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I love instilling fear in the hearts of men. (she/her) I tweet about my baby, my clothes, and how if you have to ask, you should dump him.

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Yesterday I had an allergic reaction to a peach Izze, which led to me questioning every single thing I ate until I… @WereGeek I did find:'m looking for non-binary t-shirts that specify either no pronouns or all pronouns and I am just not finding them.The minority continues to use every tool in its arsenal without question or hesitation, even forging new ones as ne…
Retweeted by Whitney V-WIn proper lighting this morning! Now I have to somehow figure out art. don’t say “the public” when you actually mean government officials
Retweeted by Whitney V-WYesterday I realized the reason I have a 4th grade knowledge of the messed up US government systems is that’s when…[wokely] eggs are for homos
Retweeted by Whitney V-Wdon't make me tap the sign
Retweeted by Whitney V-Wcounterpoint: don’t do this. there are people who need plan B today and you will be taking it off the shelves. if y…
Retweeted by Whitney V-WToday my peel and stick wallpaper arrived to make over the ikea dresser I hate and it was a good project and kept m… @lumberjade Last time I tried Kaiser said I was “too smart for my own good,” and extremely helpful diagnosis.Rhasan sent me a comic about ADHD today that made me cry because it was exactly how I’ve described my brain a milli…
Everything sucks, here’s a toddler “helping” her papa whisk. forced myself to do a craft to make my creative muscles work and so far I love it! i am putting my foot down. nothing leaves. everything stays. society wants you to settle for less. the ruling c…
Retweeted by Whitney V-W @kelliebob I think that’s the only kind reaction. Also, I can verify that my kid got into multiple colleges after… HATE her!! Try this ONE EASY TRICK to MAXIMIZE your MENTAL HEALTH!!
Retweeted by Whitney V-W @francescalyn I can’t believe there are humans who didn’t engage with the Witcher.
@francescalyn I wear them as my everyday underwear and I like them a lot.dilemma: i’m a prison abolitionist but this headline is so fucking funny
Retweeted by Whitney V-WEvery single day I encounter someone who is shocked that 48 year old millionaires have good skin.I did and then we got divorced, I can’t recommend divorce enough. @w00bliette Did it work? Are they cute?We are acting like it’s fall today. you love someone with ADHD, just know that they most likely not only love you too but have cards and/or gifts in…
Retweeted by Whitney V-WThe replies to PADDINGTON tweets are the only good part of this app
Retweeted by Whitney V-WMy toddler woke up from a bad dream during a phone date I was having with @whitneyarner and Rhasan ended up having… the very best thing about my bedroom tv that I bought recently is that I was able to set a recurring sleep timer. @whitneyarner I am EXTREMELY into this.That idea was “let’s be very racist.”
Retweeted by Whitney V-WToday the baby stole my phone and instagram messaged my high school best friend and I got to have a 2 minute video…
multiple times a day I get utterly histrionic emails from some dem initiative and if I wanted that emotionally mani…
Retweeted by Whitney V-WNew! Your desire to remain thin/become thinner might be, in part, that you don't want to be treated the way fat peo…
Retweeted by Whitney V-WThis is exactly mine too. @laurenforu Water at 2am when you are thirsty is nectar of the gods. @hypercubexl We did end up with system tools after deep contemplation about whether we were ready to pick an infrastructureWe also got a ladder but these were all really related to quality of life improvements right now.Truly the strongest evidence that Rhasan is winning me over on his move to renovate a house in the middle of nowher… @addyeB It took a while but it is way better.Last night I had a dream that I fell asleep and woke up on a couch with my face covered in honey and bear licking i… ordered them from a business that is local to me, and they are out for delivery. There was the option to upgrade… @addyeB I got bifocals last year and should have had them well before. It’s the best/worst. @Nullzone42 I watch so much interior design youtube and yes.My interior design take is that matte black fixtures are going to date kitchens and bathrooms to this specific mome… are asleep, post NEW SHIRTS
Retweeted by Whitney V-WYou can’t be hot and funny. when my jokes bomb I’m like thank god
Retweeted by Whitney V-W @beckpoppins I’m cautiously optimistic. They are going to need a hem but next week I’m teaching Rhasan to hem so th… times today I almost tweeted, what can I buy to make myself feel something. I landed on these. case anyone’s wondering, over on IG, the Bratz account is putting in the work sharing voting resources with ease…
Retweeted by Whitney V-WI haven’t lived in Canada in 24 years and I miss it every day.All the time I feel like a fraud claiming Canada when I was born in the US but all of my formative childhood experi… @krenshar_posts Like if you crossed Macy’s and Ross with the bravado and pricing strategy of an overconfident Goodwill. @krenshar_posts God I miss Zellers. toddler and her papa looking at art. A toddler’s art when her papa wasn’t paying attention.
