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you have to stop being scared of nuclear energy
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@cvaldary @DrIbram @anthonyLfisher 👏👏👏👏👏 Thank you ChloeThis is vile. At this point, there is ample evidence of what a world that reflects Dr. Kendi's "anti-racism" ideol… @wesyang Just further cementing your white adjacency thereKamala Harris trying to answer the question of who is the best rapper alive is like Trump trying to answer the ques… @ringtrick @internetofshit Omg. Instant follow. Thank you @jokesondavid I don’t even want to google this but I am sure you’re right.PSA: Not everything needs an app! Why the heck does my face cleaner & toothbrush require downloading an app?! Ca… @BridgetPhetasy At least you don’t look like Asa Akira
@TheRocsWorld Correct. And the police are prepping for that scenario - unrest, regardless of who wins @AjitPaiFCC This is Exhibit A of my theory of “culinary imprinting” @BridgetPhetasy Holding down the fort with you, Lady Phetasy. @christianboutin @bariweiss @coldxman @RealTimers If science would allow @SamHarrisOrg and @JohnHMcWhorter to have… @bariweiss @coldxman @RealTimers !!!!!!!!!!!! Omg I am so excited and happy to see this!!!
@tedfrank Should I stop?Think this deserves condom-nation. @egressportalcom Omg I remember the Charles River trout back in my Boston days @IrateLimit Dong is their currency. Bet these cost 2 DongsThe province is called Binh Duong 😂You’ve heard of Trojan. Now, introducing Trojan Horse from Vietnam. @Boomieleaks You mis-spelled the Beatles.Such a move helps alleviate much Western cognitive dissonance regarding China’s abject record of human rights. Su… latest for @SpectatorUSA: Fawning praise was heaped on Xi Jinping when he announced China's pledge to be carbon… only person in the world that can bring @SenTomCotton and @RashidaTlaib together is Secretary xi xinping. Conce…
Retweeted by Melissa ChenIt's Oslo Freedom Forum Day. Come join my panel featuring @BaldingsWorld and @Jkylebass as we talk about Doing Bu… @nypost Huh eating black licorice was punishment enough, frankly @TylerScott9412 @Jkylebass @BaldingsWorld @HRF If you have any questions on the topic, please let me know! I'll t…
@BridgetPhetasy We need #Unity now more than ever @Offended_Otter Breonna Taylor case is one of the most egregious, tragic examples of an innocent life taken. Yet it had its com… @SwipeWright Beware of people who tell you to beware of people who tell you to beware of people. @NeilKeicher Are you arguing that malaria is racist?The fact that sickle cell disease disproportionally affects Black people is either racist or anti-racist, because “…
@karol But... RBG: “The respect and even love she had for those with whom her disagreements could not be more fundamental, ne…
We seem to be unsure of simple things like “2+2=5 is false” and absolutely *certain* about truly *complex* and/or…
Retweeted by Melissa ChenIncreasingly, the default approach to the CCP is “distrust but verify.” Even for the EU.
@JohnHMcWhorter @SamHarrisOrg This took way too long to happen.The possibility of the CCP's culpability should be pursued thoroughly, not avoided just because it obscures the Tru… seems to be a fundamental lack of curiousness among our press corps about Dr. Li-Meng Yan's published claims… @neontaster This isn't the covid19 vaccine. JUST GET IT!I join my esteemed colleagues @Freddygray31, @amber_athey and @Charles_Lipson for the first episode of The US Elect…
Finally watched Disney’s live-action Mulan on vacation. Who wrote this crap? Forget the phoenix spirit, unnecessa… / No tail
Thanks to @JohnStossel and his team (@MaximLott) for this feature about China's Dark Turn. Intriguing to see the… @RabbiWolpe So we solved everything?? There's something about frontier living that puts politics and all this madn… from spending time in the parts of the country where there are more animals than people, where cellular covera…
@Kurosh878 This specifically was Franconia Ridge @yimbyAF Exactly! It’s just the recalibration I needed! @DrKarlynB You live in NH?! I had no idea! I haven’t seen a single Biden sign anywhere around Franconia.Just letting y’all know I am still alive. Taking a break from work & social media to recharge with #Gibbs who jus…
@brettflanny1 When there are incentives in the market of identity, you’ll have identity entrepreneurs. This is exactly what we’re seeing @mayak46 Interesting! Didn’t know about this case... This seems less like the fraud Jessica Krug perpetuated though. @UrbanMonk9 Oops. Although in my defense, we still don’t know for sure... He could have some ancestry.This is part of a thread about Jessica Krug, the new Rachel Dolezal (btw why is it always women?) If white suprema… @ZaidJilani It’s not just the ACLU. The SPLC as well. And then there are the global institutions - the UN, the WHO. @rightmom65 Not all trans individuals are mentally ill. Also, many good medical doctors might actually quietly suf… @VaultWeaver My dyslexia apparently affects Roman numerals @HartWexford Also 👀 “Grow exponentially?”
