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In 2020, I ain’t forcing shit except a rubber band around some money. Be advised.

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@KillerFingers 🤣 @its_comoo Thank you @KillerFingers Buy popcorn and a fucking soda bro🤣 @DabiDiamond 🤣 @captainplanetgh Thanks bro @mR_aSAntE @GoldCoastReport @levimensa 🤣 @Nutefeworla @GoldCoastReport @levimensa Meggggggggaaaaaa rooosssshhhhh🤣 @mR_aSAntE @GoldCoastReport @levimensa Pure fucking madness🤣 @GoldCoastReport @KongGeorge @sexandsanity @gcrtor @room233_ @ATWPodcastGCR @GCRFreeYourMind @SincerelyAccra @Okaikor Thanks Awo. Imma put a parental advisory sticker on it first🤣 @wrunpage @GoldCoastReport @levimensa Miss you more @YungPabiMusic Thanks🤗 @JoelOrleans Bro you KNOW!!! @_Goblin99 Let’s grow together. This new journey is going to be awesome sauce bro😉 @_riaboss_ @GoldCoastReport Thank you sis 🤗 @officialKWAME 🤣🤗😘 @GoldCoastReport @MsNaa @KongGeorge @sexandsanity @gcrtor @room233_ @ATWPodcastGCR @GCRFreeYourMind @SincerelyAccra
Retweeted by NaaAdzorkor AddoMy people! @MsNaa + @GoldCoastReport = match made in heaven 🙌🏾🍾🎉 New episodes of #onFYE coming soon 🔥 #GCR
Retweeted by NaaAdzorkor AddoThe queen of modern radio @MsNaa has joined our network @GoldCoastReport 🍾💃🏾🎉 Cant wait for #onFYE 🔥 🎨 -…
Retweeted by NaaAdzorkor AddoThis is exciting!! If you’ve ever tuned in to listen to @MsNaa on radio, you’d know this is a must listen!…
Retweeted by NaaAdzorkor AddoThe family is expanding with new & exciting possibilities @GoldCoastReport @MsNaa . I’m definitely not missing this…
Retweeted by NaaAdzorkor Addo @bookpresse @Okornore @GoldCoastReport 😢 bless your heart @GoldCoastReport That’s exactly how I feel🤣 @ATWPodcastGCR 🙏🏾Chai @MsNaa 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by NaaAdzorkor Addo @caroline4real 😉 @GoldCoastReport @KongGeorge @sexandsanity @gcrtor @room233_ @ATWPodcastGCR @GCRFreeYourMind @SincerelyAccra everyone 🎈, after dominating radio for 11yrs, a queen is ready to make her debut on the podcast scene 🙌🏾 We ar…
Retweeted by NaaAdzorkor AddoSoooo excited about my podcast. Episode 1 drops this Friday! Spread the word🔥Whole team on FYE ⁦@GoldCoastReport⁩ 🎨…
@missoye_aq 🤣 Imani is out of control. Send her ass to dada for breast milk and set her straight🤣🤣🤣🤣
@pandero7 Missnaa @dasilva_GH @caroline4real Thanks for that bro🙏🏾 get ready for the podcast 😉
@pandero7 Follow me on IG. I’m doing more there @pandero7 Chale I dey chill with my family so my mind alll dey dem top. Sorry bro. You ready for my podcast tho?
@AtoMoJoJo You know it!!!!!
@VisionDj I’m turning it on now!!!
