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Kym Marsh @msm4rsh manchester

actress, singer, proud mum to David, Emily, angel Archie and little Polly ❤️ gf to Scott 💙 for all enquiries contact

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Check out this challenge... Good luck guys 🙂 #SpouseHour @msm4rsh @antonycotton @supportourparas
Retweeted by Kym MarshOkay Twitter - here’s a question. Does anyone have a relative called Ted Goosney or Ted Goodney that fought in the…
Retweeted by Kym Marsh @SpouseHour @recruit4spouses @HeroesDrinks @SophieFMcLaren @AleciaLouiseET @WendyFaux @msm4rsh @RAF_FF @The_AFF
Retweeted by Kym Marsh @MrsCox2016 @Justfayelouise Bless you hun I’m not around here long and I’m back and to to different places. x @kelvin_fletcher @SCD_Live_Tour OMG yessssss!!!It's back! Our favourite event of the year - celebrating the amazing unsung heroes of Greater Manchester…
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So this is the last of One of Britain’s true heroes. He delivered many, of which my grandad was one, to Sicily, Nor…❤️❤️ @duncanfo @emmerdale I did!!!!Thanks guys for all of your suggestions! XxBest places to eat in Cheltenham????........Go!!Happy Monday!! Have a great start to your week guys!! Xx @katie_oriordan I haven’t said ONE word about the show itself, I simply said I was bored of all the constant tweets… @JOJEHARVEY 😂😂😂Our Pride of Manchester awards are back for 2020 hosted by @msm4rsh - and we want your help to celebrate our region…
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@antonycotton Such a shame you can see what finger I’m holding up!!! 😂😂😂Ok, I’m so bored of answering the constant stream of tweets regarding the masked singer! So here is my last tweet o…
@westbrookdanni Some absolute bell ends out there!!! Hope you’re ok x @edsmith_MUFC I AM NOTTTTT!!!! I cannot wait for this to be over!! It’s NOT me!!! @lucykatilette @imrantoyah1 Oh god I can’t tell you how fed up I am of it!! End already!!!!! @imrantoyah1 You and I both x @bairnschick @MaskedSingerUK Not me!!! X @Amanda13Jane Nope x @junicho @MaskedSingerUK Not me I’m afraid x @sk1ddles @MaskedSingerUK @ThisisDavina Nope not me sorry x @mattyjwesson @ThisisDavina @MaskedSingerUK Nope defs not me thanks @shoesuze Nope. Not me. I don’t even watch the show @Amilascelles No not me sorry @antonycotton 😂😂😂 fewming!!! X
@irishmanliam Yes but why use that to describe it is what I’m saying @elmojo23 Indeed!!!Why do people say the phrase ‘in a pickle’ has anyone ever been IN a pickle???Nominations for our #PrideofBirmingham Awards close today - hurry hurry! @birmingham_live
Retweeted by Kym Marsh @malcolmtorbuck Thank you x
So lovely to share @msm4rsh interview with @BFBSColchester on @ForcesRadioBFBS about the highs and lows of military…
Retweeted by Kym MarshOur Pride of Birmingham in partnership with @birmingham_live and @TSB are back with our fabulous host @msm4rsh . Vo…
Retweeted by Kym Marsh @SueHolderness And so they should be!! Hope you’re well lovely lady 😘Some of our little students looking at scripts 🎬 #FTSAKids #Scripts #Characters #Acting #Fun #Screen #TV #Film
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Gorgeous @msm4rsh (Hearsay, Corrie), has visited our Colchester studio. Kym Marsh shares the loneliness felt by Ar…
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@radiochelsea @benpostma Hello lovely lady. My polly has had a few ops in her little life and it’s always scary, ho…