Ah yes. All oncologists should have stage VI cancer. Only then would they understand the “unique” health concerns… @redsteeze Groan. Just like Jerry Seinfeld delineated the concept of bad naked and good naked, we should delineate… @Interfilament @StrangelEdweird @SarahTheHaider @SamHarrisOrg Interesting. Elaborate more? @SarahTheHaider I don’t think there was such a thing as an atheist community, on hindsight. It was a loose coalit… @JuliusBernotas 😂😂😂😂😂 @Joshua59201582 But I am the one with the inherently sleepy eyes! 😂 Thank you! Glad you tuned in! @Kurosh878 Lol really?! Learned something new... thank you! @jimjahanshah The Belgians came close.Guys, Russell Peters did a standup bit on this Chinese "stall word" that sounds like the N-word (那个, pronounced nèi… @SexyIsntSexist Me. I have a Chinese name though. So when I fit my name into the Western format it doesn't make se… @primalpoly Same energy: @saratdeeb Yes! It’s why we call our free digital Arabic library Bayt al-Hikma 2.0 (named after the House of Wisdom… it starts with a nondescript building. “Just a Quiznos,” you say. Already ignoring the abject failure of mo… @sapiens972 Bingo 😉 That’s why I chose the Mayan example, not the one where the Mongols sacked Baghdad or the ones… @Kurosh878 Dude I said it was one way to do it. There are countless examples in history of libraries being razed t… the conquistadores burned the Mayan library, it erased the memories of a people. It is one way to perpetuate a… @BigDaddy_XXXX @JulieBorowski @bfan @JulieBorowski When you’re gay? That’s the only way. @BridgetPhetasy Just referenced your article in convo with @BretWeinstein and @mtaibbi about Unity 2020! Seems to…, but human-dog relationships have never been stronger. @JulieBorowski 100% yes. You’re one of them. They got comfortable enough to treat you like a bro.
@jongraces @Jae_Tha_Truth @KevinOConnorNBA @mtaibbi @BretWeinstein @ArticlesOfUnity Devil’s in the details. No one… bars University of California from all use of SAT, ACT scores in admissions. "Nondisabled, economically adva…
Retweeted by Melissa Chen @KevinOConnorNBA @mtaibbi @BretWeinstein @ArticlesOfUnity @mtaibbi is a fan, I think. We’ll need you for the sports section! @mattjpfmcdonald Matt since his birthday: @StarkadGreb @mtaibbi @BretWeinstein @ArticlesOfUnity Some, I assume, are good people!😤🤚 Fireside chats 😏👉 Camp Fire chats Join me, @mtaibbi and @BretWeinstein tonight live at 6pm PST for the… Twitter has determined that attempting to exit the two party is not allowed. Let that sink in: we are not allow…
Retweeted by Melissa Chen @MrAndyNgo @Twitter @uspresstracker For the love of God Andy get out of Portland. I think it’s time you hire secur… @MrAndyNgo @davereaboi And I was mocked for sharing your article. Chin up Andy. I think the tide is turning... @ZaidJilani Macron also gave an excellent speech emphasizing that France’s history is not to be tampered with by th…'s sad that real people just don't exist anymore. Every one has become perfect puppets deployed for rhetorical en… @robkhenderson @Musa_alGharbi It’s very similar with disaffected youth in the Middle East. Often, many former Isla… @AsiaAnalyst47 “See? You get mistaken for dirty Asian...” 😯 @josephsk_ @patrickc 😂😂😂😂😂 I also drive stick. @AsiaAnalyst47 1) Hawaiian 2) Thai 3) Filipino Much to my mom’s chagrin. She complains how dark I am.
@0x49fa98 If you’re rational, yes. Been using men’s razors since hair started appearing on my legs (and elsewhere)… @patrickc I feel the same way about Google Map’s driving estimates. I get really upset if I don’t beat the estimated time.My latest for @SpectatorUSA: Why China matters this upcoming election. Ask yourself: who do you trust more to fun…
Retweeted by Melissa ChenMy latest for @SpectatorUSA: Why China matters this upcoming election. Ask yourself: who do you trust more to fun…
There should be a list of people who refuse to back down in the face of China’s political/corporate intimidation ta…