@Showele @ReggieRockstone Death for Life is the title
Just posted a video this over the other day. After 11 years of this being my identity, IT IS FINISHED. Look for me on the 3rd da… @JoelOrleans Your sinister laugh🤣
@kwesimax61 @JoelOrleans @caroline4real 🙏🏾 @KwesB @D3lah_say @Krissie_Kat @caroline4real @dntbite_theaple @Mira_AR That looks awful🤣🤣🤣
@MutomboDaPoet @panjianoff Happpy birthday Adobea 🎂 @ElvisJones95 @DjMicSmith @caroline4real We miss y’all too. No shaking tho. New content on the way. We are still pa… @_NathanMensah Yooooo this is the best thing ever🤣🙇🏾‍♀️ mama did that🔥🔥🔥
@officialKWAME @JoewackleGh 🤣👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 @officialKWAME Pregnancy cravings🤷🏾‍♀️ @JoelOrleans @DjMicSmith 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this bromance was awesome. We’re all gon miss it“... No matter how good you are, if you don’t have anyone in the boardroom calling your name and fighting for you,…
Retweeted by NaaAdzorkor Addo#morningdevotion
@Djisaaccool @kobbyagraham @VisionDj Issac Cool🤗 it’s been ages. Thanks for the positive energy every time😘 @JoelOrleans @RevErskineGH Thanks Papi Props🤜🏾🤛🏾 @ekow_sax Thank you 🙏🏾 @YungPabiMusic Wow now I’m crying again 🙏🏾 @burckson_jude He’s an amazing human3 generations of ADDO women enjoying a Mother’s Day brunch at home 🤗 @burckson_jude Love love love him. Named my daughter after the number 1 Caesar in my life, my dad RIP and Mr Milan❤️ @RevErskineGH Thanks Erskine. Send my love to your mom as well ❤️ Hugs to Nancy too @Okaikor You ALREADY kno Awo🤜🏾🤛🏾 @DONGOTEY_GH @Yfm I’m gonna miss it too @tagoejulian Thank you🙏🏾 @ogoeric @VisionDj 🙏🏾 from you, that means EVERYTHING @VisionDj @kobbyagraham Thank you for being a sponge and soaking it all up and carrying on the torch
@Milly_Gad @inhosent Thank you love @inhosent Worlaaaaaaaa🤜🏾🤛🏾 gbosa @JonnyStone_ @blaqueboy2131 @caroline4real @JoelOrleans That’s love right there Jonny. Thank you🙏🏾😘 @caroline4real 👍🏾 @AbenaGyekye Tuspid lady I love you too🤣😘 @AbenaGyekye You been my G since you was a Gyekye😉 Thank you saying it wit yo chest😘 @Jadeedibra @caroline4real The way my head big too it go be shocking🤣🤣🤣 @mannykwabie2 @caroline4real 😉 @caroline4real They say when a nigga dumps you, change your hair style and since we’ve been dumped I think you’re o… @kojomanuel_ 😘🤗 be GREAT! @Kingsley_Adjei It go hard waaaa @caroline4real Slayyyyyagggggeeeee!!!!! @denis_mensah1 🤣 ohh it’s ok . Don’t delete them. My friends still work there. @NiikquaQuartey 🤗 that’s what’s up👍🏾 thanks for real @timzjayr @officialKWAME Offficcciaalllllll😢 I miss him still @Etornam_Samadik 🤣 damn @BraNiiAyitey 🤣 awww thanks for listening 😘 @bouvydee 🙏🏾 @yaw7030 🤣 we in May bro @kid_didy Thank you 😘 @KiraniAYAT Born ready bro🤗👍🏾 I go link you soonest @AbenaGyemfua Give them a hug for me...shit I mean an elbow bump. Carona is outta control yo @TiTiOwusu Aww thanks boo. I love your new joint Titi🤗 Pray for me is EVERYTHING. @champagnedrunk Have you checked out Talib’s podcast? It’s insightful @champagnedrunk 🤣 eiiii tell me more @AdjeiMemphis I hope so too. 🤗 @samuelpalma8 Thank you for listening 🙏🏾 @Kobby_Giant77 Kobbbyyyyyy😢 thanks for always participating 😘 @AdjeiMemphis Chale covid really has changed our lives I guess🤷🏾‍♀️ @AdjeiMemphis Same @Etornam_Samadik Mine too @kojjjxz Thanks boo😘 @eyramoflife 🤣damn ma. Get ready for the podcast @MediarepGH I know. It won’t be the same for me either @Abbla_unique Awww don’t make me cry🤗 @Geo_barz Amen @Fotwe4 👍🏾 thanks bro