More smokey eye than is reasonable and Nars Walkyrie lipstick. am responsibly waiting outside the doctor’s office for the teen but I didn’t bring a jacket and the appointment is running long.7yo is mad and is threatening to “never calm down” I’m gonna give him a Twitter account
Retweeted by Whitney V-WGood thread on not seeing our community members as enemies.
Retweeted by Whitney V-WNon-New Yorkers losing their minds over the Strand news: you should know that the owner, Nancy Bass Wyden, owns the…
Retweeted by Whitney V-W @beckpoppins I’m so sorry.She better and attending a conference call on her papa’s lap now.The problem with a toddler who knows zero fear is that she will climb different ways onto chairs than normal and th… scorpio season to those who observe
Retweeted by Whitney V-W @addyeB It’s so frustrating as a parent and as human who deals with executive dysfunction. @addyeB We ended up at a very different school than we planned for this reason.
He literally should not be teaching. He's creating a hostile learning environment & behaved in a retaliatory manner…
Retweeted by Whitney V-WThis you? [insert any sex scene ever written by Stephen King]
Retweeted by Whitney V-WIt’s rough but this tiny witch is looking out for us. one bedroom in Oceanside, CA that was $525 a month. @whitneyarner I have recently taken to subbing soy curls in these applications and it’s amazing. @whitneyarner Wow I love this.sure but also
Retweeted by Whitney V-WIn going through my photos, break up with him is not just a thing I say, I’ll apparently guide you through the process.We are just straight chaotic in this household.Rhasan and I were talking about the chaotic ways we organize egg cartons today and he does some dumb shit so it’s p…"how are we gonna pay for the Green New Deal" money is fake. we made it up. it is a piece of paper with pictures…
Retweeted by Whitney V-WBREAKING: Nigerian police and soldiers killed at least 12 protesters during a crackdown in Lagos, reports @amnesty.…
Retweeted by Whitney V-W @Jess_G Please see: @Jess_G I mean, I kept a good 5k pictures a year, but it was out of control. @coreyegan That’s what I used! @Jess_G I used the app slidebox which lets you swipe to save or delete. Also I kept probably 2x more than the bare… finished the photo project. is straight people's Rupaul?
Retweeted by Whitney V-WRihanna don’t read this. You can just teach yourself how to you like SOUP??? if you have had soup you know how great it is. our unhoused neighbors obviously also love soup…
Retweeted by Whitney V-WIt’s not wrong.
@Valette Yes!I continue to attempt to exert control over things in my life. Don’t worry, I’ll end this project with at least 10,… two discourses online today are "if you're a woman who doesn't want to be photoshopped into exploitation materi…
Retweeted by Whitney V-WAs always, @MilesKlee comin' in hot with the premium Dick Content™ I crave.
Retweeted by Whitney V-WIn actual self care this month, I've been forcing myself to take a shower first thing every other day and I hate it but it's helping. @paparatti @jukesie I really recommend something like this - it is 75% as good as proper 3… @whitneyarner Rhasan looked at his phone this morning and excitedly exclaimed “Whit got their tv!”Tonight in parenting a teen who didn’t go away to college because it’s a global pandemic, he chose the youtube cont… the final chapter isn't called THE LAST OF THE FURIOUS, this franchise can burn in hell
Retweeted by Whitney V-WThe fourth Hollywood Chris is Christine Baranski and that, my dears, is canon
Retweeted by Whitney V-WWhen they let started letting celebs surf the web I want to say in 2009 that’s when everything went wrong... when w…
Retweeted by Whitney V-WSpend less time defending men’s bad behavior in general.