spotlesspod.

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@abbey_simmons Incredible. @mshannabrooks Slightly related... Eyeman’s original career was commemorative college graduate watch salesman. His…
Retweeted by Hanna Brooks OlsenI have precisely zero tears to shed for Tim Eyman. It is not, I don't think, hyperbole to say that people in Washin… @SpotlessPod @knitpurl Oh hey! That would be @marleysmonsters! @YellowPup7 Ramble On. So good. @Dannofive3six I literally said aloud "ugh sorry dad."Spotify was just playing picks for me and one track came on and I was like oh daaaaang this is great, who is this?…
@jcohenwrites he literally doesn't know how to pay for things with his own money. @ispizzaratalive Yeah like imagine if you had to pay a quarter for toilet paper.Sometimes I just think about the fact that menstrual hygiene products are somehow considered a luxury or something…
Thank you for listening to my TED Talk, What Snow Plows Can Teach Us About Tax ReformFind the guys who are doing well right now and ask why you aren't in that group. Ask. what the difference is. You… you want someone to be mad at, stop pointing the finger at people who have less than you do and start looking up the chain, friendo.It's because you are subsidizing the growth and profit of someone else. And the fact that you can't get out of yo… fact that your property taxes have skyrocketed does suck. You are right to be upset about that. But not because… @MikeStandish That's basically what they do on the east coast, apparently, according to @kthcswll!!!If the economy worked the way that conservatives (and hell, lefties who don't like, think about stuff) want you to… corporation moves into your city and makes everything more expensive & difficult. You pay more taxes but you don'… benefactors do not give us nice things. We had a lower percentage of roads plowed this in 2019 than we did… I just have not seen a more perfect example of the disconnect that people have between local services and taxes.If your street didn't get plowed, blame Tim Eyman and the lawmakers who keep resisting a progressive replacement fo… if plowing was solely the purview of the private market.So I assume all of the Pure Capitalists in King County in the last week were out shoveling and plowing their own dr… @billyduss Perpetual growth is not a thing, so I think you're correct.Re: Amazon, I cannot emphasize enough that you will understand this kind of deal better after listening to this… to the next mark. Which city will give up enough? @kcmetrobus 🙏🙏 you are the best! I was at Northgate and it was basically thunderdome.Hey @kcmetrobus I know you're handling a lot right now but i definitely almost ate it in a park and ride this morni… week @mshannabrooks and @BrettHamil write about selling Real Change as part of our #VendorWeek celebration. Sa…
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Muslims in the Pacific Northwest saved a homeless encampment from the worst of the snow by paying for them to stay…
Retweeted by Hanna Brooks Olsen @VTrippel @badlin And how did it actually make...things...clean? @badlin IT SURE IS. I bet you can remember the smell.Raise what's left of your hand if you were ever personally victimized by this as a public school child @sarahannelloyd Please braid my hair oh manHow many Instagram followers do I need to have before I spontaneously understand how to do a fishtail braid?Anecdotal evidence: About one in two Seattle homeowners is a monster. Cc @KUOW
@sarahannelloyd Vom.Ok here's a Q that I guess I could Google but instead I will ask this way: Any non-meat-eaters out there have a pre…🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 @LizDueweke @DairyQueen I need a DQ in North Seattle very very very very very very badly. @stentontoledo A lot of it holds up better than it should. @stentontoledo Never forget:
it's a Venn diagram but you can't tell because they're the same people @JoeVeyera On Brand Joe Veyera @rissaoftheway live look at mehow the fuck is it snowing again. @GoldyHA @KUOW Can you put a shovel...on the dog? Make her a little plow?THANK YOU, @KUOW is most definitely not.
Lol my gym is packed today, I love you freaks.