@LiziBarber @ThisisDavina @wossy @RitaOra Nope not me I’m afraid x @EmilieCunliffe You can paint mine before you go if you like hahah x
@MaskedSingerUK Hope series goes well x @MaskedSingerUK You know I’m not 😂 @Fadin9Heart5 @mrsSpils82 @MaskedSingerUK Maybe but it’s defs not me. I don’t even watch it I’m afraid @debbie06031 Nope sorry x @Hive22Running @lucymitv @SallyAnMatthews @msm4rsh @AnthonyQuinny @paulajradcliffe @anthonyfjoshua @Schofe
Retweeted by Kym Marsh @x_gn_x Nope sorry x @nredneck76 Nope sorry x @mrsSpils82 @MaskedSingerUK Nope sorry x @chrisd71 @kenjeong Nope sorry xCompletely Free! • We welcome absolute beginners • Raise money for charities set up to honour the victims of the Ma…
Retweeted by Kym Marsh @DuncanLindsay Wow that is amazing news!!! X @JOJEHARVEY When I met the queen I was wearing a low cut dress and she stared at my boobies 😂😂
@TonyDCooper @KYKellyOfficial I know xx miss your face xx @KYKellyOfficial @tony Amazing!! Hope you’re good too xx @TonyDCooper @KYKellyOfficial Ahhhh missing you!!!!! Need to come see you with my boy! Xx
@TristanGemmill @SwanseaGrand Miss your face xxStill five days left of Peter Pan at the wonderful @SwanseaGrand - tickets still available 2pm and 7pm today to Sat…
Retweeted by Kym Marsh @thequintiny Hahahah only yours babes xxx
@aaronlp1 😂😂 @aaronlp1 Thank god I did then!! 😂 @sallycarman1 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @BhavnaLimbachia @KatiexMcGlynn Love you too babe xxSo very proud of my girl!! Please everyone vote for @KatiexMcGlynn she was phenomenal in telling such an important… @BbMrsbrownsboys Amazing!!! X @DLeicester2 @RobParker8 Oh yeh I do @DLeicester2 @RobParker8 I’m not sure what you are talking about Cos I can’t see the other persons tweets @gb8282 Hahaha x @AndyGibsonTV @BhavnaLimbachia 😂😂 @lucykatilette If you like x @jaydenswiz 😂 @BhavnaLimbachia 😂😂😂 imagine! I would have been arrested hahah x @TonyGra45427828 I’m not sure hahaha x @SaoMiguelito 😂😂😂 that was funny x @lucykatilette I didn’t I was like, erm, YOU came up to ME it’s not like I was wearing a badge saying I’m kym marsh 😂😂😂 @matthewdmarsden Even when I’m not 😂😂😂In the traff centre earlier and someone comes up and says “excuse me are you kym marsh” so I replied “yes” and they… @Nastiepastie09 😂😂 @johnrmorris1973 No I don’t hun I do normally but not this year x @Spollock82 👍🏻👍🏻 @kimxmarsh Snap!!Why will this cough and cold not just DO ONE!!! Literally had this on and off since just before Christmas! Doing my tree in! 😩 @maddieCowan_ Happy birthday x @msm4rsh do you have any friends with a space in manchester we can feed the homeless and store clothes for them to…
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@wicked_thatgirl @evedornan Agreed xx @wicked_thatgirl @evedornan Exactly my point. There are plenty of ‘grandmas and grandads’ that don’t do their job a… @nicola_barwell Thank you xx @wicked_thatgirl Thank you x @AndoraOfficial Sorry it’s deffo not me x @sjwhittleton Nope not me xx @JoJo_P_87 I know!!!! Hahaha my choice no one else’s and lots of people choose to be called something different why… @lucykatilette Yep defs not me hahah x @AwhAngels @NicoleScherzy It’s not me! X
@JoJo_P_87 Agreed who cares!! X @Karlarl184 @liamgallagher I think it’s you that needs to do that @MoodyTosser @JTottenham No I really don’t actually men like you are just idiots. Grow up @JordanB666 Hahaha ahh I wonder who it is for you hahah let me know when you find out hahah x