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Writer. Into feminism, policy, & econ. Also tweets a lot about sports. Curious to a fault & prone to profanity. Opinions all mine. She/her.

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New research from HBO University™️ finds that a century of policies leading to urban poverty, food deserts, and ske… you could easily point to upward trends in obesity and diabetes and draw the same conclusion about the shitty… Research can suck it.
It would seem your daughter was not judged by the color of her skin but the content of her character.
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Merk pulls no punches.
Retweeted by Hanna Brooks OlsenAlso she calls my computer my "beep boop" which is just highly adorable.I'm watching educational child TV with my niece (1.5 years) and all she wants to do is point out the animals and gi…
@ghettomilkshake @edcasey Er, do not. I DO NOT. @ghettomilkshake @edcasey WHICH I DO. @ghettomilkshake I haven't but I'm going on a trip today and will queue it up for my drive! Thank you!so weird, that. @elenchos YES.Population density and growth is really key when looking at crime stats!, the next time someone on NextDoor is like ~ooooooh crime~, send them to the City of Seattle's crime dashboa…'s a comparison of the full years of 2017 and 2008. During this time, the City of Seattle grew from 608,660 to… @TrevorBrader They are; we can also compare 2008 to 2017 (full year) and see a SLIGHT increase, which is not surpri…, here's a look at crime in Ballard in 2018 as compared to 2008. The only reason people would get the idea that… @TioDJhere I think they do, too; I just wish they'd re-evaluate their line of work. @edcasey Heaven forbid anyone actually, you know, use the open public data available. really wish more TV/online news producers in Seattle would ask themselves "am I scaring people unnecessarily? Are… have been taught to be afraid of the homeless, and of visible signs of poverty. And that fear—which is large…—often fueled by TV news and neighborhood groups—is everything. I'm not at all surprised that the residen…
Because people hate the homeless and like ineffective but punitive measures. @paulconstant @dominicholden Hello Siri how do I get road signs madeImagine if we had a president and an administration putting all its energy into the problems that predated Trump, l…
Retweeted by Hanna Brooks OlsenI mean it's hard to justify a $7, 600-calorie drink when you can barely afford the rent or real food. YEAH WELCOME TO THE PARTY, PAL. hurt you, America? Because it clearly wasn't brown babies and it wasn't policies that tried to take care of you… Small Happy Things: Today I'm leading a workshop on public speaking with my homie @emmettfungomery. It's at…'s how you know if a lawmaker is out for themselves or the greater good: The ones who are out for themselves… @marciaventura I'm not surprised; she bungled it so badly when it was what she was supposed to be great at. I hones… @marciaventura Good lord.
Starbucks can go fuck itself. @sarahannelloyd And also I DGAF who's doing the writing of the laws ("DEMS MADE THE LAW!" which they didn't but ok)… @marikamalaea Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug.Ban the President from his favorite platform, ya donut. enforcing the laws is not the right thing to do."Oh, so now it's a bad thing to ENFORCE THE LAWS?" —Conservatives trying to find a way that their party isn't the a…
If we start calling abortion a “separation” do you think the GOP would get behind them? Or do they only care about… MAYBE it’s not about the white working poor and actually the GOP just hates brown people? Maybe? @L_Hoff @sarahannelloyd We started it because we were depressed and hoo boy it has helped! @UrthaLun I extremely feel this. @UrthaLun Omg mom it’s on Netflix and it’s real weird but there is an episode with John Hamm 😍Keith and I have been watching Toast of London recently and now I can no longer be friends with people who haven’t… Musk is bad at running a company.
Happy Father’s Day from a bitch/witch who does both, fuckers you, @Dannofive3six. am very critical of law enforcement not because I think it’s bullshit, but because I know that officers can provi… lot of cops go into law enforcement to feel powerful and authoritative. My dad did it to help people. When he ret… México desde Berlin. Viva México Democrático y libre. NO al populismo. NO a la demagogia. El futuro es nuestro…
Retweeted by Hanna Brooks Olsen😭😭😭 En voz de 🎙 @AndresCantorGOL así vivimos el gol de @HirvingLozano70 para el 1-0 de #MEX sobre #GER
Retweeted by Hanna Brooks Olsen🇲🇽 Team México is Very Attractive 🇲🇽 #VamosMexico #SiSePuedeRegardless of your dad situ, Father’s Day is a really good time to think about the roles of masculinity, internaliz… Happy Go Fuck Yourself Day to every lawmaker complicit with policies that separate families. That means you, P… Take Care Of Yourself Day to those who have lost their dads.Happy Father’s Day to all the great bio dads, trans dads, same-sex dads, unofficially adopted dads, incarcerated da… do not say. @MikeStandish As am I.But yeah a small tax on the Seattle workforce would bankrupt Amazon 🤔 you think millennials are entitled delicate wimps? Babies apparently need their own WATER. JEEZ. to @MLBONFOX announcers who are *incredulous* that the @mariners are actually GOOD AT BASEBALL and I’m li…
@the_becca_lee We need Benson & Stabler on the case!How is BD Wong still so Fine? @THEDeeJenks NOT YET. @Gamdopa Dude loves babies. But especially this one, who is his granddaughter. @megrowler Yours was also good!Fun convos with my fam. reference: My Cool Dad looks like this. Baby pictured for scale. #DanDanTheBurgerMan @UrthaLun @EugeneEmeralds @PKPark_Eugene @Dannofive3six YESSSSSSSS #TEAMDANAttention: Oregonians. Today is opening day for the @EugeneEmeralds and my VERY COOL DAD is working the grill this…
"WE'RE BETTER THAN THIS" —citizens of a nation whose history of colonization, murder, slavery, and repression has l… boy, are you the economic outlook for my generation? Because you're super-depressing but older people tell me… outside does more than just impact one’s state of mind — it can literally degrade one’s body. @mshannabrooks
Retweeted by Hanna Brooks OlsenHey I put HOW TO BE SAD on @Medium so it's a little easier to share. Here's the link:, back on this planet, the man can't meet a deadline, is putting workers' lives at risk, and busting union…'s not a coincidence that so many powerful men are abusers—it's a feature. The same behaviors that are so damagin… @joeszi @NormanSiglerPol Courts have upheld paid gathering as a form of free speech & part of the democratic proces…