@Ersilians Oh Jesus, it looks like the warm line is basically not running right now. So 211 during the day and 911… @Ersilians I've also heard of folks having a really hard time with the crisis line the last few days which I am loo… @Ersilians As I understand it, the protocol is call 211 when it's open (bankers hours, basically) OR the crisis lin…
@sarahannelloyd Hey at least some things never change. SOCKEYE SALMON. @sarahannelloyd Also lettuce isn't exactly a high-nutrient food but I guess the palate wants what it wants.Also, pet food. Make sure you have at least three days of pet food at all times in your house because it's very unc… I MEAN LENTILS AND KIND BARS NOT BOURBON, YOU CANNOT LIVE ON BOURBON. I HAVE TRIED WITH LIMITED SUCCESS.After the snow melts, please go back to the store and buy some nonperishables to keep around because it is clear th… @slippish @BrittneyBush Yeah I kind of loved that flavor!When are we bringing back this style of water bottle? photo is a dick pic when you look like a penis and also are a dick. @RLSherman I believe in you!PRAY FOR SERVICE WORKERSCan't decide what I hate more right now: Everyone out doing their shopping or the amazement expressed by everyone o…
@girlyfriday And take off your giant backpack if you're standiiiiinnnnnggggggg @Soup4Bonnie Next time you board, expect a ticker-tape welcome. You deserve it!Snow/ice/Viaduct closure seems to mean lots of new folks on the bus, which is super cool until they are vexed—VEXED… @ryannickum 💕💕💕
Update: I'm not good at this! Also I am IN THIS PAPER. I'm out here braving the cold to support @RealChangeNews. Come see me on 1st and Stewart! #VendorWeek am so so so proud to know @PramilaJayapal. What a badass. Y'all really need to keep an eye on Washington state. W… is a common, safe procedure that 1 in 4 American women will have in their lifetime. It is part of the full…
Retweeted by Hanna Brooks OlsenSo to recap...fetuses (of white folks) are "innocent lives," but literal innocent children at the border are crimin…’s that applause you so desperately need, boo.
Retweeted by Hanna Brooks OlsenThere is no justification for a wall or separating families. There is no justification for a wall or separating fa…
Retweeted by Hanna Brooks OlsenUnless he’s proposing nationwide cost-free availability of PrEP and safe injection sites, not sure we’re gonna make…
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@ThatAJJohnson That'll come in handy when that kid starts moving around and making messes! @winnP Yes! My favorite is when places actively "mispronounce" names that exist elsewhere—see, Des Moines, WA; they pronounce the S. @JustinLewisWA will-AM-ette! @heroinebook This biggest balancing act of this god-forsaken career is knowing when to go to bat for your words and… reference, since I know you'll ask, here is how you remember: "It's the Willamette, damnit.")Someday I'll listen to an audiobook where the narrator correctly pronounces "Willamette." Today is not that day. @lindseyblue Lol yup. Just staying very on-brand.YES YES YES YES DR. FABS YES extremely wonderful boyfriend came on my cleaning podcast to talk about division of labor and fancy vacuums. @Sley_Stack Look at that perfect little nose! What a sweet face. <3 Nieces rock.Tired: "The Republicans are the party of Lincoln" Wired: "The Republicans are the party of Ted Bundy"
@ashleysee <3 <3How is every nail art lady on Instagram also somehow a flippin surgeon.My next think piece is going to be about how having tremors makes it really hard to paint my nails beautifully. @thename @stagewilkins @pushtheneedle Omg yes I love this. Put 'em to work (and save your back!) @brinsonian My neighbor is from the east coast which explains a lot. He also had a BUCKET OF DEICER THAT HE WAS USING. What a pro. @johnmoe Seriously! It's such a rare but intense occurrence that it's always very scary. @johnmoe It's been really windy so some of the drifts are 5in, but it's like, 3 in most places. But the sidewalks a…, be a decent GD neighbor, especially if you could stay home today. Help folks get around. Don't be the kind… thing that's interesting to me WRT renters v owners is we live in very small apartments. I don't know how he ev… @A_Guyton I will definitely remember this action and be sure to thank him! @bossyfemme I was thinking about it but I was like uh I literally don't even have a place to store a shovel! @JeremySwirsley Sidewalks in front of houses are the responsibility of homeowners. Plus I mean the city is already… of my neighbors is out shoveling the entire sidewalk in front of our apartment building and I love him so much…